Reader Question: Something to Disagree With?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

David writes: I’ve been trying hard to find something in your posts that I disagree with and cannot do it. The air-cooled article coupled with one some time back about boxer engines struck a chord here. I also enjoyed also the article on the sporty Subaru that you wrote about. At one time in my life, looking way back, I owned a 1964 Porsche 356 SC, (w/Solex carburetors); a 1965 Corvair 110, a 1967 BMW R50 motorcycle – all at the same time. I never realized till recently how much I was into air-cooled and boxer engines, which by design are very suited to air (flow) cooling).  If GM were to market a Chevy Corvair again today I would buy it in a heartbeat – but, I know – dream on. I still own a 1969 Corvair Monza 140 (w/4 carburetors), and don’t drive it often enough. I keep it though because it has no automatic connection with Big Bro and never will. You have a great job – I think! There is no way you could ever run out of material for your writing talent!

My reply: I’ve never been lucky enough to own a Porsche but I have owned the Poorsche – a Corvair! Mine was a ’64 Monza 110 coupe, four-speed – and I miss it a lot. As you know the layout of the car was very similar to that of the Porsche and back in the day, many people bought it for just that reason. Unlike the VW Beetle – which was also similarly laid out (air-cooled/rear-engined, etc.) the Corvair was pretty powerful and could be made more so, pretty easily. It also could be made to handle extremely well for its time. Those who actually drove one know it handled better/was more agile than the typical car of the ’60s. What Nader did to it was criminal.

Unfortunately, GM will never build a car like that again. But perhaps, one day, another car company will!

Thanks for the kind words!

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