Hero Cops Almost Kill Motorist With Tazer

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This woman merely refused to let the thug scrum rifle her purse – and see what happens next:


  1. Angela Jones – actress before Heart Attack, Traumatic Brain Injury, Slurred Speech, footnote to Talking Zombie Heads prattling about corpse connoiseurship.


    These are two Dead pigs. Viewed by Dead Americans as so much carnivore noir.

    The U.S. has become unlike Europe, or Canada, or Spanish America, or Africa, or Asia. It is a mirror of the Middle East, call it the Middle West. But where the middle east is a place of medieval family and strict rational life…

    The U.S. is a kaleidescopic cycle of various Frankenstein Monsters stiffly walking towards bright neon meccas, stiffly driving down bright sodium deadways, stiffly sitting in front of screens of rotting mass horror, grunting and mindlessly masticating the flesh du jour to the glow of canned laughter forgotten studio audiences, thinly connected to the living earth by sparse internet packets of text, images, and sounds.

  2. Always within policy to use pain compliance even wrt illegal searches. Just declare it policy and it’s a-okay… authority has said so and thus it is so.

    • Yeah. Except if the public were to say it’s their “policy” to shoot dead cops who abuse them then notice how they squeal like pigs.

      • Most of the public don’t have the testicoli for that. It might cost a few seconds… (and would cost the first few quite dearly, I think.)


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