Chicago Hero Shoots Guy In The Back… 16 Times

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Here we go… again. 

Another video has surfaced depicting gross over-reaction by Hero Cops, this time in Chicago. Guy who got shot had a knife (apparently) but – as the video shows – the Heroes over-reacted, lethally so:

Chicago is bracing for potential riots and civil unrest after the release of a graphic video which shows a police officer shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald sixteen times.

The incident occurred in October 2014 but the footage was only released yesterday as a result of a court order.

The clip, labeled “graphic, violent, and chilling” by Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, shows McDonald, who was armed with a knife, jogging towards police officers, but he then appears to walk away as Officer Jason Van Dyke opens fire.

The footage appears to contradict claims by Van Dyke that he fired the shots because McDonald lunged at him with the knife or that he was afraid for his life. The speed and ruthlessness with which McDonald was gunned down appears to be completely indefensible.

Van Dyke has been charged with first degree murder, but this hasn’t stopped concerns that protests, which already became violent last night, could flare up into riots similar to what happened in Baltimore earlier this year.


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  1. Mayor Rahm threw the police chief under the bus today, firing him to pacify protestors. Had this video been released to the public before the election, its far less likely Rahm would even be mayor today.

    • “Had this video been released to the public before the election, its far less likely Rahm would even be mayor today.”
      And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pol.

  2. Unfortunately, cases like this will do little to change the behavior of cops. Because it won’t be looked at ironically enough, a “police” problem. Since the cop was white and the victim was black, it becomes entirely racial.

    So what happens, you get the race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Michael Pfleger, a city hall and mayor Ramnbo that would just as so sweep it under the rug, police who close ranks to protect themselves and the thin blue line, and the general public that is just tired of all this sh*t and gets stuck paying the bill.

    There may be a riot or two, but by next summer when gang bangers are killing each other by the dozen, it will be forgotten for the next crime.

    • It’s too bad those gang-bangers ignore the laws saying they are not allowed to own guns. Then only the pheroes would be killing in the streets.

      • Hi Phillip,

        Part of the necessary deprogramming is a general acceptance of the right to defend oneself. It is preposterous this idea that people who wear special outfits are entitled to assault us with impunity. That any defensive action on our part – regardless of the circumstances – is presumed “unlawful.”

        At the very least, if a cop steps beyond what is legally within the scope of his authority, and his victim defends himself as proportionately justified (e.g., attempting to get away; warding off blows, responding in kind) the cop’s actions should constitute a “get out of jail free” card for his victim.

        • And if your from Chicago like I am, you know it’s defacto illegal as a law abiding citizen to defend yourself from ANYONE, gang banger or cop (sometimes the names are interchangeable it seems). The minute you use a weapon of any kind in Chicago (even your own fists), you are seen as a criminal by the city because it doesn’t recognize the right of self defense AT ALL. You are likely to be charged with a crime if you defend yourself.

          Once someone tried to car jack me in the city. I managed to fight him off, by pushing him out of my way with the car. I never reported it, not because I knew they would never find the guy, but because I knew the police would lecture me about pushing the guy with my car. Yes, really.

          • You could have injured that young urban entrepreneur.

            He is a leading neighborhood provider of automobiles.

            Under brute powerism, it is the ends that are important.

            The means you use to produce autos are inconsequential. A Tokyo factory or a Cicero and 129th street hunting grounds,

            Are just two different modes of producing transportation at a price that will clear the available neighborhood market.

            Or maybe you try peaceful, but “unlawful” counter-economics to move vehicles and means of transport around sufficiently


            The Vertical or Introvert Strategy

            As has already been briefly stated, this strategy consists of falling out of the large structures of the State in order to at a much smaller scale build infrastructures and technology to support one’s community.

            I’m calling this the vertical strategy since it literally means stepping away from the centralized mode of the State in order to supply for one’s life and well-being in a decentralized, local manner.

            It is in the same sense introvert in that it says we should be looking at what is and not what is not, i.e. to use the resources available rather than pursuing the unattainable.

            i.e. go to Tor’s corner, he’s got a backpack full of 128GB flashdrives filled with every TV and Film known to man, at a very reasonable barter or price.

            But what about the children and creators. Boohoo, they’re screwed anyways, people have to live and be entertained, and its up to those that provide to make arrangements for their security and well-being.

            Most of the Media Slinging I do, is the regular TV shows we all get thru broadcast with no charge.
            (disclaimer, this is a hypo-thetical dream I once had of what I do.)

            We are not all in this together. We are not in a got dam thing together whatsoever anymore.


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