Five “heroes” vs. One Handcuffed Woman

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Here’s surveillance camera footage of five “heroes” roughing up a handcuffed woman. She’s in custody – and in cuffs. Against the wall. She is loudly denouncing the “heroes” but isn’t even in a position to be capable of threatening them with physical harm. Regardless, she has her legs swept out from under her and is thrown to the ground – in cuffs – which makes it impossible for her to break her fall.

She hits the concrete full force, is knocked unconscious and bleeding.

Hut hut hut…

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  1. It will only get worse. With each incident they get away with, they will push further each time. There should be repercussions for this behavior, and when there is not, what should a person do? Beg government to “please do something”? Nope. This man should be hanging from a lightpole in the town square for all of his piggy friends to see. The only language they speak is violence, and they believe that they hold a monopoly on it. They need to be taught otherwise.

  2. Does it really take SIX burly male officers to control one female prisoner, of average build, already in handcuffs? And WHY, pray tell, was not only the officer that slammed that poor woman’s head on the concrete floor, leaving a large amount of BLOOD, not fired, but why are he, his fellow officers, and the supervisor still EMPLOYED there?

  3. If they act like this when they KNOW they’re being recorded, what do they do when the cameras are off?

    What level of evil and stupid do we employ as our herd masters?

  4. Woman proclaims police brutality. Pretty funny. So, let me guess, the video is only acknowledged by the piggies when they have the video put in its perspective of simple security cameras and it really needs verification? No shitski


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