Heroes in the UK

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Here’s a video of Heroes in the UK browbeating a man for not having “buckled up for safety” like a good little boy:

Both the Heroes, as here, look like they’re ready to invade Poland.

Hut! hut! hut!

What the hell happened to the West?

How did fairly evolved liberal (old/original meaning) societies transform into bureaucratic police states on the East German model?

And more important, why do we tolerate it? 



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  1. How did things move to the East German model? Between 1989-1991 a lot of communist and especially east german government employees were out of work. Look who hired them.

  2. On the face of it, with the UK owning all land it might seem more socialistic, more tyrranical than the US but for all intents and purposes, with the tax system the way it is the govt. owns all the land here too. It’s just backdoor ownership but ownership nevertheless.

  3. Eight,

    ” those who couldn’t take the boot heel like Scots, esp. the highlanders where my family lived and left. ”

    I knew you had some redeeming quality.

    My mom came over from Ayrshire in 1926 on the SS Transylvania. My family didn’t care much for the boot heel either.

    Regarding Dan Rather, for your viewing enjoyment, and in living color (I had to watch in black and white at the time), dapper Dan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxXojNYtf04

  4. Eric,

    You ask “why do we tolerate it?”

    Because we all have shit to do.

    What kind of shit? “Americans spent over 1.35 billion hours filing individual taxes.” – http://taxfoundation.org/blog/cost-tax-compliance

    The system is designed so the volk tolerate it.

    After you wake up in the morning and take care of the three S’s, there is very little time left. You still have to work so Uncle can have all of his neat implements of destruction and oppression (someone has to pay for the Polish Invasion suits).

    You still need to obtain food, clothing, and shelter.

    Only a tiny fraction of a percent of people like you exist. People who are willing to think.

    As far as the others, I’ll let the late great George Carlin fill us in, “Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize that half of them are stupider than that. And it doesn’t take you very long to spot one of them does it? Take you about eight seconds.”

    • It takes 8 seconds to ride a bull but only a glance to identify a fool.
      I expect that sorta shit in the UK. They were being told what to do since the Romans dissolved into rulers and the less hardy all over Europe.

      You had a couple different type of people to settle this country, those who didn’t like the church of England and even those were divided into those who thought the church was to lenient(the fuckin Puritans, jackholes they were)and then the plain old Pilgrims who wanted to do their own thing and not necessarily be Protestant instead of Catholic. Then you had those who couldn’t take the boot heel like Scots, esp. the highlanders where my family lived and left. That was more of a “go on take the money and run” type of thing and some from all over Europe who knew they’d always have the boot heel on them and going somewhere that was wide open was their best chance.

      Once the latter groups read the writing on the wall of oppression by the Puritans they hated to begin with, they emigrated from the south, many decades earlier than it was destroyed, and went west, mainly to what was called Tx., a much larger area than what it now is and on to the Pacific. Most of my family left the south before the war but some even before and took their chances with the Comanches and Apaches to not have a man on earth who could tell them what to do. It’s the reason they fought a tyrant in Mexico. From S. America to Canada they populated the west to get from under that boot heel. Most came to Tx. simply because of the weather.

      It took a couple hundred years but that same yankee puritan mentality was spread by the power hungry and here we are. Hell, lots of people in this not so united states still believe in war and see enemies everywhere Dan Rather told them to look. We destroyed the Huns and beat the yellow peril. During RR’s and Clinton’s unholy alliances along with Bush 1 we tried to make the S. Americans the devils but since so many in the NE and other places worshipped the same Pope it didn’t fly so well as people from a totally different part of the world with a totally different culture. I hear it every day from those who really think the mass majority in middle east countries want to go to war because they hate our freedom. If that were even half way true, they’d quickly realize the vast majority of people in this country don’t want war and could care less about freedom in the middle east and would gladly let them do their thing while we did ours. it’s only those who are glued to the tv set and Republican….and now Democrat bullshit who gobble this bullshit up so readily. Those of us who can think for ourselves don’t believe any of that bullshit from either side. We just want to be left alone and we ain’t gettin a whole lot of that. It doesn’t hurt that the ultra rich are heavily invested in oil and the middle east sits on an ocean of such.

      • I have changed my advocacy for Secession to advocacy for Dissolution. Any one or two that try it will meet the fate of the Confederacy. It should now be “All for None, and None for All”.

        But by whatever cause, financial or political, Dissolution can’t help but involve a lot of bloodshed. And even then, the system will wage war until the last printing press fails to print scrip. I believe those who are certain “Our own troops won’t fire on us!” are not thinking out the problem. The system has been rigged so everyone hates someone (by the main).

        • Over at Daily Sheeple, there was an article on how the police or military WILL fire on Americans. I can’t provide the link, DailySheeple is blocked here. (“Uncategorized websites” are blocked.)

          But you can find it easily with the search. Key points were: TPTB will tell the military it’s just evil people trying to resist legitimate authority; the soldiers will have to follow orders (including the immoral ones) or be court-martialed, maybe shot right there; the citizens are already being demonized; the grunts aren’t generally the sharpest grapefruit spoons in the drain…
          I find it funny, in addition, that Leftists think everyone else sees the world just as they do. Note that some of their best propaganda involved removing money – Star Trek used Replicators, you could replicate anything… (Except Latinum). Somehow, they never explained how making replicators enabled everyone ELSE to get into a comfortable life; comforts preclude growth, actually: you must be HUNGRY to create. Comfort makes things much less important, “Bread and circuses.” Most of humanity is lazy.
          Beyond that, pretend someone DID make a replicator. What would they use it for? Sell it, most likely! What’s the drive in even SELLING it, though? Replicate a type of money – gems, maybe, or gold. Make an opal necklace and sell 15,000 copies. Replicate a gun and sell that. Replicate ammunition. Etc.
          But replicate a replicator, give away 7.5 billion of them… And then what? No reason to actually strive for a better life. Now only the intellectually curious would bother – and some of them might be OK, but many people are curious and inventive enough to… blow themselves up. Or kill themselves in interesting ways. And someone will start a “petition” to get restrictions put into the machines.
          That even assumes Das Boot would allow such a thing to be distributed or posted online…
          Unbelievable, really, how bad things would get – there’d be problems of illegal cloning, economies would collapse, wars, people would replicate viruses and bacteria and nanotech, experiment with it, maybe kill most of the world by accident…

          On the micro, a lot of this is interesting, but the ideas are never fleshed out, none of the Liberals really consider how things can be misused, or WILL be misused… And it always comes full circle to be “Daddy (Government) has to do things to protect us”… Whether we want or need it, or not.
          Simple example used by Eric, Mario Andretti (or name any professional racer; formula 1 preferred, but stock cars too) is held to the same standards of driving as Mr. Magoo, who might be high and/or drunk and/or impaired by legal drugs…
          Yet police are granted special “exemptions” for their training…

          Not going to end, the human animal is not perfectible through external means (laws).

          • I’ve discussed “universal income” on occasion. They say it’s so people can follow their passions instead of following what makes them money to stay alive. Then they get offended when I say then I’ll quit working and follow my interests that don’t make money. That for some damn reason I’m still supposed to be one of those that pulls the damn cart of humanity. It’s apparently difficult to grasp the thought process of the garden variety fan of team left.

            • What thought? What process?

              Worse, what of the “mad scientist” who makes ricin or nukes for fun…? And distributes or tests the creations?
              Puts us right back in the same spot, with lunatics demanding government protect them.

              There are those who say Liberalism is a mental disease, arrested development. I tend to believe it.
              There’s a certain truth to “girls mature faster than boys.” But there’s a down side for the girls: they STOP developing sooner. They don’t develop the same way, either, and pregnancy makes them lose some IQ as well. (Only the first one. But they’d be too prone to murdering the little hellspawn otherwise…)
              But if you stop a person’s mind from developing (E.G., Gov Indoctrination Centers?) – they believe there will be a backup, a government safety net, whatever term: someone will always look out for them.
              It’s more pronounced in women, actually, who are constructed in such a way as to invoke a protective instinct in men. Children do, too, and the theory is that men will look at women as weak and child-like, and thus not a threat, and men will be more cautious in their actions, more reserved.
              Why would it be merely a physical restraint? Why not also a mental difference?
              Women tend to be more emotional (Lib Checkbox 1), less concerned with long-term planning (checkbox 2), believe others will take care of them (checkbox 3), and less afraid of the “other” (alien tribes) – so more open, trusting, assuming the best in/of others, checkbox 4. They want someone stronger to take care of them too, so Checkbox 5.
              All originate from weakness, though.
              Submission to stronger people yields dependency – which we see happening in America today, with the “Pajama Boy” generation. We also saw it happening in the fall of Rome…

              Most of us have achievements and success of one or another sort. We’re not affected this way; we have a knowledge of strength, and we also have found no one will support us if we’re whiny pussies….
              That includes the women who post here, too. The strength is more mental, though it ties in with physical. Being coddled is bad for development, and it is reflected in the garden slug variety of leftist…

  5. “We” Brits (I’m a 1st gen yank) are too polite and put up with the most ridiculous things like speed cameras, parking nazis, congestion charges (a fee for having a non-hybrid/EV in London), over regulated insurance (can’t install a bore up kit on a motorcycle without notifying authorities), etc. etc. It’s a big part of who we are as a people and makes society a wonderful place to live, so long as the government remains small.

    I blame a large part of it on the E.U. though, ever since they stepped in they squashed a lot of fun out of the U.K. I am happy to be American, but now America’s heading off the deep end so with Brexit a possibility, a move back might suit me.


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