Utah Police Obtain Grenade Launchers, Riot Gear From Feds

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Like FEMA, local police are also preparing for mass panic

Kit Daniels
January 21, 2014

Police departments across Utah have been receiving surplus military gear well-suited for riot control, such as grenade launchers and armored vehicles, through a U.S. Department of Defense program that is far more prevalent than what was previously known, according to recently released documents.


For the past four years, the Pentagon has equipped dozens of Utah police departments with a wide variety of military equipment commonly used in riot response such as the aforementioned grenade launchers, M14s, M16s and mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles through the Excess Property 1033 Program, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

In total, over 2,240 pieces of military equipment valued at nearly $3 million have been sent to Utah since 2009, an amount far more staggering than what was revealed before.

Several of the sheriffs indicated that the equipment would only be used in worst-case scenarios.

“Are they absolutely necessary? Well, you never know,” Wasatch County Sheriff Todd Bonner said. “It’s good to be prepared.”

Iron Co. Sheriff Mark Gower also said that his department’s MRAP will only be used in “very, very limited situations where we anticipate the possibility of someone shooting at us.”

Another sheriff, Lynn Yeates with Box Elder Co., stated that his department’s grenade launchers will be used to fire non-lethal rounds, which are commonly deployed in riot response.

It is no coincidence that the Pentagon is purposely equipping these departments with military gear for civil unrest.

Currently, America is in worse shape economically than it was prior to the 2008 financial crisis. For one thing, America’s manufacturing might has disappeared due to the myriad of government regulations.

To satisfy consumer demand in spite of this, the U.S. has relied on foreign demand for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which has ensured that countries around the world would accept fiat dollars for their manufactured goods.

But eventually, as the Federal Reserve continues to create more dollars, the value of the already weak dollar will decline to the point where foreign countries will no longer accept them for their goods, destroying the American economy as it finally sinks under its heavy trade deficit.

The Fed’s only response to this and the still lingering recession is to print even more dollars.

“On top of the trillions in dollars already printed thus far, the Fed continues quantitative easing to the tune of about $80 billion per month,” Marc Slavo wrote on the subject. “It’s the only arrow left in the Fed’s quiver, because failing to inject these billions into stock markets and banks will lead to an almost instant collapse of the U.S. financial system.”

“Unfortunately, the current strategy is chock full of its own pitfalls, the least of which being the real possibility of a hyper-inflationary environment developing over coming months and years.”

In essence, by propping up the U.S. “house of cards” economy with the current round of quantitative easing, the Fed is only advancing the collapse of the dollar and the mass chaos that will ensue.

Other federal agencies are also making preparations for this mass rioting and panic.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is currently looking for contractors that can collect and remove bio-medical waste during national emergencies, as reported earlier by Paul Joseph Watson.

Previously, FEMA unsuccessfully sought a contractor that could supply 100,000 medical scrubs to be delivered to 1,000 make-shift “tent hospitals” within 48 hours of a declared emergency.

Last fall, FEMA’s parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security, spent $500,000 on automatic pepper spray launchers complete with 240,000 projectiles.

The government knows that a collapse is coming.


  1. Regarding the those who seek the Abolition of the Soul: Rorschach said it best:

    You can assert all you want that you care about life. That you’ve discovered humanity. That you want to save it… but that’s not true. You haven’t saved humanity. You’ve deformed it. You’ve mutilated it. That’s your legacy.

  2. Why aren’t civilians “allowed” to own grenade launchers?

    Shall not be infringed… why is that complicated?

    Cops should be disarmed and lose their license to kill. Anytime someone commits a crime in uniform they should be sentenced to death or exile because of the protections they have.

    • I’m not 100%, but I think we are allowed to own a launcher. I’d imagine you have to get a tax stamp and a shit load of paperwork. Then you also have to get a tax stamp for each round (grenade) you wanted to purchase. I think the basic tax stamp is like $200 a pop. I’m not certain of this, but I know it applies to suppressors. Oh yeah, it’d probably take a least a year for all the paperwork to go through too.

        • Ditto meth! I’ll obey the shit out of the laws of that era, should they somehow be restored. For example, maybe profanity was outlawed.

          I wouldn’t miss using cusswords for a millisecond, considering all the other well-tempered framework of force then in effect.

  3. Dear dom,

    “… eventually, as the Federal Reserve continues to create more dollars, the value of the already weak dollar will decline… destroying the American economy… ”

    The Achilles Heel of any form of tyranny — economic self-destruction.

    This is why a totalitarian technoncracy may be able to prevail briefly, but is inherently unsustainable in the long run.

    This is why the most totalitarian regimes are also the most short lived. Regimes that start out relatively free may be able to hold out for quite some time.

    But once they slide far enough down the slippery slope, they slide faster and faster and before you know it they go over the edge and into the abyss.

    Who knew we would see this happen to America in our lifetimes?

          • Apparently it was French philosopher Voltaire!

            Il est dangereux d’avoir raison dans des choses où des hommes accrédités ont tort.

            It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.

            “Catalogue pour la plupart des écrivains français qui ont paru dans Le Siècle de Louis XIV, pour servir à l’histoire littéraire de ce temps,” Le Siècle de Louis XIV (1752)

            Note: The most frequently attributed variant of this quote is: It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

      • Holy. Shit.

        That is just naked tyranny–who the hell ARE these people? Who’s this goonish “federal agent”?

        My god it’s going down fast now. I remain optimistic in the long term…I’ve said it’s going to be a rough ride–but now I’m starting to see exactly HOW rough this ride is going to be.

        They are itching for a fight. It’s crucial we educate, and wait, and educate and wait some more and let THEM bring the fight–because we will not win by initiating it.

        I’m also scared shitless about the “immigration reform”–that is the fast track to hell.

        Between offshoring, Obamacare, and 15 million new Democrat voters–we’ll lose our guns, our money, our freedom, and our lives very, very quickly after that.

        • Dear meth,

          Yeah. The slippery slope. We’ve been sliding down it imperceptibly for decades, even centuries.

          But on 9/11 we reached the spot where the slope steepens and we rapidly gathered speed.

          Even we hardcore types, who have been sounding the alarm for twenty, thirty years, were taken by surprise when our dire prophecies suddenly came true!

        • meth wrote, “I’m also scared shitless about the “immigration reform””

          That’s kind of surprising to read.

          Myself. I’m not worried about it at all.

          If the immigrants vote Dem, that just speeds things up and gets it over with already.

          However; of the few immigrants I’ve known, none wanted to vote, and all of them were just fine with people owning guns.

          Anecdotal, I know.

      • Proves the big dogs are getting plenty scared of the sleeping giant waking up. And they think a MRAPor two will save them? Maybe the politicians & bankers hiding in their bunkers, but not the the front line.

        • They have nothing but their guns, held by dead souls for the sake of a paycheck.

          We have passion, the strength of an idea.

          We aren’t fighting for money.

          We are fighting for life, liberty.

          Powerful stuff – and they know it.

          • eric wrote, “We aren’t fighting for money.”

            That’s ‘powerful stuff’ too.

            ….Oh my, I’m sensing a very bad setup

          • Wow Eric–five sentences that say it all.
            THAT is why I’m optimistic long-term; because we have right on our side.

            I’m just increasingly queasy about the transition.

            And I’m wondering how far they’ll escalate; how nihilistic, how absolutely petulant they are in defeat…”If WE can’t have it, YOU can’t have it either–Naaah! There! See? We blew it all up!

            Bioweapons, nukes, who knows how far they’ll go?

            I know it sounds crazy. But this business of vaccines to “prevent addiction”, and vaccines to correct “mood disorders”–is another terrifying trend. The science is not too far-fetched; they’re talking about using herpes viruses (which infect neurons specifically) to target areas of the brain involved in addiction.

            Guess what? Those are the same areas that give you volition, will, drive, reward, motivation…and those transcendent moments of clarity and “oneness”.

            They’re aiming for the abolition of the soul.

            There’s an old Disney movie that was WAY ahead of its time; I suspect someone on the inside issue it as a warning…The Black Hole. A psychopathic ship’s captain uses laser surgery to convert the crew into mindless automatons by selective lobotomy….among other hints at what the Elites are planning.

    • I’m Not ready for this.
      I don’t even have chickens.

      Bevin, your link on the other thread was true enough, ‘Analyzing Chart Patterns: Double Top And Double Bottom’. It seems to fit right in with this:

      The Most Dangerous Chart in the World


      Anyway, I have discovered what’s worse than a sheeple that says, “Nothing is wrong, and nothing is going to happen, so why worry?”.

      It’s the person who says, “They (the central banks) have printed out *all* this money, and it’s done nothing! “WE” are going to do ‘this’ and ‘that’ as a nation and it’ll be all fine and dandy so long as “we” get just the right people in charge.”
      …Oh wait. Maybe what’s worse is the person who listens to them and says, “Yeah, I like the sound of that. You’re right, “we” need more Mercantilism.”

      I imagine they’re both the types that have, “I support the PoLice” on the bumper of their cars.

        • Bevin wrote, “That should tell us something!”

          Yeah, that and the fact that every year the sign on the counter at the coin shop which mentions the so-called ‘Patriot Act’ and it’s ID and reporting requirements gets more and more prominent. This year the sign even got a special frame to hold it upright so no one could Not notice it.

          It’s a good thing I give every silver Dollar and gold coin I buy to the Salvation Army Kettle every year, or to beggars on the street, otherwise; I’d be concerned Big Brother was about to do what Big Brothers always do to little brothers: Pound ’em!… and take what they want.

          I’m probably the only follower of Austrian Economics who has taken a vow of poverty? It doesn’t matter though, I’m sure Big Brother will find something I have they want to take. …As a poor man, I will only have lead left to give. … I think they know that.
          Thus the title to this article.


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