Chicago Hero “Accidentally” Shoots Woman

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Here’s another one. What happens when a not-hero (an ordinary person, you or me) “accidentally” blows someone away? Do we get a paid vacation? Well, sort of. In prison. But not Heroes. They get a paid vacation. Paid to not “work,” paid to sit at home watching TV. My teeth hurt… again. 

Chicago police shot two people to death, including a 55-year-old woman they said was “accidentally struck and tragically killed.”

The woman, Bettie Jones, and Quintonio LeGrier, 19, were both killed after police responded to a domestic disturbance call early Saturday morning.

“Upon arrival, officers were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon which fatally wounded two individuals,” Chicago police said in a statement. (Notice the verbiage; italicized for emphasis.)

“The 55 year old female victim was accidentally struck and tragically killed. The department extends its deepest condolences to the victim’s family and friends.”

The officer will be on administrative duty for 30 days while an independent police review authority investigates, Chicago police said.

Police did not say what, if anything, Jones and LeGrier had to do with the reported disturbance.

“An innocent lady got shot as well because the police were trigger happy,” LeGrier’s mother, Janet Cooksey, told WLS. “I went to the hospital. My son has seven bullet holes in him.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is on vacation in Cuba, WLS said, but his office released a statement after the shooting.

“Anytime an officer uses force the public deserves answers, and regardless of the circumstances, we all grieve anytime there is a loss of life in our city,” the statement read.

“All evidence will be shared with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for additional review in the days ahead.”

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  1. Las Vegas metro area. Infant malled by hero canine. Released into the wrong car. Wasn’t even the guy they were looking for.

    K-9 Dog On Infant Daughter of Man They Wrongly Thought Was a Criminal
    As soon as the dog was released, it was clear something was wrong.

    “My baby,” Arturo Arenas-Alvarez said in halting English as a Henderson police K9 ran toward his sport utility vehicle, which sat nearby in a parking lot. “I’ve got my baby.”

    “There’s an infant in that car! There’s an infant in that car!” an officer yelled to his colleagues.

    It was too late. The Belgian Malinois had already gone into the SUV and bitten Arenas-Alvarez’s 17-month-old daughter, Ayleen, on the right arm.

    She was left with nine punctures or abrasions, according to her family lawyer, but escaped serious injury.

    Henderson recently agreed to pay the girl’s family $13,000 to settle a legal claim. After legal fees, $8,537.69 was put into a bank account for Ayleen. The money can’t be removed without a court order.

    K-9 Dog On Infant Daughter of Man They Wrongly Thought Was a Criminal

    Baby Attacked

    However wise or stupid and however noble or nasty people may be, ‘authority’ does not serve as a check AGAINST the imperfections of mankind; it serves only as an AMPLIFIER of them.

    There is a group of people whose religious belief system necessarily and fundamentally involves and includes the advocacy of violence against innocents, and the violent subjugation of any who don’t bow to their god. Their intolerant cult has already victimized many millions of people, and you can bet that if given the chance, they will try to force their values and beliefs on every American, including YOU, by any means necessary, including violence.

    They have been doing this to people around the world for centuries, and there is every reason to expect them to try it here. Read the doctrines they believe in, and you will see that the initiation of violence is openly and specifically condoned and commanded! The violence is essential and fundamental to their entire outlook and agenda! NONE of them advocate peaceful coexistence! Not one!

    So my question is, does a person belonging to that cult, in and of itself, justify the use of force to either keep him from ENTERING the U.S. to begin with, or to forcibly expel him if he is already here? Do we really need to wait until the individual HIMSELF commits violent aggression, or is his confessed membership in this primitive, violent death cult enough, by itself, to justify the use of defensive force against him?
    P.S. In case you are wondering, the religion I am speaking of is called “statism,” its god is called “government,” and its doctrines are called “legislation.” And it has been the source of far more murder, extortion, violence and oppression than anything else in the history of the world.

    • “K-9 Dog On Infant Daughter of Man”
      2 possibilities – either the dog was poorly trained, or it was ordered to attack the child.
      Neither one acceptable.

  2. Growing up in a wide place in the road, I thought the rare times the LEO(singular)was called to a residence it was to smooth the waters. Once into a city for college, and that’s nearly 50 years ago, I saw it as an us vs. them scenario. A guy I knew on the football teamed dropped out and got on with the local cops. He was killed at a domestic disturbance. It’s not surprising. His modus operandi evoked violence and he thought he could intimidate anyone he so desired.

  3. The “heroes” seem to be making a case for gun control for Cops. The unjustified shootings keep piling up – where any ordinary citizen would be in jail for the identical or lesser negligence, or even justifiable use (George Zimmerman).


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