Diaper Report: 04/07/2023

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A good friend is dealing with sickness – his mother’s – made worse by the sickness of those he’s having to deal with. These being the sickos whose job it is – cue the irony – to treat the physically sick.

That is to say, doctors and nurses – many of whom apparently need psychiatrists. More likely, a spine.

Also some human compassion, which has been sapped from them by a corporatized medical regime that has turned what was once a profession characterized by people who cared and acted accordingly into a bureaucracy of employees who do as they are told.

Which includes telling others to do as they are told – poo tending to roll downhill.

My friend has had to take his ailing mother to see these white-coated Soviets and relayed to me how he has been harried every time about his declining to wear the proffered Face Diaper, Holy Rag of the COVID Cult. This device remains a thing at the one place where it ought first to have foundered against the rocks of science – that word! – and common sense, too.

It is now beyond contestation that wearing the Holy Rag does not ward off the cooties – assuming one had them to begin with. This latter being no small detail. One of the many evil tenets of the COVID Cult is that everyone must be presumed sick, in perpetuity – even in the absence of any reason to suspect them of being sick. It is enough that they could be to insist they accept the proffered prophylaxis – which means (if this line of reasoning is accepted) that every man must be presumed a rapist, too – since every man is hypothetically capable of rape.

Put in plain language, the neurotic dread of sick people must be soothed – thereby encouraging the propagation of their illness. It must be accepted as the legitimate basis for imposing obligations on people who aren’t sick, either mentally or physically.

And the prescribed prophylaxis isn’t even that.

The wearing of a “mask” doesn’t prevent one from becoming sick anymore than rubbing Ernest Angley’s “blessed cloth” on one’s body cured cancer.

The white coats know this. Yet they continue to pretend they don’t – indicative by itself of something worse than mere incompetence to serve in any capacity related to health care. It is like taking your car to a mechanic who insists placing a car cover over it will fix those torn CV boots.

But of course it is much, much worse than mere incompetence, which is a fixable thing. One can learn to understand what one did not understand. Many of us did not understand – at first – that “masks” do not “work,” except as soothing mechanisms for the neurotic, like the blankie clutched by the Peanuts character, Linus. And of course, to create the impression of “doing something” – even though it did nothing.

The problem my friend is dealing with is darker. It is a combination of base servility, on the part of employees – who do as they are told for the sake of remaining employed – and the sadism of the prisoner in a POW camp, who gleefully alerts the guards to his fellow POW’s escape plans.

If he – the POW who is too afraid to try to escape – must remain a prisoner, then so must everyone else.

My friend dealt with this precisely when one of the nurses who kept badgering him to put on the Holy Rag screeched that he had to – so she said – because she (and they, the other employees of White Coat Prison) had to. The small-minded cruelty of this is just that. These small minds fail to understand that when someone within the prison “gets away with it,” it is a step, however small, toward everyone “getting away with it.” It is why I decided I would never wear the Holy Rag, no matter what it cost me. I knew it was not just about me – and my own determination to not be degraded by pretending I believed a lie (as per Solzhenitsyn).

It was – and is – about everyone.

In that sense, we are all “in this together.” That includes the doctors and nurses who have not only degraded themselves by continuing to pretend that “masks work” but who are continuing to participate in the degradation of medicine and the tyrannization of people seeking compassion and care, who are caught between the rock and a hard place of needing to deal with a family member’s very real sickness and being forced to deal with very sick people, indeed.

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  1. Even though the Biden Thing signed a bill declaring the COVID Public Health Emergency OVER the other day, the regime seems determined to keep COVID alive and provide even MORE funding to the pharmaceutical industry for making FUTURE COVID vaccines, even to the point of launching “Operation Warp Speed 2.0″……..Will we see an attempt to reimpose vaxx mandates in the future?


  2. Thinking back on it all, what strikes me is the tone of the mask rules. Spineless politicians knew better than to require that “I” wear a mask, which would mean when I refuse, the law has to arrest me, write a ticket, mete out some sort of punishment. That would not have been politically advantageous, especially if there was a massive scofflaw movement. Arresting us all would be a bad look.
    They required businesses, doctors offices, venues, etc. to do the requiring. Businesses are generally spineless and have a lot more to lose when they break rules. They were put in the hot seat and not given any options. If they don’t require it, they are harassed by the board of health, which has authority to close them, usually quietly and without fanfare. If they do require it and get a noncompliant customer, BOH is nowhere to be seen to help deal with that. Our county sheriff said don’t call him. Since a “mask law” was never passed, he has no authority to answer that call.
    It was an all-around shitty way to treat the business community. I would have rather they just put the requirements on me. I would break the rule and I alone would take responsibility for that. Individuals could decide to either pay the ticket or tell the gov to F off.
    This was in Indiana. Other states may have done differently.

  3. “Two heads are better than one, even if one is a cabbage head.” – somebody who said it, nobody really knows who

    If I identify as a cabbage head, I’ll be a vegetable and won’t have to wear a mask.

    Everyone should identify as cabbage heads, the game is over then.

    Just envision everyone as a cabbage head and you have your answer, Joe is Chief Cabbage Head.

    Before the paindemonic, grocery stores were open 24/7. Walmart was open 24/7. Somehow, hours were limited and Walmarts were packed full because other places were closed.

    If you read comments at the unz review, some of the comments have anti-semitic content.

    Can’t be so judgmental, you have to accept ignorance and correct it.

    You have to pray for the Jews, even if there is no hope whatsoever, it still counts.

    However, I prefer to have nothing to do with those special chosen idiots ever, just the way it is.

    Off to the polo horse barn to bit and bridle the polo horse for some Sunday polo.

    Isn’t there a gov official from the State of Maryland who is out there on the lam somewhere? Ecuador is an easy country where to re-locate.

    Tony Blinken was humbled by the reality that nothing is going right in Ukraine, if you saw the video, all going wrong and is embarrassing to the US gov. A hard pill to swallow, get a blast of coke from Zelensky, might help some.

    Just as I see it, seems like it, though.

  4. This fascination with masks is puzzling.

    here in Michigan masks are required at doctor’s offices but not dentist’s offices. And last week one of my wife’s doctor’s offices did not have anyone working there wearing a mask, FOR THE FRST TIME IN YEARS.

    You can slip the mask down under your chin while in a doctor’s waiting room. But while near a doctor or nurse, they won’t allow you to slip the mask under your nose for easier breathing, with one old timer doctor as an exception.

    I am old and visit a doctor almost once a month, so I wear a mask about one hour a month to get medical services I want.

    I know masks do nothing. I read five scientific N95 mask studies with older respiratory diseases in early 2020. There is no reason to assume Covid is different. The holes in the masks are much larger than the viral aerosols that pass through them.

    In a list of problems with America, and they have been severe since 2020, wearing a mask for an hour a month at a doctor’s office is not in my top 20.

    I see one benefit from masks worn outside of a doctor’s office: They identify people who are not very smart and believe everything the government tells them. That’s good to know.

    What’s more important than masks?
    — How about the fact that the US is morphing toward totalitarianism? The masks are just one of many symptoms, and certainly far from the worst, since almost all mask wearing that I see during a week is voluntary. The nation has big problems, medium sized problems ad small problems. Forcing people to wear masks in a medical facility is a small problem.

    • Does it really matter where one wears them or not? The point is the same…they don’t work and are nothing more than a control mechanism to see who will play along. The mask has to come off for any type of medical treatment – dentist, eye doctor, ears/nose/mouth doctor, etc. The hospitals can’t leave it on you during heart or brain surgery.

      If we actually believed masks work then we would each have a N99 with charcoal filters or a gas mask with an oxygen tank. A $.33 China made three layer polyurethane woven mask won’t stop a gnat, but the public walks around believing it is going to stop virus particles so small that can only be seen under a microscope.

      Going along with it is what got us into this mess. How quickly do you think doctors would change their tune when they started losing clients because of their ridiculous masking demands? Nothing speaks truer than the bottom line.

      • >How quickly do you think doctors would change their tune when they started losing clients

        Hi, RG,
        It won’t matter at all to them, because the Doctor-Gods live in a different economic reality from we heathens who comprise the raw material for their (very lucrative) industry.
        Case in point:
        I had cataract surgery a few years ago. The surgeon’s fee was $1500, and I was told she typically performs 10 such per day. Not begrudging her fee, as she is highly skilled. But, I suggest that if one body walks out the door, she will not miss the revenue.

        Her boss, the MD who owns the facility, grosses $2500 per patient off her efforts, out of which he pays for the physical plant, including the fancy machinery which makes it all possible. Meanwhile, he performs his own (highly specialized) eye surgeries, for similar fees. Again, more power to them to charge whatever the market will bear for their high order of skill and expertise.

        I do suggest, however, that anyone who is netting $15,000 – $30,000 per day for their professional expertise will be indifferent to the loss of 10%, or even 20%, of the take on any given day.

        In fact, I was “excommunicated” from that practice, at a later date, for *allegedly* “dissing” one of Dr. X’s minions. In fact, I insisted on an answer to a specific, and in my view legitimate, question, which she refused to provide. My “crime” was insufficient docility, for which I was sentenced to banishment in perpetuity, via a nasty “lawyer letter,” after being a “patient” for 30 years.

        My opinion? Buck the fozos.

        • Hi Adi

          You are right, one won’t make a difference, but 40 or 50% would. If she starts losing half of her clientele I bet she starts questioning why.

          • Morning, RG –

            It begins with one. The Left gets this. We had better. People are often defeated because they believe there’s no hope; what can one person do? Well, one person can do a lot – by starting something that others emulate.

  5. Somewhat off topic:

    My wife just opened a pack of M&Ms, and asked me what was wrong, as she had me look inside…

    They were all brown, as far as we could see. Perhaps a manufacturing oddity, but as we poured them out, we found a few purple ones.

    Observing the package, we found that this package was “Supporting women: Flipping the status quo”, and all the brown, purple and (supposedly) green M&Ms are “female”.

    Yes, embracing a strange idea of racist and sexist candy is “supporting women”. Segregation was, apparently, good, and we and our candy proxies should be separated by sex and color.


    • Hi BaDnOn,

      They are doing their damnedest on segregating us. The elite have driven a crow bar between black vs white, male vs female, and religious vs atheism, etc. I would write M&M candies and and ask how doing this solves anything. What do they hope to gain from this? Is there some little overseer at the ESG Institute with a clipboard in his/her hand that puts a checkmark next to Mars Inc.’s name when they virtue signal? Does this report go back to the WEF and the CCP? Do they get a gold star? What an absolute waste of marketing dollars.

      One would think that instead of some senseless juncture they would put more money toward making their brand using authentic chocolate and removing bioengineered ingredients. Then the product would actually sell itself.

      • Hey Raider Girl,

        It seems you are quite correct. She said that those M&Ms were fairly horrible, and only bought them to help the local Family Dollar win some sort of contest, whatever that might be. Good marketing strategy, I guess. Prey on the good will of consumers and the poor fortunes of the local plebes.

      • Famous rider in their contract. At the time the show was full of pyrotechnics and complex rigging. They “hid” that requirement in the rider to make sure the venue and promoter read the thing. If they saw brown M&Ms in the candy bowl they knew to start double checking everything.


        • ReadyK,

          That’s brilliant! I’ve often thought of similar clauses to be added to congressional bills. A clever drafter might enter a clause declaring that, enforceable by law, he gets sex with any woman of his choosing on Tuesday, or that the federal government cedes the District of Colombia to him, with demolition to begin immediately.

          Ultimately, all such laws that have been passed are then revealed publicly, so that the populace knows just how well Congress has been doing.

  6. It’s prom season in my neck of Dixie. Went out to eat last night with friends & saw a young man in a tux with a lovely young gal that was tastefully dressed. And young tux kid was wearing a fancy face rag. How embarrassing. Suppose he took it off for the gazillion photos? Meh, don’t know and don’t care. He was the only person wearing the stupid thing.

    • It’s a safe bet that kid didn’t get laid that night. And if he’s that mentally weak, his seed should not sprout anyway.

      • I blame the parents, Doug. A kid that cowardly was produced by idiots who filled him with fear. I also question the girl that said yes to him as her date.

        • Both of your points are spot on. I might also add one more reason for anyone who is still wearing a mask: underlying issue of shame.

          • Alvin,

            One more reason why people might still be wearing a mask is if they think they’re UNATTRACTIVE. There was a study not too long ago indicating that people who thought they were attractive were LESS likely to wear face masks, while people who thought otherwise were MORE likely to wear one.

    • You should have approached the kid and asked: why are you wearing a mask? I do that all the time with anyone who is helping me – like a cashier – or someone standing in line next to me. I rarely hear “protecting others” as a response. Half of them say, believe it or not, “I don’t know”. Lately, it’s more “I have allergies” – then why didn’t they wear it pre-2020 and what about the eyes – and because “makes customers feel more comfortable”, to which I respond: I am a customer, your wearing a mask makes me uncomfortable…and what if someone told you that your hairstyle, your clothes or the color of your skin made you uncomfortable, would you change all that because of a few neurotic customers?

  7. “It is enough that they could be to insist they accept the proffered prophylaxis – which means (if this line of reasoning is accepted) that every man must be presumed a rapist, too – since every man is hypothetically capable of rape”

    Oh Lord, don’t give them any ideas. Next thing we know they’ll be making all of us guys walk around with condoms on our flaccid members just in case we do happen to rape anybody.

  8. “When individual conscience becomes the enemy of society because it is considered an “act of discrimination”, then only evil can prevail.”

  9. Trial by Jury will stop 15 Minutes Cities

    Law and legal definitions…

    The difference between law and legal..

    @ 2:10 in video…. law applies to people who are alive….the legal system applies to corporations that are not alive….in the legal system the law is in legalese language….in law the language is english….

    @ 9:45 in the law people get a trial by jury by their peers…..in the legal system you might get a jury trial which is a different animal….

    @ 12:33 in law everyone has the following inalienable, inherent rights and freedoms….right to life (which includes bodily integrity), right to travel, right to speech, right to privacy and private property,

    @ 13:38 in law…anyone administering an injection to someone is personally responsible for any injury/negative effect of it…

    @ 15:00…the law is very simple….act in honor and do no harm…this is 100’s of thousands of years old…all the indigenous practiced these laws…physicians and pharmacists have an obligation to know the law…

    @ 15:50 in the law a physician is operating as a physician….in the legal they are called a doctor which is a corporation….

    @17:06 the simple rule for everyone is don’t harm anyone, you can’t go around murdering people….

    @ 1:04:00 right to travel

    @ 1:13:00 people 100,000 years ago knew more about the law

    @ 1:23:05 Cahill threatened to charge the police with malfeasance for interfering with people’s right to travel

    Malfeasance…… is a wrongful or criminal act perpetrated by a public official or other person of authority. An act of malfeasance is done intentionally, disregarding the fact that the action is morally or legally wrong and will cause someone harm

    In a trial by jury there is two steps…

    1st step.. determine if the law is legal, if it is not the case is dismissed and the law nullified…
    2nd step.. if the law is legal then the jury judges whether the accused is guilty……


  10. My GP is still requiring masks to enter the office, and I’ve reached the point where I don’t want to go back if they are still going to continue to require the kabuki.

    • Roscoe,

      In Oregon, the state’s “Health Authority” lifted its mask mandate for hospitals and medical offices earlier this week, though those hospitals & medical offices CAN continue to require masks. However, Oregon got a new governor early this year who once said during the gubernatorial campaign last year that she’d bring back mask mandates if “The Science called for it”, whatever that means. So far she and the Democrat majority in the state legislature seem too focused on disarming Oregonians who own guns to try to force everyone to wear face diapers again, but if they’re so obsessed with disarming Oregonians, what could they possibly want to do to them if they succeed?

      • Certain counties in Texas would reinstate masks in a heartbeat if they could.

        Austin, in particular, has experienced record murder rates in 2021 and 2022, but I’ve witnessed mask enforcement drills at our local warehouse club store as recently as March of last year.

        My GP is a hard read. He personally took Ivermectin, but he advances the agenda of recommending vaccinations and maintaining masking in the office.

      • Hi John,
        Similar here with the “emergency” expiration date fast approaching the medical tyrants are calling for a permanent mask mandate in healthcare facilities. I’m overdue for a skin cancer screening (I’ve had several found and removed over the years) and have an appointment next month when the “emergency” officially expires. If it becomes permanent and my doctors office continues to insist I diaper up or they won’t see me I guess I’ll have to find a new doctor out of state somewhere.

    • Hi Dan,

      I watched that interview yesterday. I guess Tyson is the Executive Producer of some documentary called “Shot in the Arm”, which targets Del Bigtree, Robert F Kennedy Jr, and the medical freedom movement. Bigtree kept his composure throughout the whole debate & had a wealth of information, but Neil deGrasse Tyson seemed too wedded to the concept of “Consensus”, be it scientific, medical, or whatever. We’ve seen just over the past few years that “Consensus” CAN be wrong, or corrupted by monied interests. For example, in 2020-2022, Medical & Scientific “consensus” said that lockdowns, masks, and COVID vaccines “Saved lives”, but there have been numerous studies out there showing the exact opposite, and credentialed scientists/ doctors who spoke out against the Big Government/ Big Media/ Big Pharma approved narratives were censored or deplatformed from social media. Why, even Tony Fauci & Francis Collins tried to take down something called the “Great Barrington Declaration” because it advocated traditional methods of dealing with a viral outbreak, which included focused protection for elderly people and allowing everyone else to resume living normal lives to achieve herd immunity instead of universal lockdowns. 2+ years later, doctors and scientists behind that were proven RIGHT, while those who pushed for hard lockdowns of every single human were WRONG.

      And something else that Tyson talked about in an interview he had elsewhere involved what he called “Social contracts”, which suggested he thought that people had an OBLIGATION to get vaxxed “For the greater good”, even though these COVID jabs neither prevent infection NOR stop the spread of COVID.

      • John,

        I did see NDT on another podcast (Patrick Bet-David) a few months ago spouting the social contract, or a health contract, line. He came off sounding like quite the commie.

        • Dan,

          I didn’t see that podcast, but I did see a clip from the Patrick Bet-David podcast on The Highwire where Tyson spouted off about “Social contracts”. I can’t help but wonder if he got that from the same people who claimed that it was necessary for people to get the COVID jab “For the Greater Good”.

  11. Like CC caused by Man is fake so is the ‘virus’. The clot shot is fake as well as there are no biological products in it. Everything we are to be fearful of is fake. We have nothing to fear but fear itself clearly fits today. The psycho’s in charge clearly want us dead. The clot shot fits the definition of every state or federal legislation concerning bio-terrorism and/or biological attack. When someone is trying to kill you,,, whether your neighbor or your government,,, you have the right of self defense. Remember that when/If they come out with new attacks. When the parasites say no violence remember…. whether a gun, a knife or a injection is in fact violence on their part. You are dead either way.

    There is a cure for what is going on today. Violence by way of citizen juries and rope.

  12. I just saw on a local newspaper website a paid ad from NC Dept of Health and Human Services for the shots claiming that “people vaccinated with the updated bootsah are 18.6 times less likely to die from coofy-doof-19.” Such amazing specificity. Interesting occult numerology as well. How could anyone see this and believe such obvious BS lies?

    • Hi Funk,

      I would guess that NC HHS Dept got money from Biden’s HHS to run that ad. There are studies from around the world indicating that the more COVID jabs one takes, the MORE likely they are to get the dreaded ‘Rona. I wouldn’t be surprised if that 18.6 number they’re citing is actually 18.6 times MORE likely to DIE from COVID.

    • Heart Attacks, immune destruction, cancer, disease is killing folks. Since the virus doesn’t exist they are correct,,, something that doesn’t exist cannot kill you.

  13. I haven’t seen a Doc or my nagging scowl of an endo in over a year, I refuse to be diapered.

    Fortunately the Eye Dr and the Dentist don’t care either way, also I can do more myself with treating myself than the Dr’s could, but its a shame this bullshit kabuki theater still goes on. Not gonna go along with the “Mask”erade, especially when 100% of the time I forget this shit unless I see some dipshit sheep with one on.

  14. Not too long ago, I posted that I was going to have to make a choice. Go blind from cataracts, or wear a mask. Fortunately, when I went to the Ophthalmologist for examination and consultation I was NOT required to wear one. In the meantime, I have also learned that most of the local medical facilities no longer required one. I need to get out more.
    In a pre-op phone call from the Ophthalmologist, I was informed I would have to wear a mask into surgery, per Medicare/Medicaid regulations. I intend to go see them and ask if that requirement stands if I do not use Medicare. It would cost me 80% more, but that price I’m willing to pay to prevent wear and tear on my knees. Typical. People start regaining their sanity, but the Psychopaths In Charge won’t allow it.
    The burden on my family of me going blind is not acceptable, so this is a life or death situation.

    • Just got a call from the Ophthalmologist. I’m not going to be allowed to buy my way out. A hard mental and spiritual exercise for a few days now.

      • Hi John,

        I would ask to see the Medicare/Medicaid regulation that shows a mask is required for you to have surgery. I always had to fight these bastards (the doctors, not Medicare) when it came to not supplying them my SSN. I would always ask to see a copy of their policy on how they are going to protect my personal information. They never seem to have one.

        I just googled if there was a policy about Medicare/Medicaid requiring a mask during surgery. I didn’t spend a whole time searching, but nothing came up immediately. They can’t operate on your eyes with you in a mask so there entire “policy” is absolute BS.

        Show up with a paper bag or a ski mask to make your point.

        • Of course they won’t leave a mask on my face while they sedate me. I only need wear it upon entry. Perhaps wearing it around my chin, or lower will suffice. Perhaps I’ll take a bandana mask, and stick it in their faces how stupid this is.

      • Hi John,

        This is the time to up the old man ante.
        1. Take a walking stick with you upon entering, start swinging it around everywhere and yell at people not to get too close to you.
        2. When the nurse asks for you to wear a mask, put your hand to your ear, and shout “What? Speak louder. I can’t hear you.”
        3. Take the mask and walk over to the chairs and shove it in your pocket.
        4. Carry a cup of water or coffee with you. Hell, it could be empty…just keep sipping.

        It isn’t hard to outsmart these people. My aunt had surgery for a cancerous tumor last November. I took her to the surgery center. Neither one of us wore masks. She wore hers on her chin. I refused to participate and kept drinking my herbal tea.

        • I won’t have to fake at least one part of that old man act. I’m more than half deaf, and without seeing one’s face when they speak, reading their lips, I find it very hard to understand what they say. Even with $4k hearing aids. I’ve gotten a lot of mask wearers to drop their mask when I tell them so. Pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. Continuously asking “what?” is quite a motivator.

        • “Take the mask and walk over to the chairs and shove it in your pocket.”

          Yes! That’s what I did, back in the height of the Chinese Red Death scare, when my wife went to the hospital for surgery. No one said another word about it as I walked with her through the hospital to the surgery part. And I’m not even old! (Well, sometimes nearly 40 feels old, but that’s another story).
          Of course, that would vary by facility. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have gotten away with it at another local hospital. Besides, we live in a rural area in TN, and the hysteria here was never what it was in many places.

      • John, just find another doc/surgery center, and start from the git-go by negotiating a cash price. It’ll be CHEAPER than if you used Medicare.

        I had to have an eye operation 8 years ago. The quoted price was $12K. I informed them that I don’t have any type of insurance and that I would be paying in cash. Negotiated a deal for less than $4K. Included everything (Surgery center; general anesthesia, doctor, hardware…).

        I later joked to my regular eye doc “Too bad I didn’t have Medicare” to which he informed me that if I did, it would have cost me several times more than the $4K, because of the “list prices” they use, and that such an operation done under their auspices would have required an actual hospital, which would have generated a bill of somewhere shy of $40K for which I would have had to pay 20%!

        This is why healthcare is so sick, and expensive…because of government, and their Medicare’s control of things.

      • I may wear it, yet remain obnoxious about it, Perhaps as I mentioned elsewhere, I’ll wear a bandana, just to rub their faces in how stupid this is.

    • John Kable, put on the mask and get the surgery. You won’t help your family or yourself by going blind. Wear a mask or go blind, come on, this is easy. See to fight another day.

      • Lois of other options Griff, as pointed out by ML, RG, and Nunzio. Trust me if there is a will theres a way. I took my wife for eye surgery a few weeks back. They tried the mask BS on us. We used cash which they weren’t ready to give up on so they let it pass. WIT, cant shoot straight if you cant see

        • Actually, one who has done as much shooting as I have doesn’t need to see all that well, at close to medium range. My muscle memory puts me pretty close to on target as soon as I bring up the gun.

          • You should take a kid or grand kid with you for backup. Walk in there, and politely but firmly inform them “I identify as a healthy human who doesn’t need a mask”

            If they don’t relent start shouting in your best Howard Beal voice, “I’m a human being God Damnit, my life has value. I insist you respect my preferred pronouns.”

            • Hi Norman,

              That’s an idea….take this “I identify as…” crap and turn it back around on those who are pushing it and/ or face diapers.

            • Actually, just tell them you identify as a mask so you are already full protected.

              I am curious what these doctors/nurses do when they meet anyone that fights the system.

              • I like to think of ways to use their stupid shit against them John.

                They usually relent if you are convicted enough RG. Had some experiences as of late with oncologists/specialists for Mom, eye doc for the wife.

                Never wore one in any waiting room or with any Dr. First time we saw him I told him it was ok if he took his off, none of us had one on. He declined. His nose was running constantly and he was coughing up a lung, so maybe his was for the best.

              • Hi RG,
                As much as these filthy rags disgust me, pissing off the person who’s about to cut on your eyeballs strikes me as a very bad idea.

                • Someone who believes in fake science is probably not the best person to be cutting on one’s eyes anyway.

                  Back in September, I had to take my mother to the hospi’l. They gave me the usual crap about not wearing the rag. I was barely able to get in to stay with her.

                  Well whaddayou know! When we get to where they do their doctoring…all of the doctors and nurses either had their rags down around their necks…or didn’t have one at all!

                  The only person who gave me any guff about my unadorned face was the fat 60-ish year-old woman gatekeeper at the entrance…the one who guaranteed me that they’d kick me out if I “went back there without a mask”. You’d think that bitch’s life depended on me wearing donning a rag.

                  The doctors didn’t care; the nurses didn’t care; only the lowest-paid obese flunky who was granted a little power cared. Truly Soviet-esque.

      • I did, but don’t remember why I discarded it. Perhaps too far away, and I don’t fly, and too old to ride very far.

        • I don’t want to be doxing, but you have dropped hints before as to your location. My guess is it would be about a two-hour drive.
          As I’ve said before, my advice is to just wear the damned thing if the alternative is blindness and hardship for you and your family. Don’t make a scene and don’t try a bandana (they will surely tell you it has to be a “medical grade” mask).
          In the end, you don’t get any extra points for having a perfect record of mask refusal.

          • After my examination and counseling visit, with no masks being worn, I only found out about this “condition” yesterday, and my appointment is on Tuesday. So it’s start over or bite the bullet.
            Think I’ll be biting the bullet. If bitten worse bullets, like taxes.

            • I agree with the others. In your case I would wear the mask be polite about it and get the surgery you need. I would cut my nose off to spite my face over this. Good luck and hope everything goes well.

  15. the marxist/communist democrat party signed away your rights in 2005…you got lockdowns in 2020….more are coming…after may 2023….

    who exit……. whexit…the urgent need to leave the who today….

    @ 7:14 biggest danger now….an amendment to the international healh regulations and the who pandemic treaty giving the who total authority in your country for mandates in any emergencies……. health, climate change, or any other emergencies their narrative indicates…this would violate all common law and constitutional law which would be void…they say…..

    @ 11:45 in video an article protecting individual rights, dignity and freedoms would be removed and the who could sensor any information in opposition to their mandates

    @ 13:06 NOTE…. these amendments don’t need signing they are amendments to an existing agreement from 2005….these changes come into effect the end of may 2023…..expect another emergency after that….
    In 2005 the marxist liberal government signed the agreement without your consent…

    The WHO is a fabulously wealthy offshoot of the United Nations. It has its head office in Geneva ….. most of its money comes from the United States, from Communist China and from Bill Gates.
    Most of the ingredients used in drugs and injections come from china….so do the billions of masks……they make tons of money off this allopathic medicine…. which has a worldwide monopoly benefiting china….

    In may 2023 when is takes effect……. the WHO would receive instructions from GERM. Yes that is the name. It’s a Gates funded and led group which would make the decisions and “recommendations.” ……so gates runs GERM that runs WHO/UN which runs all governments…..so gates will run the planet…

    The ccp/wef run all the governments now…the who is one of their branches…

    The agreement gives the WHO the authority to declare pandemics and submits member countries to “the central role of the WHO as the directing and coordinating authority on international health emergencies …..”health” has been redefined to include everything under the sun, including “climate change” and “systemic racism”….and infodemic…

    ATTENTION…..The health emergency is still in place…….so climate change lockdown next….
    climate change is classified as part of the ongoing current health emergency……so people will be herded into 15 minute city/prisons because of this


  16. The Cochrane Review posted a piece back in January with studies proving once again that face diapers were essentially useless against the dreaded ‘Rona and other respiratory viruses. However, an opinion writer with the New York Times who wrote an opinion piece claiming that “Science shows masks DO work” took issue with that article, and pressured the editors to write a piece saying that study was “inconclusive”. The authors of the Cochrane piece weren’t even notified what their editor was doing. We’ve been told ad nauseum the past few years to “Trust the experts”, except I guess if those experts go against government/ Big Pharma pharma/ media approved narratives.

    • Some people win the lottery too. If scientific research has come to the point of my old man building a spreadsheet full of lottery winning numbers* to somehow attempt to anticipate the next Powerball drawing to reach a conclusion then maybe it’s time to stop pretending.

      * He was very excited to show me his work until I said “You know they change out the balls every few weeks?”

    • You don’t need a medical expert to prove this. Any mechanic will do. You can’t stop a virus with a weave that’s a LOT bigger than the virus.

      • For about three weeks Fauxchi was harping about “the droplets” being blocked by masks. Like every sentence included the word droplet. I remember because I wanted to make a meme pic of Jules from Pulp Fiction with the caption “Say ‘droplet’ again!” Yes, I’m sure if you sneezed out a booger and it went into my nose it might become a vector and a mask might block snot, but if you’re that close to someone you’re spewing dry virus everywhere anyway.

        Of course there was that day I watched someone pull off their mask, have a coughing fit, and then replace it to go about their shopping. Even if the damn things were 100% effective you’ll still have to deal with morons.


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