The Principled Difference Could Make all the Difference

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I listened to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s speech yesterday; such a contrast – such a tonic for the intellect – vs. the bloviating, belittling incoherence of the Orange Fail.

She elaborated principles, something the OF seems unable to do, probably because he hasn’t got any. I do not mean that as an insult. I mean it as characteristic of many Americans of the Republican persuasion especially, who do not consider particular things in abstract/conceptual terms; who “go with their gut” and “know what they mean.”

Which leaves their meaning as vaporous as a Scottish mist.

The OF failed for exactly this reason. He was defenseless against the principles of the Left. He could not fight the weaponization of hypochondria for the same reason he was unable to do anything fundamental to end – not “repeal and replace” – Obamacare.

In both cases, he was unable to articulate the principles at issue – and apply them.

In the case of Obamacare, the right of free people to decide for themselves whether to buy a health insurance policy or not – as opposed to being told they must not buy this “plan” or that “plan” . . . that is to say, some politician’s “plan.”

Like the Orang Man’s “plan.”

Instead of defending the right of human beings to freely associate – to decide for themselves whether to open or close their businesses (another principle, that of private property) and to decide for themselves whether to enter those businesses, or to wear a “mask” based on their own estimation of the risk and to be left in peace so long as they caused no actual harm to other people – all of it predicated on the principle of self-ownership and all that flows from it – the OF embraced the opposite principle – that the state owns the individual, who is part of a collective he must defer to.

He must submit to “mandates” hurled by political paladins – for the greater good, regardless of the bad imposed on the individual.

The OF stood mute and gelded for months by the side of the Leftist paladin who stole the presidency months before the (s)election of Joe Biden as the replacement president.

Pope Fauci XVII.

This little man took all the Orange Man’s power without the bother of an election. All he had to do was say – boo! – and the Orange Man said moo! He certainly never said anything principled in opposition to the weaponization of hypochondria and the transformation of the United States into a Sickness State.

Contrast what the Orange Failure said about “the deadly China virus” – and what the Orange Failure didn’t say about government assuming outright dictatorial power, rule by decree – the “mandate” predicated on “emergency powers” that never expire – with what Kristi Noem said:

COVID didn’t crush the economy, government crushed the economy.”

“South Dakota is the only state in America that never ordered a single business or church to close. We never instituted a shelter in place order. We never mandated that people wear masks. We never even defined what an essential business is, because I don’t believe that governors have the authority to tell you that your business isn’t essential.”

Principles. Clearly stated, forcefully because morally elaborated. The government  – not “the deadly China virus” – took away your freedom of association, your right to decide for yourself whether “the virus” constituted a greater threat to your well-being and the well-being of those you are responsible for caring for than an arrogant government busybody like Pope Fauci.

She was just warming up.

We have to show people how arbitrary these restrictions are, and the coercion, the force, and the anti-Liberty steps that governments take to enforce them.”

“Our founding fathers established our National Constitution and the people of individual states crafted their own constitutions that place specific limits on the role of government. Those limits are essential to preventing government officials from trampling on people’s rights.”

“The people themselves are primarily responsible for their own health and their wellbeing. They are the ones entrusted with expansive freedoms, the free will to exercise their rights to work, worship and to earn a living. No governor should ever dictate to their people which activities are officially approved or not approved.”

Did you ever hear the Orange Fail speak in such terms – or even speak coherently?

Noem went on to elaborate the principle of personal responsibility – the keystone of personal liberty. The individual has the right to assume responsibility for his life – to take decisions for himself and to enjoy the rewards and assume the risks – because if he does not, then he has no rights at all.

He is livestock.

A sheep.

It was once said that the Left takes its vision seriously, more seriously than it takes the rights of other people. They want to be our shepherds, but that requires us to be the sheep. Let it be heard loud and clear from us right now, we will not be sheep.”

Where was the OF when that needed to be said? He was standing mute beside the man who said – in effect – be sheep. Be quiet. Do not question. Just do as we say.

While OF said . . . nothing.

Here is what Noem said:

We are not here to tell you how to live your life, how to treat you like a child or a criminal because you go to church or you defend yourself.

“Each person, each person deserves the opportunity to build his or her life without some self-important government bureaucrat telling them what they can or what they can’t do.”

This is how serious adults speak – and it is how the Left is beaten. Not by ridiculing Leftist politicians because they’re senescent or hair-plugged or unappealing personally but by challenging their principles rather than acquiescing to them, as the Orange Fail did.

Which is why he failed.

And would, again – whether on purpose or not.

Because you cannot fight an opponent you are unable to disagree with.

Noem has articulated principled disagreement using complete sentences that logically follow, one after the other. She was coherent. She was classy. Most of all, she made sense – in the literal meaning of the term.  An intelligible, reasoned identification of the fundamental issues on the table and a principled elaboration of  why it matters to defend them.

As opposed to bellowing about “our great America” . . . whatever that means.

. . .

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  1. I really liked and found illuminating the stuff Charles Burris wrote for LRC. He’s going to stop writing. Here’s a few relevant bits from his last entry:

    Neither is Governor Kristi Noem perfect but compared to the other current egregious crop of statist governors and other politicians devoid of principles and only motivated by “libido dominando,” an unabashed hubris and aggrandizement of power, she is refreshing and candid.

    We must always look at the long term perspective of history and civilizational progress, particularly noting that pantheon of courageous individuals who spoke truth to power. For freedom remains the genius of American civilization. Other great nations were born in obeisance to the power of the state. Ours was born with the Declaration of Independence and the enshrining of the inalienable natural rights of man. Tragically the Framers’ vision of a decentralized federal republic of sovereign independent states would meet its final demise at Appomattox Court House during Abraham Lincoln’s Coercive War for National Unification.

    As Voltaire said in the dramatic conclusion of Candide:

    “Let us cultivate our garden.”

    Or as one of my favorite authors, Albert Jay Nock observed in a powerful passage I first read about fifty years ago (and which I never forgot):

    “The only thing that the psychically-human being can do to improve society is to present society with one improved unit.”

    I am going to focus upon that from now on.

  2. I wish my state (WY) had a governor like Kristi Noem. Instead, I am stuck with a POS called Mark Gordon. He issued unconstitutional “mask mandates” and “limited public gatherings” all in the name of “saaaaaffffftttteeeeeyyyyyyyy”. What a scumbag. Thankfully, in my county at least, the sheriff and the county attorney refused to go along with any of it. They said it was unconstitutional. So there is that I guess. I think Kristi Noem is a Ron Paul republican, if I am not mistaken. Good for her. At least she knows what being an actual American is, and stands up for the values that made America a truly beacon of light on the hill to the world.

    • Hi Lance,

      I’ve taken some flack for writing positively about Noem. Is she perfectly Libertarian? Of course not. She has some flaws, as we all do. But what I like about her is that for the most part – and when it really mattered – the woman defended individual liberty. The only governor to not “mandate” Face Diapers and “lockdowns.” This in the face of enormous pressure to go along with “the science” – i.e., the politics.

      She earned my respect for that.

      • I have heard that she initially wanted to impose more drastic measures. But she asked her ministers to see if she had the Constitutional authority to do so. They researched the issue and said no. So she decided to follow the Constitution and not impose any restrictions. Such restrictions as the people imposed on their own selves was fine. She is a wonderful breath of freedom. We need more like her down here on the ass end of the planet. We are overflowing with ass looking politicians in all our legislative bodies.

  3. I imagine some of you saw this already, I think it’s pretty good and hope you all don’t mind if I post the whole thing:

    Unfortunately, Charles Burris misinterpreted my call for adherence to the principles of liberty rather than to enthusiasm for particular rulers as an ad hominem assault. He then responded in kind. Perhaps I didn’t articulate my point clearly enough—but many of you did when responding to our blogs. Ergo, I’ll let LRC’s talented readers explain why lovers of liberty never trust politicians, no matter how “fresh” and pretty they may appear.

    Lee Olson observes,

    I see Charles has chosen to attack your blog post. I’m sending this message to you for the purpose of asking that you stand by your post. Why? Because it’s spot on. We don’t need to be ruled. That’s violates our Creator endowed birthright of sovereignty. How does it do that? The ruling class usurps our sovereignty for itself, at gunpoint I might add, and then tells us what we can and cannot do or say.

    Another gentleman appreciates

    your biblical and constitutional response to the Kristi Noem cult.

    It is impossible for those of an other-than-biblical approach to life to understand the biblical position. (1 Corinthians 1 – 2)

    The reference to Senator Hatfield, friend of Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy, makes your point very well.

    Indeed. This extended review of the late Senator’s “achievements” illustrates Lord Acton’s observation on power and corruption. Meanwhile, Senator Hatfield’s son, Mark, has “held senior management positions with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security from 2002 to 2015, most recently serving as Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)…”

    Of course, fathers aren’t responsible for their children’s crimes. But what of the senior Hatfield’s influence on that Marxist dystopia of Oregon? I’m not sure it’s fair to blame him entirely for the state’s lurch to the left; on the other hand, “No one has had a more profound impact on Oregon in the last half century than Mark Hatfield,” said a dude who should know, then-Governor John Kitzhaber. He added that the state “will forever bear the imprint of his caring and his commitment.” Which implies that we can lay the current mess in Portland at Hatfield’s door.

    Between that and his wayward son, this pol’s struck out twice.

    Back to our correspondent:

    I watched as much of Kristi Noem’s CPAC speech as I could handle (not very much). She is very problematic for conservative Christians for many reasons, including Isaiah 3:12.

    One other thing. My beloved grandmother, a bitter non-Christian by all indications, however, I believe, possessing experiential wisdom that comes with many years of life on earth, taught me never to trust female politicians. She used to say, “Where is her husband?”

    I couldn’t agree more. And I say that as a woman, in case you didn’t know.

    That is not to say that we should trust male politicians like Mark Hatfield.

    Amen and amen!

    Mark Carroll is disappointed I didn’t continue listing Noem’s evils:

    You stopped too soon. Noem was also complimentary of Reagan, who was the phoniest conservative of all. A socialist masquerading as a conservative; doing what he had done for years – just getting paid by Washington instead of Hollywood.

    David considers my “criticism of this woman” “appropriate” and adds,

    she also openly said that the people of S.D. had made a huge mistake in voting to fully legalize cannabis in the state in Nov. She had her team argued (successfully) before the state supreme court that the initiative violated the state constitution. Meanwhile medical cannabis passed as well (and was allowed), but she clearly does NOT support freedom in S.D. Just another statist POS.

    Mr. Anonymous writes,

    I’m with you. EVERY politician is suspect. Noem stands out merely because she diverges gently from the stupendous psychopathy of most of her fellow governors. This doesn’t make her the last hope of mankind. Though we all at times hunger for a glimpse of an earthly savior. She’s certainly no Ron Paul. Solutions to our problems must come from US as individuals in small groups.

    Hear, hear! This idea is central to our belief in freedom.

    Solutions will never be donated to us by political “leaders”. The very aspiration to the office of the unduly powerful presidency is itself an indication of ill intent.

    Our forbears in the 18th century understood that truth; it’s a warning we must resurrect. Any man craving to rule others proves he’s unfitted to the task by that very lust.

    Mr. Anonymous II laments,

    that many libertarians are deluded by the rhetoric and guile of Republican politicians. It is a wonder how many times they can expend their energy in praise of the appealing, charismatic, and often stunningly attractive candidates for office, ignoring the track records of other clones who have gone before. Befuddling and counterproductive to the destruction of the state. Do they not see Nixon’s quick turnaround to initiate numerous state spending projects – including an executive order for the EPA ? How about Bush I’s “no new taxes ? Or Reagan’s aggressive use of asset forfeiture, or his idiotic war on Grenada ? Or Bush II’s wars in the middle east ? Or Trump’s promises to end the Afghan and Iraq Occupations, or his reluctance to stop any of the Covid nonsense (which started under his watch !) keeping Dr Fauci employed the entire time. And these are only a few examples of the constant despotism during the terms of office. It could almost make one wax nostalgic about the Clinton administration, where state spending was actually less in real terms than in most of these Republican administrations. And then they appeal to the authority of economists who have gone before, such as Friedman and Rothbard, in endorsing a Republican for President, making the same mistake those economists made in ignoring the clone-like behavior of Republicans once in office. They are seeking the lesser of two evils when they wind up getting the evil of two lessers. And that is inevitable until the state tree is destroyed by trunk, branch and root.

    And R R Schoettker rounds out our unflattering picture of Hatfield:

    I concur with your judgement in this regard and as the following comments (extracted from Wikipedia) on the squeaky-clean “Saint Mark” reveal, even Rothbard’s ‘faith’ in politicians was misplaced. Being the least wicked among a group of the totally evil is nothing any person should be admired for!

    “In 1991, it was also revealed that Hatfield had failed to report a number of expensive gifts from the president of the University of South Carolina, James B. Holderman. Again, he apologized. But the Senate’s Ethics Committee rebuked Hatfield for the latter act. Hatfield received another rebuke from the Senate after the Ethics Committee investigated two gifts that he had received in the form of forgiven loans from a former congressman and a California businessman. During his tenure he gained billions of dollars in the form of federal appropriations for projects in Oregon.”

    As you said…….“At day’s end, she is still a politician who favors many ‘initiatives’ that are never any business of Leviathan’s.” Keep calling these ‘rulers’ out!

    I will. That’s why I’ve belabored this topic despite the good news from Texas and New York (where the execrable Cuomo is going down!!!). Nor do I wish to pick on Hatfield, Noem or even Charles Burris; any politician by the nature of politics cannot withstand scrutiny. Believing one extraordinary man can rise above the filth of his profession is as silly as believing an abortionist can be a decent person.

    Let none of us ever forget that it is liberty—not a person and especially not a politician—for which we’re fighting.

  4. The only worthwhile voting is for issues, not politicians. However it’s rare we get to vote on issues.

    The only recent one that we “got” to vote on, was about the “community” center expansion project. The town’s park district wanted to sink another thirty million into the already money losing building. There are already two outstanding bond issues on it already from the last two expansions (one late 1990’s and one about 2010).

    It was pretty clear to everybody but the park district leadership that this project was not wanted by voters and taxpayers. But they pushed on trying to put a positive spin on it. It would put the building in the black they claimed (never noting the last two expansions were supposed to do that too).

    To the credit of voters it was soundly defeated (about 75%!!). Thankfully the park district is prohibited from trying again for a number of years, but I am guessing they will be back for another round. We unfortunately have missed an opportunity to unload the whole thing on the YMCA but you know how that goes……

    • Hi Brian,

      You are lucky to have her! What I like best about her is her enunciation of principles – something rarely done by Republican politicians, who speak in opaque generalities about “freedom” and “America.” She seems to understand what those two terms mean – and defines them.

  5. My apologies. In this comment section, I’ve been a bit too adamant in expressing the validity of my conclusions. Which is the standard operating procedure of the Snow Flake SJW Wokesters. The difference being they NEVER apologize.
    Just because I’ve concluded that it’s not only pointless, but damaging to participate in voting does not mean that I’m perfectly correct with all subsequent debate not with standing. All ideas, conclusions or otherwise, should be constantly debated within one’s self, much less be denied to others. The notion that “I’m right and no opposing argument is valid” is exactly what’s destroying us. Please forgive me for using my enemies methods against you, if I did.
    I still think my conclusions regarding voting are proper, but that does not invalidate another’s conclusion that voting is effective. Explaining my position is perfectly fine. The demeaning or derogation of opposition in defense of my conclusions is not.

    • After all, who am I to challenge Murray Rothbard, who did conclude there was validity in voting for less tyranny. Although things have changed quite a bit since he was still around.

      • Hi John,

        We find ourselves in the position of a man forced to live in a prison. Is it wrong of him to prefer to live in a less squalid cell? To prefer the guard who isn’t sadistic over the one who is? Of course he’d prefer to not be under guard at all – and to be free. But until that is attainable he “votes” for that which improves his lot. He does not sanction his imprisonment thereby.

        • A prison where the doors are unlocked and the guards will make little effort to stop you leaving.

          Too many are as an elephant raised in captivity. The chain on the ankle could easily be broken but since it has been there all its life, and it could not brake it when young, it still believes it can’t be broken now.

      • John – As much of a fan of Rothbard as I am, I think that to appeal to his sentiments about voting so many years ago (he’s been dead for 25+ years now) does not take into account what we witnessed in the recent election season or the intervening years since his deathand no one can really know what his current sentiments on the topic would be. A lot of this argument centers on whether one believes it is still possible for elections to be conducted legitimately. If one believes they are not, like you and I and others, then voting is now, at best, a waste of time, and at worst, an explicit grant of legitimacy to an otherwise illegitimate process and all that flows from it.

    • Hi John,

      I think we may agree! I fully support not voting, if that reflects a person’s principles. At the same time, I do not consider it a violation of one’s principles to vote for (as per my example) lower taxes and more freedom. I defend and strive for no taxes and complete freedom (within the bounds of not causing harm to others thereby) but that doesn’t oblige me to not also support steps in that direction that don’t get us there in one step!

      • 100 percent. In some cases, it is valid to withdraw consent by not voting. In others, it is good to vote. In 2016 and 2020, I voted for the Orange Fail twice. There is a stark contrast between the two opposing candidates. I will vote in the next election if there is a candidate that represents my views. Trump sold himself as a pro American patriot. His record is clearly mixed, but I will vote for that over a stated globalist any day of teh week. Trump may not have core principles but his administration did take some small steps to right our trade situation and maintain American energy independence by building on the fracking revolution that took place during the Obama years. Biden on the other hand, continues to destroy American jobs because his foundation is in China and his focus international. I like Kristi Noem and I believe that she would make a great candidate for president or at least VP.

        • Please, I implore you, all of you, stop pretending that a barely coherent victim of dementia is “leading” anything, creating and implementing policy, making any decisions more complicated than making sure his socks match, or speaking any thing that isn’t read from a teleprompter after hours of rehearsal and still not always getting it right. Biden is doing nothing except signing what’s put in front of him, and reciting what he’s been told to say. He exists as a distraction from the monsters that really control everything coming out of this administration, composed of the worst possible culprits.

          • Indeed, John – regarding Joe’s dementia. Having dealt with this first-hand (my mom is afflicted with the same disease) I am attuned to the symptoms. He’s in decline, no doubt in my mind at all. But this is a good thing – for us. A senile tyrant – even if only a front man – is less effective as a tyrant than a mentally capable one. I would much rather have senile Joe, all Diapered up, as “leader” than Kamela…

        • Agreed, Swamp!

          If we’d had Noem as president rather than the Orange Fail, hypochondria would probably not have been weaponized. She didn’t weaponize it in her state. This is the key issue of our times. If weaponized hypochondria can be dialed back, we stand a chance of recovering from sickness psychosis and may even undo the Safety Cult, which set the psychological keystone for the weaponization of hypochondria.

          • Eric, Americans being what they are today, what you describe is the very thing which would keep someone like Kristi from getting anywhere near DC. The media, 98% of all the other politicians, and 98% of the citizenry would tear her a new one before she could even leave Pierre.

            • Beat me to it. She’s great for running a state which has a population slightly over a third of Metro Sacramento (900K versus 2.4 million). Remember the LAST POTUS candidate from SD, George McGovern, and his 1972 campaign? How did THAT work out?

              Don’t get me wrong, I very much like her (aside from thinking her hubby to be one lucky sumbitch) and her politics. But it’d take building a helluva lot more political gravitas for her to be viable as a candidate.

              Eric, judging by how the Lamestream Media and Big Tech were in on the Plandemic, I’m dubious anyone could necessarily have stopped the lockdowns, absent massive refusal to “comply”. The sheeple have gotten the Government they richly deserve; but unfortunately, you, I, and the rest that can see through this BS are stuck with it.

    • Hi John,

      Voting is a strange thing. At an individual level, at least for Federal elections, it is meaningless (other than any symbolic value one may place on it). The practical effect of one’s decision to vote is exactly the same as my decision not to vote, nothing whatsoever. Voting is meaningful in the aggregate, so it is possible, if one convinces enough people to vote a certain way, that the outcome of the election may be affected, but any individual vote has no effect at all. But, in addition to affecting the outcome of an election, voting, in the aggregate, always confers perceived legitimacy to an illegitimate system. That is why I, and many others, see voting as harmful. However, I reject the claim, made by many, that voting is an act of aggression and thus incompatible with libertarian theory. This strikes me as the flip side to the same false argument made by Statists that “we” have a moral duty to vote.


  6. Guise! Tears are streaming down my face! I am ROTFL!

    THIS is what we used to have here in this country when we still had some vestiges of liberty and common Western values! ….and on national TV…in my lifetime…in the 1970’s……

    And it is FUNNY (only 22 seconds)

    (I must have replayed this at least 20 times in the last 7 minutes!)

        • That’s a great one! Fambly guy has had some great ethnic humor! These came up also:

          What the woke (that is, brainwashed) marching morons can’t recognize is that there is a kernel of truth to ethnic stereotypes and that’s what makes them funny. Whether depicting Italian mafioso greaseballs, aggressive head-bobbling Negresses, hooknosed cheap-ass Jews, camera-snapping Japs, or milquetoast Elmer Fudd white guys, it’s all great humor that not long ago would have audiences of all backgrounds in stitches. Now you have frigging Doctor Seuss books being pulled off the shelves for the most ridiculous imagined transgressions.

          • Hi Jason,

            Yup. Woke = humorless pussy. I love a good redneck (and kraut) joke. As you say, there is a kernel of truth to such jokes and that’s why they are funny. The panoply of human differences – and quirks – is entertaining. This frigid insistence on one-size-fits-all and that nothing is funny unless “approved” is Soviet.

            Not a fun place to live.

          • This dumb polack, greaseball dago, stubborn hunky, penny-pinching hebe, Elmer Fudd-looking white devil is sick and tired of all this humorless woke PC dreck!

            Notice how totalitarian states are also humorless states.

          • Jason (and all… And I’ll have more to say here, but I have to get my ass in gear and get going, since I ain’t on the dole).

            The irony is, that that teasing; the light-heartedness and ease that joking about people’s foibles and differences and stereotypes created, actually served to put people more at ease and reduce tensions.
            And when there was any actual animoosity[sic] it was accepted as “Hey, no one is forced to like anyuone else; you can shoose who you want to play with- you don’t have to pretend to like fat smelly nasty Roger, or Raheem or Raul.
            But by forcing this phony PC “inoffensiveness” on us, everyone is either now super offended, or afraid of offending someone else, and it’s creating mega animosity and hatred below the surface, while causing people to either act artificially and insincerely nicely, or causing them to turn on their own culture and each other- and all the while the politicians and technocrats who peddle this shit, are pretending to do so in the name of “unity” and inclusion and love, while in reality it is their ultimate tool to divide us and to destroy cultures.

          • Jason, to be “woke” or even generally leftist is to be DEVOID of humor.

            And those stereotypes are just that…”generally” true, but there’s also enough exceptions that no rational person thinks they “know” all there is to know about someone based on general ethnic or racial classification.

            • Dooglas,

              Don’t ya love too, how the comatose…err…”woke”/SJWs/libruls pretend to abhor stereotypes, while themselves constantly invoking them as they pertain to anyone who opposes their nonsense?!

        • Red Foxx really cracks me up and the whole show was great. I think it is still shown in reruns but probably not for long. Or maybe there will be dire warnings posted before the program starts like Decades TV did recently when showing reruns of the old Dean Martin celebrity roasts (one of which was Red Foxx). Can’t have the sensibilities of the woke snowflakes offended,

          • Dude, The Muppets get a warning before the show now.

            The initialization and bubble wrapping of the worlds sharp corners is near complete.

            Welcome to the boring, grey, pointless life that TPTB have decided we should live.

          • We bought a Tom & Jerry DVD for the kids a few years ago when they were little. The old Tom & Jerry. Well, guess who pops up on the screen before the show starts? Oprah. Explaining why it’s OK to watch. I about threw the DVD in the trash after that. But the kids liked the show…

            • Looking on YooToob for old Tom & Jerry clips, I find that a bunch of the old clips with the black lady have had her voice re-dubbed to sound less “authentic”.

              • Me and a friend made a point of collecting every old cartoon we could off torrent sites years ago. The writing was on the wall back then.

                All archive on DVD now.

                Also have got All in the Family and dozens of other shows from 1960-1990 that could simply not even be proposed by anyone wishing their career to continue today.

              • The unseen black lady (presumably a housekeeper) was fucking hilarious! Ol’ Tom rightly feared that gal would squash him like a grape.

            • Oprah- That bitch would have been more appropriate as the star of Moby Dick.

              I just bought the complete series set of All In The Family as a back-up, ’cause my discs are old and well used!

              I heard Edie Brickell in a Peanuts cartoon the other day! Oh wait….that was Charlie Brown’s teacher…

                • I know it, Doug! She was one of the few popular personalities or whatever ya call ’em that even I thought was hot; she had a sweet speaking voice too…and she was no feminist whack-job either…

                  Check out this clip of her on Letterman in ’88 – (Interview starts at 04:00)

                  Leeterman: “So whaddaya do with New Bohemians, make sandwiches?”
                  Brickell: “Oh, yeah…”

                  What a sweetie. Doesn’t seem the type to worship money…but why else would she marry that ugly little Jew? (I could see if it were the other one- Fartfinkle…but Simon?!)

                  • To be fair, the “ugly little Jew” is music royalty, both with fellow J-O-O Art Garfunkel (who also had a part in “Catch-22”, FWIW), and as a solo artist. Sure, the lovely Ms. Brickell MIGHT have seen $$, but also not just a fellow musician, but one that could back virtually anything she wants to do? And maybe she actually LOVES the guy…it has happened before.

                    • I think that’s true, Doug- that she likely did love him. I remember hearing the story of how they met, -back stage at Saturday Night Live- and she just saw Simon for the first time, and it did something to her. (In this case, probably something other than making her pocketbook lighter… :D)
                      And true what ya say about “music royalty”- imagine being in love with someone…and they also just happen to be one of gurus of your very craft which you are also passionate about…holy crap!
                      But damn! Fartfinkle is also a horny Jew…and maybe not as “successful”, but also quite talented…and I wouldn’t mind looking like him…..
                      Guess it’s good that Simon’s filthy rich, or he’d likely only be getting it on “Julio down by the schoolyard” (What the HELL was THAT song about?)

          • I always loved the George Jefferson character from AITF- He was essentially the black Archie Bunker- and can ya ever get enough of Archie?! I just wish when they had spun-off The Jeffersons into it’s own show, that they had done a better job, and kept the characters more in line with what they were when they were still on AITF…as The Jeffersons is just not of the same quality.
            I have to start watching my DVDs again- AITF, The Honeymooners, Twilight Zone, Taxi…. I think of and even quote those great old shows daily…but I haven’t watched ’em in ages; it seems that when ya get out of the habit of watching the boob-tube, it’s very hard to take it up again- it just feels weird to just sit there staring at a screen (Is it any wonder I don’t use a cell phone?)

            • Indeed. I cut all broadcast TV about 17 years ago. I watch DVDs and downloaded shows. No commercials, no talking heads lying about reality.

              The difference between me and everyone else but one I know is that they all have cable/sat. Back when visiting others was still allowed, always the same; TV on for all waking hours. Usually on a repeated ever hour news station. Any conversation was about what was just on the TV.

              When I asked if they would mind turning off the TV so we could converse about something other than the last soundbite, several looked at me as though I had just sprouted a second head. The TV stayed on.

              The lockdowns bother me little. There are astonishingly few people even worth visiting anyway. Masks have made it really easy to sort those who are worth interacting with from the rest.

              I am coming around to liking the vaccines too. Looks like they may remove some of the brain dead from the herd. Though likely nowhere near as many as it should.

              • Not me! I’ve heard about that show. I hate profanity, violence, dwelling on the seedy side of life, etc. I like stuff that either cheers and levitates, or makes ya think/contemplate on a deeper level, etc.

                Allow the good in…keep the bad out.

          • Redd Foxx’s headstone should have had the following inscribed on it:

            FINALLY he’s go to be with ‘Liz-beth…so he can’t pull that BS routine anymore!

        • Same with All in the Family Eric. I introduced the show to my Australian sons and they really loved it. Even the 86 year old MIL got a few laughs from it.

  7. Charles Burris in a recent blog post kind of answers the question OppositeLock asked, “Do you support the least evil candidate, or abstain from supporting anyone except a “pure” candidate?” here’s a quote Burris pointed out:

    I know, I know; I know all about the cries of protest that will now be welling up in scores of libertarian hearts, those hearts which, like mine, aye steeped in innate and instinctive distrust for any and every politician. The remarkable thing is that Mark Hatfield himself understands such distrust just as well, and probably shares it. A while ago he told a group of us, spontaneously bringing up the point himself: “I have not, like Faust, sold my soul to politics.” I believe him. And if the time should ever come when Mark Hatfield runs for the Presidency, I shall enlist without hesitation behind his banner.

    Here’s the rest of the blog comment:

    • I’ve never cast a ballot, but yet I always do vote. My vote is always “No, I do not give my consent to any of this”. Those who desire to rule over men which they have not created are by very nature psychopaths. Why would I vote for a psychopath?

      • I always cast a ballot. Even if it’s blank, or marked for a third party.

        I believe it sends a stronger message than refusing to participate (I could be wrong on this). Also, everyone who votes regularly makes it marginally harder to cheat successfully. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to wait until right before the polls close, and cast ballots on behalf of the people who haven’t voted yet.

        There are, I’m sure, other ways of cheating. I can’t do much to stop those. I have essentially no faith in the integrity of the system. I am under no illusions that my vote ever actually changed diddly squat. But, when the shooting starts, I will be able to say–truthfully and with a clear conscience–that, as bad as it is, at least I tried to make the system work the way it was supposed to. The system’s ultimate failure will be in spite of, not because of, my efforts.

        I think that reform is always a better idea than revolution. I also think that the main historical reason for revolution is unwillingness or inability to reform. I think that part of the genius of the constitution is that a mechanism for reform is built right into the system. Problem is, it’s not getting used. Nothing is perfect, or eternal…

        • Hi Publius,

          I agree completely regarding: “But, when the shooting starts, I will be able to say–truthfully and with a clear conscience–that, as bad as it is, at least I tried to make the system work the way it was supposed to. The system’s ultimate failure will be in spite of, not because of, my efforts.”

          Also, that reform is better than revolution. I would wager that almost all of the people on our side of the fence do not want to violence; seek only to be let alone and to let others alone. It is not a high bar.

          But the Left is constitutionally violent by nature. It has to be, because its philosophy is fundamentally inhuman and tyrannical. Voluntary communism is like a fish without fins.

  8. Point me to the part where she lists what government powers should be limited. Couldn’t seem to find it.

    • Hi Call,

      Here are several: She does not believe the government has the power to enforce “masks” nor to shutter businesses; nor the power – or right – to declare anyone’s business “non-essential.”

      And unlike the Orange Fail, her actions comport with her words.

      • So true. Part of what had the lamestream media absolutely freaked out over her was that she opined that she lacked the authority to FORCE South Dakota businesses to shut down during the Plandemic.

        • Its very interesting – this is a similar approach to what they used in Japan – throughout the pandemic the Japanese government just had “guidance” out to stay at home, and non essential places to shut. But never had a law requiring it. Strangely – most businesses did close, though it seems most because it didnt make business sense. That said, there were always some bars open, shops open, cafes open – hell even brothels were open….

          And look at them – the lowest case rate and death rate from the bug !!

          • “the lowest case rate and death rate from the bug”

            Maybe. Or maybe BS.

            This is the land of TEPCO. “Very good happy meltdown of reactor with positive outlook and no bad thought”

          • Hi Nasir,

            The Japanese handled this correctly (along with Sweden). I wish they would receive a lot more recognition than they have gotten. Japan only counted the hospitalizations and deaths due to to COVID. Case numbers were not taken into consideration. Mass testing did not take place.

            I realize most of the MSM is befuddled how the Japanese handled this so successfully, but much like the Nordic countries, I think it all went back to a healthy lifestyle. The hardest hit countries are those with low levels of Vitamin D (the US and Southern Europe). Japan does not suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency nor do Sweden, Norway, or Finland. But, do both cultures have in common: 1) lots of time outside and 2) pure food such as salmon and other white fish, mushrooms, tofu, yogurt, and eggs, 3) lack of vaccinations (especially Japan who consider them “fake” science).

            If they wanted to stop COVID and pretty much any other coronavirus, flu, cold, etc. in their tracks I would suggest healthy eating, avoid most vaccines, and a myriad of supplements including herbs and spices and lots of sunshine. We would all be better off in the long run.

            • RG – Vitamin D is such a big deal, but is completely hidden by the mainstream media in the west. Every study (from countries where they do actual scientific studies) has shown how direct the link is between vit D and how you well your body fights off covid. I know personally because I have very low vitamin D, and was diagnosed about a decade ago. As I was fortunate to have a pretty good (and politically incorrect Dr back then) he told me that as ive got brown skin, ill inherently always be low on vitamin D in a country like the UK where we go months without sunlight, and especially with a lifestyle where I spend all day indoors under artificial light. And thats before we get into the shit we eat…..

              Now the mainstream media has picked up on the fact that us “minorities” have had a higher case fatality under covid in the UK – and guess what they always link it to – deprivation or some shit like that !! And theres talk now of how important it is for us to get the holy jab, infact that we should even be given priority !!

              Not a single article in the mainstream media about how black / brown people will have low vitamin D, and may therefore have a higher risk of a bad case of covid…. if thats not criminal deception then I dont know what is…

              One interesting thing about the Scandinavian countries – I understand a lot of their food is fortified with vitamin D… and with regards to the Japanese, they have a very strong sense of personal responsibility, which is completely absent from the west…. ive known many Japanese people through my career, but not one can I say was overweight (really not kidding)…. Yes, those who are afraid are free to take precautions. Infact even under normal situations the Japanese are extreme about hygiene…. (even all their biscuits come in individual packaging !). Now I suspect they are even more….. But all these things are ofcorse overlooked in the west, and the focus is now on the Jab….

              • Culturally, the Japanese ARE the “White People” of the Orient. However, who can say how much of the Ainu, a CAUCASIAN ethnic group, of which there are estimated to be less than 10K purebloods in Nippon, are in the Japanese genome.

  9. “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    Print counterfeit (fake) money and use it to buy REAL assets. They have purchased everything and everybody while destroying our wealth and OUR VALUE in the process..

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Shouldn’t we focus on the actual criminals that have and are destroying eveything decent on this planet?
    All so that they can depopulate and have the planet to themselves as there personal playground. These people want us dead, and are they are working full time to acomplish this.

    Isn’t it time we all be honest about this?

    • Hi EWM,

      I’m suspicious,too – but she has acted in ways that comport with what she says, especially as regards the WuFlu. No Face Diaper decrees; no lockdowns. No small thing.

      Is she perfect? Heck no. Am I? Are you? Is anyone?

      I don’t like that our rights are up for a vote, either. That there are politicians who have power over anyone. I also don’t like that my Trans-Am doesn’t have 600 horsepower, a flawless paint job and get 100 MPG. All of those things are desirable. I hope to achieve some or all someday. But I’ll take what I can achieve now. And that’s not at all incompatible with what might be.

      • “Is she perfect? Heck no. Am I? Are you? Is anyone?” Good rhetorical question – It seems to me a common trait among people is to demand perfection from others, but not from themselves.

        20+ years ago, the church we just joined after moving to Michigan launched a search for a new senior pastor. I will never forget: we arrived one Sunday early in this process and were handed a piece of yellow paper with all the qualifications the church council was seeking in a new pastor. It was legal-size, printed front and back with itemized traits that the new pastor should possess. Must have been at least 20 or more specific things such as “Must have good memory of people’s names”. We then proceeded to get on the kneelers while the church council guy prayed for these things.

        I was aghast; they want a perfect pastor! they want Jesus himself! Or they think it’s important to remind God that we need someone that remembers people’s names, among many other talents – ya think?

        Well you probably know what happened, we didn’t get the perfect pastor. That senior position was vacant for years, even though the church called several men. I think the smart ones sensed an arrogant congregation and didn’t want to tread in those waters.

        Anyway, I’m in the vote for the lesser of two evils camp, although I may never vote again, since it appears we have the Stalinesque system in place now, where the voters don’t matter, only the vote counters.

        • No one’s demanding or expecting perfection- to make it appear as if we do expect that is likely a ruse to get us to abandon principle and join the statist’s team [Those here expressing that opinion are not doing so as perpetrators of said ruse, but are likely rather just the victims of that mentality themselves]

          To demand that somebody adhere to a philosophy which can actually accomplish the desired end for which they are supported is not ‘demanding perfection’, it is merely choosing wisely, or acknowledging that none of the proffered candidates who do not adhere to the necessary philosophy, or who adhere to a different philosophy, which is contrary to our objectives can possibly achieve the objectives.

          One would not choose a pacifist as a body guard, or a Jehovah’s Witness as a blood bank manager…why on earth would Libertarians/Anarchists/Voluntaryists support anyone whose job it is to administer government- which is the very institution we oppose?

          And on a practical level, what has doing so ever accomplished in the past? Trump? The BUSH crime family? Reagan? Nixon? All lesser evils who were so little less evil that it is hard to imagine them having done any worse. Nay, I think the less-evils get away with far more evil because the average ‘Merican perceives them as ‘on their side”.

          Hell, if one is going to vote, one might be better off voting for the more-evils, as don’t seem to get away with as much. Who banned bump stocks? Who appointed gun-grabbers to judgeships and key administration positions (Like the ATF), paving the way for the more-evils to do their dirty anti-2A work? Trump! Creepy Joe may light the fuse…but Trump set the dynamite.

          In the end, it doesn’t matter. All it amounts to is words..they ALL end up doing the very same things, regardless of person or party. Name ONE freaking president who has meaningfully reduced tyranny ion the last 100 years. “But this time will be different, you just wait and see!”. Name one who didn’t INCREASE tyranny……

          We have a long enough history of this, why can’t anyone learn from it? It’s always “Just wait till next time”. And apparently everyone has already forgotten that elections are now meaningless, and can be manipulated at will with no fear of any reprisals- so what difference does it all make?

          I like Kristi Gnome from what I’ve heard of her…but swhe is no more going to solve our problems than did Trump or anyone else. To elect someone who is bound by the Constitution and Congress, is to elect someone who is bound to increase and further the aims of government and thus battle liberty.

          • I will agree that government tyranny has only increased in my lifetime.

            Politicians are pretty much polished liars, I’ve come to realize. The first time I really understood this (and that Republicans were just as bad) was in George W’s first term, after all his pronouncements that the U.S. was spreading democracy around the world. In Afghanistan, after our invasion when we helped set up a new government, based on Sharia Law. Wait, What? How is that freedom for these people? Especially the women. So started the beginning of my disillusionment with these people.

            I don’t see how we exist without government, though. How does that work? Didn’t the founding fathers speak about men not being angels? I would be all for abolishing it as long as there was some kind of justice system that actually worked – something better than the wild west-style.

            • Hi Snap,

              **”I don’t see how we exist without government,”**

              Awww, Snap, how many times in your life have you had to depend on government to do something that you couldn’t do yourself (if you were allowed to, if not PROHIBITED by gov’t) or contract for on the free market? -And God help you if you truly did need to rely on gooberment for…..

              Do YOU need someone to govern you? Do you need someone to protect you? You may…but only because government usually doesn’t allow you to protect yourself…and the fact is, they don’t protect you either…they just show up after you’ve been harmed…or their armed mercenaries may even harm or kill you…or at least ‘legally’ rob you.

              I used to ln NY where we had 5 layers of government, and it was oppressive, and far from safe. I now live where there are only three levels of government, and 2 of those are practically non-existent, and it is wonderful! We have liberty and safety, because [And this is the chief thing] because everyone has equal power and the capability to defend themselves and their property (Everyone here owns plenty of guns- and in my 20 years here, there has never been a random crime or burglary in this area)- as opposed to where there is more government, where the innocent are restrained by such things as gun control and the obligatiuon to retreat even in their own homes when faced with an intruder- because the bad guys don’t obey the laws, and have nothing to lose.

              Also, since it is true (and a grand understatement) that most men aren’t angels, then if government is ‘of the people, by the people’ or ‘democratically elected’ etc. wouldn’t that government reflect the character of those people who elected it? And so it does!

              I’d rather be free to rely on my own abilities and or the auspices of my neighbors whom I chose to live among, rather than some powerful impersonal institution empowered by various people whom I’ve never met, and likely wouldn’t care to associate with.

              Think about these things. Just from your few posts here, I get the feeling that you are a very moral and intelligent person. I think you will “get it”. We have all been propagandized with the ideas that government is indispensable, necessary, and desirable- and to venerate the state as a veritable god; But propaganda it is…and it is detrimental to the truth and our own interests, as well as the purposes of the true God. Look at what these bastards have done to this world/this country….

              • Hello Nuncio: I don’t really disagree with you about the character of government, how it’s degraded with time and all. How do we get rid of it? And thanks for the compliment, but I don’t have the knowledge base of history and politics that a lot of commenters on Eric’s blog have, starting with Eric, so I just enjoy reading comments more than posting them. Really like the sense of humor I find here. I’m more versed in theology, and even in that area I’ve only scratched the surface; it gets complicated, quickly.

                • Hey Snap!

                  Ha! I picked up on your theology right away. That’s my bag too- having read the Bible in it’s entirety c. 40 times thus far in my life- and it was actually that which got me into Libertarian thought, because ultimately everything in life comes down to a matter of who one worships/believes and obeys.
                  The state ultimately wants to be god- i.e. it wants to have authority over our very lives, our property, our familial and interpersonal relationships, our finances; how we edumacate[sic] and discipline our kids…it wants to control all!
                  This is why empires, kings and states have always ended up persecuting people of God/the prophets/Christians. Just like Rome- yuou can worship whatever god you want, intellectually, as long as you acknowledge Caesar supreme above all…..
                  Even 3000 years ago, man’s desire to reign over other men, and or to be reigned over was well in evidence, as illustrated in 1 Samuel chapter 8, when even God’s own nation said “Make us a king like all the nations”, and the scripture shows how that was a rejection of God.
                  The idea that *certain* men should be elevated to have power and authority over other men who have not caused harm (committed a crime), and that they should be able to do things to innocent men, like take their property [take taxes; “redistribute wealth”….] or kidnap or kill them [if they violate some man-made law, or live in a foreign country which does not comply with our dictates], which would be a crime if WE did those things, is somehow not a crime when these “special” men do it; and worse yet, these special men claim to derive the authority to do these things in our name, with our consent. How can we rightly give authority to others to do things which we do not have the right to do ourselves?!
                  That, in a nutshell is Libertarian thought. Though many Libertarians are not Christians/Theists, we can all agree that the privileges claimed by the “special men” who call themselves government are illegitimate for the reason I stated above- because that is just a logical fact and universal truism- just as much so as is ‘fire is hot’- which once recognized can never be denied, unless one would deny logic itself.
                  I think many of us understand this inherently- we have just never heard it put into words. I understood it when I was just a child…but never heard it put into words until fairly recently. The fact that we never hear those words (Unless we stumble across other Libertarians, like here) and the fact that the very opposite [the illogical assertions that government can somehow derive authority from YOU to do something which you do not have the right to do yourself] gets all the “air time” and is put into formal and academic-sounding verbiage to make it sound legit, predisposes us to believe such an absurd lie rather than the truth.
                  And or, people just don’t think of it- and when they do, they have been so prejudiced by lifelong exposure to the absurd, and the fact that everyone else around them also accepts such absurdities as perfectly valid and normal, that the truth sounds radical, and they oppose it, even they can not logically explain why.
                  Such was illustrated in a discussion I had with my nonegenarian mother, who was defending welfarism. I asked her if it would be O-K if I went to my neighbor’s and pointed a gun at him and demanded his money, and took it and gave it to Tiffy The Coalburner. Of course she said no. I then said “Then how is it O-K if somebody else does the same thing, while claiming to do it in my name? If it’s wrong for me to do it, how can I authorize it to be done in my name? Can people vote to change morality? Does whatever the majority say define right and wrong? Can something be moirally wrong if I do it, but not only right if someone else does it, but even ‘a crime’ to resist when they do it?
                  Of course, no one ever has a valid answer to these things. Most don’t even try to offer an excuse….at best they rationalize- but usually, like my mother, just say “That’;s different”.

                  • That Samuel passage is very true!
                    Sadly. . .

                    Lately I’ve enjoyed reading Psalms, even the imprecatory Psalms (the curse ones) – just read Psalm 35 – seems sort of appropriate right now 😳

          • Hi Nunz,

            This is fundamentally about damage control. Salvaging what can be salvaged. I do not condemn anyone for voting for less taxes and more liberty. It is of course perfectly true that the office seeker who promises that may (almost certainly will) also end up acting in ways which do not comport perfectly with less taxes and more liberty and may even act in ways opposite to them. If he does, that is not due to the vote in favor of less taxes and more liberty. The person who voted for those things did not vote for the opposite of those things.

            Ideally, no one’s property or liberty would be up for a vote. But the reality is, they are. I understand the argument in support of not having anything to do with voting, given that fact. I do not condemn it. It’s a principled stand. But at the same time, I do not regard it as unprincipled to act (vote) in favor of principles, even if imperfectly applied. The imperfect application is not the fault of the voter who votes for no taxes but only gets less taxes.

            The Orange Fail vs. Hillary is a decent illustration of these points. As bad as the OF was, she would have been worse. She would not have rescinded the “shared responsibility payment” that put the teeth in the “individual mandate” of Obamacare. Yes, it’s true that OF did not repeal Obamacare. But his action has saved me and millions of others many thousands of dollars.

            His actions in re the weaponization of hypochondria were appalling. But is there any doubt that her actions would have been almost inconceivably worse?

            Of course one can adduce lots of things the OF did or did not do that are objectionable. I do not contest that. But the choice on the table in 2016 (as in 2020) was on balance for less of the bad and a bit more of the good. There was no other choice because you and I were going to get one or the other.

            Not voting for either is fine, if that’s your preference. But I do not fault anyone for trying to limit the damage and do not agree that voting to do that is to affirm the other, loathsome things.

            • Hey Ya Eric!
              But how has that worked out? The sum of it is: Your vote in ’16 had the effect of saving you and some other tax slaves a few hunnert bucks- and that was just a random goodie- because when voting, candidate Orange promised to repeal Obozocare…but immediately reneged on that promise- so just threw us a random bone so that his electors could have something to content them. You had no idea what he’d actually do- and what he did do was just the tiniest token gesture, which in no way countered even 1/100th of the detriments to liberty that he perpetrated.

              Meanwhile, OM’s signing of CARES and what came after it has likely already cost you more in actual inflation than you’ve saved from the temporary relief from the Obozocare mandate. Only now, all that voted for that lesser evil must also realize that they also voted for CARES; the biggest military budget ever enacted in the history of the world; more militarization of the police; appointment of more Swamp-critters to various powerful positions and judgeships, the persecution of Assange and Snowden, yada, yada.

              It’s likes slave on a plantation voting for Massa “A” who will whip the slaves and build upon the interests of the plantation, or Massa “B” who will do the same, but may give 5% of the slaves nice grits for breakfast. Neither choice will in any way increase the liberty of the slaves, and while one choice could result in the tiniest of inconsequential benefits, ultimately remaining a slave and pinning one’s hope on a better massa CAN NOT reduce or end the slavery. It is only escaping the plantation- geographically and or by not participating in it’s furtherance, which can gain us any actual liberty, personally and immediately, and more so collectively and in the future.
              If we are not statists, why participate in statist’s games and give our assent/consent to that which is the very thing we struggle against?
              While I don’t condemn those who do vote, the thing is, it is a waste of time. Your vote does not matter -even putting aside fraudulent elections and the fact that the best people don’t make it to high positions, the ‘will of the people’ will be done- and the will of the people is what the government schools and Zionist media make it- as can be seen by the 99% around us who voluntarily wear the face rag. THOSE are the people who elect the government.
              Look how much time has been wasted by Libertarians the last four years by dabbling in statist politics! That time could have been better spent expounding the concepts of liberty and by individually or collectively promoting and preparing ways to achieve greater liberty in our own lives no matter which tyrant is in office.
              Instead, the last four years have essentially been collectively wasted by most Libertarian writers/vloggers, and have likely driven many current Libertarians away from the online community (as is certainly the case with me- current posting spree to the contrary..), and is likely luring others back to hope in statist politics and or personal inaction, and attracting run-of-the-mill conservative types who like the grandstanding for their political champion, but who will vanish as soon as the cheering stops or the real Libertarian ideas are exhibited.
              Here, you’ve written an article extolling the virtues of being principled [And I am in no way saying that you are not principled!], and you’ve written about how the leftists are successful because they do not compromise- which is very true- but it seems to me, that iif one casts a vote for anyone who actually has a chance of winning, and anyone who is constrained to abide by the tenets of the Constitution, and this is required to enforce taxation and regulate commerce, etc. etc. that they have compromised and even conceded.
              And if nothing else, this one fact should be enough to discourage any rational person from voting: There is ABSOLUTELY nothing constraining any candidate to do the things which they promise to do. You have no idea what any of these people really stand for, and what their true intentions are, and whether or not they’ll do ANYTHING that they say they will- Trump certainly didn’t. So at best, your vote is just a roll of the dice…and history has proven that the principled voter always craps out!
              And why will the next election not be stolen, considering that this most recent one (as well as many others, likely) were, with nothing being done about it?
              It’s not even the voting itself that bothers me- What you do doesn;t affect me- and we always do agree on who the lesser-evils are*- it is just the lost time and opportunity that discussing statist politics wastes. So much effort, and for what? Look at the last four years…what a freaking waste! -All because virtually every conservative and many Libertarians pinned their hopes on the ‘life-long democrat NYC real-estate developer’ [-Jody] who while a private citizen and bidnessman used eminent-domain and multiple bankruptcies to cheat those below him- just because he was less evil than the Hildabeast.
              One could write a book: How do you get a creep and a criminal elected? Just make sure the other candidate is a bigger creep and criminal. By voting, we are participating in that charade- which really does no harm to anyone else- it just wastes our time- but it is harmful to our cause when we waste so much time and effort that could have been spent building up our side; and when others see by our example that even we support these creeps…so they jump on the bandwagon.

              [*= If Evel Knievel had run, would he have been a less-evel or a more-evel? 😀 ]

          • Well Said Nunz, Well said. Voting harder next time will never get us out of the mess, and it’s true that every time you trust a politician and put your faith in them they sell you down the river.

            Chuck Schumer told us how impotent politicians are to effect meaningful change when he stated, “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,”

  10. The Secular Ruling Families & Billionaires knew a few years ago that the BEST way to CONTROL the entire Planet was available just by using one simple TOOL…

    World “Health” Organization

    A tool also created by Them, but that took time to mature.

    That why most Billionaires started to dump MONEY into the WHO. Bill Gates started that INVESTMENT 20 years ago. And today, together with other Billionaires (always under the supervision of the SRF), they do CONTROL the Planet.

    No need for fake democracy and votes and all of that nonsense.

    Just simple “recommendations” and “guidelines” – that change faster than the wind direction on a storm day – is ALL THEY NEED to effectively CONTROL most of the “countries”.

    With OPERATION COVIDIUS achieving high levels of success (unlike the previous fake pandemics they tried during this XXI century) and with ZERO REACTION from the herd of modern moron slaves the SRF & Billionaires are now finally CAPABLE to deploy all the tools for COMMAND & CONTROL They need to CHANGE Their Civilization to the one they envision.

    And be sure fellow modern slave: You and Me do not exist in that vision!

    Do enjoy the show, keep obeying and keep deluding yourself with the mantra “My VOTE matters”.

    Do not forget that the label “COVID-19” is just the NEW SOUND They needed to invent in order to scare the herd.

    After all if anyone told you “We must destroy our current way of life due to a cold/flu/pneumonia” you would just laugh and called that moron “crazy”.

    Replacing cold/flu/pneumonia with the new label/sound “COVID-19” was/is the best con artist trick ever seen on a Global level.

  11. Eric,

    I just now finished reading this

    The Virus Is Your Fault, Says the Fauci Regime

    and, according to Bill Gates own Microsoft News (which is the definitive source, known for their 100%, non-biased accuracy)

    “The nation’s leading infectious disease expert made $417,608 in 2019 and is projected to net approximately $2.5 million in salary from 2019 to 2024, according to Freedom of Information Act requests obtained by Forbes. Fauci, whose salary is funded by taxpayers, received a pay bump in 2014 when his paycheck increased from $335,000 to the current $417,608. Fauci raked in $3.6 million from 2010 to 2019. ”

    Making Fauci the highest “salaried” federal employee, ever!

    Nice gig if ya can get it!

  12. This caught my attention, maybe you, too? Becky is Da Bomb:

    Better Not To Be Ruled
    Becky Akers

    My favorite T-shirt features drawings of muskets from the American Revolution with the legend, “I am descended from men who would not be ruled.”

    Alas, men—even anarcho-capitalists—now not only want to be ruled, they wax enthusiastic about their rulers. Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, may be the least offensive of the current crop of sociopaths tyrannizing Americans, but that’s a nauseatingly low bar. At day’s end, she is still a politician who favors many “initiatives” that are never any business of Leviathan’s. For example,

    I tasked the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) with spearheading this broadband challenge. I’m grateful for the partnership of the Legislature as we approved $5 million in grant money to launch our broadband development program, Connect South Dakota. And I’m proud of the private-public partnerships [sic for “fascism”] that were forged throughout this process.

    Then there’s this:

    One of my priorities is to aggressively battle the meth epidemic to create a stronger South Dakota for the next generation.

    And this:

    As I travel the state, I repeatedly hear from folks that we need more mental health services in our schools. This year, I worked with the legislature to expand the number of System Care Coordinators. These professionals will work with our school systems to identify youth at risk for mental health crisis and connect families to needed services to prevent more costly interventions in the future.

    I could continue, but you see my point.

    Ms. Noem may indeed seem to have “it all — poise, intelligence, vision, strict Conservative values, integrity, bravery and so much more.”

    And that “so much more” should bother all friends of freedom.

    7:01 pm on March 1, 2021

    • Here’s an honest question, which I have been pondering, and don’t know the right answer.

      Do you support the least evil candidate, or abstain from supporting anyone except a “pure” candidate?

      Noem is far better than any other Republican I’ve seen recently, but she’s not perfect. In a hypothetical election, do I vote for her, or abstain from voting because voting for a lesser evil is still evil?

      My approach has been to vote for the most liberty minded candidate in the Republican primaries, then not vote for the clown that eventually gets nominated. I never voted for the orange one, even though I liked his being an outsider from the normal corruption.

      • Hi OL,

        I’d rather we didn’t have to vote at all. That our rights weren’t up for a vote. The problem is they are and so I believe we haven’t much choice, if we wish to have any say in what is done to our rights – to us. I do not agree with people who say that voting for the least evil candidate is to support evil. This presumes a choice of no evil. We have no such choice. We have the choice to mitigate evil – and that is choice worth making, in my view. It is why I voted for the Orange Fail – or rather, voted for less rather than more evil.

        I do not see this as being in conflict with being opposed to evil as such for the same reason I do not fault the person falsely imprisoned from preferring a less damp cell or a milder warden.

        He wants to be exonerated and released, of course. But while he works toward that end, is it wrong of him to seek to make the conditions imposed on him a bit less onerous?

        • If one votes, they are a party to imposition of tyranny. I won’t vote because I refuse to participate in any part of my enslavement. Imagine waking up to election results claiming “Humpty beat Dumpty in the POTUS election by a vote of 6 to 3.” How could they possibly claim legitimacy from such? Without a vote, they have no claim of authority, no mandate for their ideas, and no method of gaining either. We’ve seen the results of electing the “lesser of two evils” many many times, and it’s never been a significant improvement for any considerable length of time, if any at all. The advancement of tyranny goes on. All voting for the lesser evil does, if the lesser even wins, is put a minor pothole in its road to ascension. It’s a waste of time, and an act of consent. Authorizing and legitimizing the very tyranny we wish to dispose of.

          • Hi John,

            “If one votes, they are a party to imposition of tyranny.”

            Obviously we disagree on this point. Is it tyrannical to vote for less tyranny? I don’t see that it is. And that is the choice we’re faced with when the only other choice – not voting – ensures more tyranny.

            Obviously, I would prefer no tyranny. No theft styled “taxes,” for instance. And I will never fail to advocate for that. But I will also support less (and lower) theft styled “taxes” when that is the only choice on the table besides more theft styled “taxes.” I do not see the two being in opposition.

            Striving toward the ideal often means taking a step in the direction of the ideal.

              • Hi John,

                The purpose of Democracy in general, and voting in particular, is to grant perceived legitimacy to an illegitimate system. It does not serve as a check on the power of the ruling elite, it is their greatest enabler. This should be obvious; if voting or Democracy actually constrained the power of these sociopaths, why do all of them constantly bleat about the sanctity of Democracy and one’s “duty” to vote. Voting, at best, may occasionally provide a temporary respite, but it always perpetuates the “legitimacy” of the system. As you intimate, if almost nobody voted, that false legitimacy would be hard to maintain.


              • Maybe to you and the other few thousand thinking beings on this planet. The rest? Fanatic faithful without a fucking clue.

  13. Basically the only governor in the entire country that didn’t cower down and has actual balls is this woman. We dont need her as pres. She’s not corrupt enough to be in that club. We just need a couple dozen more like her leading on the state and local level making the federal beast more and more irrelevant.

    • Wrong.

      I’ll put forward our governor, Ron DeSantis.

      During all this, DeSantis gave the feds a BIG FINGER, and continues to do so.

  14. Meh. It’s a waste of time pinning our hopes on these GOP hacks. I highly doubt they’ll have the demographics to win in 2024, anyway.

    Besides, temporary relief is not enough to change the poisoned American/Western psyche. Something else needs to happen.

      • I’m relatively sure we will get “something else” before too long, and it won’t be a pleasant something else, but it may be necessary to realize improvement. No revolution was ever started by fat people, but it appears that skinny hungry people may far outnumber the fat in the near future. When it becomes obvious that the Psychopaths In Charge can offer no solution, and in fact exacerbate the problem, hungry folks will rebel, peacefully or not. We’ve heard “let them eat cake” before, and it didn’t play out well for the gal that said it. Although the end result of the French Revolution wasn’t much of an improvement, if any. Because if you insist on having a big central government, the result is more big central government, which rarely demonstrates any concern whatsoever for its victims errrrr…….. citizens, other than talk, which is nearly all lies..

  15. Possibly of interest. Sounds like she likes to drive to get where she is going.

    Courtesy of her Wikipedia page:

    Noem has received 26 traffic citations, including 20 speeding tickets from 1989 to 2010,[132] stop sign and seat belt violations, no driver’s license, failure to appear notices, and two arrest warrants. She has said, “I’m not proud of my driving record, but [I’ve] been working hard to be a better example to young kids and young drivers out there.”

    • All the better, pub. Did those actions hurt anyone? Did she have any accidents? If not, this info means “sweet fuck all” in Aussie slang. My kind of driver. But nothing since 2010? Not that I read leftipedia anyway.

  16. We can not look to one person to save us. Kristi sounds good. So did Dr Ron Paul in 2008/2012. 10’s of millions grass roots americans hustled their buts off for Liberty, the most amazing political movement I had ever witnessed. NONE of it was on TV.
    We have bigger enemy’s here. The privately ownd banks printing counterfeit money and using it against us. For Decades.
    If we want to send an honest, decent human being to washington.. We had better send 10 million patriots with them.

  17. Sheep, you say?
    From San Francisco (where else?) comes a blatant admission that the Holy Rag is an article of religious attire:
    >Now, after placing our faith in easily manufactured cloth masks, new reports [papal directives] are indicating they may not be enough.
    That’s FAITH, not science. Wearing the rag is an article of faith.
    >The CDC currently recommends laypersons not wear N95s
    Actually, the CDC advises that cloth masks are useless as PPE, but never mind.
    Main point is that effective PPE is reserved for the clergy, forbidden to the laity.
    And who are the clergy?
    Why, the Doctor Gods, of course.
    >They are difficult to use
    Not really.
    Dust mask respirators are the simplest form of respiratory protection, and require minimal training.
    >In order to fit properly, N95s require an elaborate “fit test,”
    Strike “elaborate.”
    However, males with beards will not get a tight seal.
    >While less convenient or stylish than cloth face masks, the 3-ply surgical masks’ three layers are far more effective than traditional cloth masks
    “Traditional” face masks? For what? Masked balls?
    So you see, the important thing is to be “stylish.”

  18. But first we must fix the sheeple. We HAVE to end this masking and social distancing. I protest with a few friends on the weekends but its not enough! Where are the huge American protests like we see come out of countries in Europe and the UK. Its really beating me down….

    • I believe most here feel you, Jen. I can only wish for any kind of significant resistance as well, but its easy to feel quite alone these days if you think for yourself.

    • Free T-shirts, but only for the unmasked?

      I’m (mostly) not joking. I think it would make a dent, if the perceived value of the trinket is high enough.

  19. Kristi Noem, like congresswoman Lauren Boebert, is one of those female politicians that leads from the front. Perhaps we are tired of all the ‘push-from-behind’ leaders. South Dakota always ranks near the top in the freest states rankings, and now it is placed at number 8 (2017 report). Isn’t individual freedom and liberty what life is all about? I have never met a man (or woman) who wanted to be a slave to another human. Have you? We all want our freedoms. Screw communism.

    So, good for Kristi – let’s see how things turn out in 2024. Of course, we Americans must also take our masks off and fix our corrupt election mess before any of our cheer leading will be of value.

    • Unfortunately, whomever is elected, is obligated to uphold the precepts of the Constitution (and not just the Bill Of Rights, which would be fine)- and as such, must preside over and enforce many of the tenets of governance, including taxation, and such other things which Congress comes up with, and thus can in no way uphold the tenets of Libertarianism.
      The only politician who would be worth a darn, is one who would tear down virtually all that has been erected before them for the last 100 years- but no one is going to do that; no one can do that.
      The president is head of the apparatus of this country’s government. If we oppose government, why should we support those whose very purpose is to further that which we oppose?
      Even if one may be slightly better than another, choosing who gets to rape you and giving them your assent does not make you any less F&*#ed.
      In theory it may sound good to have have someone like Gnome in- but how would it be any different than any of the previous admins, -none of which did a damn thing to make us freer, but rather only increased the size and scope of government, and made us less free?
      Statist politics is counterproductive to Libertarianism. This constant hoping in salvation through statist politicians is really turning Libertarianism into what the Republican Party used to be- ‘just compromise to have a hair less tyranny, rather than maintain the true principles of what is really needed’.

      • “The only politician who would be worth a darn, is one who would tear down virtually all that has been erected before them for the last 100 years- but no one is going to do that; no one can do that.”
        Because they would be summarily executed, just like JFK was for just talking about doing exactly that to some minor degree. All governments are founded on the notion that they have authority to take your life. Period.

        • Exactly, John.
          They “outlawed slavery”- but of course, an entity which has the power (or assumes it) to do so is declaring that IT is superior to all over whom it presumes to exercise such authority, thus declaring itself the ultimate master over our lives and property.
          But we’re “free” because we get to vote on who will maintain the plantation.

  20. Principles are not to be permitted. The machine won’t stop from within.

    First, start with the understanding that Team Red and Team Blue are effectively one the same side. The path forward is already agreed upon and laid – the Road to Harris. Either through 8 years of the angry demented kid-sniffing diaperer, if he holds up, or through some shortened period thereof – 2 years to maximize Harris.

    Team Red is in on it, at least the leadership/controllers of Team Red are. So there will be no principled opposition. Only some pitiful Foil who will take the fall – some boring, wooden douche like Mittens Part II, or Orange Fail redux.

    Or put another way, someone with true principles would not disgrace themselves or betray those principles by participating in a CPAC circle jerk. Hard Pass.

  21. Saw this in a comment on a post re: Noem over at Target Liberty. Apparently, she directed the state to file a lawsuit on a technicality to thwart referendums that passed with majorities to legalize MJ in certain counties. Hazy backers of the suit include the usual AGW umbrella groups. Keep in mind MJ is legal in VA and something like 15 other states now. Of course the optics are bad and so she tried to cover up but then told the truth.

    • She’s not perfect. But I’d vote for her for president in 2024, and I’d like to see her run.

      I like her better than DeSantis, but I’d take either one.

    • Christ.

      Let’s hope it was really an attempt to defend the South Dakota Constitution, or some such, but it doesn’t look good.

  22. Eric,

    Unfortunately, as I commented on your other article, the CPAC had a straw poll, and 55% voted for the “Orange Fail”, and 4% voted for Noem in a 2024 election.

    Because THEY have no principles, either? That is, they have no principles beyond “Build a Giant Orange Phallus and Make [Someone Else] Pay For It!”? Because that’s how it seems.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Indeed. The people who are unable to concede the Orange Man’s failure to do anything to combat weaponized hypochondria are very much like the Diapered – who cannot concede that it’s doing them no good and a great deal of harm, too.

  23. The appeal of DJT was that for years, decades really, the republican party played by the Marquis of Queensberry rules of fair play while the left have no rules of play and will do anything and everything including outright lie and destroy a person’s life if it meant moving their agenda forward. Liberals used their mouth pieces in the press for attack and 99.9% of the time(which is ironically the survivial rate of the wu flu) republicans would back down, admit defeat and sulk away when any pressure was put on. DT was the first person on the right to fight back, to use the same rules the left had, which was none against them. When attacked in the press rather than back down he would attack and double down. The left had no answer for this because they weren’t used to someone with an R next to their name fighting back. It took them almost 4 full years to find his Achilles heel. He is not a details guy and relies on “experts.” Which is what he did with the wu flu, basically ceding control of the entire country to fraud fauci, comrade neck scarf and a whole bunch of governors who hated him and wanted him gone. I can’t forgive him for doing that and allowing a great economy to be destroyed in the process. He set up his own demise by allowing the weaponization of the wu flu. But, i hate to say it, i love Kristi and would vote for her, but her appeal to the voters in the main stream as a whole will not catch on. Most voters are not very informed and don’t go past the msm or basic online sites to get information and her appeal to the constitution and free will won’t resonate with people who prefer 1 line slogans like hope & change or MAGA.

    • Hi Antilles,

      Noem has some things going for her – as a possible national figure – that Trump never had. One, she is a woman – and that makes it harder for the Left to perform the usual “racist/misogynist” surgery. Two, she is civil and presents well; she does not come across like a “bluto” (as Orange Man did).

      I think she could be a very solid standard-bearer. The problem – one of them, perhaps the main one – is Trump. The egomaniacal fraud will not go away, as he should – given his failure. And there are lots of people who will support the Fail regardless of his failure to do more than Tweet and posture like a WWF heel.

      • Hi Eric,

        With all due respect the woman card doesn’t save her when it comes to the Democratic Party. They will destroy her. Look at any Republican or conservative woman. The media and the Dems have gone after every single one. Hell, they even go after the wives of Republican male representatives.

        They destroyed Palin and Bachmann, went after Fiorina and Wittman (until they turned tail and sided with the Dems), they are now out to destroy Greene-Taylor, Stefanik, Boebert, and any other conservative woman that dare raises her voice against the narrative.

        They sliced and diced Melania (who I actually thought was a pretty good First Lady), Ivanka, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, and Heidi Cruz. Seriously, what the hell did any of these women do to deserve the absolute onslaught of the media?

        Look at how Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and now, Jill Biden are treated….with kid gloves, of course.

        The double standard is sickening.

        • Raider Girl

          100% on this. Heck, look what the left did just recently to the women from the mandalorian series because she had the audacity to point out some facts. Itz whay they do and we all allow them to get away with it either though our silence or because that woman may not agree 100% with my principals so let her get destroyed. You are not allowed to be a strong independent women unless your politics matches with the left. All other are fair game to be attacked and destroyed in ways they would never allow someone they agree to be. No matter your feelings for the women, i expect Noem to get the Sarah Palin treatment the moment she becomes a threat to the left.

          • Antilles,

            I’d argue that if you are a strong, independent woman, you’re not a leftist. In fact, the “left” HATES strong and independent women. They want women (and everyone else) to be VERY dependent, especially on gov’t “largesse”, and keep a victim’s mentality. Strong people don’t need saving, and have a tendency to resist control.
            Sure, of course, you know these things. Gina Carano seemed to also have a tendency to think for herself, which is another no-no.

        • Very true, RG –

          But I think Noem can handle herself. And she’s smart. I listened to her conversationally speaking. It impressed me. She also has balls – and that counts for even more.

          Yes, there’s a double standard and yes, the Left is vicious.

          But I feel good about Noem. I worry more about what the GOP and Orange Fail will do to ruin her chances.

          • Eric – just sat down to listen to the speech. YOure right – she is good.. The whole time i wondered 2 things 1) is she another plant to get our hopes up and get conservatives to turn up at polls, while in reality being more of the same and 2) if she’s really genuine – what the GOP will do to destroy her because if she early means why she said she must be kept FAR from the corridors of power….

          • But can she handle herself in the face of the intelligence community? JFK certainly couldn’t. Hard to be effective if your dead. That’s a major part of the prime directive of the CIA, to manipulate elections, and dispose of any undesirable winners. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the intelligence community does NOT have separate standards for the US and foreign nations.

            • They can’t pull that off too often, otherwise the mundanes would quickly realize that they are living in a banana republic. Only time they seem to do it is when someone has the goods to expose them and is prepared to use it -like Epstein.

              Usually it’s the other way around- i.e. they have enough goods on the pol to keep him in check, or he knows that he can’t do anything to expose anyone else, because to do so would also expose his own misdeeds.

              This is why criminal Trump persecuted Assange and Snowden, because he was just as involved with the Clintons and Epstein as anyone else.

              This is why the notion of voting is so ludicrous too, because we don’t know a fraction of what truly goes on, or what any candidate has done or really stands for…..we just hear carefully crafted speeches and pick the best liars.

              • “We just hear carefully crafted speeches and pick the best liars.”

                When someone lies to me once, I never waist my time listening to them again.

                I mean, why would you? Wouldn’t we be crazy to believe anyone we know lies?

                Lets see, who has been caught lying to us over and over and over and over.

                Broadcast television



                NGO’s like the WHO and many many others just for starters.

                Imho a Liar has NO Value.

                • Bear (Yogi?), my late older sister was a compulsive liar, so I got to see from the earliest age, the effects of lying- and also became adept at spotting lies and BS.
                  Our whole society today is based on lies. Lies are one of the reasons I will not have TV or radio in my home. And I have a feeling that one day soon I will be giving the interwebz the old heave-ho too.
                  The Amish have the right idear- They still get to choose who they interact with, because they reject the technology and other constraints which force us to interact with people we don’t know and who don’t share our values, but who rather seek to destroy those values and to make us dependent upon people and institutions over whom we have little knowledge and no control.
                  Whether by government or the corporate world, our interactions have been hijacked, and our autonomy over them has been stolen…but only because we individually allow it.

                  • Well said Nunzio!

                    “It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

                • Ha! I was just telling my mother the other day: “Comrade Cuomo must have gotten out of line, ’cause suddenly he’s being called on multiple scandals, including sexual harassment and covering up his actions that killed a few thousand fogies in nursing homes where he sent COVID patients…”
                  It’s as if a switch was flipped. Click! One day he’s the esteemed czar of Nueva York….next day a small bit of his true character (or lack thereof) is being exposed!

                  • Do you think it’s that, or do you think that with the Dems’ fixation with POCs that are the reason they’ve turned on him? Word has it that the Dems want to clear the decks for Kamala Harris in 2024, so they HAVE to eliminate Cuomo to do so. Not only is he a straight, white male (bad enough); he’s a strong candidate! Plus, there had been talk of him spelling Biden. He could push Harris to the side. Since the Dems want a POC, preferably female, Andy’s got to go. What do you think of that theory?

                    • Hi MM,

                      What would Andy offer? Honestly, he is a NYer. NY will vote blue every time. If he was a Democratic governor of Florida, Georgia, or Texas I would say “Yeah, I would understand them pushing Kammie to the side, but he offers the country nothing different, has a dismal record, and thinks he is the greatest thing since slice bread….wasn’t one New Yorker enough?

                    • Sorry, I just wanted to say actually, I agree with your theory. I think too many Dems were eying Cuomo for a higher up position and it was making the “woke ones” very nervous. Although, my question is why Cuomo?

      • Hey Ya Eric,
        Ah, but blustering blow-hard boorish Bluto can be related to by the average ‘Merican today; the well-spoken sensible person of character who values some tenets of liberty? Not so much….

        Even if she were black and a lezbo, being a woman would not help, because the leftists turn on anyone who does not hew to their line- just as they call Thoams Sowell an Uncle Tom within seconds of hearing him, once they see he does not promote their hysteria and communism and racial nonsense.

        My black (also female) friend was tsold by coworkers at her former (six figure) job that she “really isn’t black” because she’s a registered Republican! Race, gender “orientation’ and victimhood only matter when it suits their agenda. Heck, I remember a faggot years ago on another forum who hid the fact that he was a conservative from his fellow fudgepackers and liberal coworkers, because he had learned that he is quickly ostracozed when he reveals that fact. (Guess they’ve come full circle- they can come out of the closet now about being homos, but now they must be in the closet among their own kind about their political views….)

          • Gnome does sound like a breath of fresh air, Eric. So did Trump early on. Don’t know how old you were in ’80 (Nah..not old enough) but you would’ve been saying “That Reagan sounds practically LIBERTARIAN!”.

            Regardless of the person, no one of the system can fix the system; and the system, even if ‘reformed’ can not fix what is wrong with this country and half the freaking world, because it’s a societal/cultural problem.

            And that’s just looking at things at the surface level and ignoring the idea of sub-surface power structures and media, etc.

            To achieve anything, we’d need a veritable ‘reset’ [Not that kind!] of society….not just someone- even the best possible someone winning an election- even if there could even be an honest election 4 years from now.

            It’d just be a replay of Reagan or Trump all over again. (And Reagan DID look great compared to anyone else in my lifetime….but her is actually the one who increased the size and scope of government more than anyone in my lifetime- although that will likely be changing, as full impact of Trumps trillions -including the biggest military budget in the history of the world- are yet to be fully seen.

            Don’t be snookered again. It’s just anothjer conservative, whom, if she is to progress, will have to play the standard tune that the typical conservative wants to hear.

            • Which spelled the death of the Libertarian Party the instant it became established. The notion that who leads a totally corrupt and psychotic system makes a difference is pie in the sky. You can’t fix a broken system by using the broken system.

  24. For fuck sake people, face reality. Kristi Noem will be no different than any other politician should she arrive in the White House. She, like all the others, will do exactly as she is told. Don’t we ever learn?

    • Exactly, Pappa! While some may be better than others, that difference is only slight, even in the most extreme cases. A hair less tyranny, and maybe conducted under more tolerable conditions and with nicer words…..but no one’s gonna stop the wars or the welfare or the taxes or the increase of government; nor are they going to rollback the plethora of tyrannies foisted upon us by their predecessors- (Just as Gnome has not repealed property taxes, sales taxes, nor the collection of internet sales tax from purchases made from businesses in other states by SD residents. And while it is true that SD has been much freer pertaining the COVID BS, they none-the-less DID have some restrictions in some areas, decreed by the governor…)

      Most importantly, we are in this pickle because the American PEOPLE have become corrupt and have allowed every vestige of our culture to be destroyed and shat upon- and that is something which no politician can fix.

      It’s sad that the Libertarian sites I followed have become so obsessed with statist politics. I was thrilled when I first discovered this site, and LRC- “Finally, here are some people who get it!”. Then Trump came along, and all of a sudden, POOF! Now it’s like 90% of the people who “got it” are cheering-on, justifying and even voting for tyrants, liars and corrupt bums whom they wouldn’t even trust to be alone with their daughters.

      I can only imagine if Ronald Reagan were still around!

      • Nunz, we’re trying to get back to 2019 levels of tyranny here, and radicals like you are getting in the way. Maybe you’re just not hardcore enough to support a “hair-less” tyranny, as you put it. I don’t know what hair has to do with it but this site doesn’t need any more anti-orange bigots like you around. I thought we had seen the last of that behavior around here, but I guess I got my hopes up too soon.

    • Pappa,


      But was South Dakota governed differently and more reasonably than other states? And at least, as in this speech, she articulated that she understands the proper principles. Trump NEVER did. And those who were properly principled have also rarely (never for the past several decades, at least) been elected.

      Voters keep choosing those with either the wrong principles or the lack thereof. And no, if they were to choose wisely, it wouldn’t fix everything, but I do believe, if voters, and the populace at large, would begin to embrace the right principles, it WOULD have a great effect.

    • PappaS,

      Respectfully, I disagree only because she has governed SD like she said she would. How does the saying go “Past behavior is an indicator of future performance.” The problem is she will never make it to the White House – those in charge will make it so.

      Which now brings us back to the hamster wheel of politics – the scenery never changes. Which is why I believe the Republican Party will put DeSantis up on that pedestal.

      • RG,

        Which pedestal? The CPAC straw poll for the 2024 election yielded 55% in favor of Trump, 21% for DeSantis, and only 4% for Noem.

        “In that race, Noem came behind the Florida governor at 11 percent, followed by Donald Trump Jr. at 8 percent and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) both at 7 percent.”

        Mike fucking Pompeo beat Noem among these morons.

        “Ninety-five percent said they want the Republican Party to continue with Trump’s agenda and policies.”

        What policies? Do anything that dwarf Fauci says? Increase the debt to $Infinity-Gajillion? Never so much as mention “freedom” as any goal or value of any kind?

        Sounds absolutely splendid!

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          One, Kristi doesn’t have the name recognition that the other possibilities have. I believe DeSantis will be the next Republican nominee. Trump will not be it. Here is why I think so:

          1. He (Trump) will be 78 years old (he may not even be around)
          2. He is going to spend the next three years rebuilding his empire which did cost him a huge amount of wealth when he was President
          3. The American people have short term memories. If you aren’t in the public eye they move on quickly.
          4. Florida is a must win for any Republican, why not hand it off to the guy to who is already in charge of it
          5. DeSantis is young and has the ability to easily handle two consecutive terms
          6. He was a Congressman and a governor and has more than enough connections surrounding him
          7. He never badmouthed Trump which allows him the support of Trump supporters, as well as, the feel good optics of bringing along the rest of the Republican Party (anti Trumpers)
          8. He will be a good boy and toe the Republican line (the MSM will still eat him for breakfast though)
          9. He doesn’t offend Wall Street the way Trump did

          • That’s a good list, Raider!

            You might just be right. DeSantis has certainly performed better than Trump during the Kabuki debacle, though I don’t quite feel the same fervor with him as with Noem. I haven’t seen him wield a flamethrower, for example. 😉
            But, perhaps, there could be a DeSantis/Noem ticket.
            Of course, there is still much time between here and then, and so very much could happen.

            • If OM wants what’s best for the country rather than his own ego, he’d back a hypothetical DeSantis/Noem ticket in ’24. But first things first…not only frustrate anything that the Alzheimer’s-challenged POTUS is doing NOW, but also de-throne the Dummycrats from the Congress in ’22. I know, and it will be “better” under the GOP? No, it won’t be “Nirvana”, but it will improve…a bit.

              • Until computers and mail in ballots are removed from the voting process, the GOP will not win ANY election in 2022 or later. The system now has been rigged, and the courts are in full support of rigged elections. And the courts and dems are backed by all the resources of the deep state.

        • Plus, I don’t have a lot of faith in CPAC straw polling – remember 2016 went to Ted Cruz….how did that turn out?

          Much can change in 3 years.

          • RG,

            Haha, yep…

            And I guess my issue is a bit less with the actual candidates and more about the values of the “Republican” masses.
            Something like “Strong man good. Principles not understand.”.

            • To steal a quote from Reagan “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me.”

              There is no difference between the parties now. They are both controlled by big business and they are not going to allow anyone into the Office of the Presidency that does not allow them to hold the puppet strings.

              This is where our country is at. Most people today have their hands out and shout “What about me?” Honestly, though who can blame them. When you see big business get bailed out of every opportunity and bad decision that they have made I don’t blame Main Street for crying and shouting “Gimme me mine.”

              This country’s penchant for hard worker, personal responsibility, and pulling oneself up by their boot straps are long gone. Maybe by the time this country hits rock bottom and there is no other choice but to rebuild, because government didn’t save them a few may see the light. That’s all any of the rest of us can hope for.

        • Thank goodness McCain croaked, or they’d probably elect him in ’24.

          It really illustrates the utter stupidity of the average ‘Merican though- that they would be so supportive of Trump, who did virtually NOTHING, and stiffed his supporters on virtually everything he promised. If this is what people demand from a politician whom they support, it’s no wonder that we’re in this mess.

          And why would anyone even bother to vote, knowing that elections can now be blatantly rigged with absolutely no reprisals?

          Hey, all Trump has to do is get up on a stage and get the crowd to chant “Lock her up! Lock her up”- even though he did not do that when he had the opportunity-( but instead appointed one responsible for letting ‘her’ get away with murder to the Supreme Court) and he’ll have them eating out of his hand. Or he could just ‘grab them by the pussy”…. 🙂

          I think politicians are the least of our troubles- it’s these freaking retards all around us- like all of these maskoids one encounters in every store, dutifully wearing the filthy cloth.

          • Nunzio,

            After seeing the “election” so blatantly rigged, I’m DONE with voting! I think we’ll have a Dem/leftist majority in perpetuity with a GOP minority. Good Swamp GOP guys like Mitch McChao will have elections in their states rigged for them. We’ll have a faux democracy with pretend voting, but the fix is basically in.

            From now on, I’m just going to live my life and pay little attention to DC and its BS. I won’t totally ignore things, because if there’s trouble heading my way, I want to see it in time to avoid it. Other than that though, I’m not going to get worked up about politics anymore. As the fella once said, it is what it is. I’ll hang out with my cats, enjoy life to the extent I can, and that’s that…

            • Amen, MM! I literally said that to someone T’other day, who was advocating supporting ‘someone’ just to oppose ‘the other side’- ‘What else can we do?’. Me: “Ignore government; don’t comply; don’t participate; live your life and do what YOU want to do!”. But apparently that is too radical for the average ‘Merican communist- D or R. That would quickly solve the whole problem if even a large minority were to do it.

              I dunno about a perpetual leftist majority though- They have to make it look like people have options…so they let either side of the coin win every other election or so…even though both are truly leftist.

              Way I see it, I haven’t lost a thing by never voting…but I’ve gained time I would have lost, and saved much heartache knowing thast I never gave my assent/consent to any of their BS and tyranny.

              I used to know this Christian guy who’d vote for whichever candidate opposed abortion. He voted for Bush! Wonder if thast guy now realizes that he thus caused likely as many deaths as he was trying to prevent?

              The Amish have it right, -ignore the bastards and live your life. Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to. We can be a lot more productive and happy if don’t waste our time concerning ourselves with the lies and minor differences between the tyrants.

              • Nunzio,

                Why does the GOP ever have to win again? They’re in a permanent minority in CA, yet it hasn’t shattered any illusions there. I think that a similar setup will apply to the national level; not only that, I think it’ll work! Plus, the lefties are so power hungry that they’ll do like they’ve done everywhere else they control: so rig the system that only the lefties win. How else to explain decades or centuries long lefty rule in NYC; Newark, NJ; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; St. Louis, MO; and so on?

    • Papa – seriously. She was too good in a way – almost as if she was a plant, professionally created for the purpose of getting those on the right to have some hope and play along for a couple more years…. because essentially thats what its about, just keep people in line somehow and give them some hope so they keep turning up to work, doing what they do, paying their taxes, and turning up at the polls, and feeling some level of ownership….

      • Hey Nasir!
        As usual, you are spot-on and much more perceptive than most Americans. What you describe is perfect description of how this pluralistic system works, and always has. ‘Good cop, bad cop’ so at least you’ll be for one of them. And man, does it work, ’cause it even works on many here, who should know better, especially after they’ve just been played by the Trump fiasco. Déjà vu- but sheesh, ya think it would’ve taken at least a couple of years…not just days after president Kushner vacated the White House.

    • “You know, there’s a handful of people that run everything. That’s a fact, I’m not some conspiracy nut. A handful, very small, elite run and own these corporations, which include the mainstream media. I have this feeling that whoever’s elected president… when you win, you go into this smoky room with the twelve industrialists capitalists scum-fucks who got you in there. And a big guy with a cigar goes: ‘Roll the film.’ And it’s a shot of the Kennedy Assassination from an angle you’ve never seen before. It looks suspiciously off the grassy knoll. Then the screen comes up, and they go to the new president: ‘Any questions?’”
      – Bill Hicks, Rant in E-Minor (1993)

      If true, this would explain a lot.

    • I have long suspected that every single new POTUS gets paid a visit by an agent of the CIA, and shown the Zapruder film. Perhaps even as candidates. No commentary needed, the film succinctly delivers the message.

  25. Principles? The American people will not have that! This why there was so little interest in Ron Paul in the polls….and it will; be the same for Gnome. ( 😀 ). This is why they love Trump- the (to quote Jody) “lifelong NYC democrat” who became an alt-Republican when so doing was beneficial to his cause.

    And even so, how does one person tame a humongous corrupt system? It would take the participation of the people- a good deal of them- but if they were of such a mind to care, we wouldn’t be where we now are- but then, this is also why Gnome would never be elected….or at least not without making sufficient compromises so as to negate anything good about her.

    Let us learn from the Trump fiasco: Statist politics is a complete and utter waste of our time.

    • So true Nunz,
      Like you mentioned in a prior post, Biden took his turn at bombing Syria just because he can. The Pentagram generals are busy scheming how to keep troops in Shitghanistan even though Orange Fail ordered them out as one of the last, and only smart, things he did. Gotta keep that river of money flowing to meddling warmongers even though I just saw a chart showing the USSA spends more on “national security” than the next 15 countries combined, and it’s most likely more than that because of the secret off the books amount going to the various alphabet agencies.
      Hope I’m still alive to see it all come tumbling down. Notice how the PTB are already floating the idea that we’re going to need “vaccine passports” to continue living; we should call that by its real name: the Mark of the Beast.

    • Nunzio,

      I understand that RP had a LOT of interest among younger people! He was quite popular among those young enough to be his grand children…

      • That’s what they told us, MM- but I saw little evidence of it. That young crowd is the demographic amongst which 3 in 10 advocate actual communism, and in which 7 out of 10 say they’d vote for an open socialist.

        The real numbers tell the sad story- Paul only got 3% of the vote in the Republican primary in ’08……

        The average American FEARS freedom and a free market. They want their communism…just with waving flags and apple pie instead of trannies.

        • The real numbers show RP did much better in 2012, which was when his popularity peaked. That’s around the time I learned about him. Just curious, where did you get your statistics on who would vote commie/socialist? How many young people do you know personally these days? I’ve run into one young person who said she was a socialist and liked Bernie Sanders. When I asked, she had no idea what socialism was. It was weird. I wonder how that might affect polls.

          • That is precisely the problem, Hatt. The young’uns are taught to be socialists in the schools and by the media. That most of them don’t have a realistic idea of what socialism actually entails, or of it’s history, is of no concern, because as long as they think they are socialists, they will vote for socialists, and or those who espouse the lingo/values they associaite with socialism.

            Sorry, I don’t keep track of I see statistics and things…but I’d bet if you Googled it, you’d find it.

            Hey, why do you think it is that the Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16? 16: You can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol or choose to get boinked by an adult….but you can vote for who gets to rule the empire……

            It’s not just kids either- I’d be willing to bet that at least 90% of ‘Mericans are now in favor of socialized medicine- which is probably why Trump vowed to “replace it with something better” rather than obliterate it. Just like Medicare and Social Security, once these things are established, they can never be gotten rid of, because even most staunch conservatives come to advocate government control and redistribution of wealth once they get used to it, and no one will tolerate it being taken away. They barely care anymore if you take their money…they care even less if you take their neighbor’s money…..

            • Our side can’t give away definitions or just make up depressing statistics. We’re in an infowar. Just sayin’…

        • Hey Nunz, good to see your comments on the forum again.

          Yeh – thats right. The average person in the west actually FEARS capitalism now it seems. They feel the need government to be protected from those evil capitalist…. and thats the real con they’ve bought into. Even the right believes in “some regulation” ie instead of dozens of pages to define a banana as the EU did, they would be happy with a a dozen. Without government rules on bananas how would we ever survive….

          • Hi Nasir!

            Thanks. And as usual, you are spot-on! As if things aren’t tyrannical enough, I perpetually hear people saying “This should be regulated! That shouldn’t be allowed!”, and complaining that some guy who runs a private [Non-crony, non-government contract] business is rewarded by those invested in his company because he steered that company to make billions…..but those same people love the cronies, like E-loon, who live off of subsidies and can’t even make a profit…..

            Expecting these people to elect a champion of freedom (even if an election could ever be legit again) is juist delusional. Might as well wish upon a star….

        • Public “education” is far and away the most successful psychological operation in the history of the species. It took a hundred years or so, but It has perfectly fulfilled the purpose of its foundation, just like the far less ubiquitous Hitler Youth did.
          Ron Paul’s final run for POTUS was the last chance we had at preserving a constitutional republic, and it’s highly likely he would not have survived being elected. JFK didn’t, and his goals were far less lofty.

    • Hi Nunz,

      Good to see you back. There was an interest in Ron Paul, but for the majority of Americans the media was not going to allow it to continue. The media will dictate who the nominee will be, not us, Americans. That is why the voting booth is a waste of time unless it for the establishment and decision making of local politics. The state and federal elections are an absolute waste of time (six months ago I never would have believed that). My outlook now is – why bother? I will still vote for the county Treasurer, the Town Council, and the county Dogcatcher, but the rest…..waste of time.

  26. The Orange Fail didn’t fail at all. That’s why he’s mulling a 2024 run and will likely win the selection. World wrestling entertainment is the blueprint being followed.

    The orange fail is succeeding in exactly the way the men behind the curtain want him to succeed.

    • Hi Ancap,

      Indeed – which is why I urge all people interested in even a semblance of normalcy and liberty to Just Say No to the Orange Man. He will fail us again – either by making sure Kamala is (s)elected or by being (s)elected himself. The man is is either a buffoon or a tool and neither helps our cause.

  27. Gov. Noem’s statement reminded me of our daughter’s last year. Our daughter (homeschooled) graduated hs and the local paper asked 2020 grads to write short statements about how “co(n)vid” affected their life and plans. The paper promised to print all statements, except those with profanity or vulgarity. We noticed that there were many kids who talked about how it was so hard, but they are pulling through, they will come out stronger on the other side, etc.

    Daughter’s statement: “The government kept me from spending time with friends, prom, job, sports, etc.” She did not blame convid, she put the blame where it belonged – on the players behind this tyranny.

    Her entry was not published.

    • Of course it wasn’t published. It roooined the narrative so it can’t see the light of day. I feel sorry for your daughter just like i feel sorry for all those graduates of 2020, my niece included. I feel sorry for my oldest who lost an entire year of baseball and hockey. My youngest who got to miss out on his webelos summer camping with dad like his brother had done. High school grads didn’t get to experience prom, student athletes who may never play organized sports again lost their last season. They lost being together as a class one last time at graduation. Memories they will never get back. Many are now stuck in locked down colleges where they are pretty much told all the fun stuff about being in college is forbidden and if you cross us you will be suspended or expelled. Young people who have a better chance of dying in a car accident, or being struck by lightning than dying of the wu flu are being told they can’t live their life because some 95 yr old with terminal prostate cance may only live 3 more months than 4 more months all because of a bad cold virus. That would be my wife’s grandfather. 95 yr old WWII vet,he had stage 4 cancer and died in may, but since he was running a fever when he died, SURPRISE, the cancer didn’t get him, the wu flu did. Oh and we didn’t get to say goodbye or have a funeral for him.

      • It is extremely bad what this is doing to the kids. Having said that – in a strange kind of way my kids are out more playing on the street (mine are relatively young, primary school) which is something I never saw much in the modern health and safety obsessed UK. Also, when they do get out to a park or playground – they immediately start hanging out with other kids – even my elder one who’s very shy. I guess they do feel the lack of social interaction….. Just today they found 2 more girls from the other end of the street, and were racing bikes together….. And I guess since parents themselves are all fed up – they have given up on health and safety concerns and just let the kids out without keeping a close eye on them….

      • I am still angry about this, but trying to turn it into productive anger. I have been saying for quite some time that sports programs and especially youth activities, need to just forge ahead and to H*** with the “guidelines”. Guidelines implies that you can take it or leave it.

        My son’s summer swim team didn’t meet last year, even though all meets were to be outside!

        I am also sorry that kids and teens were tormented in this way. Our hs group (7 families) finally organized a graduation over the summer, and we had one poop in the punchbowl family who tried to get everyone to mask, anti-social distance, etc., even though the location didn’t require these things. The family even bragged about how they were signed up as contact tracers.

        The rest of us held the line and refused to cave. At least we wanted our kids to have a normal grad ceremony with family and friends present. The other family didn’t join. Their loss.

        • There always seems to be one poop in the punchbowl it seems. we also had a group of people who regularly met, but a couple of the wives have converted and are strict adherents to the new faith. So much so that they ensure 100% compliance with each and every government mandate. Meaning that not only will they not meet – but they will do all in their power to make sure nobody else ever meet….

          Anyhow – it didnt take long for people to get fed up of them…. and start hiding gatherings from them. Though I take great pleasure in making sure they are informed that there will be / was a meet (especially when at my place) and they can go screw themselves….

          • Perfect response – take away their presumed power. They can then wither on the vine while you and the others flourish!

    • “Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economize it.”
      –Mark Twain

      I have the feeling Mr. “Twain” would have a thing or two to say about the covid-con, as well as those who fell for it. That was a man who knew snake oil and flim-flam men when he saw them.

      Pity no one is allowed to read him any more.

  28. I watched both speeches and what impressed me was the crowd reactions to both. Governor Noam got crowd reactions that seemed more genuine. Trump’s crowd reactions sounded scripted, like there was an applause light controlled by the producers. But maybe I’m just impressing my personal reactions.

    Oh, and can we please get past the “USA! USA! USA!” chanting? Or at least save it for the Olympics, where it belongs.

    • The USA chant has bothered me since 1976 or 77. I was an undergrad at Michigan, the Russian (Soviets in those days) gymnastic team came to Ann Arbor to give a gymnastics exhibition and all the lo/no class folks in the arena started with the USA chant, it made me sick, I was ashamed to to be part of that crowd.

      • Same mentality that causes ’em to “serve” (No matter the country they reside in and chant for), and thus to kill innocents in foreign lands who have done them no harm- because the state and it’s collective “team” is their god- a “superior god” who in their mind supercedes the “other” God whom they claim to worship, who forbids murder and following a multitude to do evil.

  29. ‘The OF failed for exactly this reason. He was defenseless against the principles of the Left.’ — EP

    The second sentence would be a fitting epitaph on the Republiclown party’s grave marker … at least till vandals demolish the hated monument with sledgehammers.

    Take the $15 minimum wage proposed by the DemonRats, for instance. One could oppose it on several principled grounds, such as (1) the constitution doesn’t confer wage-setting power; (2) it will drive up youth unemployment; (3) it will stoke inflation.

    But already, the McConnell-Romney old guard are issuing trial balloons about a ‘compromise’ in the $11-12 range. Childish talk of principles makes them snicker cynically into their tailored, cuff-linked sleeves. They just want to do a deal, declare victory, and re-elect the incumbents in 2022.

    Once the Republiclowns’ dirty deal is done, the US economy will resemble World War II. During 1942-1945, the US fedgov ran annual deficits above 10% of GDP. Simultaneously, the Federal Reserve gorged itself on Treasury bonds to keep interest rates (and the government’s borrowing cost) low. Inflation, masked by rationing, burst out with a bang after the war, when controls came off.

    ‘Covid relief’ (a monstrous lie, as two-thirds of the $1.9 trillion bill is just regular old pork) will push the federal deficit to an eye-popping 16% of GDP. Meanwhile the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve are ‘buying’ $120 billion a month of Treasury and mortgage securities with their thin-air keystroke currency.

    Already, wartime-like shortages in computer chips have shut down auto plants. Now price spikes and outages are affecting hot and cold-rolled steel too, as homebuilders find lumber scarce and costly.

    In 1947, inflation ripped to almost 20%, paving the way for a recession in 1948-1949 as it tumbled back down. Reckon it all might happen again, in Old Woke Joe’s stalinist command economy?

    As the economy reopens this summer, we can expect a smorgasbord of Free Money, Free Beer, and Free Love, courtesy of the leftists and their collaborationist Republiclown helpers. Extra servings if you turn in your guns!

  30. Eric – you’re so right. It seems anyone who gets into government today, whether left or right basically believes in more government. The disagreement is just on the extent of that more government, and because of that, the “right” is basically irrelevant because the direction of travel is the same. The worst is most people dont even realise, possibly because of the dumbing down of the population, along with their blind reliance on the “media”” to interpret the world for them.

    I remember when in 2010 the tories took power in the UK with david cameron at the lead, the media and pundits ripped them apart for “cuts” to every budget and the horrible things it caused. But when you looked at the details, all the actual spending INCREASED ! The cut was actually from the perspective of the planned increase the previous people had !! Because the increase in waste was less than the previously planed increase in waste – it was a cut !!! If they were actually ever questioned about this – they would proudly say how they needed to “protect vulnerable” and all these wonderful causes. And the party always came in line behind the leadership, because who could argue such noble causes…..

    • This is the problem with the right. They have become the watered down left. If the left says everyone should get government provided 3 scoops of icecream per day, the right doesn’t fight that on principled grounds. They don’ articulate that govt has no business providing icecream and it should be up to the individual to decided if they want, need and can afford.icecream. And if they do want it,how many scoops should be up to the individual. Nope the right jumps in and says ok we shouldn’t give icecream but if we are we should limit it to 1 scoop. At that point they have already lost because as some people i know have said to me, if the government is giving it away i’ll just vote for the one giving me the most.

      • It’s a no-win situation. Our people have become so corrupt, that one can not win an election without promising to continue doling-out the goods. This is why the bastards who came up with Social Security and thought to structure it the way they did, were evil geniuses, because once established, they knew it would be something we could never get rid of, since everyone would scream “Our money!”.
        This is why there is no fixing this mess via politics- because when a society has become so socialistic (even the staunchest conservatives are for SS, Medicair…yada yada) it is impossible to elect someone who opposes their will- and entitlements, redistribution of wealth, space programs and militarism seem to be the will of most Americans….and so they get the government they deserve…. 🙁

        • “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

          I think we hit this point around the new deal and its been downhill ever since. But now we are very close to the bottom and pedo joe is going to slam on that accelerator

  31. She undoubtedly suffers a malady known as clarity. The idea of personal liberty is simple. The idea of state omnipotence makes things extremely complicated, which requires an “expert” or an “official” to figure out, and tell us what to do, or else. Without the freedom to fail, there is no freedom. Without risk, there is no liberty. Personal liberty is more dangerous than sheephood, no doubt, unless one places a real value upon liberty. If one does not value it, rest assured there will be a gang of Psychopaths In Charge eagerly waiting to extract it from you.

    • Both the left and the right are going to spend the next 2 years trying to destroy her. Just watch. Can’t have that much truth getting out.

      • I doubt they’ll need to destroy her- as she’ll have scant support from the average American communist (D or R variety)- just like Ron Paul- at most, all they have to do is ignore ’em. The sheep’ll all be salivating for Trump, so they can have another four years of broken promises, doing absolutely nothing, and paving the way for the next Democrat regime. He banned bumpstocks his first tine around…what’ll he do on his next tour?

        Heck, I saw that very fact mentioned in the comments on a Youtube gun channle. Someone reminded them that Trump banned bumpstocks- and instead of taking it to heart, all of the other 2A/Trump supporters tore the commentor a new one. That’s the mentality of the average American voter- even the conservative 2A supporters. They don’;tr believe in principles or even reality…they believe in slogans and feeling good on false hopes./

        Sadly, many among us in the Libertarian community seem to be going the same way.

        • Oh as a gun rights person and someone who voted twice for Trump i’m well aware of this. And it’s impossible to square except using the Regan excuse of my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and i can’t defend it or square it. Yet now that pedo joe and call girl kamala are selected, our gun rights are in much more danger than they were under OM.
          And belelive me i hate the Trump defenders who will use arguments like- wells its a gimmick so who cares excuse. NO! Because 1 inch on gun rights given, 100 miles is taken. I don’t care who the president is that is one i call out on.

        • Hi Nunz,

          I drank the Kook Aid once; never again. I like what Noem has to say – and more to the point, how she has acted. If she continues to act that way, she will have my support, for what it’s worth. And Orange Man has my eternal enmity.

  32. I cannot argue against the merits of your article, you are correct. Gov. Noem is 100% spot on. But one person trying to correct course getting back to our Constitutional founding when the entire federal system is controlled by vipers is a lost cause. Politicians being what they are today make me think of the poster in basement office of Agent Fox Mulder in the series The X Files; “Trust No One”.

    • Hi Allen,

      No argument. Still, it is a step in the right direction to discuss principles – and defend them. I’d rather go down fighting than agreeing with the enemy.

      • “Give me liberty or give me death” is not a campaign slogan. It’s a fundamental life philosophy. If I die trying to resist tyranny, then let those not willing to do so deal with the results. I certainly won’t have to.

    • Wasn’t another tag line of the X-files “I want to believe?” After what transpired it’s hard for me to have faith in the electoral process or believe this lady can turn around the car speeding off the cliff at 100 mph four years from now. But I guess folks need to talk about something.

    • Since it failed to prevent tyranny, the Constitution is an abject failure. It’s a treaty, and the American Indians can tell you exactly what those are worth. Without external enforcement, they are worth exactly the same as any other piece of paper with words on them. The Constitution left the fox in charge of the hen house, and it was NOT an accident it did so. The Articles of Confederation did NOT do so, which was the reason for the illegal Constitutional Convention convened to dispose of it. A coup, no more, no less. The Articles of Confederation did not provide for its own destruction, and being the supreme law of the land, the Constitutional Convention was convened with no legal authority whatsoever.

      • Correct. And the Federalist victors got to write the distorted history. They libeled the Articles of Confederation as weak and ineffective, despite the Articles being the true blueprint for American liberty, while painting their malevolent coup against the republic as heroic.

        Kids will not read this in any history text. Even some libertarians may be confused by the Federalist Papers, a tissue of lies by Alex Hamilton and Jimmy Madison which reads like a complete joke today — e.g. ‘The State governments will have the advantage over the Federal government’ (Federalist No. 45). Frickin’ lying clowns in their poncy stockings and capri pants …

      • Reparations for North American indigenous tribes first!

        Restore Manhattan and Long Island to its natural state and habitat.

        Pay the Manhattan tribe 1,000,000,000 dollars for each tribal member, they’re gone, doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified for reparations.

        Raze New York City, start over, restore it all to the original landscape and leave it like it was in the beginning before anyone from Europe got there in any tall ship.

        All New Yorkers can return to Ireland, Italy, and Israel. Empty the city.

        You’ll save a lot of water.


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