Georgia “hero” Administers Metal Shampoo to Homeless Woman

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Here’s a video that got leaked – after the “hero” was “cleared of any wrongdoing” by an internal investigation. Needless to say, the investigation is being revisited:

The “hero” is a man (loosely used term) at least twice the size of his victim – a scrawny homeless lady, not armed.

What sort of “training” do these “heroes” receive that a “man” who looks to weigh at least 200 pounds cannot control a woman half his size but instead resorts to beating her over a period of several minutes with a metal baton?

Note also that the “hero” threatens to shoot her – that is, to murder her – for the capital offense of “resisting” his blows.

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  1. He couldn’t help it. His blood boiled when he saw his homeless mother. Her appearance was embarrassing. He wanted her to know if she ever called him “son” he’d beat her to death. It’s a twist on an Oedipal play, definitely a love /hate thing…..heavy on the hate right then.


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