Denver Heroes Conduct Mass Searches At Gunpoint

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Denver Police Search ‘Every Vehicle,’ Set Up Checkpoint Following Concert Shooting

Police responded to a shooting outside Colorado’s Red Rock Amphitheater late Thursday night by forcing thousands of concert goers through a mandatory checkpoint.

The shooting, which left three people with non-life threatening injuries, occurred in the parking lot following performances by rappers Nas, Flying Lotus and Schoolboy Q.

“I’m backstage; we’re on lockdown waiting to leave,” concert promoter Faithon Lucas told the Denver Post.

Attendees of the concert took to Twitter to air their concerns as law enforcement began searching vehicles and demanding ID from every one attempting to leave.

Denver Police Search Every Vehicle, Set Up Checkpoint Following Concert Shooting CHECKPOINTREDROCK1

A representative with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department boldly confirmed that every vehicle would be searched, regardless of probable cause, before being allowed to vacate the area.

“You forgot (conveniently) to include the word ‘illegally’ between ‘being’ & ‘searched,’” one Twitter user said in response.

Such scenes, where law enforcement disregard constitutional rights through mandatory dragnets, have begun appearing across the country at an alarming rate.

Following a bank robbery in Maryland last March, police shut down an entire Interstate in both directions to search countless vehicles at gunpoint.

Last year after several officers were injured in a gang-related shooting in California, a police checkpoint resulted in numerous innocent drivers having a rifle put to their head.

During the Boston bombings manhunt, the entire town of Watertown was literally placed under martial law as militarized police forced residents out of their homes at gunpoint without warrants.


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      Lead and brass.

      The pigs will determine either it’s too risky to do this stupid stuff (we win), or they’ll double-down, crack down, and prove we’re correct anyway… (We win, with casualties.)

      Totalitarian force is a no-win situation….


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