Hero Opens Up on Minivan Full of Kids

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Here’s a video of a Hero cop blasting away at a minivan full of children:

All this began over “speeding” – a minor traffic ticket. The woman got mad at being mulcted by the buzz cut thug – and drove off. Not recklessly – but she made the almost-fatal error of showing contempt for the authoritay of a Hero cop.

Whatever you may think about the rightness or wrongness of “speeding” – or even driving away from a traffic stop – I hope you’ll agree that neither justified the roadside execution of children.



  1. My dad agreed with my disgust at this one, but when I said “This is why I’ll be an anarchist until the day I die” he rolled his eyes. I guess he’s still attached to the idea that constitutional government is actually sustainable. Oh well.

    Maybe this one would shock my grandmother enough to get her to start thinking. Or maybe not. Maybe its worth trying…

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