Park Ranger Heroes Assault Hikers

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This one’ll make your day:


  1. Looks like the normal everyday routine for douche bags, I mean cops, to me!
    What’s different here?

    Cops pride themselves on destroying and taking away anything they can from others.

    • These cops are going after ‘normals’.

      The routine is to go after people that ‘normals’ disregard. The ones ‘normals’ rationalize should be harassed. Should be punished. Should be taught submission. That didn’t do like they were supposed to and thus ‘deserved’ it. This is the kind of thing that doesn’t happen to ‘normals’, because ‘normals’ don’t do anything ‘wrong’. It just happens to people who deserve it.

      We’ll know if freedom has a fighting chance by what happens as they go after more and more ‘normals’. Seems they don’t like it any more than minorities and weirdos do.

      • Seems to me, park rangers go after ‘normals’ all the frickin’ time. That’s how they’re different from cops.

        Park rangers didn’t used to be so into the whole submission aspect, that’s why this video is ‘different’, imho.

        • Yes, indeed.

          This video is very valuable because it shows the right kind of victims: startled, middle class white people. They can’t believe this is happening to them.

          All over a seatbelt “violation,” mind.

        • “Seems to me, park rangers go after ‘normals’ all the frickin’ time. That’s how they’re different from cops.”

          That’s true in my experience, also, at least where they are federal park porkers.

          “Park rangers didn’t used to be so into the whole submission aspect, that’s why this video is ‘different’, imho.”

          Well, I have a different view, based on my own experience. In the mid 1970s, my wife and I were cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway in a ’68 VW van with the middle seat removed so we could sleep in it. The campgrounds in the national forest areas wouldn’t allow regular vans, only camper conversions, so we slept in the turnout lots along the parkway.

          Parkway cops, just left us alone as long as we didn’t have curtains in the van and they could see inside.

          We met a group of young people who had been touring the parkway like we had been doing, and one of them told us how they had been refused campsites at several national forest campgrounds for one reason or another. The guy telling me about it said he was tired of it, and that the park police were worse than local cops.

          The next morning the radio news was reporting that the guy we had talked to had been shot dead by a park ranger at a campground late in the afternoon after we met the group. That was over 40 years ago and park rangers were already that bad. Maybe it’s because so many of them are recent combat vets who had a connection to get them a federal job after their tours. I don’t know, but I can’t remember any good old days when Park pork was kinder and gentler.

    • “…destroying and taking away anything they can from others.”

      They’re fun-suckers. They suck the fun out of the day or a moment as if they owned All The Land and we’re their Helots.

      I can’t count how many times they’ve ruined the day over petty shit. And they have to go out of their way to do so. High paid bullies.

      Yes! I am going to burn the whole log. Now go away and mind your own fucking business.

      • The national and state parks may be an application of the Rockefeller principle of control instead of ownership. The government owns the property but who controls the government?

        • Whoever is willing to help them prove their patriotism, where ptriotism is defined per Patton’s definition.

          They have already volunteered, after all.

  2. After hiking the entire Grand Canyon in less than one day, a group of tired hikers got pulled over for having too many people in the car. When the driver begins to have violently painful leg cramps and must get out of the car. The officer proceeds to arrest him for not obeying orders.

    The driver who was arrested is a physicians assistant. The woman in the blue shirt was the drivers wife. Also a registered nurse.

    Officer Information:
    Name: John Vonk.
    Badge Number: 1336.
    Position: Park Ranger at the Grand Canyon National Park.
    Telephone: 928.638.7805

    Interview with the driver:

    What an evil little Hitler Youth fuckface that John Vonk is.

    • That Vonk piece of shit is exactly the sort of piece of shit who will “follow the law” when the law says it’s time to put people onto freight cars or into camps.

      • So pre-emptively perform post-term aboprtions on such people. It’s ALL LEGAL… 😀
        (Seriously, planned parenthood supporter was talking about infanticide being allowed recently – you can probably find with a Google. And it should ONLY be between the woman and her doctor… For PRIVACY reasons, so she doesn’t ahve to deal with the shame… )

  3. No one can accuse these rangers of being smarter than the average bear.

    The amount of over reaction by some LEOs will get someone hurt and possibly dead.


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