What a Difference a Couple of Months Makes

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It was only about a couple of months ago that the Toyoda who was CEO of Toyota (and the grandson of the company’s founder) and not enthusiastic about replacing cars with devices was himself replaced – by a man who is keen to replace cars with devices.

To borrow a Yul Brynner line from The Ten Commandments – so let it be written, so let it be done.

Whether anyone will buy (or rather, be in a position to buy)  the 1.5 million devices that the new guy, Koji Sato, says Toyota will produce by 2026 is, of course, another matter.

Most of these devices are intended to be sold through Toyota’s luxury line, Lexus – which will supposedly sell only devices by 2035. This is telling – about the devices – which are going to be expensive luxury devices, unlike the cars Toyota is known (and successful) for selling. The least expensive Lexus currently in the lineup is the UX250h, a compact-sized hybrid crossover that stickers for $35,340 to start. If converted into a device, the UX would likely cost well over $40,000 – the price jump being a factor of the cost of turning it into a device.

As Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares admitted openly just about a week ago, there isn’t enough lithium available to produce enough batteries to power enough devices sufficient to replace the cars in circulation – two-thirds of which are not luxury-priced. And the cost of the lithium – magnified by artificial “demand” created by government regulations that are forcing more luxury devices be built, regardless of the market for them – assures the cost of these devices will increase even more than it would have otherwise.

Hence, Lexus (badged) devices.

Which will be like other devices, differently branded and badged.

“Demand” for such – and so, cost – is about to spike again as the Biden Thing’s regulatory apparat, the EPA, will shortly hurl a new slew of compliance decrees that only devices will be able to comply with, thereby effectively outlawing almost anything that is not a device or a very expensive car – or some combination of both.

Viz, Lexus-priced devices.

Like the $42,000 Toyota bZ4X – a better name for a device could not be conjured – which is a compact-sized, two-ton-plus device.

Such devices will price many people who could afford a car out of the market. This, of course, is what devices are meant to do. By now, the intent ought to be obvious, especially in view of the facts about these devices – which those seeking to use them as the vehicle to greatly reduce car ownership or who are party to it now openly admit (viz, Tavares).

We are now at the stage with regard to devices that we were as regards “masks” and the drugs that were marketed as “vaccines” were about a year ago, by which time it had become obvious to anyone not an imbecile or a purblind fanatic that “masks” did not “work” (as sickness preventers) and neither did the drugs marketed as “vaccines,” except insofar as to render thousands of people sick (or worse) and the rest feeling some combination of used and foolish.

So, far, Toyota has sold all of 9,016 devices worldwide. It has sold 1,880 of them in the United States. That is a long way shy of 1.5 million devices in less than three years from now.

The people in what is often styled “our democracy” have grown accustomed to being told by unelected bureaucratic apparatchiks – a Soviet-era term that applies just as definitionally to our era – that this is how it’ll be done and here is what you’ll be allowed ro do (and buy) and that’s the end of the story.

No vote has ever been taken on the question: Shall cars be replaced by devices – and at any cost? It has simply been written – per Yul’s portrayal of the mighty Pharaoh.

And so let it be done.

Meaning, Pharaoh-Biden will force them to do it, as the slaves were forced to build monuments to Pharaoh in the movie.

Like those monuments, the devices will stand as totems of Pharaoh’s power. Perhaps one day, eons hence, a poet will come across the ruins and be moved to pen a poem along the lines of Ozymandias, by Shelley:

I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

. . .

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  1. The nightmare brandon and his gang brought to your country…..

    The Justinian Deception. Admiralty Law. Communism. Living in the Matrix.

    The control group says the people are sub human monsters that have no rights…slaves only….the slaves are not co operating and there is too many so they will be locked in 15 min prison zones/camps to be dealt with…take away their cars and mobility

    @ 23:15 in video pirates took over the planet

    @ 40:30 human means monster….sub human monsters that have no rights

    @41:50 vatican means divine serpent

    @ 52:00 the goal world communism

    @ 54:25 surname means serpent of the sea or creature from the sewer

    @ 54:40 these pirates…leaders… worship the goat…lucifer…with their new one world government there will also be a one world religion…worshipping satan…


  2. The day the California legislature BANNED gasoline car sales, I watched the news and it showed these Demoncraps smiling and clapping, cheering the demise of the gasoline car. Who are these people who act so righteous to just outright ban one of our greatest inventions – the gasoline powered car – which gave us common men freedom of mobility? Cough, cough, “the jews”. Those cheerful democrats are all jews.

    In case you don’t know, this banning of our cars is tribal warfare. It is us and our vibrations against theirs. They are not us, they are not of the same blood, they do not think like us, they do not vibe with us, they are against us in every way shape and form – and until you see this – you will never understand they real war against us. (((THEY))) do not think you should have freedom, they believe they are gods and you are their slaves.

    The Democrats control the house in California:

    Never forget what “Democracy” means, it means Jewish rule. When the MSN refers to a democratic country, what they mean, in code, a nation ruled by Jews. That is why the Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG) are united against any nation that resists their rule.

    Here is an essay of mine, from, that the famous graphic artist Smoloko reprinted, and it has survived the internet pogroms:

    They do not believe you should even have the right to have a different opinion. So for instance, if I write an article pointing out the climate change is a farce, that CO2 is not controlling the weather as claimed, they will ban you, not because you are wrong, but because you are against their opinion, they only one that matters.

    So I might be banned, because I am not high enough on the food chain, and lack the credentials and money to make my opinion count, but what about Toyota? Toyota does have the clout to say the truth, Toyota could present a rational scientific argument why they are not basing their car production on some CO2 warming fantasy, and since the whole world drives Toyotas, they world would listen.

    Toyota could tell California to fuck off. And that would destroy California. They should, because the hell bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Jewish inventions dropped by a Jewish controlled government on them.

    • Hey YK, enjoyed your comment. A podcaster I like uses the term “grabbler”, because not every (((redacted))) is a grabbler, and not every grabbler is a (((redacted))).
      And per your article, yes those are all myths (H, AF, FR, WW’s, mean mr. mustache, AE, etc.), but not every myth — and as you know, there’s way more than your short list — is related to (((redacted))). For example, AF was a myth from the word go.


      Yes, I think all it would take is for one of the majors like Toyota or Stellantis or VW to say “No”.

      And then for one state like Texas, Florida, Idaho, Montana to say “get lost EPA, NHSB, etc”, and then Toyota or whoever will have a free pass to sell their ICE cars without any penalties.

      I think the tide could be turned that easily.

      • I agree, there is zero pushback from the manufacturers – you know – the people who actually make these wonderful devices we drive. They are the creators and these political scum are the destroyers WHO BUILD NOTHING, CREATE NOTHING BUT CHAOS, LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING, USE FORCE TO GET THEIR WAY, etc.

        Why in the hell does Toyota and VW put up with this shit? One word. Cowardice. Because they care about sales, and if they think it will hurt sales they will put up with any amount of bullshit from the political class, so all they do is plead like goats going to the slaughterhouse.

        • Hi Jack,

          Lenin was right – about many things. His dictum about capitalists being so greedy and so short-sighted among them. They will literally sell the rope… but I think this is a function of corporations rather than capitalism. The former are run by officers who just want to make a quick buck and don’t give a flip about the corporation – unlike say a business that is owned by a person or a family. Someone like Mary Barra feathers her nest and then flies the coop. What does she care about what happens to GM? She will be rich and – so thinks – safe.

      • I think so also, Kurt –

        It is why I do all I can, use all the influence I have, toward furthering that end. It is exactly like it was with the “masks” and “vaccines.” Refuse a little and the whole rotten thing collapses.

  3. They keep believing that there will be some breakthrough, hope against hope, that will suddenly make EVs the preferable choice. Every day there’s some researcher who has some great new lab experiment that shows promise that maybe possibly will fix all the EV problems. But then reality hits. It can’t be manufactured in bulk because it doesn’t scale. Or it would take some quantity of unobtainium that exceeds the estimated total in the Earth’s crust.

    “If ifs and buts were candy and eggs we’d all have a happy Easter.”

    There have been incremental improvements in EVs, but when the numbers are so bad to begin with a percentage improvement in range or other metric doesn’t amount to much of anything. A 7% increase in 250 mile range is 17 miles. And as we’ve seen in Eric’s fine reviews, real world numbers aren’t anything near the stated “MPE.”

    The fact that EVs that can run on US highways is a testament to just how far electronics technology has come over 100 years. If modern EVs were competing with even 1930s and 40’s era internal combustion I’d say they had a shot, but ICEs haven’t been standing still either. And that’s the real reason ICEs have to go. Engineers have met every challenge and still produce a fantastic product. The Dodge Hemi engine is the same size block that’s in Dad’s malaise-era Charger, yet will blow the doors off anything from that time despite having to pull double the weight. LS crate engines are complete enough that a shade tree builder can swap one in over a few weekends and have a pretty good custom to show off at cars and coffee and get them to work every day for the next 5 years.

    • I interact with many EV fans and climate change cultists who tell me that EV technology (and battery technology) will improve by geometric rates in the next decade. The theory being that if we force everyone to have EVs and invest money in research that technology will just happen (like computers they say).

      That seems to be the theory of a lot of leftists…to wit, if they just pour enough money into something then it will magically defy the laws of physics.

      One of the reasons I so interact, is because I’m in the market for a new car myself and having kept all of my vehicles for 12-15 years (until they were totaled), I’ve been wondering if I buy an ICE vehicle the government will allow me to keep it.

      • The problem with that theory is that’s not at all how techology progresses. The big breakthroughs are still the same old thing: Someone is able to leverage an existing technology in a new and novel way that destroys the old established tech. It cannot be scheduled, planned or focus-grouped into existence.

        The people promoting EVs should know better, but they’re pressing on anyway. Likely due to lots of free money from government entities. Why compete in the marketplace when Uncle Sam has a welfare handouts? Someone’s gonna take it, why not you?

        • Well eventually the handouts will come to an end. A few states are already putting an end to net metering for solar panels and I’ve read a few article showing charging EVs to be more expensive than gas in some places.

          • Hi Aaron,

            I can personally attest that charging an EV – whether at home or at a “fast” charger – costs about the same or not much less than buying gas. Plus the cost of the wait and the hassle.

  4. According to some of the YouTube China market watchers, ICE sales in China are collapsing in the face of greater EeeVee sales there. Proposed stricter emissions rules in China may be a model of sorts for what the Biden administration is proposing here. But the one hundred-odd EeeVee makers in China seem to be killing each other off and profits are said to be few if any. I get the sense that western vehicle makers assume the Chinese vehicle market represents the future, but what about the markets in Mexico, Latin America, South America, Africa, and Russia, for example? Aren’t their ICE vehicle markets doing well? Hopefully ICE adherents here can at least follow Cuba’s model (repair old ICE vehicles indefinitely) until the government strangles the life out of the ICE auto parts stores and ICE junkyards.

  5. Bend over, here it comes — almost exactly as Eric predicted:

    ‘Michael S. Regan, EPA administrator, is expected to announce proposed limits on tailpipe emissions on Wednesday in Detroit. The requirements would be intended to ensure that electric cars represent between 54 and 60 percent of all new cars sold in the United States by 2030, with that figure rising to 64 to 67 percent of new car sales by 2032.

    ‘The proposed rule would not mandate that electric vehicles make up a certain number or percentage of sales. Instead, it would require that automakers make sure the total number of vehicles they sell each year did not exceed a certain emissions limit.

    ‘That limit would be so strict that it would force carmakers to ensure that two thirds of the vehicles they sold were all-electric by 2032, according to the people familiar with the matter.’ — NYT


    This is all-out, Wokester war on the American people and our standard of living.

    Senile scarecrow “Joe Biden” is hell-bent on torching the whole cornfield — and the barn and farmhouse too — before he goes out in a blaze of ersatz glory, taking as many innocent lives down with him as possible.

    Having no cognitive capacity of his own, the empty shell of “Joe Biden” has been hijacked by malevolent jewel wasps, who are now cutting an appalling path of destruction through our way of life.

    Strange days have found us
    Strange days have tracked us down
    They’re going to destroy
    Our casual joys
    We shall go on playing or find a new town

    — The Doors, Strange Days

    • >Senile scarecrow “Joe Biden”

      Your ballroom days are over, baby.
      Night is drawing near.
      Shadows of the evening
      Crawl across the years.
      – James Douglas Morrison
      a.k.a “The Lizard King”

    • Dirty little secret:
      >Water vapor is Earth’s most abundant greenhouse gas. It’s responsible for about half of Earth’s greenhouse effect — the process that occurs when gases in Earth’s atmosphere trap the Sun’s heat. Greenhouse gases keep our planet livable. Without them, Earth’s surface temperature would be about 59 degrees Fahrenheit (33 degrees Celsius) colder.


      So, let’s outlaw IC auto engines, so the Wokesters of Malibu with MMTB (More Money Than Brains) can cruise around in their Tesla VSDs (Virtue Signaling Devices) with the seven speed Pollution Shifters that ensure that the emissions from coal fired power plants in AZ, UT, and NM will pollute the Grand Canyon and similar worthless “National Parks” areas of this Earth, inhabited mostly by “deplorables,” rather than the stomping grounds of the rich and stupid.

    • Morning, Jim –

      I knew this was coming, inevitably, when they shifted the definition of “emissions” to include C02. A brilliant move on their part. Few appreciated the devastating import of it, The managed to characterize an inert gas as a threat and one that cannot be ameliorated except by (inevitably) eliminating the machinery that “emits” it.

    • Not for nothing, but this rule from the EPA seems redundant at this point. CA, NY and other states have already banned new sales of ICE vehicles completely by 2030 or 2035 and virtually every automaker has pledged to go fully electrified by 2030. Most car manufacturers have completely shuttered their ICE R&D units (which makes me wonder how NASCAR will work).

      My hope is that the lithium shortage will eventually lead to adoption of hydrogen fuel cells, which would at least allow the range of our former ICE vehicles.

  6. The automakers are playing a dangerous game. They will at best become even bigger wards of the state. Do they really think they can make it on vehicles being entirely rentals? Even that will be unaffordable for most.

    They should be the biggest fighters against the anti-personal car agenda, not willing dupes.

    The s**t will hit the fan, and lots of people that can’t get around well should be a huge problem for these elites. It will not work.

    • It will be interesting, indeed, since COVID made working remotely ubiquitous. Nobody wants to live and work in the city. So in some great sense of irony, the thing they used to control everybody will ultimately work against them.

      But I do think that some if not most manufacturers would prefer a subscription model. And if your vehicle is a device, they can turn it on and off at will. That’s a pretty good plan, at least in their minds. That works fine until the government which allows people to squat in other people’s homes decides the auto companies can’t turn off the cars. Making a deal with the Devil never works out well for you in the end.

    • I don’t see how car manufacturers think that they’re gonna make the rental business work any better with EVs than they are already working with ICE car rental companies.

      I mean, have you rented a car in the last few years? The price is nuts, at least anywhere I’ve been. For the dorkiest little shit car of ever it’s more than $100/day to start. It never “ends” there either. This fee, that fee, …, fill it up or else.

      Even the rental car companies hedge their bets by selling off their used fleets. They don’t want anything out of warranty. Most new gadget-rich cars, who the hell can afford one out of warranty anymore?

      Car dealers were making quite a bit (maybe more?) servicing than selling cars. What’s gonna happen to dealerships when they’re not selling anything anymore? No commissions for salesmen but, then again, no actual salesmen in the traditional sense.

      Personally, I think the “car as a service” is an even bigger pipe dream than EVs sales! At least when they’re based on EVs anyway. There won’t be any warranty sales or upgrades because nobody (but the manufacturer) will own the damn things.

      Fancy rims? Sport trim? They’re gonna rent that shit while holding the bag?! I don’t see it working in any sense where it’s just like owning a car but you’re perpetually renting or leasing it.

      A sense of ownership. Proud of a cool car… that you OWN. Cars and Coffee with rentals?! I doubt it!!

  7. After reading this post, I was reflecting on how stupid GM can be. Mary Barra is a true believer in this EEEEVVVV stupidity, but it seems STUBBORN STUPIDITY has been a requirement for top GM management for decades, going back to the 70s. When I was in Jr. High they introduced the Vega, I wanted one, and envisioned myself driving a sporty mini-Camero when I got older. It turned out that the Vega had to two problems 1) build quality, this could have been fixed by slowing down the line a little and adding rustproofing…I am sure GM had access to zinc back then….2) was its infamous warping aluminum engine. I remember they spent tons of money on this experimental aluminum engine, when they already had the the existing technology in house, going back to the aluminum Buick V-6s (early 1960s). What would have been clever and cheap would have been to make an aluminum V-4 (with cylinder liners) based on this engine and the existing small block V-8s…lots of interchangeable parts. I know they would have fit because there were a lots of engine swapped Vega dragsters back in the day. But no…. GM got a really stupid idea and ran with it. I ended up buying a Toyota Celica when I got older.

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  9. Toyota’s hybrids were an existing, proven, affordable way to meet the 2026 model 49mpg CAFE requirement without fines. Reasonably priced, and even a Toyota Camry mid-sized car would get 50mpg.

    But leftists have no flexibility — so the pro-Hybrid Toyota CEO had to be “retired” and April 1.

    Leftists want what they want, and they want it now —
    just like children.

    A quote from an unrelated article at the link below, defines leftism, as well as two sentences could:

    “The diversity in the Democrat playbook is based on race, sex, etc. However, the diversity of ideas — i.e., challenging the Democrat groupthink — is forbidden and results in severe reprisals.”


    • All sin is sin to the state-god enviromentalism. Once they’ve destroyed the system there will suddenly be a “savior” who will forgive the transgressions.

      • OK, thank you for that clarification. I rarely say “never,” but in this case, I make an exception: I will *never* have an EV device. I want internal combustion!

        • Unfortunately, we aren’t far removed from the government forcing you out of your ICE vehicle. First comes the elimination of all new ICE vehicles which, at this point, appears to be about 2030. I don’t know who will be still selling ICE vehicles by then as virtually every manufacturer has committed to full electrification by 2030. State laws will force the rest.

          After that will come the refusal of the states to allow you to register your old vehicles thereby forcing you to get an EV.

          Of course, I’m not entirely convinced the U.S. will still be whole by 2035.

  10. Really disappointed in Toyota, thought they might be able to hold out until the idiocy of EV’s was so obvious even the MSM would have to acknowledge it. At least they made great cars in the past; in fact I hope to keep my ‘01 and ‘03 Corollas running until I’m no longer able to drive.

  11. ‘My name is Bidenmandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty … and LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!

    Collected Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, edited by Jim H

    • Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
      And sorry I could not travel either,
      For there were no cars.

      Collected works of Robert Frost edited by Nunzioi

  12. And the empire is switching to environmentally friendly war machines? Ummm, no. From today’s look at defensenews.com

    “US Air Force plans to request 72 fighters every year”
    “Army readies for record-setting logistics exercise in Pacific”
    “US Space Force’s responsive space strategy taking shape”

  13. ‘So far, Toyota has sold all of 9,016 devices worldwide. It has sold 1,880 of them in the United States. That is a long way shy of 1.5 million devices in less than three years from now.’ — eric

    When a new technology is cheaper, lighter, and performs better than the status quo, it gets adopted FAST. A couple of decades for the first cars in the early 20th century; even faster for devices such as LED screens and smart phones.

    Anyone seeking to apply the classic logistic S-curve to EeeVee adoption — including auto executives — is a clueless, brain-damaged loser: the lowest common denominator equivalent of a thick-skulled, dimwitted Congress Clown.

    It is stone obvious that EeeVees are costlier, heavier, and (with the sole exception of snappy acceleration) perform more poorly than liquid-fueled baseline vehicles. The adoption S-curve — accelerating like a moon rocket through its halfway point — DOES NOT APPLY.

    Ramping from 9,000 to 1,500,000 devices in three years? Who you gonna believe — the cold, hard numbers, or your feckless, futile fantasies?

    • Jim, the new Ford Lightning truck that is EV could only be bought by reservation. now that they are rolling out the customers are backing out and Ford lots have plenty for sale but at $91,000 to $120,000 and super high interest rates on a loan the buyers are saying NO!

      • Indeed, Red –

        Also, the word has gotten out about the devastating effect on range of pulling even a modestly heavy trailer. The truck is functionally useless – a real problem for a truck.

      • EeeVees could be mandated as coffins, ensuring rock-steady ‘final demand.’

        Indeed, with the 600-volt electric seat option, your EeeVee can offer turnkey ‘transition’ to the next life, as your remains shelter in place.

  14. Interesting observation.


    “Will it matter? Sure. But we don’t know for how long and if it’ll be all that helpful for consumers. Rollbacks introduced during the Trump administration as a way to spur domestic jobs and keep vehicle pricing low were destroyed by executive order the moment Biden came into office. Subsequent executive orders, made by future administrations, may likewise undo whatever is put into place now.
    Meanwhile, increasingly strict emission targets have been undermined by automakers continuing to cull small, efficient vehicles from their lineups in exchange for something bigger, heavier, pricier, and presumably tougher on the environment than it needs to be. Battery mining has likewise turned out to be ecologically problematic and the energy required to charge them for daily use still has to come from somewhere. That’s not a condemnation of these trends or people’s right to buy the vehicles they wish, just a reminder that things change and we don’t live in a vacuum.”

    • **”This brings to mind a scene from Crocodile Dundee. Just substitute “car” for “knife”.”**

      BEST. COMMENT. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The great car maker suicide pact. I keep thinking there must be something I’m not seeing. If there is, damned if I can figure out what it even MIGHT be. Praying they are the ones who will be left standing is a pretty weak business plan. Simply discarding 90% of the auto market seems to me incredibly stupid. And they may be many things, but I don’t think they are stupid. At least not incredibly so.

    • My circle has been making the same observation – there’s an agenda happening, not sure what it is, but it’s not good. Regulating out IC vehicles, light bulbs, freon, gas stoves and washing machines – one step at a time, getting us used to taking orders and accepting inferior alternatives that make life worse. There will be a breaking point.

        • A thought: Even the PTB have to know the math doesn’t work. So then why? Perhaps the e-car con is designed to crash (with lots of short money made on the way down). Then all that new e-freak structure the gov paid for can be bought for pennies on the dollar. By who? Welcome to the new arsenal of democracy! Missiles finally get built as factories are converted. With even more gov money.

      • Bud Light (and the Anhueser Busch brand) is committing seppuku with their tranny campaign

        But, as Abe “The Butcher” Lincoln allegedly said, “If your opponent is making a fool of himself, don’t interrupt him.”

        And I think of Cadillac. They are dominant in sports car racing, IMSA, and the ads during the races show nothing but a bunch of black chicks going out in an urban setting in their electric SUV. Truly a world gone mad.

    • John, considering the obvious impracticality on so many levels concerning the mass adoption of EVs, which has been apparent from day one, I have always believed that such is nothing more than a means to destroy the auto industry, and the ability of the masses to drive. End of story….nothing else needs to be said- just watch the ensuing carnage. No sane person could come to any other conclusion.

      • Doesn’t explain why the car makers appear to be all in on it. The money they are about to lose might as well have been spent on adds explaining the insane futility of the EV conversion. If you are going out, might as well go out kicking and screaming. If this old retired plumber can see the wall they are about to hit, I’m pretty sure the car makers can too.

        • I am with you, John. This is a facade. As Eric’s article stated, Toyota has sold 9k electric vehicles worldwide, but they are going start producing 1.5 million a year! It is such a lie. The materials aren’t even available to make that many and to push something the public has shown they don’t want. The whole damn thing is surreal.

          We are being played. The question is why.

        • They don’t care about money. The oligarchs at the top of the corp will be taken care of, as will the corporate entity itself, with our money one way or another. The middle class jobs the corporation supports will be eliminated, something that’s wanted by them, and the product will be made more expensive and worse, something that’s wanted by them. A win-win for them.

        • **”Doesn’t explain why the car makers appear to be all in on it. “**

          What does thugh, is:

          a)What Brandonjin says.
          b)It’s not their money.
          c)They’ve been edumacated to think and act in a certain way. Have you seen the utter BS even the Ivy League ‘schools’ have been pushing for quite some time now? That is where they learn to do the will of their masters, even if they don’t know who their masters are. This also explains the utter insanity of society at-large these days, as “education” has become universal, and the BS they learn in the skools is reinforced by the media, so that it is now accepted and practiced by all levels of society to the point where no one even seems to recognize that it’s insanity.

    • Stupid? You just have to realize its a religion and they were all indoctrinated at the same places. All world governments are requiring electrification so the automakers, even the ones who aren’t true believers in the climate change cult, all see the writing on the wall.

  16. If you need a License to drive your car………………..


    Principles of TRUST-LAW Governance being: Master SERVANT (SLAVERY) arrangement.

    Remember, Re: Trust Law, “True Title” is split into “Legal Title” and “Equitable Title”, and if you hold Legal Title, you don’t have rights over the Equitable Title without License.

    If you need a License to drive your car, you no longer hold Equitable Title over your car, evidenced by the fact that you need a license to drive it on public lands.

    The equitable title belongs to the one who granted you the license, and if your government is a company registered with the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, I assume that the UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE, private banking system is holding your Equitable Title to your car, maybe your home, maybe your own country, your own dominion, your own body and all the oil and mineral reserve (Dominion) that goes along with it? Did they take it? or did you give it to them without a fight?



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