Georgia “hero” Tells Motorist Not to Worry. . .

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Because he “only kills black people.” You know. Like the Nazis only killed the Jews… and “asocials.” And gays. And anyone else they happened not to like.



    • Hi Tor,

      Not worrying about Islam is akin to saying – circa 1482 – don’t worry about the Catholic Church; it’s harmless! They’d never burn you at the stake for questioning the Pope….

      • That reminds me of a commonly repeated false narrative. There’s no comparison really.

        García Cárcel estimates that the total number processed by the Inquisition throughout its history was approximately 150,000; applying the percentages of executions —about 2%—the approximate total would be about 3,000 killed.

        A rough estimate of Islam is that 270 million were killed by jihad.

        Tears of Jihad

  1. If only it were true- i.e. that the pigs “only” killed knee grows. (Not that i approve of them killing knee grows more so than anyone else….but it would sure reduce the number of murders that these pigs commit, if potential victims were limited to a group who only comprise 13% of the population! :D)

  2. What a funny guy /s

    Protection heroes are zeroes.

    But what about science heroes. Are they any different or any better?

    The Hero President just tweeted about the Record Atlantic Hurricane.

    The NOAA recently celebrated its 210th year of “service.” Aren’t you glad you voted for all those great guys to suck the very lifeforce out of your much abused fiscal nipples?

    379 NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps
    11,000+ civilian employees
    Annual budget US$5.6 billion

    Celebrate your servitude to science they say.

    NOAA’s 200th Celebration in 2007 will highlight the rich history of science, service, and stewardship provided to the American public by NOAA and its predecessors. There are many great stories to tell, from the founding of the U.S. Survey of the Coast by Thomas Jefferson to the present-day activities of an agency dedicated to the protection, management, and understanding of our ocean, coasts, and skies.

    In 1807, President Thomas Jefferson founded the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (as the Survey of the Coast) to provide nautical charts to the maritime community for safe passage into American ports and along our extensive coastline. The Weather Bureau was founded 1870 and, one year later, the U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries was founded. Individually, these organizations were America’s first physical science agency, America’s first agency dedicated specifically to the
    atmospheric sciences, and America’s first conservation agency.

    The cultures of scientific accuracy and precision, service to protect life and property, and stewardship of resources of these three agencies were brought together in 1970, with the establishment of NOAA, an agency within the Department of Commerce.

    Starting in 2007, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the establishment of which set in motion a 200-year legacy of science, service, and stewardship.

    The Celebration

    The 200th anniversary of the Coast and Geodetic Survey is an opportunity for us to honor our heritage by celebrating our innovative and dedicated people, programs, and services. Throughout the year, we will look back and celebrate our past, take stock of where we are in the present, and consider the possibilities that lie in our future. The anniversary is also an opportunity for NOAA to share our story with the American people, linking our past, present, and future contributions to the health and vitality of our nation.

    So join us in this nationwide celebration, beginning January 1, 2007 and ending December 31, 2007. Throughout the year, you can participate in a variety of events and happenings and obtain outreach and educational materials, all to learn about how NOAA has impacted our everyday lives throughout its 200-year history.

    Thanks Uncle Founder Tom. You were a real mensch buddy.

    So glad to have you start our very own new system of national servitude. There are many perpetual slaveries like it, but this one is mine.

    Multiply this idiocy line item spend times many thousands and you start to see the chain of Pakled fools and their chains of servitude. To science, social justice, to whatever lie can be told until we each are bought and sold.

  3. I think in this case the cop was being sarcastic, but interesting how most drivers are aware now how any traffic stop can get them murdered by a thug with a gun.

    • MIB, yeah, that’s what I got from it She’d seen enough white people get murdered by cops to not be reassured.

      Wish I’d seen the entire footage. No telling what criteria he used in stopping her.

      Their skewed view of life though was fairly well summed up by the head dick (sic ) last year when the wife and I were raided…..once again because of a rumor started by a woman facing 5 felony charges trying to feed her ex and my wife and I to the machine for a much better deal.

      After chief dickwad could find nothing to charge us with he began to whine. The last thing he said after I’d given several opinions about him and his ilk went something like this, and keep in mind it was right after the cops in Ft Worth got shot: Real whiny voice “And now they’re starting to shoot us” followed less than a beat later (me)”You mean they’re starting to shoot back”. That hurt his tiny feelings so badly he whipped around showing his back to me. That was the point I wished I had my tire bumper in hand. Hey,it’s a citizens duty to put down a rabid animal isn’t it? He belonged to the Department of Public Safety and that would have been keeping the public safe. Surely I would have gotten some kind of public service award


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