Chicago Hero Shoots Into Car Full of Kids

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And does it like the thug he is – gun held sideways: 

Chicago, IL — A deeply troubling police dash cam video has been kept from the public by the city of Chicago which showed CPD officer Marco Proano, fire into a car occupied by six unarmed teenagers. Police did not want the public to see this video.

City lawyers successfully convinced a federal judge to put the video under the protective order, which prevented parties to the lawsuit from releasing it publicly. However, after watching the video, Retired Cook County Judge Andrew Berman was so disturbed that he leaked it to The Chicago Reporter. Neither Berman nor the Reporter are subject to the order.

“I’ve seen lots of gruesome, grisly crimes,” said. Berman. “But this is disturbing on a whole different level.”

In March, the teens won a federal lawsuit against the city and three police officers, using the video as the center of their case. The city has yet to pay out the $360,000.

According to The Chicago Reporter,

The city’s Independent Police Review Authority, known as IPRA, has not completed its investigation of the incident 18 months later. FBI officials would neither confirm nor deny a Chicago Sun-Times report that the agency is investigating the shooting.

In the video, Proano shoots into a moving car of six unarmed teenagers. Two of the teenagers were shot – one in the shoulder and the other in the left hip and right heel, according to court documents.

CPD’s policy prohibits officers from firing at moving vehicles that are not a threat. The teens in the car posed zero threat to the Proano, who jumped out of his cruiser and immediately unloaded his weapon into multiple unarmed teenagers.

After the shooting police discovered that the car was stolen. However, the teen was found not guilty after the prosecutors were unable to prove he knew the car was stolen. Even if they had stolen this vehicle, the actions by OfficerProano would not have been justified.

Proano has yet to face even a slap on the wrist. He was never disciplined and remains an active member of the Chicago Police Department.

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