No “Assault Weapons” For “The Troops”!

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After all, what applies to us ought to apply to them – no?

AP: A Marine opened fire on two of his comrades on Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia late Thursday, then turned the gun on himself, military officials said.

The incident left all three Marines dead, The Associated Press reported.

According to Marine Corps spokesman Agustin Solivan, the suspected gunman shot one Marine, then barricaded himself inside the staff barracks area of the Officer Candidates School.

When police entered the barracks early Friday, officers found two more bodies, including that of the gunman. He died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Solivan said.

The names of the dead were being withheld pending notification of next of kin. The suspected gunman and both victims — a man and a woman — were staff members at the school, a senior defense official told NBC News.

A relationship dispute is believed to be the motive for the shooting.

The incident prompted a base-wide lockdown. On the Quantico Facebook page, base residents were ordered to remain inside with doors locked, and to follow all instructions being delivered over the public address system.

The base lockdown was lifted just before 3 a.m. on Friday.

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  1. It’s a strange contradiction when you hear about warnings disseminated through various government agencies about how much of a hazard is posed by former members of our armed forces owning firearms. Yet, these very same agencies prefer to hire said ex-soldiers and supply them with, in some cases, heavier artillery than they carried in whatever third-world toilet they were originally sent to.

    • The key being “former.” Once they become Mundanes, they are no longer to be trusted – but rather, controlled. Because, after all, now they’re not working as regime enforcers.

  2. I thought those in uniform possessed special skills to safely use “assault”* weapons.

    If those in uniform can not be trusted with weapons, perhaps they should not have these weapons. This is for everyone’s safety.
    * To my understanding a definition for assault weapon does not exist.


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