Alex Jones Confirms LAX FEMA Camp

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Check it out: 

Alex Jones presents newly exposed footage filmed at LAX airport in Los Angeles confirming a ‘rendition hub’ capable of processing thousands of people per hour from straight off the tarmac and other transportation points.

Further, Alex dredges up video clips of other facilities used in the past for mass containment of dissenters- from Pier 57 in New York City used to detain those rounded-up during mass arrests at the 2004 Republican National Convention to the former Mueller Airport facility in Austin which news clips exposed had been converted to hold mass arrestees to the Sand Point Naval Station in Seattle used for 1999 WTO protesters.

This is, of course, only the tip of the iceberg, yet demonstrates the growing apparatus aimed at American dissenters in the Homeland.

Video here:


    • We’re in for some very rough times, no doubt, and a lot of us will fall. But in the end, we citizens still outnumber the thugs. Once a large fraction of the populace understands what’s going on, the thugs will be defeated.

      • If we were comparing apples to apples I would agree with you 100%. We’re not though. Modern weaponry (both lethal and non-lethal) are more advanced than we are aware, I believe. And even so, the ones we are aware of are powerful enough to subdue the entire country in a matter of days, if not just a day! My/your/Eric’s firearms will be useless against a big ass sonic dish blasting sound waves through our bodies so powerful we could die (if they turned it up). Just sayin’. Basically we’re fucked no matter what! I don’t like thinking like this, but I do.

        • Pashtun tribesmen who technologically are not far from the stone age fought two empires to a standstill and are working on their third, all in less than 200 years. The US Army as yet has not come up with an effective answer to the AK-47, RPG and IED.

          Remember that as chilling as the novel 1984 is, it came from the mind of a socialist certain of the overwhelming power and omnipotence of government.

          It may be preparing itself for the eventuality, but I don’t think the US government is capable of pulling off such a thing. They could barely handle Katrina and that was localized in one area.

          My biggest fear is the folks who are being trained to run the camps walking off the job when the paychecks run out and deciding to go freelance.

          • There are a few variables not taken into account.

            1. Home court advantage

            These assholes know every nook and cranny here as well as have an infrastructure already setup and ready to rock and roll.

            2. We lack weapons

            We don’t have automatic weapons, RPGs, and most haven’t a clue on how to build bombs. If we did research how to build one we more than likely are already on the watch list and will be handled first when SHTF. We have all been measured, profiled, and researched. They know already who will be a risk and we’ll be handled swiftly to minimize resistance.

            3. Hurricane Katrina

            That was a gift. Less work for the government to do.

            4. Run out of money

            Come on, government will not run out of money. That is akin to saying we’re run out of dirt. These assholes make money!

            note: This is all hypothetically speaking of course.

          • 1 – So do we.

            2 – It doesn’t take much knowledge to turn your AR-15 into an M-16. The Anarchist Cookbook is still readily available. Any basic chemistry instruction will teach you how to make things go boom. Maybe I’m different than most but I spent my childhood turning small firecrackers into big ones. Still have 10 digits.

            3 – My point about Katrina is the government horribly botched the organization and transport of people in one city, that largely were unarmed and pacified. I don’t expect much better results if it attempted to go national with this program against people who really have nothing to lose.

            4 – Technically, Weimar Germany didn’t run out of money either.

            I’m much farther than you are from the seat of power, and I think that makes a difference in the argument here. The US isn’t likely to survive a crisis with the same borders that exist now. I’m less than 50 road miles from one of the largest Army bases in the country and around Puget Sound one will find 2-3 aircraft carriers and eight Ohio-class submarines, each capable of carrying about 250 nuclear warheads before they were limited by treaties. I think it’s more likely these folks are gonna start to fence this stuff when the dollar goes poof than they are to turn it against us.

            Not saying your scenario can’t or won’t happen, I just don’t think government is going to be very effective at executing a plan based on the information they’ve gathered.

            Remember that it’s number one priority is not to attract the best-and-brightest but to reflect the demographic makeup of the populace. This means it’s full of place-holders that wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a merit-based system. This has implications for the future we’re debating…..

          • The aim of the ruling class in the USA is to impoverish every one else. Hostilities within the country will achieve that goal.

            It won’t be nice neat company town that appears to be the goal, but it will do well enough. Then once everyone is bombed out and most are dead they can bring in their desired order with less or no resistance.

            Again, I refer to “Things to Come” by HG Wells.

          • @ThatOneGuy

            I hear you man and will fight till the end. Just like I think all of us here will! I have a few fire arms and would be able to punch out my AR in a pinch, but I don’t think it will help much. I think the difference between armed and unarmed is a matter of living free a few extra seconds!

          • I think it all hinges on how the individual uniformed servicemember responds, and there’s just no way of knowing that. I think there will be a period of strife but I don’t think these guys and gals will have the stomach for internecine conflict for very long. I’m pinning all of my hopes on that.

            Like I said the other day, I’m making a real effort to try optimism this year because I’m tired of all the stress wrapped up in prepping and trying to stay on top and ahead of all these doomsday scenarios. It occured to me the other day that one year of food and 5,000 rounds of ammunition only guarantees oneself a huge target around the neck as long as one is still living in the largest, hell practically ONLY major metropolitan area north of San Francisco and west of Minneapolis.

            In the long run we’re all dead anyway and the probability of just about any event happening gets closer to 100 percent.

            You’re probably right Dom, being armed and prepped only guarantees you the ability to shoot back for as long as it takes the 50-caliber machine guns to tear the walls and roof off of your house.

            Lol not doing too well with that optimism thing….

          • I think you are right on the money with it hinging on the individual carrying out the orders. I believe there are more than enough trainable clovers to handle a task like this. I’m going to leave this thread alone now. Shit is depressing. Never even owned a firearm till I started talking to Eric! Dammit..

        • Take heart, Dom. We will NOT lose a shooting fight if it comes to that.

          As TOG rightly posts–the Pashtuns have brought three empires to their knees, ours being the latest.

          Don’t be too afraid of the various Atlas Shrugged-like weapons they have; there aren’t enough to contain 100 million pissed-off gun owners.

          As for the microwave beams–simple aluminum foil will block them. The sound beams? Very directional; powerful, yes, but only in a narrow beam.

          The bio-weapons worry me more; but even the psychopaths are scared of those.

          I think they’re mostly going for the slow-kill via GM foods, vaccines, fluoride, and pharmaceuticals. If they step up the pace, people will wake up REAL quick.

          • Dom, I read there were at least 10.8 million guns sold in this country last year alone (based on FBI approved background checks, since more than one gun could be purchased on one check, sales were undoubtedly higher). Methyl’s right, their high tech weaponry is over rated. We are a nation of marksmen and when it comes down to it, the PTB don’t want to wake that sleeping giant I assure you.

            Don’t let your level of awareness or prepping get you down and depressed. (go here, read this: Actually if you’ve kept your mouth shut about your preps to your neighbors and maintain a low profile when the SHTF, you’re no more of a target than anyone else. The best security is the ignorance of those around you. Keep them ignorant and appear to be just like them. If things get really bad and the neighbors turn cannibal on you, practice the three esses: Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up.

            Any “survivalist” or “militia” member that goes out and engages the modern military head on is a moron and will get what he asks for rather quickly. Our war will be fought with ideas and persuasion. Don’t forget that Ron Paul gets the highest amount of financial support from the rank and file military of any candidate. Some of that high tech weaponry will be pointed at the PTB, not us….

          • @Boothe

            Thanks for the inspiring link. My efforts for preparedness continue and will continue. I agree that they don’t want to wake the sleeping giant. THAT IS EXACTLY WHY THEY WON’T. Their strategy would be extremely well thought with shootouts being the last phase. Here is what I would do if I were them. I would classify all people.
            What is their schedule, how much resistance would they pose, how long could they hold out (best case scenario), how many guns do they, what kind of training do they have, what are their weak points, how can I fool them, what are they sensitive to. That is for starters. All this can be discovered without leaving a computer terminal for most people! Then I would figure how I can separate them from their resources. Catch them off guard, in other words. What can I use against them, do they have family. I could really turn on the paranoia, but I’ll leave it here.
            It does not matter how many guns were sold last year, or all the years previous. We must take into consideration we WILL NOT be in the perfect situation to defend ourselves when the move has been made! For us who really want to be prepared, play the “what if game” using your most vulnerable position as the starting point (the spot you’ll be) when the SHTF.
            It’s going to be a fast move and we will not be ready.
            Picture this, SHTF and you are at work. The roads are blocked all to shit and the back roads are clover patch packed. Complete grid lock. Some BS national disaster has been declared. You’re 50 miles from home and your family. What to do? All the while they have more than likely made the moves on your property and family..

            Of course, just sayin’!

          • Dom-

            I don’t think it’s going to be a flash event like that. Suppose the dollar collapses. I’ve been posting on the internet for a little while now and one thing I’ve deduced is the average person isn’t going to immediately grasp what that means. Once they do they’ll go straight to the bank, and by then it’ll be too late. Then they’ll go to the grocery store, and it’ll be too late there also. As long as you are positioned to avoid these two places in the early going you’ll have a leg up on probably 90 percent of people.

            If you’re worried about the government declaring martial law, there will have to be a build-up of forces that would be clear and unmistakable. National Guard units would have to be called up en-masse and that would take some time and be near impossible to hide. People are too connected now because of the Internet and word will spread like wildfire.

            Or it could be I don’t know what I’m talking about. I just think you give government too much credit to pull off such a wide-ranging operation over how many million square miles and hundreds of millions of people, simultaneously. Most of the time it can’t find its ass with both hands.

          • TOG, stupidity of government I have found is dependent upon point of view.

            Learning about the ruling class and trying to see things from their point of view, significant portions of the stupidity vanishes.

            As to weapons, if it comes to that point, the weapons will probably be biological. Biological will achieve the goal without making more people angry because most of the population won’t understand where the plague came from.

            Even after all these years most people won’t have a clue about the anthrax attacks which clearly were one portion of the government working to intimidate and scare another portion. The timing aspect could lead to more.

          • Brent-

            When you put it that way it reminds me of something Will Grigg wrote that stuck with me. To summarize, he said government is the only human enterprise that profits from failure, and when viewed through that prism the seemingly-idiotic and ham-fisted moves it makes make a lot more sense. Good points when made by both of you.

            But isn’t the release of biological agents dangerous to whoever would use them here as well? I don’t know much about these things; can they be targeted and the collateral damage kept to acceptable levels? It seems like a suicide weapon to me.

          • Either they will believe themselves to be immune or have a cure for it. Maybe they will go into their bunkers and wait it out.

            From our point of view it seems that they will end up killing themselves in large number as well. And maybe that is part of it. That only one small group remains.

            It is difficult to say.

          • I think most would – just as most have in the past. The military does not encourage independent thought. It encourages obedience. Was the average German soldier in WWII a psychopathic killer or just an order-follower? I think we’re naive to imagine the former rather than the latter – or that the average American soldier is any more inclined to do other than What He is Told than the average German soldier was.

          • You know, there is fixing to be a whole bunch of ex-soldiers on the streets as the army and marines ranks are cut. Never mind where they are going to find jobs, I wonder how mixed their emotions will be if they come up against their recent comrades-in-arms, on the streets of LA.

            Eric has a good point about the average soldier. They will be looking to their immediate leaders for direction. So, it will be the field grade officers that decide if American citizens are to be cut down in the streets.

            But you might have a chance with the military. If its the police department or the sheriff’s department, God help you.

            • That’s my take on this, too.

              Officers are older – they’ve “been there/done that” – and the ones I’ve met are often fairly cynical about the reality vs. the flag-humping fantasy. I know one guy in particular, a special forces Lt. Col., who I am pretty confident would tell TPTB to go pound sand if they ordered him to become the next Jurgen Stroop.

              Now, the younger gung-ho types… they’re the ones you have to worry about, I think.

          • This problem of troops being unwilling to kill civilians was solved thousands of years ago. An empire takes military units composed of people from one part of the empire and has them patrol another part.

            This way there would always be separation between the people and the occupying force. Northcom is likely well aware of this ages old way of doing things.

            Another problem is that the US military has been recruiting criminals and the use of mercenaries. All they have to do is let these people keep what they can plunder and there will be no reservations on their part.

            • “An empire takes military units composed of people from one part of the empire and has them patrol another part. ”

              My understanding is that’s exactly what the state police do in Virginia. They send the new cop to a totally different part of the state than the part he came from originally. The stated reason for doing this is to avoid situations such as a cop pulling over his friend for something, then letting him off because he knows him. Of course, that’s precisely the reason why this policy is pernicious. It’s good for a cop to know the people he interacts with – and vice versa. It’s a check on bad behavior (both ways). Conversely, it’s much easier for a cop (for anyone) to be a dick to a stranger – to stick to “the book” and forget about nuance.


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