Jumpy Heroes Hassle Motorcycle Rider

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Here’s a video of a motorcyclist being harassed by extra-jumpy (and petty) Heroes:

The rider was preparing to make a lawful U turn at a signaled intersection; he had the green. He had pulled forward, preparing to make his turn and in order to see oncoming traffic, when a pair of Heroes dramatically roll up on him. The first Hero is a typical overweight/buzzcut dick type; his Heroic back-up looks ready to invade Poland, with his military-style thigh holster.

Hut! hut! hut!

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  1. It is good to see that all crimes have been solved in this community to the extent that they are able to use 3 LEOs to investigate (harass) an individual performing a legal U-turn.

    Ironic that they claim the MC rider is a danger to traveling public while they are impeding the normal flow of traffic with the vehicles.


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