New Mexico “hero” Takes Out Testicle

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Here’s a video of another armed and dangerous sadist – in a government-issued costume – administering punishment for failing to Respect His Authority:

Note that the man, a skinny business suit-wearing motorist, was not a physical threat to this “hero’s” (gag) “safety.”

He was not attempting to “flee,” either.

All that’s needed in Police State America to justify a brutal “take down” (and in this case, loss of a testicle) is to in any way not immediately become supine in the presence of a”hero,” or to question his Authority.


    • Nothing can be done about Graham Dyer. He is the past. He is dead.

      What can be done about the next one. The phone call is being made. The heroes are en route. Who might people call as a better alternative to heroes? That is the real question a free market might ask. What is the better mousetrap, and how can it be financed and deployed?

      We had one of these types break into one of our houses 30 years ago. He llved initially. Was incarcerated for 2 1/2 years. A few years later, he drove his car into a tree and died according to the news. There’s no place for humanity or individual requirements. Only a machine that extracts an animal from one area, and deposits in a detention area.

      A hero wagon isn’t like an ambulance. It’s nearer to animal control. You get the offending creature corralled by a noose and drag him into the back of the cage on wheels. Noose, taser, batons, cuffs, gunshots, whatever is needed to get the animal away from the scene that’s prompted the call.

      It’s a brutal thing oftentimes, things sometimes happen you wouldn’t even see at a zoo or a nature preserve.

      Our mission is to understand what happens. Who makes these decisions. And act in self defense accordingly. Things are always changing. And often not for the better. We must adapt.


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