Four Star General “hero”

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This is a video of a press conference given by NY armed government workers following the shooting of an apparently bipolar man who was pointing a pipe that looked like a gun at various people. The man was shot by armed government workers and later died.

What’s interesting about this isn’t the shooting but rather the four stars on the shoulder boards and collar of the head armed government worker. A full general! Just like Patton and only a notch in rank below Eisenhower!

How did armed government workers acquire military rank?

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  1. Rank is a very big deal in big city PD’s. It just shows how overgrown most of these departments are that they need that many ranks now.

  2. Now they even dress like “Fascist Pigs”! And fuck all the alarmist Sheeple calling 911, just a bunch of programmed, brain-dead pod-people!

  3. Eric,
    I think the term you really mean is not “general” but, rather, Generalissmo.

    I’d say we’re living in a Banana Republic with Death Squads but, we’ve long since abandoned the “republic” part and yes, we have no bananas….only Death Squads.