AGW Gets Treated Like We Aren’t

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Vide has been released of a traffic stop involving an off-duty armed government worker who turned out to be a n extremely liquored-up armed government worker.

What’s interesting about the video is the absence of any Hut! Hut! Hutting! despite the drunken AGW being uncooperative, the very thing  that often triggers a Hut! Hut! Hutting! when a lack of “cooperation” is displayed by anyone else.

“Do you know who I am?” the pulled-over AGW slurrily asks the other AGW. He then says, “I’m good . . . I’m just almost home.”

After stumbling around like a drunk, the AGW then walks back to his truck, to make a phone call – again without any Hut! Hut! Hutting!

You can imagine what such recalcitrance would have triggered, had the person not been an armed government worker.

The drunk AGW had a firearm – yet no firearm was pointed at him. As it almost certainly would have been, for anyone else. They would have heard, “Get on the ground! Now!” And if they didn’t, it is not at all improbable that the AGW so saying would then have said he “feared for his safety” and proceeded to shoot the armed drunk.

But no.

Instead, professional courtesy was offered. The drunken AGW – who was actually drunk, to the point of not being able to walk straight, as opposed to running afoul of a Breathalzyer test that deems almost anyone who has had a beer a “drunk” – was accommodated and soothed before being gently arrested.

Despite the armed drunk refusing to sign the usual paperwork the rest of us would have been forced to sign.

Despite refusing to submit to the blood draw any of us would have been forcibly made to endure.

The arresting AGW – Daniel Broadway – stated in his report that the drunk AGW, James Teague, was “aggressive and hostile” during the proceedings – but once again, no Hut! Hut! Hut!

There is a Thin Blue Line, all right.

We’re one one side – and they are on the other.

. . . 

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  1. Cops being treated better than the avg person is the manifestation of our tiered system of citizenry.
    All the things Eric wrote are true, they are better than you – they are your overseers.
    The rest of you are scum.

    At least he got arrested like the rest of us would, but I am against laws that seek to criminalize what MIGHT happen vs what you actually do – DUI included.

    • Antilles,

      You’re feelings serve you well, I’m sure. As long as there’s no public outcry, that’s likely exactly what will happen.

      But for us plebes? They would sink their fangs in and keep sucking until you’re pale and still.

  2. I didn’t watch the entirety of the video, but yes, the arresting AGW seemed QUITE courteous. Why, he was an exemplary officer! If everyone were treated in such ways, I think there would be much less enmity between the police and citizenry.

    I’ve heard of the days in which cops or sheriffs would simply follow you home and give you a finger shaking when you were a bit too tipsy. Boy, what a different America THAT must’ve been!

    Regarding the man’s driving, however: I believe I see worse than that nearly every day. And I don’t think those people are necessarily drunk; there are just so many shitty drivers.

    I’ve long been an advocate of “No victim, no crime”, but that doesn’t seem to be so popular these days. Now everyone wants to be a victim whether or not they actually are.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      I agree regarding the ubiquity of inept/inattentive drivers; people who have difficulty keeping the vehicle under control, in its travel lane; who brake abruptly, without reason – etc.

      I also agree – or rather, will argue – that some drivers can be legally “drunk” and do none of the above. Because they are superior drivers. The analogy here is a very strong man who, even well past his prime, is still much stronger than the average – and much younger – man.

      There is an easy standard to apply here as well. It is – as you say – no harm/no foul. That is objective. If you wreck, that is objective – and you deserve to be held fully accountable. But if you didn’t? I fail to see the justice in holding people accountable for harms they didn’t cause.

      • Eric,

        You well understand, then! The truth is, I’m certain that I could drive better (more attentive, courteous, cautious) with a 6-pack in me than many people do perfectly sober, and I’m no expert driver. Not that I DO such things (anymore), but it would illustrates the point. Why the hell are we always held to the Standard of the Least Capable?

        Also, they make these laws for entire states, when the true danger is in the cities, where you’re likely to crash anyway. Out by my rural land, for example, the roads are mostly dirt, and you don’t do much more than 35 MPH anyway, and usually less. Traffic is sparse. You could be shitface-drunk and the worst that will likely happen is you fall asleep and low-speed crash into a tree.

        Oh, and my last point about everyone wanting to be a victim: The problem there, is that necessarily makes someone else a criminal or assailant. Unnecessary laws then proliferate like bacteria.

    • I was treated “quite well” by a cop when I was 17. (I was pretty good looking if I do say so myself.) I was also pretty drunk. He stopped me in downtown Indy and let me go. As I was heading home, I realized he was following me. He followed me all the way home to the southside, got out to talk to me after I parked and kept saying “I’m your friend.” I had no idea how to get rid of him. I didn’t want an OWI, but I also didn’t want to be “friends.” I wasn’t being belligerent or anything, but I was obviously trashed.
      Fortunately, a neighbor, a guy a little older than me, drove by and saw us. After parking his car, he walked over to say hello, just a guy out for a 2 am stroll. lol.
      Anyway, I guess a witness was enough to run the cop off.

      • Hi Amy,

        That’s so creepy. Not so much the age difference but the intimidation tactics. The implied threat. “I’m your friend”… See how nice I am? I could have “busted” you… now how about showing me how grateful you are….

        If he tried this on you, it’s certain he did it to other women.

    • Lest we forget, if half the traffic fatalities involve drunk drivers, the other half involve sober drivers. In fact, that drunk driver stat has fallen to well below half. So logically one should be forced to take a double shot before driving?


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