Hero Cops… Or Soldiers? Can You Tell The Difference?

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We’re all “indigs” now:

A smug-looking douchebag of a cop who wears his sunglasses behind his head claimed a man recording him in public was carrying a concealed weapon after spotting a pocket knife legally attached to his belt.

This was after the cop’s partner tried to grab the man’s phone, but was unable to snatch it out of his hand.

More cops arrived, including one dressed like GI Joe, who accused the man of “trying to start a confrontation.”

The incident took place in Tracey, California Friday as Troy Stevenson decided to record a training exercise taking place on a side of a busy street.

The cops apparently believed they had an expectation of privacy as they played their war games in full view of the public.

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  1. Never roll your window down for them more than 3 inches. Refuse demands for anything more. “It’s down far enough for a clear conversation.”


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