Diaper Report: 02/19/2023

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Not forgetting is how you remember – when it is imperative to never forget.

It is essential we never forget the lies that were told by those who insisted that “masks work” – and that those who submit to being “vaccinated” would enjoy “full immunity.”

Both of those lies predicated on the foundational lie that there was an extremely dangerous-to-everyone respiratory virus on the loose – one so dangerous to everyone that society had to be shut down. In support of that lie – or rather, to create the impression it was truth – they told us on the hour how many new “cases” had been identified, to give the impression that the first lie was true.

It was all lies.

Not mistakes.

Do you know how to tell the difference? A mistake – when realized – is admitted to and (if necessary) atoned for. Have you heard any of the “mask work” people admit they were wrong and apologize to the people they called “selfish” and worse for not wearing the things? Have people you knew who avoided you – who shunned you – for not “masking” told you they’re sorry for that?

More than that is due from the “vaccine” pushers. Though when you stop to think about a little, it was “masking” that led to “vaccinating” and so it is the “maskers,” above all, who owe us an apology.

“Vaccinating” would never have been more than what it was before “masking” – i.e., something people who felt the need could do if they wanted to, under absolutely no pressure to do so, if they didn’t. But “masking” propagated the lie that an extremely dangerous to everyone respiratory virus was on the loose; one so dangerous that everyone needed to wear a “mask.” And that is what made it feasible to pressure everyone to get “vaccinated.”

The “masks” were even used as the reward for getting “vaccinated,” in that once you submitted to being injected, you’d be allowed to take off the “mask,” at last.

Weary of “masking” people were told they’d be immunized.

Fully immunized, even.

Everyone knows how much truth there was to that. But the lie was sold – and continues to be told. Despite the fact that it is now admitted by the liars that the “vaccines” do not confer immunity. People are told the “vaccines” are “effective,” a lie designed to imply immunity – that they will not get sick – when in fact they are just as likely to get sick as the “unvaccinated.” And – as accruing evidence suggests – they may be likelier to get sick and to get more seriously sick than the “unvaccinated.”

The “vaccines” are “effective” in the same way that miracle weigh loss diet pills are. You could lose up to 50 pounds in just two weeks!

Of course, there are differences. The miracle weight loss diet pills are usually otherwise harmless – and if not, they get pulled from the market. The fat-substitute Olestra was pulled from the market because it tended to cause people to crap their pants. Disgusting and embarrassing – but unlike myocarditis, nothing long-term to worry about.

But the point is, up to this point, falsely advertised products that hurt people – even if only to the extent of causing them to lose control of Number Two – were always pulled off the market when such “adverse effects” became known.

This falsely advertised product continues to be pushed. Even in the face of everything we were told about it being lies. Even in the face of the fact that these lies have cost lives. No one knows how many exactly. But however many, it is more than any other “vaccine” ever and what makes that truth particularly awful is that it wasn’t a mistake.

And it was forced.

The “adverse affects” of the drug Thalidomide were horrific. Babies born to mothers who took this drug – to combat nausea during pregnancy – sometimes were born with deformed limbs. But no pregnant woman was ever told she had better take this drug – else face being unemployed. The choice was hers and while that does not make the consequences better, it doesn’t make them worse.

Sadly, there weren’t consequences – for the companies that put Thalidomide on the market. At first, they tried to deny there was a problem with their drugs – styling news reports about deformed babies as an “emotional reaction to early press reports,” which they expected would “begin(s) to subside,” and that “thoughtful re-analysis is now occurring around the world.”

So, the lies are not new.

What’s changed is that there used to be operative watchdogs – the press and the regulatory bodies of government. Both are now owned by the liars, who continue to lie, very effectively – and safely.

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  1. Watch out for UNDRIP……..Obama said they were considering doing it…


    @ 3:50 in the video….The UN pushes undrip on the international level as well as on the national/federal. provincial/state, city and town levels….so it is difficult to defend against….

    undrip …..the narrative is they say they are giving all the land back to the indigenous, with the UN managing the land….

    Article 30 @ 41:12 in video…. UN managing the land…the government for the indigenous owned land….in the whole country……..the army and police would all be UN soldiers….that was the reason for gun control legislation…UN the only armed force allowed….replacing the existing armed forces….

    Financial incentives for governments to sign up…$5 million…for 100% adoption….up to $100 million….

    Some countries are pushing it now……Obama said they were considering doing it…

    you are booted out….no more property…off to the 15 minute city…you didn’t own it anyways….you never had allodial title…the government or in some cases the crown did……..if the indigenous have it now they can boot you out…..

    In addition the indigenous must be compensated for the use of the their land for the last 200 to 300 years….

    it looks like undrip is a trick by the UN/globalists to take control, ownership of all land…. there is no definition of indigenous in undrip, it is a trick, fraud.

    the 1st nations don’t like it either, they smell a fraud, trap, deception.


  2. cbdc 15 min city lockdown drones

    The final lockdown….

    @ 18:30 in video drones flying around as the new police, doing policing…. AI and tech will police the 15 min. city…

    digital Id the ticket to the digital prison…

    geofencing limiting moving around in the real world and the metaverse..

    ignoring reality is not a good stategy for survival

    smart city…limited mobility, no cars…weaponized surveillance and control….water rationing…speech surveillance…..mobility tracking…rationing gas, heat, electricity…

    control of food supply…no more cooking/food ownership…..no hoarding/stocking up or growing/independent supply…..it will be a service delivered daily by the government….if your social credit score/cbdc balance is too low or cut off…no food for awhile…till you comply….

    going from a debt slavery system to an identity slavery system

    AI is the beast….@ 59:05 in video….starve the beast…

    Who funded, approved, installed, the smart city surveillance infastructure?


  3. Will the Biden Thing use the disaster in Ohio declare a “Climate Emergency”? The Epoch Times has a video report about the potential for such a declaration. You thought draconian COVID lockdowns & measures were bad? Climate lockdowns, if these insane climate change zealots get their way, would make the draconian COVID measures look like nothing.

    • Zero rights….

      secured rights are thrown out the window every time government agents declare a “health emergency”

      (especially now that “health” has been redefined to include everything under the sun, including “climate change” climate emergency….and “systemic racism”).

      The health emergency is still in place…….

      climate change is classified as part of the ongoing current health emergency……so people will be herded into 15 minute cities because of this…their cars will be banned……resistors will be imprisoned….

    • Republican Senators Push Back Against Accord Giving WHO Power Over US Pandemic Response

      The draft accord, which would be “legally binding” on all 194 member nations, gives the WHO the authority to declare pandemics and submits member countries to “the central role of the WHO as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work,” …..”health” has been redefined to include everything under the sun, including “climate change” and “systemic racism”.

      brandon is signing this on Feb. 27, 2023….

      194 countries are about to sign over their national sovereignty to the W.H.O. on February 27th in a new Pandemic Treaty.

      Zero rights….
      secured rights are thrown out the window every time government agents declare a “health emergency”

      NOTE: especially now that “health” has been redefined to include everything under the sun, including “climate change” and “systemic racism”.

      The health emergency is still in place…….
      climate change is classified as part of the ongoing current health emergency……so people will be herded into 15 minute cities because of this…their cars will be banned……resistors will be imprisoned….

      from zh comments…

      WHO is controlled by Red China……..This is a backdoor attempt to bring the commies and control the world.


      • 194 countries are about to sign over their national sovereignty to the W.H.O. on February 27th in a new Pandemic Treaty.

        James Corbett and Meryl Nass, M.D on ‘Good Morning CHD.’

        the WHO’s 2023 plans

        The WHO is a fabulously wealthy offshoot of the United Nations. It has its head office in Geneva ….. most of its money comes from the United States, from Communist China and from Bill Gates.
        Most of the ingredients used in drugs and va ccines come from china….so do the billions of masks……they make tons of money off this allopathic medicine…. which has a worldwide monopoly benefitting china….

        The WHO/UN will form the foundation for a one world government…WHO/UN government…. under the auspice of coordinating and ensuring global biosecurity. This becomes evident when you review the proposed amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) and the WHO Pandemic TreatyThe proposed IHR amendments will erase the concepts of human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms from the equation.

        * NO, freedoms supersede all national and state laws, including the U.S. Constitution

        * This means they can force you to undergo whatever medical intervention they deem to be in the best interest of the collective.

        * The IHR amendments grant dictatorial powers to the WHO director-general and unelected regional directors. The WHO/UN “recommendations” will be legally binding by all member states, and will supersede all national and state laws, including the U.S. Constitution

        If this coup is approved, the WHO would receive instructions from GERM. Yes that is the name. It’s a Gates funded and led group which would make the decisions and “recommendations.” ……so gates runs GERM that runs WHO/UN which runs all governments…..

        The WEF want complete visibility of what you buy, what you eat, where and when you travel.

        The draft accord, which would be “legally binding” on all 194 member nations, gives the WHO the authority to declare pandemics and submits member countries to “the central role of the WHO as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work,” …..”health” has been redefined to include everything under the sun, including “climate change” and “systemic racism”….and infodemic…


  4. The Mrna Vaccine is in fact a ‘real’ vaccine’ at least according to Aaron Siri at Lew Rockwell today.

    He is kind enough to tell us other ‘vaccines’ do not prevent the disease nor stop the spread. He mentions Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio. All which vaccines are not vaccines!.

    I think he is trying to say that since everyone calls these (and I’ll bet more) vaccines which do not prevent the disease nor its spread than the Covid shot should also be called a vaccine.

    He states:
    “Bottom line: if mRNA vaccines cannot be called “vaccines” because they do not prevent infection and transmission, then a large proportion of the current vaccines can no longer be called “vaccines,” including pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, and polio vaccines.”

    He’s right. So now we know. They are bamboozling us about all these shots.


  5. Biden








    Lots of damage has been done by those nutjobs.

    Naming names can generate anger which then causes more anger, you are angry because you get so angry.

    You even think about taking hostages. Won’t do much good to abduct any of the named names, they are all doomed.

    Some words just stick in your craw.

  6. What is to be done? Dianne Feinstein is a sitting senator. She announced (then announced again because apparently she forgot) that she will be retiring from the Senate at some point in the near future. The nonagenarian keeps getting reelected, presumably by the public, but even if the elections are all rigged who benefits by keeping that old fossil in her seat? Surely someone in California would be a better choice.

    What hope is there of any common sense in a world where there is no one to tell a woman who has no business being in office NO? Does everyone just go along to get along? I’m sure when pressed, people would realize just how stupid wearing a mask is. Now, finally it has sunk in to most. The warnings are still up at building entrances, but now they are “suggestions” not mandates. The vax mandates are quietly being withdrawn, and there’s talk of reinstating people who resigned (but it’s just talk for now). Cooler heads are starting to prevail.

    But I doubt we’ve heard the last of The Experts.

    • Hi RK,

      My hope is there’s a lag – in between understanding (finally) and action. This seems to be the pattern, historically. Most of us will put up with a lot before we snap. But when we do snap…

  7. At this point, who in their right mind is still injecting themselves with this deadly poison? What absolute moron is sitting at home tonight happy that they will be heading to the vaccine seat tomorrow morning? And who are these imbeciles still wearing diapers in the grocery store, on a plane, or alone in their car – and I’ve seen plenty of these in the past two weeks. For the love of all that’s holy, round these retards up, hand them a bag of Q tips, and have them mop up sintered vinyl chloride.

  8. You are supposed to wear one, still, in this “red” state, inside any medical facility.

    My experience lately has been as follows:

    At work, no one wears. Shopping, a few wear but most don’t. Social events, I have one friend who does, one of my favorite people, also a known head case. She doesn’t hassle me over it, so I support her choice even though I disagree with it, although I do gently try to provide positive reinforcement on the rare occasions she takes it off.

    Dentist’s office no one cares much. Makes sense, you’re going to take it off and spit ends up flying around anyway. Most staff wear it but most patients don’t.

    Doctor’s office the receptionists care a lot, and will insist citing state health dept rules (which are in place). Some patients clearly aren’t thrilled but also aren’t in a great position to protest.

    Psychologist’s office it’s posted everywhere but if you don’t do it no one says anything but they probably also figure you’re there because you’re nuts. Which is freeing, I suppose, but is it freeing in a good way? I was the only bare face there.

    • I was supposed to visit my nagging scowl of an endocrinologist months ago, I haven’t even bothered with blood work since I eat too late for the fasting blood tests on work days and see no point to complying

      Has to be a private firm or something I can hire to do the tests, I need it done but don’t wanna submit. Then again, only need her for my diabetic supplies (Insurance), she’s more useless than a pair of fake tits on a zombie

      • Believe me I wouldn’t go at all if I didn’t need to. Historically I’ve stayed out for years at a time. But there does come a point when certain things need some attention. And while I try to avoid taking medications where possible…sometimes they do help out a lot. When non-medication doesn’t work anymore, I’ll use it.

  9. I still remember some mangina arguing and making a big deal at a store over me not masking up, and some nasty old woman too.

    I’d love to find them and laugh at their face, but I can’t remember what those sheeptards look like and they’re probably dead now anyway.

    In regards to John B’s article, don’t think it’s as simple as that, and as they say, I’d feel more bad about killing an animal than I would with a human, especially from the Un

  10. Well, now Uncle has a clear picture of just how small the pack of those who truly “get it” and who are also committed to resisting at all costs, is. They’re probably drinking champagne and boinking 15 year-olds on Pedo Island, laughing and saying “We have nothing to worry about!”.

    The masses will forget…nay, have likely already forgotten…nay, have never even realized- just as with the passports that survived 9-11 or the “WMD’s” that the ‘maniacal boogeyman’ patiently ‘hid away’…or Jeffery Epstein’s clients, whom they still vote for and allow to mulct them.

    It has also shown us that they have nothing to worry about; and how few our ranks are.

  11. A few from the UK Rapper Zuby, regarding humanity during the pandemic:
    1. Most people would rather be in the majority, than be right.
    2. At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies, which will emerge under the right conditions.
    3. Fear of death is only rivaled by the fear of social disapproval. The latter could be stronger.
    4. Propaganda is just as effective in the modern day as it was 100 years ago. Access to limitless information has not made the average person any wiser.
    6. Many politicians and large corporations will gladly sacrifice human lives if it is conducive to their political and financial aspirations.
    10. When sufficiently frightened, most people will not only accept authoritarianism, but demand it.
    11. People who are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” are often well researched and simply ahead of the mainstream narrative.

  12. Did yall watch the Chernobyl series on HBO a few years ago? One of the themes was the inertia of the state sanctioned lies to itself, the citizens, and the world at large. During the trial scene, Professor Legasov:

    “When the truth offends, we lie and lie until we can no longer remember it is even there, but it is still there. Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.”

    And here we are. The debt has to be paid.

  13. The covid revelations are a post – limited hangout. Slowly leaking the admissions so as to not be picked up and trumpeted by corporate media.
    All the info is there: IFR was on par with flu, handling was botched cause of elderly death rate, prophylaxis was suppressed, new prophylaxis doesn’t work, FDA approval was corrupt.

    They will point to these admission in the future as cover that they “followed the science”

    On a brighter note: didn’t see a single mask yesterday

  14. ‘Pfizer and Moderna, along with the FDA, played a word game to fool the masses into thinking that their “vaccines” got FULL APPROVAL.’ — John B

    … with the full collusion of the co-opted FDA. I read the FDA’s 11-page letter approving COMIRNATY. It contained artful pettifoggery (obviously drafted by Pfizer) asserting that experimental BNT162b2 and approved COMIRNATY are ‘legally distinct’ but medically ‘interchangeable.’

    This absurd assertion, coupled with the continued withholding of COMIRNATY from distribution, constitutes the conspiratorial fraud which eventually will serve to pierce Pfizer’s ill-gotten liability shield. ‘Fraud vitiates everything,’ as lawyers say.

    Likely the demolition of Pfizer’s immunity from lawsuits will begin in foreign courts. Big Pharma-corrupted America may end up being the last regime on the planet where justice is dispensed to vaccine victims, just as it remains the last backward country on the planet still imposing a vaccine mandate on foreign visitors.

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Take ’em down.

    • Hi Jim,

      I brought up that issue on social media last year,
      and someone (whom I assume may have been a bot or a shill for Pfizer) sent me a story from Reuters that was essentially a word salad claiming Pfizer’s jab was FULLY APPROVED and trying to explain what the FDA did re the name COMIRNATY. Alternative media reported that COMIRNATY wasn’t even available in the U.S. and was likely to NEVER be available. I also read elsewhere that a princess in Thailand “suddenly collapsed” after getting, IIRC, her THIRD dose of Pfizer COVID jab, and now they’re going to SUE Pfizer. Did you hear about it in the alphabet soup media? Doubtful, as much of their “news” broadcasts are “Brought to you by Pfizer.”

  15. In a recent interview with Michael Strahan, football player Damar Hamlin was asked what happened to his heart during that game he played in, and about all he could say was (paraphrasing) “Uh………………uh, I don’t want to answer”.

  16. Just saw a news item a few days ago about a super healthy 26 year old who dropped dead after running a marathon. The cause was “cardiac arrhythmia” but couldn’t find any mention if he was vaxxed; he was from Providence, RI, so I’m pretty sure he was but good luck finding any info about that in the article.

  17. The “virus” never was a serious threat, if it existed at all. Even by the liar’s stats it presented an average age of death nearly identical to average life span before there was a “virus”. Even AFTER it was over diagnosed as the cause of death because of some ridiculous test. Now it’s even less than a bad cold, and STILL there are vaccine requirements in a number of professions, including airline pilots. Who are essentially dropping like flies because of them. Any who are still wearing a mask are hopeless cases. Of psychosis, not a virus.

  18. The Biden Thing appears ready to hand over U.S. sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats at the WHO as part of their “Global pandemic treaty”. If that goes through, the head of the WHO will have the power to declare future pandemics or perhaps even declare something like “climate change” or “gun violence” a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY and make a one-size-fits-all decree that the citizens of a particular country MUST give up their guns, gas stoves or ICE vehicles, wear face diapers EVERYWHERE, take the latest “vaccine” Big Pharma makes, stop eating MEAT, etc.

    And given this push to punish those who dissent against “The narratives” as we’ve seen during the height of COVID, doctors and scientists could be REQUIRED to do whatever the WHO says, no questions asked.

    • This terrifies me. It seems like it will bring back vaccine mandates but far more punitive and severe than the first time around. And people will support it. The same people who supported vax mandates the first time around like my sil, they still support them. The facts on the ground have not changed her mind. At all. I just confirmed this in a conversation the other night. It was surreal.

      • Hi RS,

        If that awful plan from the WHO is implemented, vaxx mandates could be the least of the problems we’d face. They may also try to MANDATE that dissenters against THEIR narratives be placed in “isolation camps” ala Australia, gun owners give up their guns, meat eaters give up meat, people who drive a gas vehicle give that up, etc., and cite “Public Health Emergency” as the excuse.

    • I can’t do better for a reply than to quote a constitutional lawyer, KrisAnne Hall (caps in the original): “Once and for all: Biden DOES NOT have the authority to make any unilateral deals with the WHO. Biden is NOT ‘signing away our sovereignty.’ If he signs a deal NO state is obligated to comply and EVERY state is obligated to refuse. Prove me wrong with the article, section, and clause in the Constitution that authorizes Biden to do it…Any unilateral deals made by any president are absolutely invalid for two simple reasons: 1. The Constitution requires all foreign agreements (treaties) be ratified by a vote of 2/3 of the Senate. 2. The Constitution also declares any agreement not ratified by 2/3 of the Senate is not binding upon the States. Bonus: Even if the Senate were to ratify such an agreement with the WHO it would also be non-binding on the States because the Constitution does not authorize the federal government to make any health treaties. The worst thing is that it is mostly conservatives who are repeating these lies instead of encouraging governors to make a public stand against this garbage. Show me the article and clause that proves me wrong.”

      This WHO crap is going to be exactly like the covid crap: The emperor will have only the clothes that people say he’s wearing, but he’ll always be nude in fact. Biden, the WHO, the CDC, the FDA, the WEF, and the rest have no power that people don’t hand them by submitting. Tell your senators to do their jobs and hold Biden accountable to the Constitution. Tell your governor and state reps that you expect them to refuse to comply with Biden’s illegal deals.

      (If you want some suggestions and guidance on concrete actions you can take, try the Substack of James Roguski here: https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/a-world-wide-call-to-take-immediate. A little over halfway down the page he supplies template letters to send to politicians.)

  19. AFAIK, the commercial versions of the jabs, Comirnaty and Spikevax, are still not marketed in the United States by Pfizer and Moderna, respectively. What’s the holdup?

    Realize that was a rhetorical question.

    • Hi Roscoe,

      It appears that Pfizer and Moderna, along with the FDA, played a word game to fool the masses into thinking that their “vaccines” got FULL APPROVAL. When the FDA “Granted full approval” to Comirnaty but kept the EUA for Pfizer’s jab, the establishment media and the Biden Thing gleefully lied to the public and said that PFIZER got full approval, and soon after that, the senile old FOOL announced vaxx mandates for health care workers at facilities that took Medicare, and at employers with at least 100 employees.


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