AGW Says: I’ll Kill You!

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Video taken by a man in Houston, Texas captures the moment when he almost got shot to death by an enraged government worker, armed and badged.

George Dickerson says he hit the brakes to avoid hitting the AGW ahead of him, who hit his brakes first. This enraged the AGW behind Dickerson, who also had to brake in order to avoid running into Dickerson.

The AGW who had to brake went berserk – pointing a loaded gun at Dickerson and literally threatening to kill him.

The AGW appears to believe that Dickerson braked harder than necessary, but the AGW does not ticket Dickerson – an interesting fact given the literally murderous fury exhibited by this AGW. If, indeed, Dickerson had done anything plausibly chargeable, is it not likely Dickerson would have been charged?

Instead the AGW slams the door of Dickerson’s truck closed and sulks off. Pity the next victim this AGW decides to focus his rage upon.

There is reportedly an “investigation” under way of the AGW’s actions. But no automatic charges – and more – that would have ensued if anyone other than an AGW pulled a gun on someone over a traffic dispute and – on video – threatened to kill them.

That person would be facing an immediate Hut! Hut! Hutting! – not unreasonably, given that pointing a loaded gun at someone and threatening to kill them is not a harmless act. But when it is performed by someone with a government-issued badge and authority, it becomes No Big Deal.

Which ought to be a very big deal to everyone else.


  1. The more of these videos that get seen, the more people start to realize who “officer friendly” really is. And that is a good thing.

  2. He swine threatened to kill a white guy, not a black guy, so this one won’t be making the national news… police misconduct only becomes an issue if it plays into “the narrative.”

  3. It is a big deal to every one else, they just don’t know it, or refuse to notice it. Police are much like the Medical Industrial Complex in this regard. They get far more credit than they deserve. Both operate on the same basic principal that they are the ONLY qualified party to dispense their product, and their product is required to be consumed, by the producers. Step outside the box they’ve put us in, and hell descends upon you. In medicine it’s not glaringly obvious. Anyone who advises this or that treatment without a license, which can only be obtained by agreeing with the Medial Industrial Complex, is going to jail. Likewise if one has a license but uses unapproved methods or treatments. A monopoly created at gun point.

  4. ‘he hit the brakes to avoid hitting the AGW ahead of him, who hit his brakes first. This enraged the AGW behind Dickerson, who also had to brake’ — EP

    In a similar event, I braked on a busy 4-lane street for a vehicle ahead, that was awaiting a break in oncoming traffic to turn left. The driver behind me became enraged and followed at close distance with the horn blaring.

    At the next red light, she pulled alongside on my right, glaring. Picking up an empty plastic aspirin bottle from the console, I lowered the passenger side window and hurled it. The tiny plastic bottle bounced harmlessly off her window. But it sent her BERSERKO.

    She leapt from her car, shrieking curses, and extended both arms inside my passenger window, reaching for my neck. But there was one little problem …

    In jumping out so quickly, she had put the automatic transmission in reverse rather than Park. As her car slowly rolled backward downhill, her head jerked back and forth like a squirrel’s, unable to decide between strangling me or chasing her rapidly retreating car.

    Half a block down, an oncoming driver saw the vehicle descending toward him, and stopped. But he couldn’t get out of the way. With a crash and a tinkle of busted headlight lenses, the driverless car smacked into his.

    As if on cue, the traffic light turned green. ‘Have a nice day,’ I bid the harpy, frozen in her tracks by her sudden unbelievable bad luck, and blithely motored away.

    Just a normal day on da mean streets of Joisey …

  5. “”I know they’re not all like that. You know, there’s just, there’s a few while everybody else is amazing,” said Dickerson.”

    This guy’s just another asshole EP, I don’t feel bad for him at all lol.

    • If there’s “just a few” bad ones, why don’t the “overwhelming majority” of good ones ever get them to clean up their act 🤔️


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