Making it “Easier”

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The best way to force something onto people who don’t want it is to force what they do want off the market.

Examples of this include the forced retirement of the best automotive refrigerant ever developed – Freon – which cools faster and deeper than the replacements that were forced onto the market by forcing Freon off the market – in the name of the “ozone hole” but in actuality because of expiring patents on Freon that meant it would be much cheaper to make it and so cheaper to buy it than the “ozone-friendly” replacements forced onto the market.

D’Lynda Fischer: Portrait of a political psychopath

Another example is gasoline – which has been largely forced off the market in favor of adulterated gasoline. What most Americans are forced to pump into their tanks is actually 10 percent ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and only 90 percent gasoline.

Soon, there may be no gasoline at all.

Not because people don’t want it but rather because they won’t be able to buy it. Because of new laws proliferating  forbidding the selling of it.

As in Petaluma, California – where the city council just voted to prohibit new gas stations from being built and also that existing gas stations may not install new pumps. “The goal here is to move away from fossil fuels and to make it as easy as possible to do that,” says one of the legislation’s main backers, D’Lynda Fischer.

She means her goal; the goal of those forcing their views upon the people of Petaluma. It will be made “easier” for them to not buy gas, in order to make it harder for them to not drive cars that burn gasoline.

See how that works?

It has to work that way, too – because the non-psychopathic way of free exchange determining what succeeds and fails makes it harder to get people to give up what works for them in favor of what “works” for the political psychopaths who regard their way as the only way and intend to make it “easier” for you to see it their way.

Soy meets Boy at

Another one of these political psychopaths is named Matt Krogh, who mouthpieces for something styled – an “environmental” lobby.  He said an interesting thing about the edict issued by Petaluma’s political psychopaths: “The problem with allowing new gas stations is we don’t really need them and they’re putting existing gas stations out of business.”

We don’t really need them?

Then why are people (part of “we” but not counted) willing to invest their money in building them  . . . if not forbidden to by political psychopaths who always confabulate themselves and their demands with our freely expressed preferences?

Of course, the problem is precisely that. We really do need gas stations – a self-evident fact expressed by the willingness of people to meet that need by erecting gas stations using their rather than other people’s money, which they are willing to spend because they know there is money to be made selling gasoline to people who are very much in need of it and want to buy it.

Nothing has to be forced on anyone.

This creates a problem – for the political psychopaths. There is no power to be made in free exchange since people are free to not exchange, if that is their preference. The power of No is as powerful as a gun – but without the immorality. It has a chastening effect on the unwanted.

Power is to be made by forcing the unwanted, using guns to deny the freedom to not exchange.

This outfit – which stands for itself and the people associated with it, not the royal, all-encompassing “we” that political psychopaths reflexively use to create the impression of unanimity and thus obscure the immorality of dragging us along with them – is also tub-thumping for something styled SAFE Cities. The insipid acronym translates as Stand Against Fossil Fuel Expansion. Which really means: stand against the freely made choices of the rest of us.

Which is necessary – again – because of the always unspoken fact that the rest of us don’t stand for such things. If “we” did – if we didn’t want gasoline – there would be no need to prohibit gas stations from selling it to us.

The freely expressed preferences of “we” would take care of that.

But “we” –  more of us than them – do prefer to buy gas and to buy gas-powered cars as evidenced by our buying of them – because they make more sense (and cost much less) than the electric cars being forced on us by the political psychopaths, as they forced R-134a (the forced replacement for Freon) and E10 (the forced replacement for 100 percent gasoline) on us.

“Ideas like this can spread rapidly,” says Krogh. He means legislation forcing ideas such as his ideas on others can spread rapidly. And is spreading. The political apparats of 30 other California counties and cities are in process of imposing their ideas on the people who live under their regimes and it is likely to spread beyond California now that California has a acquired de facto control of the federal apparat.

But political psychopaths never use honest language for the simple reason that it’s too honest. Language has to be inverted in order to subvert thought, to gaslight opposition – in order to grease the skids for “we” – as opposed to them – imposing their ideas on us.

“It’s actually political bravery to be the very first,” Krogh told Axios.

Yes, indeed. It’s very brave to use the power of government to take away people’s choices and force them to do as they’re told.

. . .

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  1. And with more money in circulation, prices rise.
    Here in SoCal, price of 87 octane Chevron gasoline has risen from $3.39/gal last summer to $4.19 last week.
    Most of that change is very recent.
    I expect it will get worse.
    Would not surprise me to see $5.00 gasoline by next summer.

    So, what to do?
    Can’t really pull the “incredible shrinking candy bar trick,” where goods are repackaged into smaller containers, with the price remaining constant.

    Eureka moment:
    If gasoline prices continue to rise (and they will, because the Bidenites do not want us to drive), I predict he U.S. government will decree that gasoline must be priced by the liter. A liter being roughly the same size as a quart, $10/gal would be approximately $2.50/liter.
    And won’t it be nice to see the prices “come down” at last.

    • Next thing you’ll see McDonald’s rename the “Quarter Pounder” to “Royale..avec du Fromage!”

      Or, we’ll see “creative” tax scams, like a $025 per gallon surtax on gasoline or diesel dispensed into pickups, aka “White Privilege” tax.

  2. The SRF & Billionaires DO WHAT THEY WANT and the herd of modern moron slaves just keep calm and slave on!

    It has been like this – with the current Ruling Families – for centuries.

    They want Their Planet filled with electric vehicles, They will get it.

    Hey… They wanted Their Planet filled with moron slaves wearing a muzzle and They also got that!

    So. Unless biological recycling is performed on a large scale… Gasoline and later Diesel will be used just on Their cars, because for Them there will always be gasoline and diesel to allow Them to drive Their relic cars!

    We the herd must be happy They still allow us to use electric ones…

    • Hi Voz,

      I’m at least as cynical as you are and perhaps even more so… but I try to pull back from the abyss by remembering that sometimes things do change for the better, often after our “betters” push a bit too hard, a bit too fast. This may be such a case. The world has been subjected to the most extreme and sudden trauma-based conditioning it has ever been subjected to. But the shock of it may be wearing off… and anger may be welling up.

      Or so I hope!

      • Hi Eric… I can’t see any actual sign of that happening!

        Except for this awesome example…
        … which fails just for being ONE case!

        Seems to me that the western herds have been properly tamed during the last decades.

        In the US I see millions of modern moron slaves that got their slave lives destroyed within a couple of months, and yet where is the anger and above all, where’s the REACTION?

        I do prefer ACTION to reaction, but since ACTION requires a set of skills apparently missing, not even a reaction is seen.

      • That there’s been such peer pressure, via a very well-orchestrated social media program, to convince us that (1) we all were in imminent danger of kicking the bucket from this terrible disease and (2) it’s our “patriotic duty” to comply with far-reaching fatwas, which the PTB themselves don’t comply with, and now the “Holy Jab”, never mind that no vaccine disinfects folks already “contaminated” with any contagion. Remember my earlier post about bribing a doc to merely shoot the “Holy Jab Water” down the sink”, and IF an injection scar and a spent needle are necessary as “proof”, merely inject you with harmless saline? Well, for all me know, all these vaccines “miraculously” produced could themselves be no more than that anyway! Has anyone, ahem, “appropriated” any samples for independent testing and verification? Folks, the “scam” is well beyond merely the creation of an ARTIFICAL “crisis” as the pretext to get rid of OM, after all the other attempts (RussiaGate, two impeachments, etc.) failed spectacularly. I’d say it’s actually a last-ditch attempt to overthrow the Constitution, and could succeed if we let it…

        • I think the idea is to force the world’s people to submit to an injection, which would necessarily have to contain something that we wouldn’t want in our bodies. Not only wouldn’t we want it, but it is something that TPTB WANT, i.e., in order to exercise greater control over us. Thus, I believe the injection has a substance(s) that is quite harmful. The fact that all have not died immediately after receiving it could be simply that TPTB have also included some saline-type injections in the mix, as part of the con.

  3. The entire “gasoline” issue is complicated by the fact that the petro-dollar business is very profitable in itself. Maybe even more profitable than the crude oil. A lot of international trade gets cleared with petro-dollars, so it’s great as a leverage tool for governments who are seeking better terms. For that reason, Washington doesn’t want the petro-dollar to disappear. That creates a little bit of a problem as electric cars become more popular, since in theory at least, crude oil consumption should go down. So now the rush is on to create a petro-dollar replacement which will be controllable by Washington. Bitcoin? Maybe. But no matter what the new new currency turns out to be, Washington will probably not be able to shamelessly inflate it like they’ve done with the dollar. Getting free stuff from abroad will be more difficult.

    But I’m not worried, because America produces plenty of food, so nobody will starve. And we don’t need the Petro-dollar, or the crude oil anyway. What most people don’t understand is that 95% of all car trips are near home. People go to the Supermarket, and school, or wherever. For those short trips, the internal combustion engine never made sense anyway. Gasoline engines are a twenty thousand dollar solution to a two hundred dollar problem. Consider this: big companies don’t use “compressed air” like you find at the gas station. They use liquid air. It can be carried around in a bucket. Ten gallons of liquid air will keep your car going for a week, and it costs almost nothing to make. A car with a two-cylinder liquid air engine would sell for about five thousand dollars. Or rather, it would if the unions weren’t involved. And if Washington didn’t create hundreds of pointless car laws, which cost a fortune in compliance. So the answer is easy, all we have to do is get rid of the Department of Transportation, and then tell Ford to start producing liquid air engines. Piece of cake.

    • But I’m not worried, because America produces plenty of food, so nobody will starve.

      The US imports 164,318,030,000 pounds of food! Seems that doing a Greta like Atlantic transportation of food will end up in a Irish Potato fun event!

      Even better than a liquid air engines… Just build awesome bicycles with rain/winter covers and you’ll also be helping to solve the OBESITY degeneration of the american society.

      • Most imported food stuffs, beyond the “delicacies” of various “ethnic” cuisines, comes from Mexico, which facilitates year-round fresh produce. Also much from “Sud Amerique”, with things like fresh Argentine and Chilean strawberries, for example, that pop up in September and October, via air freight. Many a 747 once envisioned to carry 350-400 passengers has found new life as a cargolifter.

    • Hi Ron,

      I agree! I’ve been pointing out that “the technology” (sheesh) has existed for years to build an economically sensible short-range electric car. The two things being inextricably linked. The problem arises when an EV is expected to be capable of long-range/high-speed driving and be economically sensible. Given the state of technology – and government – this is not viable.

      Of course, the main problem in both cases is the just that – the government. The “safety” mandates make EVs so heavy that they need massively heavy batteries (and motors) to compensate. This makes them less efficient as well as more expensive.

      I’ve argued for years that, as a moral question, the government of a free society has no legitimate business decreeing “safety” of any kind. That is a cost-benefit analysis which rightfully belongs to the individual.

      If it were respected, it would be possible to build a 2,000 pound electric “city” car that could be built and sold without subsidies and for an honest profit for less than $10,000 retail.

      • The “Gubmint” has no authority to be in the automotive business, period. Of course, given its size, it’s a major player insofar as utility and/or military vehicles. But bring up, “WHERE in the US Constitution is the United States Government AUTHORIZED to regulate automotive production?”, and you’ll likely get blank stares, and smirking (especially from that slut VP, whom our current POTUS is too far afflicted with Alzheimer’s to tell her to “get back in the staff car, your smirking slut…”), as they’ll actually wonder what the hell you’re talking about.

        • I know it, Doug…

          Of course, they will say: The General Welfare clause (and established precedent) gives them the authority to “regulate commerce” – which means, regulate everything. I blame the shysters who wrote the Constitution for this precise reason. These lawyers chose the words they deployed with the care of lawyers; they knew exactly what they were setting up.

          The antidote to this is unambiguous language. No authority not explicitly granted has legal authority. Heck, I’ll go further: No authority not explicitly (and freely) consented to by the affected parties has moral authority.

          • Eric, you’re referred to the Preamble (remember that catchy reciting of it in the “Schoolhouse Rock” videos when we were kids?) for the “promote the General Welfare”, which any “shyster” should be able to laugh out of any Federal court as having statutory enforcement. What you might be thinking of is the “Necessary and Proper” clause, Article I, Section 8 (ain’t THAT a “coinky-dink”?) which grants to Congress authority to pass necessary legislation to carry out its duties as prescribed in the Constitution, but ALSO to ostensibly PROTECT rights, including those later enumerated in the so-called “Bill of Rights”. However, the Ninth and Tenth Amendments were specifically enacted to prevent the Congress from running amok. Sadly, they’d been shoved aside into nothingness.

  4. If the auto makers had any guts they’d run an ad like this during the Super Bowl or some other high profile TV event: Man pushes car toward gas pump. Interior view of gas gauge reading “E” for “Empty”. Pumps gas in a minute or two. Hops in car, starts motor. Says “Try that in a Tesla”. Or show car stopped on the side of the road. Man riding in Amish buggy gets out, thanks the Amishman as he pours a gallon of gas into the car, then starts it. Tesla parked next to the IC car. Owner asks the Amish guy if he can take him somewhere to get some electricity.

    • Well said. But I reckon they’re in on it too. Or they’re too afraid of the women and girly-men running the editorial boards of Buzzfeed:

      “Dirty Automaker Ford Irresponsibly Slanders Clean Green Energy In Favor of Dirty and Earth Destroying Antiquated Fossil Fuel Burning Engine in Bizarre New Ad”

  5. You have of your negatives lost track, Herr Peters:

    ‘It will be made “easier” for them to not buy gas, in order to make it harder for them to not drive cars that burn gasoline.’

    These Bolsheviks want to make it easier for us to not drive cars that burn gasoline.

  6. RE: Freon.

    Spike in banned ozone-eating CFC gases linked to China in new research
    By James Griffiths, CNN
    Updated 2:42 AM EDT, Sat May 25, 2019

    China’s clampdown on harmful emissions puts ozone layer rescue back on track
    By Ivana Kottasová, CNN
    Updated 7:33 AM ET, Thu February 11, 2021
    https:// www. cnn. com /2021/02/11/ world/ ozone-layer-china-emissions-intl-scn/ index.html
    (edited link to prevent spamming filter block)

    Note the positive spin. Oh, there were “illegal” factories producing Freon in eastern China. Except how is that possible, when the state owns a piece of every business? When party officials are involved in every business? “Oh, look here! That looks like an illegal freon factory! How did we miss that?”

    A lot of the ugly stuff that goes into the pretty stuff happens in eastern China. And when “the people” are the landowners, it leads to a massive “tragedy of the commons,” to the point of crops grown next to/downwind of factories (how does that fit into the 5 year land use plan?) are full of heavy metals and toxic chemicals from the factory not properly handling their waste products.

    The thing is, air conditioning is a closed loop system. If you have a leak, you have a problem. I’m sure plenty of people don’t want to pay the high cost for repairs, but why is it so expensive to fix? What if they put visible dye in the refrigerant at the factory so that spotting a leak would be as simple as looking around the plumbing? What about coming up with ways to use less refrigerant? We recently got some upgraded HVAC systems because of the ban on R-134A. These things are absolutely gigantic compared to the old R-12 systems, and much louder too. They have to have a lot more refrigerant in the system, probably because it is far less efficient.

  7. Off topic.
    My dear wife thinks that she wants a Honda Oddity van that has a ten speed auto transmission.
    Being a fan of three pedals, I looked at a video on just the disassembly of that gearbox, but could not get past the fifty five minute marker to say that it is so complex that hardly anyone can fix it.
    I was about to give her a kilo of gold to buy it, which leaves a lot of change on the table. The biggest metal dealers do not quote a buy/sell price, but just an “Alert Me” if they have anything to sell in the future.
    I hate to owe anything, and do not. This time I am telling her to lease as once off of warranty it is a time bomb.

  8. The market will respond in “unexpected” ways. Expect a string of gas stations exactly outside city limits.

    Here in Alabama I noticed something. The gas stations do sell E10. They also have a separate line for pure gas for those willing to pay a little extra. It turns out there was sufficient demand for them to sell it.

    • In the western US (Nevada, Utah, Idaho) there’s a chain of gas stations/convenience stores called “Maverik”. At some of them, you can get the “clear” (ethanol-free), although it’s as expensive as “premium”.

  9. Political psychopaths? Oh, you mean retards. They retard everything they come into contact with. I’ll decide what is good or not good for me, thanks very much. Good luck, Cally…your insanity is the shining example of why most people don’t want to live there and why many are leaving. Everyone is entitled and even encouraged to have an opinion or alternative thoughts. If yours differs from mine, no problem. I draw the line when you try to force your way of thinking into my life. That is the difference. Listening and understanding verses force and retardism.

  10. Not much pisses me off more than ethanol in gas.

    Ethanol is for drinking, not diluting my gas with low powered, farmer welfare, misuse of resources.

    • And corn is for feeding the hungry.

      How duplicitous for politicians to promote their world hunger efforts while stuffing corn stalks in our gas tanks.

      • It’s dent corn. Some is used in human food products but most is for animal feed.

        But yes, drink alcohol, burn gas.

        The one thing about alcohol for personal vehicle use is that it is a lot easier to make than gas in a SHTF scenario. Bit of sugar and some yeast. Getting the last 4% of water out is a pain, but doable.

  11. Damn it, I hate when “we” do something. “We” usually do something I hate.

    I really may need to create a black market synthetic gasoline business one of these days.

    • BaDnOn, I was thinking the same thing, then I remembered there’s already biodiesel. It doesn’t matter because they’re just going to make it prohibitively expensive to register, insure, etc.

      • I hear some people may be doing the extremely illegal act of using old cooking oil to run their cars…. would be interesting Eric if you can do a bit on that at some point.

          • One time I went to the Coop to pickup some salt/mineral for my cattle and left my ’98 Dodge Cummins running on some veg oil that I had gotten from a BBQ joint while I went inside to pay. When I came out there were two employees standing out on the loading dock sniffing the air and saying “Somebody is bar-B -queing out here!” 😉

      • Shnarkle,

        Yep, there sure is biodiesel, like said here, you can just use your favorite vegetable oil. The problem with those solutions is they congeal pretty easily, especially in low temperatures, so one must take care in what they are doing.

        That said, as Erie remarks below, your diesel engine may emit a delicious, fragrant aroma, rather than the more disagreeable odor of petrochemical diesel. All of this free fuel may just make you hungry.

  12. Here in Washington State, legislature well on the way to eliminate natural gas and propane appliances in new construction:

    HB 1084 Reducing statewide greenhouse gas emissions by achieving greater decarbonization of residential and commercial buildings.

    And eliminate current AC chlorofluorocarbons:

    HB 1050 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fluorinated gases.

    This state has gone loony tunes! No longer a maybe, they’re determined to implement this expensive disruptive nonsense. So, heat pumps for all meantime they want to remove the Snake River dams that provide reliable hydropower. Insane.

    • If that bunch thinks that emissions into the atmosphere is so detrimental, wait until another one of those volcanoes in the Cascades wakes up and blows it’s top. You’re not alone with the loons running things. Madness took control of all the state government in Virginia 2 years ago. And just like herpes, once you get em, you never get rid of em.

      • Or even the wildfires that we have every summer out here. The amount of emissions from man made sources are inconsiquential. Of course they’re usually started by “our most vulnerable citizens” (drug addicted bums) so that’s not an issue. They’re also destroying our hydro dams so Washington has actually been the only state to increase it’s carbon emissions. It has nothing to do with carbon emissions.

  13. Just visited D’Lynda’s personal website (it has her personal email which I think I will message shortly, psychos need to be put in check). Her site is nothing but pictures about HER HER HER. Eric you nailed it. Her photo is the portrait of a political psychopath.

  14. When driving in California, watch for a little ol’ lady from Pasadena flipping these enviro-assholes the bird.

  15. The idiots in my area keep wanting to ban natural gas hookups and force everyone to use heat pumps, which will of course run on “green” electricity. Too bad that: 1) the grid could never handle the load, 2) it will cost a small fortune, unless of course you’re comfortable wearing a winter coat indoors, and 3) there isn’t nearly enough generation available for that amount of load.
    Ask the people in Texas how it’s working out for them.

  16. Unfortunately, a more effective way to get rid of retail gas stations, than outright banning them is this: increasing the cost of doing business.

    Since not every community is going to be willing to outright ban gas stations (yet), since not every place is full of lunatics (yet), they will increase the cost of operating a gas station. It’s something that can be pushed everywhere not just Berskeley, Commiforia.

    The biggest problem with retail selling of gasoline is that the profits are very very slim. Most stations are barely making a penny a gallon. Yes, less than a cent.

    Thats why most of us today buy our gas from convenience stores that happen to sell gasoline, rather than a service station like our grandparents did. It’s sometimes the loss leader in order to drive sales of what is inside the store.

    So it won’t take much to make it not worthwhile to sell gas since it’s already the side business.

    • Gone is the neighborhood gas station that also performed auto repairs, at least the relatively simple stuff. Typically the proprietor was fortunate to pay operating expenses out of the narrow margins on gasoline sales…when there wasn’t a “gas war”. His “bread and butter” was automotive service. Of course, no one pumped their own gas, it was either one of his kids, or some high school dropout learning the ropes.

      It was once gas prices shot up and the big corporations decided to “vertically integrate” that oil companies got into the gas retail business directly. To squeeze the full service competition, they undercut them on price in exchange for “self service”. And yes, the convenience store naturally sprang up as a way to increase profits, thanks to the Southland Corporation (7-11) getting into gasoline sales.

  17. This has been going on for years across our entire way of life. I was too young to do anything about it but i remember when 3 gallon flush toilets were regulated out of existence and we were stuck with 1.5 gallon ones that you were lucky you only had to flush them 3 times after use. Later in life, when i could see the writing on the wall with Incandescent bulbs to be replaced with mercury filled florescents bulbs that basically reccomended a hazmat team if you broke one in your house, i went out and bought boxes of incandescents. I still have enough incandescents to last me another 5 years. There is nothing more frustrating than government busy bodies regulating our choices out of existence. If you think your choice is so good for the country, then create it, market it, distribute it using your own or private investor’s money and let the free market decide. It should not be decided with the stroke of a pen or the vote of a council or legislature. Whether it’s what kind of car you drive, what light bulb you use, what health insurance you choose, etc. All of these and many more choices are being taken away from us at the behest of the few and are enforced at the business end of an agw’s gun. But its for “our own good. ” yeah right,why don’t you ask residents of Texas if those wind farms and solar sites were really for their own good. Im sure you will get an earfull. And they are not making the “choice” easier for us by regulating away competition, they are just pissing us off.
    I can store lots of inexpensive light bulbs, but i can’t store enough gasoline to keep my cars running for a decade or more. I see a new black market opening soon where people get gas like they used to get weed.

    • They’ve been limiting our choices and giving us substandard alternatives for a long time. If you ever get the chance to buy “red bird” strike anywhere matches compare them with regular safety matches or those diamond brand strike anywheres. The real matches banned from existence in the US are fantastic and don’t force you to struggle for a light. Everything the vermin touch goes away, becomes expensive or becomes regulated into regression. Wheres Galts gulch? I want outta here.

      • Where’s Galt’s gulch?

        I found something close. Not going to share though. If you find it, keep quiet, or the Cali-tards or NY-tards will invade and destroy it.

        Good luck.

  18. This is just more political theater and why I don’t watch or even read the news anymore, because it’s not news it’s nonsense. It just feels so good to make these nonsensical proclamations. Petaluma has a population of just under 60,000 and is in Sonoma county wine country, which feeds on tourism, and they just got a lot of free publicity.

    The media blast this nonsense far and wide and we are led to believe that we are in the minority, but the reality is that their green narrative is falling apart. Texas was a perfect example. I see IC cars everywhere all day and I don’t think they are going away soon. Do you really think the oil companies are going to just roll over and go out of business?

    • Hi Randy,

      I don’t believe the Green narrative is falling apart, in fact, I believe it is the strongest it has ever been, but I do agree with you that BP, Exxon, and Sunoco aren’t just going to just terminate their multi billion dollar industries nor will the countries that are dependent on fossil fuels (Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Iran, etc.) stand by and let this happen.

      We are missing the connecting dots.

      BP, is one of the biggest benefactors at Davos annually, so are many Middle Eastern leaders. There is something (a deal, perhaps) that is allowing the Green commentary to become crazier and crazier, but the large fossil fuel industry to keep their mouth shut…..kickbacks, payoffs, a larger demand for fuel subsidies, what is it? The fuel industry has been eerily quiet on this. If I was part of a billionaire dollar industry that the world was trying to shutter I would think that I would speak up and say something. I am not going to sit back and go from $2 billion in profits a year and all of a sudden accept $300 million or worse, $0.

      • Raider girl,

        Maybe its the knowledge that as more domestic energy is shut down by the dementia patient in charge the dependence on foriegn sources will grow and with it prices. When oil is at $30 a barrel it helps us in the lower or middle class and you know TPTB can’t have the lower or middle class being helped. Its ok to talk about helping those groups but it doesn’t pay to actually help them because then the politician or the community organizer can’t get rich keeping those people down. When oil hits $100 a barrel all the right oligarchs and their government buddies here in the states benefit and to hell with the people.

        • When oil is over $100.00 a barrel, all those green ideas become competitively priced. Although as the price of oil rises, it also becomes more cost effective to drill and suck up the guck that’s more expensive to refine.

  19. To paraphrase Reagan, maybe the last real president we’ll ever have, “If we lose this country, there’s no place else to go”.

    And there really isn’t.

    Some states are better or worse, but the few good things the Orange Big Mouth did are being erased by the globalist bullshit of The Corpse we now have.

    This kind of nonsense is exactly why I have no hope or belief in this or any other country. I prefer not to be governed and I prefer not to participate in government.

    Free trade and a free market, my ass.

    • There are other places to go. But will they let us in? Hell if I was them I sure wouldn’t let a bunch of Americans in so we can do to their country what we did to ours.

  20. The people of Petaluma don’t need cars, houses either. No need for municipal water systems, no electricity, no heat, just pitch a tent like the homeless do in LA and San Francisco.

    Won’t be that bad, have bicycle and an old grocery cart to keep moving day by day. Living on the streets can work out for anybody, just be careful while you are asleep.

    Hows about hauling D’Lynda and Matt off to the Funny Farm? About all that can be done for them.

    • ‘Living on the streets can work out for anybody’ — drumphish

      Work makes you free, comrade.

      Hold this thought as we toil under the hot sun on Ol’ Massa Nancy’s Progressive Plantation, picking zinfandel grapes all de lib-long day, while goaded by her cruel overseers Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer – probably the scheming traders who kidnapped our people and sold us out to Wicked Nancy in the first place.

      Didn’t take too long ‘fore I found out
      What people mean by down and out
      Spent my money, took my IC car
      Started tellin’ her friends she’s an EV star
      I don’t know, but I been told
      A fright-masked woman ain’t got no soul

      – Led Zeppelin, ‘Black Dog’

      • LOL. Those must have been the original lyrics that Plant, Page, and Jones omitted. 😉

        I like your version, Jim. You may have a future as a songwriter.

    • Because buying single bottles of water at the convenience store is so much more efficient than plumbing. Not wasteful at all.

      Paying crews hazmat pay for cleaning up shit on the streets is much more “green” and sustainable than having a proper public restroom (with coin-operated doors). Bonus is jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs!

      Plastic waste is such a big problem. Most of it comes from Asia. We have a waste gap! By putting more people out on the streets the amount of trash will bring us to parity. Oh, and of course patrolling for trash will bring in a new source of revenue, as long as you don’t actually go after the source, since they’re spending their hard fought alms on beer and heroin. Better to go after the business owners behind the curb they’re using as a toilet, since we all know they are greedy capitalistic scum.

      Finally, a great way to get in touch with mother nature is to go out and experience it. By removing walls that impede our enjoyment we will not only appreciate nature, people of Petaluma will understand it on a level that can’t be taught in a classroom.

      Build Back Better™

  21. “The goal here is to move away from fossil fuels and to make it as easy as possible to do that.”
    The problem of course being that there is no easy, nor even a safe way to do that. Unless one considers not eating as “safe”. Agriculture is wholly dependent on fossil fuels, if its product is to feed all of us. Of course the one’s that inflict such insanity won’t miss a single meal, nor even be denied their favorite foods.

  22. Perhaps we should be “grateful” they aren’t using their full power. Oh, yeah, they are aren’t they. Every single government that has ever existed is based on the notion that a small group has authority to kill you. That’s ALL they are based on. Without the threat of murder, why would anyone comply with any of their proclamations unless they were already complying because they wanted to. “But it’s just a fine. It’s just a jail sentence”, unless you resist THAT proclamation, then the murder comes.

  23. ‘As in Petaluma, California’ — EP

    Self-appointed Red Guards enforce Commiefornia’s vengeful War on Motorists:

    Petaluma has voted to outlaw new gas stations, the first of what climate activists hope will be numerous cities and counties to do so.

    “The problem with allowing new gas stations is we don’t really need them and they’re putting existing gas stations out of business,” says Matt Krogh of

    The movement aims to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles. Existing stations won’t be allowed to add new gas pumps, though they’re encouraged to build electric charging bays.

    The city councilor who introduced the measure, D’Lynda Fischer, is quoted as saying: “The goal here is to move away from fossil fuels and to make it as easy as possible to do that.”

    D’Lynda … now that’s an unusual name. Is the D’ a contraction of DemonRat, as in Franklin D’Roosevelt?

    ‘We don’t really need new gas stations,’ proclaims simpering soy boy Matt Krogh, with zero skin in the game, but feeling entitled to dictate whether bourgeois entrepreneurs can open new businesses not foreseen in Petaluma’s Five Year Plan approved by Commissar Newsom.

    Like PETA-luma, communist Cuba doesn’t need new gas stations either. Its people are too barefoot, broke and hungry to afford cars. And Cuba’s peso is worthless internationally, as our own reeking Scheißeberg of freshly-extruded Yellenschrift soon will be.

    Say buddy, can you spare me a Franklin for a cup of coffee?

    • If Matt Krogh is such a genius, and people don’t “need more” gas stations, he can figure out a vehicle to short gas station and make a ton of money in the sorta-kinda free market. But he can’t. He’s a simp, and a little bitch, so he uses the dumb mindless order followers who’ll murder for a paycheck to try and manifest his violent vision.


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