Georgia Hero Rapes Woman

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Riverdale, Georgia Hero James Larry Robinson Jr has been arrested and formally charged after he raped and  assaulted a woman in his custody.

The horrifying ordeal began in August when a woman was being transported from the Riverdale Police Department to the Clayton County Jail. Instead of a direct route, Robinson  pulled alongside an abandoned building and raped the handcuffed woman.  After getting out of the Clayton County Jail, the woman, doing what police wouldn’t do, contacted a local business to request video surveillance of the rape.

Robinson turned himself in without incident after charges were filed. He is currently locked up in Clayton County Jail.

Todd Spivey, Chief of Heroes, states on the department’s official website, “Our goal is to make citizens and officers safer as they live and work in the City of Riverdale.”

Jail Records For Officer Robinson Jr.

Jail Records For Officer Robinson Jr.

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