Homicidal “Hero”

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In New York City the other day, horrified motorists filmed an armed government worker attempting to murder a guy on a moped – using his government-issued SUV.

No one yet knows why – though that hardly matters, unless you believe that armed government workers have a license to kill. Which, in fact, they essentially do in that they can do something such as this and not be immediately subject to arrest and criminal prosecution – as any of us would be if we’d done the same.

Here is the video of the attempted murder:

Because it is on video – and because the people who recorded the incident publicized it – there is no doubt that it actually happened as well as who did it. The armed government worker’s government-issued SUV’s license plate is clearly visible, so the government that issued the SUV to the armed government worker knows exactly who it was behind the wheel when this attempted murder happened.

No need for an “investigation.”

But no arrest, either.

As of Monday morning – when this commentary was written – there is no announcement that the suspect has been dragged from wherever he (possibly, she) lives and hauled in manacles to a cage, where he (or she) belongs.

We all know why.

It is because armed government workers do have a license to kill. They have done so in broad daylight – and on camera. Sometimes, they are eventually charged (rarely arrested) and usually only if the person they murdered wasn’t white and the armed government worker was. Occasionally, they are actually convicted. Almost never are they punished to the same extent any of us would (rightly) be for the same thing. 

These are well-established facts.

The reason for them being so is also easy enough to divine. Combine authority without accountability and what are you likely to get? Just what can be seen in the video above. The armed government worker behind the wheel of the government-issued SUV felt affronted, probably – and then decided to use his government-issued SUV to express how he felt about it, knowing that it would be unlikely he’d be held accountable for it.

Reflect upon the fact that in many states, an ordinary person who merely drives faster than the government says one may can be arrested and caged for it. But here we have an armed government worker attempting to drive into someone. Someone who could easily have been killed due to the fact of his being on a moped while his assailant was in an SUV.

Watching the video is both appalling and aggravating, for all who watch it know the armed government worker is likely to get away with it. Just as armed government workers routinely get away with doing all the things they spend their time harassing and mulcting us for doing, such as “speeding” or not wearing a seatbelt or not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign or making a right turn at a red light, no matter how obviously “safe” it was to do so.

These are well-established facts.

Also the fact that there is a different (much lower) level of accountability when it comes to actually criminal things. There can be no doubt that if any of us – sans the government-issued badge and gun and SUV – had done what the armed government worker in the video above did, on video, we’d be in a cage right now. Not on “desk duty” or “administrative leave.”

As we ought to be, if we’d done something like that.

So why isn’t the armed government worker? Why, because he is an armed government worker! Just the same as other kinds of government workers are exempt from such things as having to “enroll” in Obamacare. Are free to go where they please – after having “locked down” the rest of us “unessentials.”

They wonder why we hate them, too.

. . .

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  1. Uh, I hate to be a nit picker, but that two wheeler was NOT a moped! A moped is limited to 50cc and 25-35 mph, depending on jurisdiction. They were moving considerably faster than a moped’s max speed. If I had to guess, that was either a small scooter or motorcycle with 125cc-250cc or so.

  2. Back in the 1970s there were the stories of union members sleeping on the job. Not just napping over their lunch hour, but actually curling up in an out of the way area of the plant and sleeping. Supervisors and mangers were aware this was happening but were basically powerless to do anything about it, because it wasn’t worth the effort. And besides, as soon as someone was brought up for discipline the union would file a grievance against a dirty manager (there were plenty of them too).

    What does this have to do with anything? Well, why would a cop think he could get away with this sort of behavior? Because he probably can, and has, for years. Who’s going to do anything about it, when the likely outcome is going to be bad for everyone? If the mayor’s office or chief of police decides to make a case of this you bet there will be retribution from the union. Now that its gone viral, they’ll give him some paid time off, six months of probation and token counseling. Next week he’ll be forgotten.

  3. Imagine the wall of indifference that cammer would have gotten, had they reported it to the police.

    My advice, if you ever record something like that, get it uploaded to the net as soon as possible, so they have a much harder time covering it up. This video IS all over, I saw it on IG (was uploaded to tiktok first I think).

  4. I’ve got a video on Amazon called “Do Not Resist”, which delves deeply into modern AGW training. Which I’ve yet to watch in its entirety, exactly because I get too nauseous.

  5. While in a just world, armed government workers would be subject to HIGHER standards than the unarmed not government workers are. Much higher. Instead they are held to no standards at all.
    A perfect demonstration of a fact I have often put forth, that all government is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. In this case escalated to the authority to kill you if the agent of the state dislikes you.
    You make a good point regarding the “need for investigation”. Which should only take the length of this 53 second video to initiate criminal charges. What’s to “investigate”? It happened, it’s obvious, and it’s recorded on video. What need to investigate any further?

    • Precisely John,
      The evidence is right there before your eyes, yet that jerk will most likely be put on “administrative leave”, aka paid vacation – wish I could have gotten some of that on my job. Imagine how many similar incidents there must have been over the years before cellphone cameras became ubiquitous.

      • Cell phone cameras don’t appear to be slowing it down much, other than making the AGWs aware that they are likely being recorded. Still, not many charges made, not many convictions, and not much in the way of retribution. The only pain the AGWs experience is the hassle.

    • And how about those “fraternal orders” (or whatever gay shit) that come in and specifically, openly, and loudly interfere and obstruct investigations and/or out-and-out destroy evidence on behalf of their members?

      These same groups that tearfully swear their undying loyalty to “THE LAW” (because after all, it’s THE LAW) suddenly have little respect for THE LAW when THE LAW is pointed at them. Then it’s essentially FUCK THE LAW — “we do what we want”.

      License to kill indeed. What’s that bible saying about the path to heaven being narrow?! That’s because it was written before modern day “law enforcement” where the narrowest of paths is that of equal justice for AGWs.

      Ever wonder, on the ultra-rare occasions that they are charged, if they get the bullshit over-inflated plea deals that common people do? I bet they get precisely the opposite — sweetheart deals that would never ever be afforded to common people.

      The hypocrisy and dishonesty is enough to make one nauseous at the sight of them. In fact, that’s pretty much what happens to me.

      • I’ve got a video on Amazon called “Do Not Resist”, which delves deeply into modern AGW training. Which I’ve yet to watch in its entirety, exactly because I get too nauseous.

        • I have to check that out, John! Not for myself- like you, I wouldn’t be able to watch it because I am well aware of the horrors it will contain…but it would be great for my mother, whom, every time I posit such facts about the American SS, ends up saying “And you call yourself a Christian!” (Such as when I expressed my disgust the other day when hearing of how yet another relative has joined the ranks of The Party…this time, DHS.)

          Dear goodness! How many ‘people’ are working for DHS?! I don’t know a lot of people, but I now know three people who are employed by that goon-squad: The wife of a late friend; the brother of another friend (Reward for keeping his mouth shut when he witnessed TWA Flight 800 being shot down); and now, a relative….. just out of the small handful of people an asocial hermit like me knows…. Scary!!!

        • Yeah, I bet I couldn’t get through it due to overwhelming disgust.

          That “do not resist” thing has always been a huge thing that I can’t see my way around. Whether or not there are studies to back it up, I maintain that a conscious human being can NOT “stop resisting” when beaten.

          It doesn’t matter why the beating occurred, who initiated it or whether or not it was the result of an illegal act. It just does not matter. The human instinct of survival cannot help but resist.

          And I’d bet my last dollar that the people that put that “stop resisting” excuse for murderous violence in place know that fully well. It’s fucken sickening.

    • The only “investigation” that would need to be done is to view the vehicle records, then see who was driving it at the time this event (i.e. attempted murder by vehicle) occurred.


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