NowThey’re Trying to False Flag Jesse

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Any of you read about this yet?

Paul Joseph Watson
Saturday, January 7, 2012

Following claims made by US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle that he punched Jesse Ventura for badmouthing US troops during a wake for a slain soldier in Coronado, California, Ventura has denounced the story as an outrageous lie, asserting that the event never happened.

Kyle, who has been the subject of numerous television interviews over the past few days while he promotes his new book, is a sniper marksmen who has been made into somewhat of a poster child for US military involvement in the Middle East following his tales of killing hundreds of Iraqi insurgents.

Kyle claims that he met Ventura in a bar in Coronado in 2006 while Ventura was in town to speak to a new class of SEAL graduates at nearby Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. Also present were family members holding a wake for Michael Mansoor, one of the first SEALs killed in Iraq. Kyle claims Ventura began loudly objecting to the war in Iraq before calling the troops “murderers” and saying “we deserved to lose a few guys”.

Kyle then claims he punched Ventura, knocked him to the floor, and quickly vacated the scene.

Infowars today spoke with Tyrel Ventura, Jesse Ventura’s son, who related to us how Ventura is shocked, heartbroken and saddened about how a fellow Navy SEAL could invent such a hurtful and abhorrent lie.

The event never happened, Ventura has never met Kyle, and the whole story is a transparent hoax seemingly designed as an attempt at character assassination given Ventura’s very public recent battles with the federal government, in particular his fight with the TSA, and his vehement anti-war stance, Tyrel told us after talking with his father.

Ventura explained that he has only ever visited the bar in question with groups of friends, and the notion that the story if true would not have already become public in the space of over five years is plainly ludicrous.

Ventura labels the story a total fabrication and is beyond heartbroken that a fellow service member and Navy SEAL would invent such outrageous lies designed to defame him and help sell a book. He adds that it is incredibly vicious to claim at a wake he would insult the family members of a slain soldier, which is one of the worst slurs that could be made against anybody, not to mention a former Navy SEAL like Ventura.

In his Facebook response, Ventura makes reference to another false claim that had to be retracted about him supposedly tail gating in California last week, suggesting that there is an organized effort to “destroy my credibility”.

Such actions may be an effort to pre-empt the possibility that Ventura could enter the presidential picture as a candidate for the Libertarian Party. Tyrel Ventura told us that Jesse is completely blown away that the establishment is now coming after him by way of manufactured hoaxes and cynical acts of character assassination in a bid to politically discredit him.

Close friend Alex Jones points out that Ventura was “veering towards riding off into the sunset for good,” but that such attacks on his character could force the former Governor to re-emerge as a prominent force on the US political scene. Jones said that the smear has completely backfired because it will only make Ventura become more public and be more aggressive in asserting his anti-war, pro-freedom principles.

Anyone who knows Ventura also knows that he is a supreme patriot, a proud former SEAL, and would never insult the family members of a fallen soldier at a wake – such egregious slurs are completely inconsistent with Ventura’s character, notes Jones.

Ventura is currently residing at his remote home in the Baja region of Mexico which is virtually cut off from civilization, but is planning to travel to the nearest town in order to do a Skype interview with the Alex Jones Show over the next few days.

His son Tyrel Ventura will appear on the Alex Jones Show tomorrow to address the hoax. Jesse Ventura is expected to make further statements on the issue over the course of the next week.

Read Jesse Ventura’s Facebook statement below:

The event this man spoke of never happened. I have been to Mc P’s many times since leaving the Navy. I was never there alone. I was always accompanied by other people. If this happened 6 years ago, someone would have known of it before now. Certainly in the UDT/SEAL community it would have been known. This has to be news to all of us.

I have always opposed the war in Iraq but I have never spoken or wished any ill will towards the soldiers. My heart aches that soldiers have died or been wounded because this war should never have taken place. I am perplexed over the agenda this man has and why a fellow Navy Seal would tell a lie about an event that never happened.

Clearly between this story and the previous week’s story about supposedly getting pulled over for tailgaiting in CA that was also a lie, someone is out to destroy my credibility. I find it very interesting that both these stories are being spread by Fox news and it’s affiliates. As a Navy veteran you realize you can’t believe every sea story you hear. Let me finish by stating both of the recent two national stories about me are completely untrue lies, neither event ever happened.


  1. I watched the sniper’s interview yesterday, I think. I thought it sounded kind of crazy for Jesse to be talking smack like that at someone’s wake. Turns out the shit is completely false. Not surprised. Bet ya’ll that little white lie got a shitload of clovers out there purchasing his book today. That lie must have earned him a 10s or 100s of thousands. Just imagine how much the really really big lies earn!

    • I’ve followed Jesse’s public comments for years. He does get his back up when there’s a reason – an example includes standing up to the egregious Sean Hannity and calling out the bully Bill O’Reilly – but I have never seen him verbally attack someone who didn’t ask for it/initiate it and I just can’t see him being a dick at someone’s wake, no matter what his personal feelings might be. So my BS detector was chiming in early and often on this one…


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