Reader Question: Boxster Issues?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dorsey asks: What bad qualities are hidden in the Porsche Boxster?

My reply: It’s mostly a matter of things being hidden, period! The Boxster’s engine is mounted amidships, behind the driver – and the cooling system (and hoses and radiators – plural) spread around the car. It is a beautiful car and a brilliant handling car but not a car you want to work on yourself unless you’re very dedicated and very knowledgeable and – dialing up Jeff Spicoli’s dad – have a “righteous” set of tools!

But this is generally true of all mid-engined cars and especially of mid-engined elite high-performance cars.

It goes with the territory!

The flat/boxer engine has a number of distinct advantages, including weight distribution and location as well being an inherently balanced engine, which often eliminates the need for the added weight of an external balancer or heavy crank counterweights.

As far as disadvantages: Being flat, oil sometimes has a tendency to not drain away from the valvetrain as it would in an upright engine, leading to early/excessive oil consumption. But I am unaware of such issues with the Porsche boxer engine.

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  1. check out boxster IMS bearing there is a reason old boxsters between 98 and 2005 are so cheap if somebody hasn’t spent a couple of grand to replace that bearing


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