Heroes Assault Alex Jones

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Alex Jones was leading a peaceful protest at Dealey Plaza on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. This sort of thing often results in a thug scrum, which is just what happened:

BostonpicLuckily, there was no shooting. But perhaps, it was not lucky after all. As Jones himself explains, had the peaceful protesters resisted the assault, the thug-cowards would almost certainly have opened up on them with gunfire. And that might have had the same effect as the incident that occurred all those years ago in Boston.

It’s a powder keg that could go off at any moment.

Be ready.

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  1. What is the email address I would need to email to join the forums?

    Regarding the word “Zionist”, I have no clue why that word is so offensive. My dad has used that term before, and he’s actually relatively “Pro-Israel” (He just knows the difference between the “Chosen people” nonsense and pragmatic reasoning.)) He’s mostly conservative too, with some common sense on foreign policy and civil liberties, but predominately conservative. Yet, he’s used the term.

    • Regarding the offensive nature of the word “Zionist”. I think everyone who has ever heard the word in a normal conversation knows that Zionism is simply the people who believe in the nation state of Israel. I think the reason it has a negative connotation is because of white supremacist groups, where said supremacists like to rant about how much they hate Jews. I haven’t had cable television for a few years but I remember the History channel (laughable to call it that…) would have specials on “white supremacist” groups and the editing of these programs would constantly highlight the rants of these white supremacists and their hatred of Zionism. Also, the movie “American History X” had the word Zionism being thrown about by white supremacists, so the sheeple public now automatically assume that anything that isn’t a butt kissing of Zionism must be some form of white supremacy.

      I think it’s very similar to the sheeple followers of Obama, who like to call anyone who disapproves of Obama, a racist. It’s easier then attempting to use logic, because logic will get these sheep to realize that they’re… well…. sheep.

      • I don’t support any States, and thus obviously don’t support the Israeli State, but is anyone who supports the Israeli State always a Zionist? I always thought it meant supporting the Israeli State for theological reasons, not for pragmatic ones. But, maybe I’m wrong about that.

        Personally, I couldn’t care less about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and I find it amazing how many Christians do, since according to Christian theology, both groups are predominately apostate (The Jews mostly believers in Judaism, the Palestinians believers in Islam, but both idolaters). Not to mention the conflict doesn’t really affect me in any way. That indifference happens to make me a little bit sympathetic to Palestine, simply because of how much of the money of those around me (I don’t yet pay Federal taxes) is being stolen to support Israel. And Palestine aren’t the ones trying to get the US to steal more of our money and kill more people invading Iran. But if the United States pulled out of the region, I really wouldn’t care what happened after that.

  2. off topic – are the forums a separately administered portion of your website requiring its own unique registration process? Just curious. I detest filling out forms, especially redundant ones, although I can understand why it is necessary (to a degree) considering the posts I read under the ‘New Members Check in Here’ threads.

    • I highly recommend everyone from these main page comments section register on the forums. It is much easier to carry out conversations in.

      I am no one official here, just a user of the forum (one of the newest users) and all it takes to register was e-mailing Dom or Eric. No bullshit forms or questions. I’m sure if a bunch of uncivilized conversations get going “they” will put the smack down, but I think we’re all a bunch of grown ups and can handle heated political discussions like “we” do here on the main page.

      • Jacob, Thank you. Yes, I was curious as there seems to be a few instructions, but all the posts are dated. The banner on top doesn’t have a date. I copied Ken’s instructions and used the bottom contact us link. If it doesn’t work, I’ll copy the email address in the banner and try that. Also, it appears either the username I registered for this main site either didn’t take and hold properly, or has been deleted. I’ll give it some time and see if it corrects itself.

  3. OK, I take back my making fun of the 300 pound parole officer who shoots little dogs. I see it is now the gold standard in hiring requirements for Dallas Sheriff too.

    • just to be safe, keep your vehicle and person well stocked. What would they do for a Klondike Bar may include not performing the entire solo from “Wipeout” on your cranium just because you didn’t genuflect fast enough to their shiny Star of David on their fast food greased stain uniform for their taste.

      The Worst Thing ever done for a Klondike Bar

      Mom rocks out drumming Surfari’s Wipe Out

      Grandma rocks out drumming Surfari’s Wipe Out

    • garysco, one of my best friends was murdered by a black Austin cop. That was in the early 80’s and it hasn’t gotten better, just worse. This ain’t the Tx. I know. It wasn’t long ago that would have been the scandal of the day. Pre-Bush days in Tx. showed a completely different attitude for everything. The only reason I’d go to his new library would be to mark it on GPS.

  4. I believe the JFK assasination was a plot concocted by numerous gubberment agencies, I understand why the gubberment wants to separate these groups from the public view. In my opinion they lost the moral ground and can only hide from public opinion. Alex Jones makes a living inciting outrage at what ever group he thinks will get the most donations. I do NOT ever watch his show since he declared that ARABs run our media. He is a shill and nothing more, he’ll have you walk in circles should meaningful change come to these woods. Arabs…..really Alex?

    • Well, if he came out and said the truth, that Zionists control our government and media, the donations would stop. Baby steps.

      If you don’t think those who control the oil (Saudia Arabians, Israelis, OPEC douchebags) control the planet…. well… you must not know that oil interests are what control the planet. Also, arabs aren’t just brown people who wipe their ass with their left hand, they are also white skinned corrupt douchebags who use toilet paper.

      The Petro dollar, the massive coverup (still ongoing) of the BP oil spill…. yeah… oil interests control the planet.

      Those who have stood in the way of letting the powers that be control the oil have fallen… (Iraq and Libya come to mind)… “they” tried a war with Syria and “they” are pushing for a war with Iran because those countries aren’t a bunch of whimps who will allow the powers that be to dominate them. The countries I have listed also do not have a central banking system. People like Alex Jones and others can only inform the sheeple public about the central bank thing because they know if they said “Zionists” they would get massively rejected by the sheep.

      • @Jacob – The castle is crumbling as we speak.

        Here is the 2nd major shot across the bow of the US dollar in one day:

        “The Shanghai Futures Exchange could price its crude oil futures contract in yuan, its chairman said on Thursday, adding that the bourse is speeding up preparatory work to secure regulatory approvals.”

        GEAB N°79 is available! 2014 – Internationalization of the Yuan, the opening of Saudi Arabia, the implosion of the EU, and three of the last pillars of the dollar crumble
        – Public announcement GEAB N°79 (November 16, 2013) –

        • “… We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn…BURN MOTHERFUCKER, BURN!”

          All hail our new, slanty eyed overlords! Thank god I like sushi…

        • @Jacob – Self inflicted injuries are always hard to look at. Take heart, our own banker masters have been there setting this up for years. Thety have no aligiance to the USA or any country (except one), only money.

        • Garysco, in the early 2000’s I was day trading stocks. That involves becoming aware of countless things including world wide trends as well as regional happenings. I’ve heard Gen. Clarke speak of going into the Bushco whitehouse and seeing everyone going ape readying for war with Iraq as well as 6 other countries. Nobody seemed to know why. It made perfect sense to me. Saddam Hussein had been organizing mid-east countries to start marketing their oil in gold Dinars. There had already been a small amount traded with Dinars. There’s your answer why Saddam was so dangerous. And Faux News viewers all dissed OWS for being commies. Shit, they were the people who “got it”. I’m amazed everyone hasn’t caught on to the banker cabal yet.

          • ” I’m amazed everyone hasn’t caught on to the banker cabal yet.”

            It is INCREDIBLE, isn’t it 8south?

            Once you know it–read G Edward Griffin’s The Creature from Jekyll Island–it becomes so incredibly obvious.

            But whoever said “…not one man in a million will apprehend our design” (paraphrasing), he was exactly correct. The mechanism by which fiat debt-money robs and enslaves is subtle and invisible.

            Until you understand it; then it’s so clear, so irrefutable.

            I hate it though, because the inevitable conclusion is that the same dozen or so families that own the world have been doing it for over two hundred years. It’s so fantastical at that level that you dare not mention it to people you’re trying to convince–because they’ll write you off as a lunatic.

            I start small and give them wriggle-room; could the system be self-perpetuating, with each successive “ring” outside the center dozen families be acting simply in self-interest, which gives the appearance of a coordinated effort? Sure.

            But someone started it. And those someones are still the major beneficiaries.

            And hence the conspiracy.

          • meth, with any understanding of the world, if you can read The Creature from Jekyll Island and not have a “d’oh” moment I fear there’s no hope. Here, take my gun and shoot yourself, naw, I’ll do it, you’d probably miss. The Rothschilds date from 1450 and were instrumental in building the wealth of the Catholic church. Many current families are nearly as old. Morgan is a name that dates from that shipping hero during the revolution. These people(I use that term lightly)have colluded for hundreds of years with only the Johnny come lately’s being 2-300 years old. We still have law in this country being decided by descendants of Chief Justice John Marshall. I say decided, hell, when you can reverse the Constitution and legislation made by a super-majority then it’s actually just creating law. I get depressed by this stuff. What was it that Henry Ford said about what the people would do if they understood the banking system? Revolt or something like that. Ignorance is bliss….for the ruling elite.

    • Joe when did Jones say the Arabs run the media? Sure, he’s pointed out that Dubai/UAE own a couple of the big outlets.

      But his message is incredibly consistent and correct–that the heart of the problem are international banksters, mostly in Europe, who literally own the planet through massive fraudulent debt-fiat-money banking. He says as much at least twice a week.

      See my above post on the “fear-loop/fear-mongering” aspect.

  5. Not being racist here, just stating the obvious: those with black skin will be absolutely fucked here in America when the “shit hits the fan”. Watching this video and seeing all these black skinned cops acting like thugs, then thinking about the mainstream music scene where shithead blacks are propped up like they’re something special (Chris Brown, anyone?) … some serious racism has been brewing ever since Obama’s first term and when that pot finally boils over it’s not going to be good for “them”.

    • I’ve definitely decreased my civility and courtesy to any phyles that seem to benefit from the current police state.

      Blacks, feminists, gays, single mothers, elites, clergy, leftists, old women, charity workers, prohibitionists. I definitely give them the once over and mentally throw them in the woods if I feel they’re a typical statist who fully deserves it.

      Whenever I feel hemmed in and buggered by the police apparati I get shitty as a coping mechanism. My overall level of interaction is unchanged. I’m extra nice to producers and doers. I’m dismissive and openly hostile to select parasites and police state apparatchiks.

      From Urban Dictionary – apparatchik
      An apparatchik is someone who enters a pre-existing human hierarchy (like a corporation, a government or an online Forum) purely for egotistical reasons of his/her own. In other words, they have no sympathy or interest in the original topic or cause for which the corporation, government or forum was created.

      Rather, they simply see the hierarchy as a ladder by which they can cynically achieve their own selfish aims (money, power, visibility, etc.)

      The city politics of Niceville used to be so interesting, as its founders were passionate crusaders who truly wanted to create a utopia; today, however, Finetown’s council is filled with bored apparatchiks who just seek to get ahead and make money without accomplishing anything.

      Bill Hicks on JFK

      wiki South Park character John F Kennedy
      Appearances First “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics”

      John F. Kennedy was seen along with his son, John F. Kennedy Jr., as a resident of Hell during the song, “Christmas Time in Hell”, in “Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics”.

      His brother, Ted Kennedy, later appeared in “Dead Celebrities”. Kennedy’s assassination was parodied in the episode, “Weight Gain 4000”, in which Mr. Garrison attempts to shoot Kathie Lee Gifford from the book depository window in the same fashion as Oswald.

      He appeared with a photo-realistic head, much like Saddam Hussein. Strangely, even his skin was gray.

      • Bill Hicks says that in the Assassination Museum they have the ‘sniper’s nest’ set up and “it’s really accurate, because Oswald ain’t in there”.

        I miss Bill Hicks.

      • Dear Tor,

        Hicks’ riff on JFK was great.

        The government’s official fairy tale for 9/11 is basically the Warren Report Redux.

        Same physically impossible nonsense.

        • Same physically impossible nonsense…

          I tell you though, Bevin, I’m deeply embarrassed that for several years I bought the “pancake theory”. I just never thought it through; I’d allowed myself to slip back into trust mode.

          I wonder–no, actually I’m fairly sure–if my subconscious was desperately squelching my natural suspicions. I did very well in physics at Rice; I absolutely love solid-body mechanics. Oh shit…that sounds homoerotic. Unintentional.

          So why didn’t I, on Day One, pop up like a prairie-dog checking his nest and say “Hold on a moment–how the Hell did three buildings fall into their own footprints at near-free-fall velocity?”

          Same reason my very smart criminal defense lawyer friend won’t. And my very smart mom and dad won’t–cognitive dissonance.

          I’ve become much more forgiving of people who won’t/can’t see 911 for what it is.

          Because when I saw it, I was in a blind rage for about six weeks. My wife was seriously concerned…she called it my “Ted” stage. It was literally physically painful. And it didn’t stop there; it tore down the last vestiges of any trust I had in almost every institution. It’s deeply disturbing, because you realize you’ve misplaced that trust–and you have to re-learn full trust in only yourself–and then cautiously re-extend that trust to a select few people who’ve earned it.

          Trust an institution? Like holding helium in the palm of your hand. Can’t do it.

          • Actually the PTB were more clever that time around. At the time the media kept stating that the towers were tube structures. If a tube is buckled or pierced under heavy axial load it can suffer complete failure that looks much like what we saw. It was physically possible for what we were told the structure was.

            The controlled demolition people didn’t address this either early on. Thus I could not believe them. I was looking at tube failure. Take a pop can, has to be empty and undamaged, and put large amount of weight on top of it. It can hold it. Then ping a coin against the side wall. WTC style collapse. Straight down, in its own foot print, crushed from the load above. The problems with this came out later when the controlled demolition folks got around to addressing what I and likely others had pointed out.

            I didn’t disbelieve until I saw diagrams of the actual structure. The conventional inner core and then the floor truss theory from the government to address that which doesn’t make a lick of sense upon seeing how the buildings were actually constructed. The devil in this one is in the technical details. What we were told initially is physically consistent and makes engineering sense. That was simply a lie however.

          • meth, my cousin who recently retired from Lockheed skunkworks won’t even hear of the conspiracy. Of course, govt. was the only reason for Lockheed to exist since the LT 1011 quit being made. I sent an e to our group last week that tied in with the false flag event and he replied I should quit spouting that shit since everybody was tired of it and it got all and blah blah. The next day one of my old college buds sent another e speaking of 9-11 bs and then a couple more guys replied, all in agreement with me. No word from cuz. When I saw the towers fall I immediately said Aren’t those buildings made to take direct airliner hits? since I knew the code in big cities and this entire country required skyscrapers to be able to survive large plane strikes, even the Empire State Bldg was rammed with a B47 at one time. Then that WTC 7 went down and I said Why did that building fall? I’m no architect but I’ve built many building from steel that I don’t know what you’d use to make them fall and I’m just talking about single story and maybe two story structures made from steel. When I heard the audio of Larry Silverstein saying “pull it” in regards to WTC 7 I knew the fix was in and my instincts were right on. You have to forget all the firefighters there said it sounded just like bldgs they’d been at being taken down with explosives. Steel nor concrete just vaporizes and fire won’t make a skyscraper fall. Of course you have realized this but many, including my wife, just don’t see it, won’t see it. I have asked cuz many times what it would be that could pull a 7 story steel structure over and he never replies. Sure, I told him once, there were 20-50 D-10 Dozers down there with cables they’d hooked up that took months to install they hooked to to pull it down. Oh wait, he just said “pull it” and then it miraculously fell, not over, but in it’s footprint. Come on people, use just a little common sense.

          • Dear Meth,

            Really. Don’t be embarrassed.

            I’m an architect, and even I let the “pancake theory” ride for several years before I came back and said “That can’t be right, can it?”


            Cognitive dissonance is 100% correct.

            Even Richard Gage, head of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, did the same thing.

            9/11: Explosive Evidence – Psychologists Speak Out

          • @BrentP re: tube structure

            Yeah, that’s the ticket! Thanks for giving me an “out” 🙂

            Come to think of it, if I had to point to any one “a-ha!” moment, it was when I saw the diagonal cuts across one of the core steel H-beams on WTC 1 in the wreckage.

            The steel was about four inches thick, a nice neat diagonal cut exactly as you’d expect from a shaped-charge demolition explosive.

            That led me to find out what those core beams at the heart of the WTC structures looked like–and to realize, tube structure or not, those cores were immensely strong and could never “pancake”. They’d bend, they’d buckle, but they’d make a helluva mess on the way down–and certainly not fall in their own footprint.

            Next was the yellow-hot molten metal pouring out before the collapse. Then the very obvious timed explosions as the tower came down, in advance of the falling structure.

            Then the entire edifice collapsed–the edifice of the deception, that is. Because now I could see the conservation of energy argument clearly; there was a fixed gravitational potential energy. How did the building fall at free-fall, while pulverizing tons of concrete to dust? Where did the energy come from?

            Now we’re on a roll. It was just like that scene from “Force 10 from Navarone”, when the old Brit demolition expert blows up a dam. At first, nothing…a trickle…a few cracks…and BOOM over it goes!

        • “The government’s official fairy tale for 9/11 is basically the Warren Report Redux. ”

          True, that. I had an instant of incredulity when W, the little jug-eared retard, actually offered Hank-fuggin-Kissinger as the head of the ‘9/11 Commission”.

          I suppose that his handlers somehow managed to talk him down, or slip him a couple of downers, before the credulity of the entire population of Boomers was strained to the breaking point.

          • Dear Ed,

            … W, the little jug-eared retard, actually offered Hank-fuggin-Kissinger as the head of the ’9/11 Commission”

            Doctor Strangelove as Truthsayer.

            Yup, that’ll do it.

          • I delight in the thought of that scrofulous little fucktard marinating in the juice of his own disintegrating brain.

            Let’s hope he publicly soils himself on the way to total mental disintegration.

            Lucifer loves you Georgie W! See what he’s done for you?

    • I think you’re right, Jacob.

      Race hatred is probably higher now than it was 50 years ago. It’s just kept under cover. But the pressure is building – and the lid is going to blow off.

      • I live in a pretty nice golf course community here in Glendale, AZ. (“We” are the capital of the world for golf course communities..) There is only one black household within 1/4 mile radius of my house. The family is very nice, and I have a lot of respect for them, they have only shown respect for me. The reason I am mentioning them here is because when I talk to the neighborhood dads (white skinned neighborhood dads) and we start talking about crime in the neighborhood, they joke about how it might be coming from that household. Now that said, it is of course just a joke, but it is obviously on the tip of their tongues and therefore in the front of their minds. I live my life like the shit is inevitably going to hit the fan…. these other neighborhood dads aren’t as “tin foil hat” as me but I know when the time comes (if it comes…) they will not hesitate to “put down” anyone they see as a threat… such as the nice black family I’m mentioning.

        It is gut wrenching to think that divide and conquer works so effectively, but it certainly does all thanks to the convenience factor.

        Here’s hoping I’m completely wrong.

      • Oh, they’ve been pumping that cylinder to bursting pressure over the last five years.
        Every opportunity, every issue–it’s race, race, race, race.

        And when they can’t it’s homosexuality, or feminism, or…

        It’s one of their best games–divide and conquer.

        And eventually it works even on US, who want to be more high-minded. But it just wears you down; I’m so sick of being called “racist” or “homophobic” or “sexist”. Fuck. You. It’s On–leave me alone–becomes the final escape.

        But that’s extremely useful to the PTB.

        Especially now–because they know that if we unite, we will hunt them down and kill them for what they’ve done. The theft, the murder, the war crimes–all of it. When people figure it out, as they are, their rage and thirst for justice will be almost insatiable.

    • Not being racist here, just stating the obvious: those with black skin will be absolutely fucked here in America when the “shit hits the fan”.

      Yep, absolutely. I use my in-laws as a barometer and crystal ball where that issue is concerned (ALL of them are dependent on the State for sustenance). Once Uncle Cracker goes broke and the gravy train runs dry, the black population of America will drop from it’s current 12-13 percent of the total to about 1 percent when it’s all finally over.

    • I guess there will be pockets of exceptions, Jacob?
      I know of several where it won’t matter what color you are, just who you are.

      I guess it’s the same ratio as there will be pockets of freedom and liberty?

      As for myself, I wouldn’t want to remain in anyplace where the people acted as if there wasn’t a place, ‘for them”.

      • I’m sure and at least hope there will be pockets of exceptions. I just know that as much as I try not to be racist, no way in hell will I be letting masses of blacks into my home after the “shit hits the fan”. I promise I’m not racist, because hey, I won’t even be letting in my own friends and family after the “shit hits the fan” http://youtu.be/Nta4higYq2o

        After talking with my neighbors, who are decently “awake” but still stuck in thinking “Republicans are good, Democrats are bad” I am scared of what they will do after the “shit hits the fan”. No way in hell will I be joining them in their inevitable lynch parties. (Inevitable to me, I doubt they’re aware that they’ll be a member of a lynch mob, but I see the glint in their eyes when they joke about the nice black family in the neighborhood). I think the people who are “half way awake” will be the biggest threat after “SHTF”, because those fully asleep will either start being honest and attempting to live honestly, or commit suicide, or attempt to join the lynch mobs if they have the right flavor of skin color for said lynch mobs. Also, these “half awake” people own guns and know how to use them, not a good combination when you throw desperation and the potential for starvation into the mix. This is where I realize I need to stop making youtube videos about this shit, because if my half-awake neighbors found out I am “prepared” they will be kicking down my door for “help” because they “have families to feed” and therefore will think they have earned the right to steal from others to feed said families. (Welfare mentality, anyone?) and it’s ironic because these are people who claim to hate welfare…for now… until they convince themselves “it’s not welfare, it’s survival!”. (the Twilight Zone episode “The Shelter” was a fantastic example of this mentality, and that episode is available for free on Youtube)…… Ahh I just thoroughly freaked myself out, but luckily the lights are still on and the fan is currently shitless.

        All that said, if it all comes crashing down before I’m able to get myself situated somewhere safer, I will not forget your advice, Roth. I’ll try to make my last dying words, while I’m holding my guts into my stomach with one hand (the lynch mob sliced me open for saying “don’t kill that innocent black family!”) I’ll raise the other fist in the air and say “I should’ve listened to Raaaaaaahhh….!” (I wasn’t able to get the last few syllables of your internet name out before I bled to death in this scenario…) Died like a hero though, dammit.

        • HaHaHa, a cool death, then.
          Nothing finer. Right?
          If ya gotta go, it might as well be in the spirit of The Alamo?

          Also, it’s good to see you know, Ospec. Er, however you spell it?

          Just know, I’ll be paying for typing these words later, at 4 a.m., and again at half an hour before my ten minute break. I only get two.

          One other bit I learned from HBB: a house is not an investment, it’s a depreciating asset.
          It’s a lot like a boat.
          The old saying is, the best moments of a boat owners life are, when he buys it, and when it he sells it. …Or, something like that.
          Yeesh, it’s wayy the fuck past my bedtime. Hope that made sense.

  6. Yay. I’m glad you posted this, I’ve been watching the full “friday” episode of infowars all day.

    In the past couple years that I have been watching Infowars I have gone back and forth with myself at least 5 times of loving and then hating, and then loving again that which is Alex Jones. I have finally settled on the fact that he is just some dude, with his own set of opinionated opinions and a way to let the world know about those opinions.

    Here’s an uncensored Alex Jones giving his best performance, in my opinion, since the Piers Morgan debate:

    • Agreed, Jacob. I’ve vacillated too; guys like “Silver Shield” Chris Duane call what Alex Jones does “fear mongering” and accuse him of keeping people stuck in the “fear loop”.

      I totally disagree. While Chris Duane offers one way out–and I think a very correct way, which is basically agorism–I think Alex Jones has done at least 10,000 times as much good by simply waking people up.

      Is it possible to marinate excessively in the Dark Side? Sure, and it’s possible–if you’re weak–to get stuck in a “fear loop”.

      But I listen to almost every broadcast of his, and I learn something every time. I’ve gotten a tremendous schooling from Alex Jones, because when he alludes to an historical fact, I look it up. The Club of Rome documents, to the CFR’s writings, to Gary Allen. The Prussian educational system, Fabian Socialists, Tavistock Institute.

      Some of it I knew before; some he mentioned and I researched.

      More than any other of his ilk, he seems to have grasped the Gestalt best. Glen Beck is at best an opportunist, at worst a disinfo agent. Rush Limbaugh wants to go only this far, and no further–don’t rock the boat. Michael Savage sees the elephant’s hindquarters but hasn’t made his way around to the elephant’s brain.

      Jones sees the elephant and describes its psyche.

      Sometimes I worry about focusing too much on the elephant, and not enough on preparing the house for when the elephant rampages. But at least I see the damn thing!

      • Chris Duane was the reason I spent thousands of dollars last year on silver. I have since lost my ass thanks to “them” manipulating the value down but I don’t blame Chris Duane for that. The only thing I do want to say about Chris Duane is that he totally screwed up with his silver company a few months back, but judging by his youtube videos on the subject he is fully aware of that screw up.

        What I have learned from Chris Duane and Alex Jones, other than their great political opinions and wake up calls, is to stay far away from attempting to profiteer off of spreading the truth. I’ve got love for them both, I just wished they’d simply beg for donation money rather than try to sell products.

        • Absolutely–I’d rather donate than buy products.

          And as always, I trust myself more than I trust them. Not that I mistrust either of them; I just see them as decent guys trying their best, like me, to survive and protect their families.

          That both of them also do a great deal to help others see reality, I admire greatly.

          • Dude, you should totally sign up for the forums here so we can start a thread on this subject. But yes, Chris Duane and Alex Jones have done a shit ton more work than myself to “wake up” people and I thank them for that. I also feel the need to thank people like Ron Paul for doing what they do, because I have verbally shit on him too for being a sellout… but that’s a subject that I think deserves a forum thread of its own without a huge discussion about it on these main page articles…

        • I have since lost my ass thanks to “them” manipulating the value down but I don’t blame Chris Duane for that.

          I would say that your loss is only a short-term one, when looking at the “big picture.” Precious metals are ALWAYS a good buy –and a good commodity to have on hand– no matter what they’re imputed value in that increasingly worthless instrument known as “dollars.”

          • I like to simplify things, and I have simplified the four most important things any individual can own if they want to be as “free” (that is, freedom) as possible:

            1. Water
            2. Food
            3. Guns
            4. Precious metals

            The first 2 are to obviously stay alive, and no matter how much anyone bitches and moans those are the two most important things in our daily lives (other than oxygenated air and sleep…). The 3rd is to protect yourself from people who want to steal your first 2 things, and the 4th is to buy whatever the hell else you want in life.

            I look forward to the day when I can freely use my precious metals to buy things without having to first trade them for bullshit like paper dollars.

            Also, after “losing my ass” on my silver investments, I haven’t bought any more and won’t be buying any more until I get myself set up in a cheap ass house outside of the city. Being a responsible adult isn’t as fun as buying awesome shiny shit like silver with all my “extra” money…

            Anyways, aside from other obvious priorities like paying bills or putting money aside to move, all my money goes to the 4 things I listed, and I hope more people do the same.


          • Ya mang, Jacob. I soo get what yer saying, But today is such a terrible time to buy real estate.

            You did check out TheHousingBubbleBlog, didn’t you?

            That’s where I learned the term, ‘debt donkey’.
            And that it’s likely that most everyone who bought non-productive real estate before 1998 is going to get hosed if they have to sell, or they owe.

            Anyway, I’d put skills at the top of the list. Because, even If you didn’t have water, if know what to do with a sheet of plastic, that might be of more use than having a bottle of water? Or even ten.

            That reminds me, do you know:

            The Pilgrims’ Real Thanksgiving Lesson



          • You’re right Roth, but the reason I’m moving isn’t to invest in a property (which was the reason I bought my current home and have made a decent amount of money on it) it is to become debt free. I bought my current house for 125,000 dollars, I have 27 years left of mortgage payments to the god damned banks if I stayed in this house, and I know they’ll “pull the rug out from under me” in the form of devaluing housing prices again very soon. I am moving in the next few months (I recently decided to say “fuck it” and I’m selling the house without fixing it up even though that means walking away with less money, I’ll still walk away with money) and I’m buying a place for less than half the price of my current home. Also, because I’m moving to a “less desirable” area for investors to inflate housing prices, I will be getting over twice as much land, and more privacy, at half the price of my current home. A “win” all around in my opinion. And with far less money being owed to the banks, I can invest in teaching myself more skills (I am currently a HVAC technician and if I do say so myself, a jack of all trades) but I still have lots to learn and will more easily be able to do so when I have more money. I’ll be able to keep my current income, I’ll just have a longer commute, and that’s a price I’m very willing to pay for FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOM.


            • Amen to all that, Jacob.

              It’s what I did, about ten years ago.

              Not having a monthly house payment – just one much smaller “rent” payment to the county (property tax) is liberty enhancing. Although it is still necessary to earn money so they can take it from you, you don’t have to earn nearly as much. It takes a lot of pressure off.

              Privacy/space – invaluable.

              I have my own private running trail through my woods. I see no one. They don’t see me. I could jog naked and with a bandolier of shotgun shells strapped across my chest if I felt like it. That’s all right.

              I can tear up the back field with my dirt bike.

              I keep the house warm all winter with wood from trees on my land I chopped down and split up.

              We have about 32 chickens wandering around – and it’s (for now) no one else’s got-damned business.

              You’re gonna love it, mang!

          • Dear Eric,

            “I could jog naked and with a bandolier of shotgun shells strapped across my chest if I felt like it. That’s all right.”

            Wow. Way too much information!


          • eric, I used to put in 5 miles a day in underwear that looked like speedos. I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing me although I did carry a shirt or towel to swat horseflies should they attack. It was funny in a way since I had this tomcat that would follow me on treks that were miles long and on my run too. I’d start to hear this desperate sound and it would be Packrat done in, as far as he could go. But he never quit doing it. Every day when I’d get back to the house I’d have him like a football and literally dripping sweat. Didn’t bother him though and he’d be happy as punch. I used to go on very fast forced marches with two 5.56mm bandoliers(double full)and an AR. I got more than I bargained for one day when it was in excess of 100 and I didn’t chain my dogs up(keep them at home) that couldn’t go 10 miles in that heat. Both went down(heat exhaustion) at different times and I spent the entire afternoon humping both of ’em back to the house, 85 lbs. and 75 lbs. My wife was home from work, all pickups there, house open, no me and one dog who wouldn’t get out of a wet flowerbed. I finally struggled back with the other dog. She said I appeared to be overheated. No joke.

          • Jacob, you only lost money on your silver if you intended to sell it at the top of the market. This current depression in prices is entirely artificial and can’t last much longer. I still buy all the silver and gold I can while it’s down.

        • On a positive note, the more you are able to keep your excess value in non-dollar-denominated assets, the more you starve “them.”



          Storing prepped food and potable water is also a “bad investment” since its value and usable life decline the longer you have it.

          Guns may become less reliable over time. Ammo may be discontinued and you’d have to make you own. Guns can increase or decrease in retail value over time.

          Having the four things you mention is a great start.

          The only way I can think of to unwind your silver at a profit would be to find someone motivated to pay higher than market for it.

          Like maybe a doctor falsely accused of the murder of his wife. He might want to trade his life savings in from some silver, which you could demand a hefty premium for.

          The Fugitive – Inappropriate Soundtrack Scene

          Maybe you know some Iranians, who are flush with oil, or some North Koreans, who are flush with opium, who’d happily buy your silver with some of their surplus commodities, outside the prying statist eyes of the UN.

          A cartel member might wish to trade you his “narco dollars” for silver for example. His holding useless-to-him dollars would motivate him to trade them at favorable-to-you terms.

          A meth chemist or dealer might trade you product for silver and you’d end up with some ice worth many times what you could have purchased through normal channels with dollars.

          Here in Vegas, we have 24/7 vaults where you can store and access your silver any time. No paperwork to fill out, you submit to a retinal scan and pay your storage fee, that’s it. They never even ask your first name. Nothing to help an ex-wife or IRS revenue agent whatsoever.

          The most likely SHTF scenario, is likely to be a personal legal SHTF for you alone. Should that happen, Yahweh forbid, you’ll may be glad to already have some water, food, guns, and silver.

          • Tor, Jacob I’m always amazed people don’t include a large amount of meds, bandages, ointments and things like IV rigs along with Ringer’s solution and similar ones to it. Large stocks of pet food is a must too. Dogs can be worth more than their weight in gold in SHTF times. If you don’t know how to reload, now is the time and good stock of sealed powder, primers and bullets will be invaluable. Since gasoline doesn’t last long but you’ll find it last many times longer in steel containers, esp. galvanized, than plastic, you’ll want the largest ones you can afford. Diesel last fairly long periods stored in steel also. Propane will last a great long while so as many 250-1,000 gal. tanks as you can amass will be invaluable also. Get into a fight with someone(s) or some thing and that Ringer’s solution might save your life as well as your dog(or cat). As much antibiotic meds as you can afford you can obtain at the feed store of vet. supply. It’s all the same stuff and almost always in the same dosage. More hand tools than you currently have also including axes, picks, shovels, and a brace with bit set. Back before cordless tools a brace and bit was a must. Also on the fuel, small containers for propane from the 20 lb bottle all the way to the 100 lb jobs can be good for many things. You’ll want to get tanks with wet lines(propane), a transfer hose and a converter from transfer hose to bottle. Decades ago I would take my bottles to the propane dealer to fill them but bought a tank with a wet line, hose and the converter and began filling my own. I fill tanks for friends in a bind and mostly get reimbursed with things I need or temporarily don’t have on hand. Barter is better. Propane for beer, that’ll work.

      • Dear meth,


        Useful profiling of the various pundits.

        Not being in the US, this info helps me get a handle on these media figures.

    • Dear Jacob,

      “I have finally settled on the fact that he is just some dude, with his own set of opinionated opinions and a way to let the world know about those opinions.”

      I think that’s the right attitude. It’s the way I see things too.

      Don’t expect too much of any one individual. Everyone is flawed. We all are. Look for and make use of others’ strengths, and winnow out the chaff.

      No need to idolize anyone only to be let down. Treat what they have to offer as pieces of a larger jigsaw puzzle, one you are assembling on your own to better understand the world.


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