Toyota Transitions

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Toyota is the world’s largest single car company. It sells more cars than any other car company. So why would it transition into the world’s largest “mobility” company? 

And what does that even mean?

Well, it means that Akio Toyoda – the CEO and grandson of the company’s founder – is turning the company’s direction over to Koji Sato, who is currently the chief branding officer of the company. He will become CEO – and Toyota will shift gears and transition into a company that sells transportation as a service, which is what that term “mobility” means.

In other words, the old model of people buying cars will be replaced by people renting . . . mobility.

In other words – or rather the words of the WEF – you will own nothing and be happy.

There it goes, again.

But, why? And – how?

Toyota is not a dying company on life-support, dependent upon rent-seeking for its ever-diminishing market share – like General Motors, for instance. Or Tesla, for that matter – which has had to resort to heavy discounts to offset declining sales of its hugely expensive electric cars, whose novelty factor appears to be wearing off.

Toyota has no problem selling cars. Especially cars like the Prius hybrid, which is (by far) the best-selling hybrid ever and one of the best-selling cars, period. People love the Prius because (unlike “masks”) it works. Functionally – and economically. People can afford it – and it makes sense to buy it. It does not limit . . . mobility.

It enhances it.

And that is probably the problem – and accounts for the why as regards the pending transition.

Mr. Toyoda thought – and worse, said, in public – that electric cars don’t work. Functionally – or economically.

And for those reasons, they don’t make sense – for the company – if money can’t be made selling them. Nissan – which has already made the transition – might have followed his advice and not lost a fortune losing money on the Leaf, the electric car it “sold” for less than it cost to make.

Mr. Toyoda thought the best interests of the company founded by his grandfather dovetailed with the best interests of customers who bought profit-generating (and mobility enhancing) Toyotas – over and over and over again. Not just the Prius, either. Other cars like the best-selling Camry and the best-ever-selling Corolla – more of which have been sold worldwide than any other car in history, including the Model T Ford and the VW Beetle.

Mr. Toyoda also likes cars – a real problem for a car company executive these days. He is in much the same position as a doctor who favors informed consent – and refuses to pretend that “masks” (or these loathsome drugs they’re pushing under the false rubric of “vaccinations”) “work.”

Re-education is in order.

Because of my strong passion for cars, I am an old-fashioned person in regards to digitalization, electric vehicles, and connected cars. I cannot go beyond being a car guy, and that is my limitation.” 

Italics added.

It is a “limitation” to have a “strong passion for cars” as the head of a major car company. To be a “car guy.”

The world turn’d upside down.

Just what’s required.

Just as we are required to pretend – still – that “masks” and “vaccines” that have proved not to “work” but wear (and take) them anyhow.

“Mobility” – this business of “transportation as a service” – ties into that, too. They don’t want car guys. They don’t want cars, period. Or rather, they don’t want most of us owning them but rather being transported by them – provided we’re up to date on our “vaccines” and otherwise obedient. This end is much-furthered by transitioning from selling cars that people own – and so, control – to selling . . . mobility, electrically – and conditionally.

You will be tethered to apps as well as cords.

“The new team can do what I can’t do . . . I now need to take a step back in order to let young people enter the new chapter of what the future of mobility should be like.” 

It has the echo of Galileo before the Papal authorities, saying what is expected of him – understanding, perhaps, what will happen to him if he does not say what is expected.

Something has happened, alright.

Toyota has not been losing money or market share – unlike, say, General Motors. There is no good reason for Toyota to suddenly – violently – slam on the brakes and jerk the steering wheel hard left.

Nor for Mr. Toyoda to commit seppuku.

But there is a reason.

It is the same reason that doctors who hesitated to push drugs the efficacy and safety of which were unknown on the basis of greasy assurances they were, provided by greasy corporations (and individuals) who stood to profit hugely from the pushing of them, were (and are being) driven out of medicine.

Mr. Toyoda made that same “mistake.”

And he has been dealt with similarly.

This transition gives you some indication of the forces at work – and not just as regards Mr. Toyoda’s “surprise” replacement, as Bloomberg senior analyst Tatsuo Yoshida put it the other day.

They are after much more than cars. They want everything. So that we have nothing. They have said so – openly. For when we “own nothing” whom do you suppose will own everything?

That is the nature of the transition – and it is the reason why Mr. Toyoda had to go.

. . .

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  1. EP, keep up this good work ! A polymath I know drives only VW air cooled. My 2000 Cougar V6 5 speed just turned over uses 87, and gets 32+ mpg hwy at 70 with intelligent use of neutral as overdrive. Wish more people could understand us. You encourage me to get straight in woke ass faces regularly. Thanx.

  2. Heard this on the local am stations morning biz report. After being here the last year or so it’s amazing how awake I am to the scripted propaganda. Wasn’t even surprised to hear this news and when they added the “criticism that Toyota was getting’ for pumping the brakes on EV’s and it would be “interesting” to see if they change direction in regard to it……I just had to smirk. Problem is for everyone of us with our sunglasses on there’s 1000’s and 1000’s of brain dead fools among us. That is certainly depressing to say the least.

    • RE: “Problem is for everyone of us with our sunglasses on there’s 1000’s and 1000’s of brain dead fools among us. That is certainly depressing to say the least.”

      I’ve had the same thoughts.
      OTOH, as I was watching Tucker Carlson’s opening bits a couple of times last week (they were very good, lotsa Libertarian flavor to them) I wondered, with all the CXL-culture gone rampant in the MSM world, why O why, and how, is Tucker even still on the air?

      Perhaps, there’s more of us out there than we know?
      Perhaps, ‘they’ haven’t CXL’ed Tucker because he has a huge audience. And, if he does, that might mean there’s 1000’s and 1000’s of NOT brain dead fools among us who don’t even watch Tucker? Idk.

      …Then, I got to noticing what I thought were some controlled-opposition-ish themes in some of what Tucker talked about, i.e. a bent of ‘law & order’, so… who knows?

      This seemed to be some pretty good stuff, talks about a whole lot more than just growing your own food… add a million more 1000’s and 1000’s of NOT brain dead fools among us?:

      OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY
      Urgent Message: GROW FOOD!

  3. Further to fast “food”. I have found resources of my favourite takeaways, Indian, Chinese and pizza. Authentic recipes with the real deal ingredients sourced. My efforts are way superior to tw and I’ll never order again.
    Unless I become a llazy slob, which is quiet possible 🙂

  4. Great piece but my only criticism is a minor point. You stated the Corolla outsold the VW Beetle. This isn’t technically true. The Corolla over the years was actually one name on 9 distinctly different cars. The current Corolla has pretty much nothing in common with the first model. Its been redesigned many times.
    Most VW affionados do not count the New Beetle sales in the same column as the Type 1.

    The Type 1 enjoyed many improvements over the years but it was inarguably the same car.

    Sad news about Akio, he was a true car guy and I was looking forward to seeing more of his influence going forward.

    • Hi Alex,

      Roger that re the original (air-cooled/rear-engined) Beetle. I’m sad about Akio, too. He seems to be a lot like Sergio Marchionne – former head of what’s now Stellantis. I met him at a press event once. He’s the kind of guy car guys like. It’s tragic they’re all gone now.

      • I was do looking forward to Akio’s influence, possibly another MR2, the old one was a low cost Lotus that didn’t leak oil all over your driveway. I had a wet dream of a modernized 2000GT, the most beautiful car ever to come out of Japan.
        What I am really looking forward to is a new golden age of automobiles, one that probably won’t include the dinosaur industry. Possibly car makers that make things people actually want to drive..

        The Feral government is the poster boy for unsustainable operations, it won’t last much longer irregardless of whether or not something heavy and fast falls on the District of Criminals.
        I am doing my part. All my children and grandchildren can drive a stick. My 16 year old grandson is a whiz on my 718, and the 10 year old understands the concepts. A few more years and he will be able to reach the pedals.

        That generation will not be like the current one, of that I am confident.

        • Amen, Alex –

          I also do all I can to transmit the knowledge – and the interest – to the kids on my orbit. We’re acting as a counterbalance to soul-sucking apparatus of government schools, sail fawns and so forth.

  5. I had thought that Toyota would hold on as a ‘car company’ but that has not come to pass. I saw the writing on the wall, thanks to Eric’s writing, prior to ‘the Covid Madness’. I snatched up a 2018 4Runner TRD Off Road Prem the same day it came off lease. Actually driven by a single mother of three and never taken into the mud. It has crawl control, locking diffs, and all the mods I’ve done since owning it including dual batteries. I figured this would be the last of an era and probably the last car I’ll ever need to buy. It will outlast me I’m pretty sure. Toyota is on the path of madness now.

    Eating bugs and driving some POS Toyota EV golf cart? Heck, I just hope that creepy Joe and company don’t get us into a shooting war. I want to enjoy exploring the Georgia Traverse a little bit longer.

    • Amen, Manse –

      If I were in a position to do so, I’d buy a three or four year-old Taco with the V6/manual. It’s my ideal truck! But finances won’t permit it so I make do with my ’02 Nissan Frontier, which is also a great little truck. These things shall not pass this way again. At least, not until everything “resets.”

    • ‘I snatched up a 2018 4Runner TRD Off Road Prem the same day it came off lease. I figured this would be the last of an era and probably the last car I’ll ever need to buy.’ — Manse Jolly

      If the eclownomy crashes and burns within the next couple of years (as I believe it will), that will be the moment to snap up your ‘forever car’ (or truck) … along with busted-flat houses puked out by over-leveraged real estate boom victims.

      In the last go-round, in 2012 someone I know bought a nearly new 3-bedroom, 2-bath house in the far fringe suburbs of Phoenix for … $62,000, at Fannie Mae auction. He has long since recouped his principal by renting to snowbirds in winter, and living there in summer.

      It’ll happen again someday. :-0

  6. Great post and good comments.

    I work for a big software company that does a lot of business with all the auto oem’s, and I’ve been assigned to this “vertical” for the last three years. In addition to being my favorite customer (or maybe because of it), Toyota was my last hope of one of the bigs ignoring climate change and the EV nonsense. Sigh…

    Like JimH’s posting of the board members’ bios, it’s very nauseating to read the quartering earnings call transcripts from Ford, GM, Stellantis, VW, Nissan, etc. It’s hard to think that they really believe the stupid shit that comes out of their mouths.

    And like JK’s comment, I think most of these CEO’s have sold a little of their soul with every rung they climb, so when they get to the top they’ll do anything to keep the gravy train (into their personal bank accounts) going. And/Or there’s a really good chance they’re being blackmailed.

    RG: Lincoln is #1 by such an enormous margin that it’s hard not to lump most of the others in at #2. I mean, just imagine how different things might have been if secession was recognized and respected as a legitimate course of action — not only for any state, but for any county, city, town, community, or neighborhood.

    • Hi Kurt –

      Money does, indeed, corrupt – especially when someone has so much of it that it no longer has any real meaning. Consider a person such as Mary Barra of GM, who is reportedly compensated to the tune of appx. $20 million per annum. What does such a person care about the cost of … anything? Can she relate to the person who sweats a $50K EV? Why not not just buy two – or three – so that one is always charged up and ready? Have a $30,000 “fast” charger system wired up at their homes? She and people like her have the means to deal with all the costs they impose on us. And they regard us with contempt, if they regard us at all. The “climate change” religion helps them feel virtuous abut their doings, too.

  7. They weren’t going to let the world’s largest auto manufacturer get in the way of their enslavement agenda.

    I’m sure Toyoda did the best he could, for as long as he could, given the evil of this world.

    • He needs to follow his grandfathers lead and start another car company. That’s not as easy in Japan, if you think the government micromanaged US industry, they are pikers compared to the Japanese.
      Examples are many but the government fought Hondas entry into the auto business and tried very hard to stop Akio Morita from licensing the transistor from Bell Labs.

  8. I think there is a level of strategy that most people are over-looking. While I am sure there was pressure to have a “green face” and the new guy fits perfectly, young, smug and former director of a premium brand (Lexus). I don’t think Mr.Toyoda wants to sully his family name with the disaster that will come with the EEEEVVVV push. It is better to be positioned as the wise elder who can than place a new “car guy” as head to save the company in 2 or 3 years. I personally think the EEEEVVVV push is already starting to circle the drain….Look at the bad press they are getting with range, expense of charging, car fires and then add a war, recession or a change of administration (or all 3) to the mix and everyone will be looking for a new “retro” 90s Toyota.

    • Hi David,

      I hope you’re right; I fear you’re wrong. The cancer is at Stage 5 now and the patient is probably terminal. I recall what Lenin said about things not changing for decades and then – all of a sudden – everything changes.

  9. Everyone wants to be the cable company. Movement-as-a-service is going to be far more lucrative than selling cars ever was.

    (second paragraph deleted because it seems to be the culprit)

    All’s well and good until you want to get off the carousel and retire. Or the cable company goes public and now a 50% gross margin isn’t good enough for investors. Now that low monthy cost becomes a cost of living expense instead of a minor annoyance. If you kept it in good shape, that antenna probably still works after decades, or at least the tower should hold up that long. Might need to replace a few components every so often, but that cable TV line needs replacing too.

    You can’t eat cable, so you cut it off. But you have to have transportation so they have you over a barrel. And then you can’t leave the workforce even if you have to. Maybe there’s a government assistance plan for that…

    • Thanks for releasing the post Eric. Paraphasing the second paragraph, the alternative to subscribing to cable TV is, of course, installing an antenna. Back in the day that meant a trip to Radio Shack or the hardware store, buying a mast or even a few sections of Rohan 25 tower, and spending a weekend on the business end of a shovel and wheelbarrow. One time cost, and largely maintenance free for about 10-15 years depending.

      • Hi RK –

        You bet – and mu apologies!

        We’ve had recurrent issues with a relentless, serial spammer that styles itself “Gloria” or “Anglia” and sometimes “Julia.” It gets past the spam filter and dumps a dozen “I make $60,000 each month” turds on the boards at a time. I truly wish I could send my fist through the Internet and punch the bitch (or asshole, as the case may be) in the mouth.

      • Hi RK,
        I still have the Radio Shack antenna on my roof that I installed when I bought this house in 1974. Still works great, get all the HD channels for free.

  10. Dominoes, which is a pizza, equivalent of catchup on a saltine, it’s pushing a lot of EV delivery cars on their advertising. Surely someone in that company has done a smidgen of research and realize what a bad idea it is. Dominoes used to advertise 30 minute delivery. Now you’re lucky if you can get delivery because nobody will work. And pretty soon it’ll be 30 hours or less while we charge our little crappy electric car.

      • It used to be, that at Dominoes, the pizza delivery guy used his own car. That seemed like an efficient business plan: the company off-loads maintenance, repairs etc onto the delivery guy. (Perhaps that’s where Uber got it’s idea?)

        Nowadays, far as I know, the pizza delivery guy doesn’t own the car at Dominoes, EV or not, Dominoes does.
        Man, Dominoes sure must be raking in the dough in order to be able to make payments & insurance for multiple $40,000 EV’s.
        …Are they? …Raking in the dough, that is? Or, are they racking up a buncha debt? Idk.

        • I’m sure the truth will be something along the lines of Dominos getting buckets of cash from Dollah Dollah Bill. All these woke corporations are operating on fumes now. Without the help of their great uncle, many of them would have already failed. Plus who still likes that crap anyway, had a dominos recently and the next day my hands and feet hurt. I can just imagine how much salt they dump into that crap.

          • I’ve been on a tear about salt lately, even in so-called healthy organic type foods. I also haven’t eaten in a restaurant or gotten take out since early 2020. The other day, I’m out on business and end up having lunch at a Five Guys burger place. After spending $18 (!) on a small burger and small fries (they call these sizes “little”, which I find obnoxious, especially because it is plenty of food for a normal person) and a water, I wake up the next day with pain in my hands and feet just like you mentioned. Three days later now, my hands are fine but my left foot still hurts like a bad sprain or something. There was no particular exertion or instance that would’ve caused such.

            • Interesting stories, guys.
              Thanks for sharing them. Something to ponder.

              I doubt it was from too much salt, but who knows?

              Lotsa other more suspect culinary chameleons in the lineup.
              I think. …Five Guys. Haven’t been there since, Before Times.

            • I’ve been in Wichita for almost two months. The produce and what passes for real food at the stores here is a little different than home. Fruit and veggies are way below what I’m used to. Been going out 3-4 times a week. We rarely go out back home and cook most everything. I know my body pretty well and too much salt or MSG if I’m not thoroughly hydrated with clean water makes me have pains a 58 year old shouldn’t be having. thats weird about your pain being like a sprain. Mine is more along the lines of arthritis.

              Ate a double loose meat sandwich, huge onion rings, and large sweet tea last week, no problem. Then had dominos a few days later, the next day, pain beyond belief. I mean hard core walking around like an old man pain. I’m not anti salt in my food at all. I just guess these commercial places use way more of it than I’d imagined. Like I said walking everyday and lots of water and I rarely have the problem. I’m beyond ready to go home and get back in my regular routine.

              • Gout is a form of arthritis. I have suffered from it for over twenty years. I firmly believe it is the preservatives in foods that cause gout flares. These flares can be nearly instant after eating something that triggers it. What many of you have described sounds like you have experienced a gout flare.

                Eating high alkaline foods such as cherries, cucumbers, celery, and berries can reduce or eliminate pain from gout flares.

                • There is a prednisone treatment for gout that is quite effective.
                  It’s called prednisolone and is dispensed as a “blister pack” with a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 daily regimen, 5 pills the first day, 4, the second day…and so on.
                  The first five pills the first day stop the pain in its tracks, almost immediately.
                  Ask you doctor for a prescription, “just in case”.
                  It works…

                • Berries and cherries are some of my favorite things. I’ll try that next time along with the cukes and celery. I’m pretty convinced there is nothing that ails our bodies that cant be healed by natural remedies.

                  If I’m wrong I don’t get to live into my 70s, 80s, or 90s. Not sure at this rate there is much reason other than kids and grandkids, who do just fine on their own.

                  If I’m right, I get to stay off the debt and death hamster wheel, and out of the clutches of those who make their living cutting, poisoning and irradiating people/

              • I’m not “anti-salt” either, it’s necessary for humans, but there’s a point, an amount, at which it becomes a poison, especially in winter if you’re not sweating it out. I mentioned “sprain” but arthritis works too. I just can’t believe, even though I’m rapidly approaching 50 y.o., I could have arthritis! Haha! Gout is related to arthritis. It involves salts but also some weird aspect of beer and certain foods known as “purines”, I think. I probably need to pay more attention to the confluence. Hehe…

                  • Yes. Earthing. Barefootin’. It’s a way to discharge toxicity. 5G, radiation frequencies, you name it. I’m a 100% believer. Even internally taken toxins. Perhaps less effective, but worth doing.

                    • I have the idea of sticking some metal tape to an old bedsheet over the bed (in place of the nice one) & connecting a wire to it & Not running it out the window & into the ground (opening me up to lightning in the Spring/Summer/Odd Winter lightning?) but rather, plugging it into the round grounded plug-in on an electrical outlet and see if there’s any positive effect.

                      …I wonder if that would help short-circuit the nano-smart-dust in The Shot in any way?

                      ‘🙏🏼 We Warned Them 🙏🏼’


                    • Man, … from that link:

                      “Hi Jon… have you been listening to Karen Kingston recently? She explained the absolute horrors of this on an Australian podcast and it has had me feeling as if there is nowhere to ‘hide’.
                      Very very scary stuff!”

                      “They are using vibrational science too.

                      Vibrations or sound waves & emf waves can influence the minds of people.

                      The nuts in charge are driving people crazy with the evil abuse of unseen forces.”

  11. The Shaken Law in Japan requires an inspection of the vehicle after three years of ownership. The first inspection when the car is sold, the buyer pays 1,000 dollars minimum, 100,000 yen.

    It’s a used car commercial website that sells Japanese manufactured vehicles.

    The car owner in Japan doesn’t want to pay for the next inspection which is more expensive, the car is then traded and shipped to other markets.

    Good, used Toyotas from Japan end up in the Middle East and some are used for military purposes.

    An all electric vehicle in the ME will be worthless.

    It’s Mad Max over in there in East Middle Asia and Ukraine too.

    EV’s won’t work in the desert sands.

    Iran manufactures ICE vehicles. Doubtful they’ll quit anytime soon.

  12. So how can the corporations be profitable leasing/renting EV’s? It’s the same situation for them as for the public at large,,, when the battery goes, so goes the EV. That battery is super expensive regardless of who the purchaser is,,, whether a corporation or a individual. The only way I can make it work is it being government subsidized which means (as usual) the serfs are paying for it collectively as they do now via rebates as some call them.
    Which is likely, albeit a bit differently, as Americans are going fascist with a pinch of communism at the speed of light. Government will seize all earnings and provide back what little they think is needed. No more gov handouts. No more SS. Everyone will have a gov job and at some age (to be announced(60?) ) be disposed of like used and useless garbage the PTB think we are.

  13. I was surprised when I found out Toyota would be going toward EV. Made me wonder who got to the board and how they were able to leverage them into replacing Toyoda.

    Toyoda seemed to have realized there is no actual future in EV and was not being tricked into that path. Interesting to me that he says he is a car guy, indicating Toyota’s future won’t include cars as we know them now.

    • Me also, RS –

      He was clearly pressured. It was just weeks ago he was talking about Toyota’s non-EV future. And probably just because of that, they took him out.

      • I saw the comment he made about the future Toyota would be taking. Maybe you linked to it Eric. I saw it somewhere.

        It sounded like a parallel universe from the one we are in. I thought he must have an incredible foundation of power to be able to say what he did with such confidence. It gave me hope. My usual skepticism didn’t kick in.

        So of course he didn’t have the power I imagined he must have. He was removed within weeks of saying they would be exploring hydrogen tech and hybrid engines rather than EVs.

        You said, “They took him out.” They—whatever their actual names are—moved fast.

      • That’s the only logical explanation.
        What I can’t understand, though, is Mr Toyoda’s apparent willingness to go quietly into that good night.
        If I were in his shoes, I might have to go, but I’d be defiant to the last breath. Instead of that mealy mouthed statement, I’d be breathing fire and naming names.
        Fuck these people.

        • Amen, Mark –

          As a kid I admired the elan of the Bismarck’s skipper. Doomed though the ship was, he fought like a lion. Even the British respected – and commended – him.

        • Hi Mark,

          They are going after every wealthy non woke person that they can. Look at what they are doing to Gautam Adani, the richest man in India. The majority of his wealth is made up of coal. The WEF and these climate change activists have been propped up in these high positions (e.g. Board of Directors, government departments, etc.) and they are in there to strategically take anyone that is not behind their agenda public embarrassment and humiliation, but most of all their wealth.

        • RE: “If I were in his shoes, I might have to go, but I’d be defiant to the last breath.”

          That is not the way the culture is in Japan.

          It is that simple.

          If you were in his shoes, you’d likely do the same as he did,… that is, if you (and all your family) wanted to continue living in Japan. Jmho.

      • I don’t know how a EV Toyota would work. Unlike the other automakers, they do sell lots of new vehicles in the third world. The third world will not be transitioning to electric vehicles no matter what the elite think. Even wealthy people there can’t be doing virtue signaling like that as it would be to dangerous to be stuck in a dead electric car when the peasants are rioting.

        Until fairly recently, even GM was still selling new cars without things like airbags and the nanny tech to third world markets.

        Do the elite think they will talk enough people into thinking that owning their own cars is a “bad” thing? I think that is what they are counting on. They have talked the crazy people in places like SF. But most people aren’t that crazy.

        At some point the shit will hit the fan and this electric nonsense will have to stop. When will the great unwashed finally wake up and smell the coffee?

        Its really sad the billions of dollars of real wealth destroyed developing these stupid electric cars that nobody really wants.

        At some point real cars will have to be made again, but what is it going to take to get us to that point?

  14. It was only a matter of time. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the shakeup at Toyota happens after the company neutered the only serious challenger to the EV pickup future by removing the V8 from the Tundra, built just down the freeway from the Austin Tesla facility which, in theory, will turn out EV Cybertruck turduckens starting later this year.

  15. We can only imagine, and probably not too well, what kind of pressure he faced to acquiesce to his expulsion. Anything from being “sanctioned” to physical threats to himself, and/or his family. The enemy are psychopaths, which means there is nothing they will NOT do.

    • I suppose that being “sanctioned” is the closest to the, why.

      Like I wrote above, there’s no need for physical threats, it is simply the culture of the people living there.

    • Chairman of the Board at Toyota:

      Takeshi Uchiyamada (内山田 竹志, Uchiyamada Takeshi, born August 17, 1946) is a Japanese businessman, who has been chairman of Toyota since 2013. He graduated from Nagoya University. He is known as the “father of the Prius” for his role in leading the development of the Toyota Prius, the world’s best-selling hybrid electric vehicle in history. — Wikipedia

      It necessarily follows that Uchiyamada, ‘Father of the Prius,’ at 76 years of age soon must be replaced as well.

      For a previous generation, the Prius glowed green, environmentally speaking. But today, the Prius has morphed into a fossil fuel swilling, CO2 emitting black monster.

      The lethal Prius must be slain … for the children.

    • From The Daily Mail: “Republican AGs from 25 states SUE Biden administration over new ‘socially conscious’ investing rule”

      Everyone is all-in on ESG investing. Toyota and all the rest of the dirty stocks are doing what they have to do to survive the wrath of the green watermellons. If they play their cards right they’ll be introducting Green Hitler’s Volkswagen in 2028, just in time to take credit for the world not ending.

  16. “Because of my strong passion for cars, I am an old-fashioned person in regards to digitalization, electric vehicles, and connected cars. I cannot go beyond being a car guy, and that is my limitation.” — Akio Toyoda, struggle session confession

    Now Mr Toyoda is the same position as Sewell Avery, chairman of Montgomery Ward in 1944. Frank Roosevelt ordered the company seized by the US fedgov. Avery, who had an old-fashioned notion that private property is constitutionally protected, refused.

    So armed fedgov soldiers physically carried Avery out of his office, resulting in the iconic (and deeply disturbing) photo shown in this link.

    Probably Mr Toyoda will be spared physical ejection, as he’s already sincerely confessed his grave thoughtcrimes and counter-revolutionary tendencies. Until Sato-san completes his takeover on April 1st (start of the fiscal year in Japan), poor Toyoda will join the madogiwa-zoku — the ‘window-side tribe’ who sit at empty desks, behind empty in-boxes, perusing their newspapers in an imposed, silent corporate limbo.

    Former ‘brand director’ Koji Sato receives letters at this address, if anyone cares to administer a little polite pushback:

    Mr Koji Sato, President and CEO
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    1 Toyota-Cho, Toyota City
    Aichi Prefecture 471-8571

    Know, though, that fateful decisions like this one NEVER get reversed in corporate Japan. Better headlong disaster than loss of face. The die is cast.

    • Many will disagree with me, but I believe there was no greater scumbag and worst President than FDR. From his demand that Americans turnover their gold, his overtaking of businesses who refused to unionize, the creation of The New Deal, the internment of Japanese Americans, the lies about his health, and his deception in regards to World War II, and the establishment of the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940. No greater dictator has existed in US politics. Sorry Lincoln, Biden, Trump, and Wilson have nothing on this monster.

      Even sadder the American public willingly voted for this savage 4x.

      • agree RG, however, Lincoln is only worse in my eyes because he set the whole fed power in motion, wilson exploited it. Without those two, FDR wouldn’t have been able to be as bad.

      • But many will agree with you also. Don’t forget to add to the list FDR, Churchill and Stalin agreed to split Europe between them. FDR giving Poland to USSR, but keeping the details secret until after the election to not piss off Polish voters.

      • Hi RG,

        It’s a tough call. Without Wilson, FDR would not have been elected, probably – because it was the “Federal” reserve that created the Great Depression that ushered FDR into office. But – yes – he was a true scumbag. The theft of people’s gold was especially hateful and – even worse, in my view – his use of federal “interstate commerce” power to commit thuggery against people who were engaged in no such thing. The entire New Deal was modeled on Mussolini’s fascist system. Of course, few Americans know anything about this… on purpose.

      • Hi RG,
        His Successor, Harry Truman, should be right up there at the top of that list too. Dropped two A-bombs on Japanese civilians, started the first of the many unconstitutional wars by going into Korea without Congressional authorization, and fathered the present day security state of the CIA and NSA that spread like a cancer to rule Amerika today.

        • Truman recognizing the rogue state of israel in exchange for one million dollars is one “mistake” that we are living with today.
          Keep in mind that before the rogue state of israel was created, we had NO enemies in the middle east.

      • Lincoln brought us federalism and defeated states’ rights. Wilson brought us the federal reserve, European wars he promised to avoid, and changing congress by the 17th amendment making the Senate, not to represent the interest of states, to nothing more than a uber-house of representatives. Hoover and Roosvelt codified the final blow from freedom to dependency and socialism.

      • RG — You neglected to mention Roosevelt’s Clintonesque antics down at “The Little White House” in Warm Springs, GA, where he eventually died.


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