It’s a Riot . . .

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One man gets beaten to death by government workers and riots ensue in several cities. Thousands of people are poisoned to death by the government at the behest of the corporations who control it and there’s hardly a protest. Those that did occur were also actually peaceful. The CDC was not firebombed. Fauci wasn’t attacked in the streets. The legions of people who willingly served as the enforcers of “lockdowns,” “mask” mandates and so on haven’t had to face angry mobs demanding justice.

It’s an interesting incongruity, isn’t it?

Almost as if – per Orwell’s Two Minutes’ Hate – the government encourages (and certainly doesn’t do much to stop) certain outpourings of rage. Perhaps for just that reason; i.e., to harmlessly defuse what might otherwise be dangerously percolating anger that could threaten the government.

The beatdown administered to Tyre Nichols was gratuitous, savage and – ultimately – murderous. So also – and more so – the way an entire nation was beaten down.

In Nichols’ case, it was five against one. Those odds are pretty good – relative to having the entire apparatus of the government-corporate nexus deployed against each and every one of us.

And – lest we forget – people were also beaten by government workers for daring to defy the “lockdowns” or refusing to wear that symbol of submission (and tacit agreement) the government styled a “mask,” always referring to it in the possessive.

As in your “mask.”

These serial affronts merited riots – punches in the face, at least. Yet relatively few were able to rouse themselves sufficiently to even say, No. As in: No, I won’t wear a “mask.” As in: No, I won’t accept being “locked down” like a criminal inside a prison. As in: No, I’m not going to let you inject me with anything I don’t want injected into my body.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Yet when outrage is approved, it’s no holds barred. “Mask” mandates were not enforced upon the “protesters” – meaning, rioters – of the summer of 2020. They were turned loose rather than locked-down.

Contrast that with the protest that was actually peaceful – in the sense that nothing was burned down and no one was assaulted (much less killed) by any of the protestors (though at least one protestor was killed by a government worker) that occurred in the wake of the riots of 2020 that preceded the (s)election of 2020.

The January 6 protest was quickly characterized as an “insurrection” – and if you were in the vicinity, it was enough to get Hut! Hut! Hutted! by government workers. Many people who were there have been sent to prison – and some are still in jail, awaiting their turn.

Again, no one was hurt by the protestors. But the government was threatened by them. Not so much physically as implicitly. The crowd that showed up was there to convey to the government its anger toward the government.

And that is dangerous . . . to the government.

It cannot abide any mass expression of discontent, even if entirely peaceful. If the protest is fundamental. If it implies not merely a grievance with a particular policy but signals a general discontent with the government as such.

The riots that have erupted in the wake of the summary execution of Tyre Nichols by government workers threatens no such thing. The rage allowed to boil over (arguably, encouraged to boil over; can there be any other explanation for the decision to release the video of Nichols’ execution on a Friday evening?) is focused on “systemic racism” – never mind that the five government workers who beat Nichols to death were black – and  directed toward white people in general, who are held to be the architects of it and so responsible for it.

This causes black people – not all, of course, but an alarming number – to hate white people (all white people) and it causes lots of white people to be afraid of what black people (all of them) might do to them.

Who benefits from that?

It isn’t black people and it’s not white people.

But there are people – some black and some white – who do benefit, very much. They may not have the same skin color but they are members of the same tribe, as it were. That tribe being both diverse – to hijack a term and use it in ways not intended by those who use it, regularly – and at the same time, curiously homogenous.

It is a tribe that draws its members from all races and ethnicities and both sexes (there are only the two) who all have one thing in common. They are interested in using people to acquire power and money. Some work for the government, others for corporations. Both have come to mean the same thing – which is one thing.

What happened to Tyre Nichols was horrific and unconscionable. But what is happening to each and every one of us every single day is far more so.

. . .

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  1. Ya know what’s amazing? How totally unobservant most people are. I’ve been mentioning to a few people [Before this recent incident] “Did you notice that police uniforms are now black instead of blue?”. So far, EVERY person I’ve said that to has insisted that they are blue- some say “dark blue”.

    Hope no one’s holding their breath waiting for that revolution! (Not the kind for freedom, anyway)

  2. On a related note, I’ve come to a similar conclusion about the cancellation of all things Confederate over the past few years.

    (In the interest of full disclosure: my ancestors came from Poland, Italy, and what was once Czechoslovakia and Austria-Hungary after 1900 and lived in Union states. I actually come from a long line of people, specifically Slavic and Jewish people, subjected to involuntary servitude, so the whole “legacy of slavery” business cuts no ice with me.)

    What I think is that Confederate cancellation isn’t so much about “we shouldn’t glorify slavery and racism, and people who espoused slavery and racism were wrong” but more about “rebellion against the state will not be tolerated, and anyone who tries it will be cancelled—up to and including being killed.”

  3. Kinda makes you wonder if the demo-Marxists are just waiting and hoping for the next AWG reaction. This one did not fit the bill. If a majority of the AWG’s were white, then it would have been game day. Why would demo-Marxist want this anarchy? Reason: federalize the police.

    • Hi Hans, I agree with them wanting to ‘federalize the police’. The NWO enemy certainly knows that local police and sheriff’s departments are a problem for them.

    • Hans,

      There were reports that the Chinese Communist Party was infiltrating various police departments around the world, including in the U.S., which may partly explain why some police officers behaved the way they did the past few years.

      • It’s NOT the Chinese.
        Israel has already infiltrated most American police departments as American police department “trainers” have been going to israel to learn and “see how it’s done”.
        “Escalation of force” doctrine has been replaced with “command and control” israeli doctrine which is used on the Palestinians.
        We are all Palestinians, now…

    • Hi Hans

      That’s one possibility. They always seek to centralize power. But part of this is cranking up the stress level generally, and between all of the “victim” classes in particular. Can’t have too much DIE (Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity) after all.

      The enforcer class (AGW) are the foundation of the power of the State. They come into play when ever the “authority” of the State is insufficient for a given task.

      Believe me, the very LAST thing that Marxists would want is Anarchy… 🙂 Did you mean chaos? Chaos is very useful to those in power. It frightens the masses into believing that the State and its enforcers are “necessary”. When in reality, the State is nothing more than a Gang of thieves and murderers writ large. They just don’t like competition in their territory.

      • Bj,
        Yes, I meant the use of chaos to achieve their goals.

        We’ve seen a bad brew festering in America since the Patriot Act. Sure, police always had bullies and tyrants, but they didn’t have license over our constitutional rights until GW dissolved the bill or rights in the Patriot Act. After that, we’re all perps and the police are trained to be on a never-ending fishing expedition every time they pull you over for a taillight out. The AGW’s are their own worst enemy and public relations disaster every time they perform the perp macarena on camera. This feeds right into the demo-Marxist agenda.

        You’d think if they were the good guys, they could protest the defund the police Marxist movement by simply stop writing tickets and let these demo-Marxists City pols get less in their taxing via policing revenue.

  4. Welp, looks like the ol’ Gates/Soros/Schwab/etc. clan are at it again. First, it was that ARMED “protester” in Atlanta that got shot, and now this. All in less than a month. Must be a new record! 😅 I honestly believe that these random “incidents” of police brutality and the ensuing riots…er, “peaceful protests”, are being broadcasted as an attempt to get everyone to distrust local authorities, so that they’ll demand a national, or even GLOBAL authority. Same with the staged “mass shootings”.

  5. What kills me is that these savages couldn’t care less about the murders that occur of their own, by their own on a daily basis in their shit-holes- No protests over those; no getting together to do som,ething about that which is in their own control…..but dey suddenly care when da ebil white man do it……..

    • Oddly enough, it wasn’t the “evil white man” this time. I guess ANY badge-wearer who acts accordingly is now a target.

      • So I see, Bluegrey… This is an odd one. All of the swine are black; their victim doesn’t appear to be a thug… This is one we can all get behind. They should publicly execute those porkers, after a very speedy trial! Only way to stop this crap. Imagine the evil they all must have done before getting caught finally now- and that they had become so brazen! Now if the media would just start showing the many more cases of brutality in which whites are the victims….we really might get somewhere- but that’ll never happen.

  6. The only thing I can think of why they are doing this, that they are actively trying to divide us.
    It just must be ‘divide and conquer’.
    They are succeeding too, only because our MSM is compromised, corrupt, and worse.
    From my perspective, they are only succeeding in deep blue metro areas. In rural areas I frequent, people appear to be coming together more than I am used too.

  7. Succinct and well said, Eric.

    This incident, and its widespread dispersion, should serve to break the black vs. white narrative, though I know it won’t.

    No, it’s about those entrusted (by some?), with “power”, behaving like any pack of wild dogs or gang of primitives extracting what they (really) want from helpless game. Dogs want meat. These goons want a feeling of power and superiority.

    No such luck with civil unrest concerning the lockdowns or jabs: An assault distributed wholesale to all (lower) peoples, regardless of race, sex or delusional identity.

    • BaDnOn,

      There are those who’ve fallen for the HEAVY propaganda about the ‘Rona, believing that it was some super deadly virus that required forcing everyone to wear face diapers and be locked down to “Stop the spread of COVID”, and the subsequent propaganda that “Vaccinating the ENTIRE human population” with an experimental pharma product would “End the pandemic”. 2 years later, people who haven’t “woke” up to the fact that they’ve been manipulated by fear are likely the ones still wearing face diapers in public or lining up to get the bivalent booster jab which doesn’t seem to be any better than the experimental drugs called COVID VACCINES.

  8. Indeed, the state gets antsy when they are the target of protest or riot. They much prefer keeping us snapping at each other. They in fact insist on it, and if there’s not enough of it to suit them, they instigate more of it. Hence the panic reaction to the J6 protest. It didn’t happen in another city or State, it happened at their door, and they were the thing being protested. It got personal.

    • Hi John

      Exactly. Which is why their over reaction was so telling. I’ve seen third world dictatorships that didn’t have the optics of that time. All of those fences, check points and the full on military presence (26 thousand troops and all their support logistics).
      That was an in your face threat to everyone who opposed them. Do you remember when El Presidente was sworn in? That’s typical of Banana Republics. Just another example of how far the country has fallen from its ideals.

  9. It’s never about black vs. white, Democrat vs. Republican, lib vs. conservative.

    As usual, behind all the theatrics, it’s about the government vs. the people.

    Armed government employees are always a threat to liberty.

  10. A Buffalo Bill collapses on the playing field and every kind of medical assistance is administered. You never hear the end of it until it is old news. He lives! Hallelujah!

    Jesus Saves!

    Some swift street justice to beat some dumb nigger into submission by five other dumb niggers is more the norm than the out of the ordinary. Don’t have to call the cops, they’re there doing their job.

    As they used to say in these parts, three against one is Indian fun!

    One Palestinian shooting seven Israelis Jews is even more fun!

    Never mind dead Ukrainians and Russians, those bodies don’t count.

    Come on, people, lighten up.

  11. ‘Many people who were there [on Jan 6] have been sent to prison – and some are still in jail, awaiting their turn.’ — eric

    Trespassing is a grave offense these days. One example:

    ‘Denny Green of Cumberland, Virginia is among 11 people federally charged with the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act for a March 2021 pro-life demonstration at a now-closed abortion facility in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

    ‘Local police arrested some members of the group and charged them with trespassing. Once the trespassing charges were handled, those arrested thought the incident was behind them. But 19 months later, in October 2022, they were [federally] charged by the FBI.’

    Amendment V says “No person shall be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.” But since 1964, the US fedgov runs its own parallel system of criminal courts — mainly for notorious defendants like Dylann Roof, Timothy McVeigh, and the Minneapolis cops who restrained George Floyd.

    But as demonstrated in Tennessee, now any minor non-violent offense can attract redundant fedgov virtue-signaling charges.

    Easy guess: the five Memphis cops, already charged with second-degree murder by the state of Tennessee, soon will face parallel federal charges from the Beria Garland ‘justice’ department, which already has launched a redundant investigation.

    Horribly, Americans now face two overlapping conviction machines. And the purported double jeopardy protection of Amendment V is a discarded, barbarous relic, long since interpreted away by the malleable, craven hacks in black.

  12. One death is a tragedy, 1,000,000 deaths is a statistic.

    There was just too much to focus on during the lockdowns to know what to get upset at.
    When we did get upset, we were called kooks & grandma killers.

    So, yes, there is approved outrage, and it is utilized by those “in charge”.
    Most of the US has no idea they are the most propagandized, brainwashed people in the history of the world. So they play their part.

  13. Let’s look at our present societal condition regarding American “law enforcement”.
    At one time, police officers were known as “peace officers”, hired to “keep the peace”, nothing more. Quite often they were residents of the very neighborhood that they were patrolling, knew everyone and tended to keep the local troublemakers and miscreants in line without resorting to the official “justice system”.
    That all changed when the “escalation of force” system was abandoned for the present tactic of “command and control” system in which a police officer’s commands are to be followed instantaneously and without exception or discussion.
    Failure to do so will result in death or serious injury to those who do not obey “fast enough”. For a good example of this, google Philip Brailsford and Daniel Shaver.
    It is interesting to note that the “command and control” system is right out of the israeli military “playbook” which is used to enforce control of the Palestinians. In fact, American police departments send “trainers” to israel to “see how it’s done”
    It would seem that “we are all Palestinians now”.
    There are two more abuses in the American “law enforcement” system that deserve to be abolished.
    “Qualified immunity” is a concept in which “law enforcement officers” and other officials are shielded from the consequences of their actions and lawsuits due to their (illegal) actions. It is almost impossible to sue a police officer for his personal behavior under the present scheme. One has to sue under “deprivation of civil-rights” statutes which are almost impossible to prove. In addition, the “system” protects its own with police-friendly prosecutors and municipality-supplied attorneys that “protect” rogue police officers.
    “Asset forfeiture” makes police officers no better than criminal “highwaymen”.
    A person who carries large sums of cash and is stopped for a traffic infraction can and quite often does have his assets (money) seized without any proof of wrongdoing. Just carrying a large sum of cash is enough to trigger “asset forfeiture” which is “legalized robbery under color of authority”. It is extremely difficult to fight “asset forfeiture” as the state “holds all of the cards” and can easily bankrupt the individual whose funds were seized.
    American “law enforcement” has a lot to answer for.

  14. It’s only a matter of time before the media and/ or ignorant/ dumb people try to make what those BLACK police officers did to Tyre Nichols a case of WHITE SUPREMACY, or even try to pin it on fmr President Trump if doing so would help advance some Anti-Trump narrative as he seeks to run for President again next year.

  15. Pulled over for “wreckless driving.” Not speeding, not probable DWI, just driving “wrecklessly” whatever that means…

  16. My wife commented on how it was strange that it was a black man being beaten by black cops. I had to explain that the only color that matters to AGW’s is blue, to show their “authoritie”.

    • Correction — The only color that matters to AGW’s is green, as in the money they will receive from their defined benefit pensions which allow them to retire with full benefits at 40 and pursue another career.

      I worked for a manager at [IT consulting company name omitted] who was on his *third* career after 20 in the Army, the minimum — 10 ? — as a cop to retire with benefits, and then the last gig pretending to know something about technology so he could “work” and participate in our company’s employee stock purchase plan at the maximum number allowed since his daily living expenses came from his pensions.

      • @ Roscoe

        Yeppers, green is their favorite color to feed their greedy self interest & lust for wealth. No doubt about it. After all they gotta keep up with the Joneses dontcha know.



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