All Your Kids Belong To Us

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The “hive,” “Borg,” collectivism mindset, whatever you want to call it, is continuing to grow. Watch the video below.

Was your response after watching this video utter disgust? Congratulations, you might be a person who believes in freedom and responsibility.

Your children are not your responsibility; they are society’s responsibility. This idea is the same as “it takes a village to raise a child.”  That philosophy is destructive to family, community and freedom.  $12k per student per year isn’t enough of an investment?  It isn’t enough because education isn’t the goal of the education system.  Complete adherence to you owners (aka “leaders & politicians) decrees and the dissolution of true liberty is the goal.  This is why the education system is so important to the statists, brainwash the kids early and in a few generations the vast majority will compliant sheeple.  It is not an education system, it is a training system.

This is the same mindset that propagates ideas that your health is everyone’s responsibility.  This leads to Obamacare, forced vaccinations and politicians like “lil’ hitler” Bloomberg banning sugary drinks of a certain size.  Mark my words, the 2nd Amendment will be attacked again and it will viewed in terms of a public health hazard.  Our politicians will need to “do something.”  This “village” idea is also the basis for why wealth needs to be forcibly collected and redistributed, because it really isn’t the owner’s, it is society’s and must be distributed fairlyIf you are forced to be part of a tribe or village then you are a slave.

This video will be pushed to all corners of the internet and will even be labeled as the mindset of the “Progressive”, the “Socialist” and the “Ultra-Liberal” but is it really limited to them?  I don’t think it is, there are many people who consider themselves “conservative” or “republican” that support the agenda this woman professes is a moral prerogative.

Ask yourself whether you support the fact that school taxes are assessed and levied against the perceived value of your property each year to fund the local public school system? 

If “no”, congratulations again; you actually believe in freedom and have a moral and philosophical compass that is consistent.

If you weren’t disgusted by the video above and respond “yes” to the question above then you are unquestionably a statist and collectivist.  Your philosophy is what I consider a mental disorder but atleast you are morally consistent.  And if you support the idea that government should use force to impose these ideologies you are nothing short of a monster.

But if you say “yes” to that question while also being disgusted by the video then you are a hypocrite.  The public school system operates under pure coercion, they declare that the value of your property is of certain dollar amount and demand you pay them rent (they call it taxes but it is rent).  It does not matter if your children go to these public schools or not.  It doesn’t even matter if you have children at all.  Because you are a property owner you have to “pay up.”  And if you refuse, government officials (thugs with guns) will take their money from you (if they decide how much you keep it isn’t yours, it is actually theirs), take your property and/or stick you in a cage.  If things escalate you might even pay with your life.  Do not be eloquent or coy about this; these people are not legitimate government (any government that acts aggressively and uses coercion is illegitimate); these are thugs/mafioso’s extorting money from their victims.  They are criminals and terrorists and they are not to be reasoned with, only obeyed.

To be blunt if you say “yes” to that question you are practicing cognitive dissonance, holding 2 opposing truths as fact in your mind.  It is the equivalent of looking at the car below and believing it is both red and blue at the same time.

red mr2

I have heard the arguments before, “isn’t it the responsibility of the community to fund the schools?”, “not everyone can afford it?”

No, the parents must be responsible for their children.  If people don’t feel responsible for their children then you have what we have today, children out of wedlock, welfare babies and kids that grow up in the system only looking to survive.  When relying on survival instincts and no parental guidance we shouldn’t be surprised when these kids grow up to be the animals that inhabit cities like Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia.  And of course not everyone can afford it, the government is providing the service so it will obviously cost exponentially more than if it were done in the private sector.  When is a monopoly ever affordable?

Personally, I attended both a private Catholic School (K-10) and the local public school (11 & 12).  There were problems and advantages with both at the time but my parents absolutely took responsibility for me.  The important thing is that I was able to grow up and not become part of the collective “Borg” mindset and use my critical thinking skills to find my own path and recognize the evils of government and prosperity capable with true unabated freedom.

That being said, eventually we will have to decide whether to home-school our son or send him to a private school.  Notice how I don’t even include sending him to public school as a viable option.  People will say things like I would send my child to a private school but I am already paying for the public education.  If they consider collectivism even a fraction as destructive as I do then shame on them.  Nothing in this world should be as important to you as your children.  This likely means you are a tleast partly a collectivist.

I don’t view it as a waste or unnecessary cost, paying for private school or sacrificing to homeschool isn’t a burden.  I know I will have to pay the extortion fees for the public school funding but I am more concerned about how destructive the service is to the mind of the children (victims) that are forced to attend.  I see paying extra as a means to keep evil people like the woman in the video and that inhabit the education profession (particularly the politicians and administrators) as far away from my child as long as possible.  I would be buying him time so that his mind could grow unmolested from the disease that is collectivism.  I hope you do the same.



  1. The main problem with the world and the solution in two minutes.

    Most conflict, violence, and injustice is the result not of individual malice, but of people imagining an obligation to obey a perceived authority, usually government.

    In their daily lives, most people accept the Non Aggression Principle: it’s not O.K. to rob or attack other people, but they’ve been taught that government has an exemption from that rule and that legalized theft and thuggery – “taxation” and “law enforcement” – are moral, legitimate, and necessary for society.

    Here are three independent proofs that the concept of government is not just susceptible to corruption and abuse, but it is by its very nature self-contradictory and insane.

    1 There’s no documented procedure whereby any person or group of people can delegate to another a right which the first person or group didn’t have to begin with. Ergo, Congress cannot have acquired and does not have the right to do anything that you don’t have the right to do yourself.

    2 You can’t have a moral obligation to do what you think is wrong. Whenever there’s a conflict between what authority commands and your own conscience, you have the right to disobey, and if that’s true, then the one giving orders isn’t authority, since authority means the one with rights to rule you and the one you must obey.

    3 No document or ritual can alter reality and make an evil act good. Either a man-made law matches objective morality, in which case the law is redundant and irrelevant, or it conflicts with objective morality, in which case it is illegitimate and should be disobeyed. Either way, legislation never creates any obligation to obey and therefore has no authority.

    Once all of this is widely understood, that’s the end of most of the theft, thuggery, oppression, and war in the world, which happens now as a result of the belief in government – meaning a rightful ruling class. If evil were committed only by genuinely nasty people, instead of being condoned and committed by almost everyone, all those who imagine that legalizing evil makes it good and imagine that agents of authority have rights the rest of us don’t, the world would be a far more peaceful and just place.

    – Larken Rose

    Think – Larken Rose

  2. All your kids belong to us, unless they’re genetically defective. If that’s the case, they’ll be aborted and you’ll be sterilized at the peoples’ expense. Turn to page 2,337 of Obamacare For Dummies for further details.

    Tomorrow’s Children (US title) or Unborn (UK title) – 1934

    Two years before the eugenics movement began in Germany under Hitler, the movement was in full swing in America, most frequently in California. Public health officials in 28 US states carried out forced sterilizations for criminals and anyone declared “unfit” by the courts.

    Here is the inspiration for Auschwitz and the Holocaust and of the 3rd Reich hospital’s murder of the “mentally defective.”

    Planned Parenthood is the only open manifestation of eugenics in the US today. You can also visit the “Georgia Guidestones” or read the statements of many British royals, to learn more from current elitist adherents of eugenics and the advanced stages of long term plans and programs in the name of the “science” of eugenics and over-population control.

    “Alice Mason (Diane Sinclair) sure has her share of problems. She’s the only one in her family who has a job. Mom and Dad spend the day guzzling cheap hootch and Dad won’t even help clean the house because, he says, “That’s no job for a man.”

    Alice would like to marry her truck driver boyfriend Jim (Donald Douglas) but that would mean leaving her family alone. A well meaning but misguided doctor reports to the court that Alice’s family is made up of “drunks, cripples and idiots” and suggests that the whole family be ordered by the court to be sterilized to prevent them for producing any more societal misfits like themselves.”

    “As always the government is far from perfect. A drooling, hollow eyed psychotic is spared having to go under the knife even after he nearly assaults a nurse. Why? Because his dad is rich and slips the judge a big role of bills! Sadly Alice has no one to intercede for her except her boyfriend. Lucily Jim learns an important clue about Alice from her drunken mother. Ah, but will he be in time to save her from the operation? For cryin’ out loud Jim, drive faster!”

    Endgame – Alex Jones

    • Two years before the eugenics movement began in Germany under Hitler, the movement was in full swing in America, most frequently in California. Public health officials in 28 US states carried out forced sterilizations for criminals and anyone declared “unfit” by the courts.

      Here is the inspiration for Auschwitz and the Holocaust and of the 3rd Reich hospital’s murder of the “mentally defective.”

      Yup. An unpleasant nugget of Amerikan history conveniently “forgotten” by the court historians (and therefore never mentioned in Establishment historical texts).

      • And—they’re BAAAAA—ACK!

        Yes, those lovely eugenicists never went away. After funding Hitler lovingly, the pesky little runt turned on them AND gave their perfectly wonderful pet project a bad name.

        So they gave it other names. Family planning. Sustainability. Birth control. Abortion.

        Margaret Sanger herself said we “have to get rid of these weeds”. They brought in the usual cadre of house-slaves–today represented by the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons–to sell the blacks their own destruction.

        At the heart of much of the Elite is a nasty, virulent strain of eugenics.

        Just what the hell they think is so superior in their inbred lines, I don’t know; have you SEEN “Elites” lately? Mein Gott the “Royal” family looks like rejects from an 1800 Irish coal mine. The Rockefellers are no treats either; you’d think with their obsessive organic diets and avoidance of all the poisons they’re foisting on us, they’d be ubermensch.

        No wonder they hate us so. Yeah that’s right, you fucks, I’m wise to your games. My kids are unvaccinated, not exposed to fluoride, eat organic, and we’re free of most of your binary, terniary, and quaternary poisons. Guess what? We’re strong–very strong. Fast. Smart. Competent in all the fields you fear because you’re useless in them–science, philosophy, fixing cars, carpentry, marksmanship.

        All you know is how to manipulate people. You don’t produce anything. Worse yet, you’re soulless. You try to laugh it off; you try to make it “cool” for your serfs, propagating your dissipation to weaken and undermine them, to make them as morally bankrupt as YOU.

        But it’s not working anymore, is it? We’re turning against abortion; we’re turning off the TV’s. We’re eschewing your poisons–mental, physical, and spiritual.

        And when we awaken, we’re coming for you you sick fucks!

        • Dear meth,

          Bobby (played by Ned Beatty): Talk about genetic deficiencies-isn’t that pitiful?

          (From James Dickey’s “Deliverance.” Film version directed by John Boorman)

          Funny how the “elites” of the NWO are not that different from the inbred northern Georgia hillbillies depicted in “Deliverance.”

          • Funny how the “elites” of the NWO are not that different from the inbred northern Georgia hillbillies depicted in “Deliverance.”

            Bevin, I wouldn’t put the inbred Reigning Elites in the same category as inbred hillbillies. To do so is an insult to hillbillies everywhere. At least inbred hillbillies generally leave you the fuck alone – unless you fuck with THEM FIRST. This probably explains why the Reigning Elite are so terrified of the “inbred redneck” type and are so overtly disparaging of their culture.

            Barack, Chuckie, and Babs wouldn’t last AN HOUR in the woods of Northwest Georgia, and they KNOW IT!

          • “At least inbred hillbillies generally leave you the fuck alone – unless you fuck with THEM FIRST”

            Exactly correct. When you get in a jam, you’re much more likely to be helped by one of the rednecks than by a soft-handed member of the elite, or one of their upper-middle class, Obama voting wannabe elites.

            Shit, that’s just common sense, ain’t it?

    • One only need see the pictures of “good Americans”, arms outstretched, giving the pledge of allegience prior to Pearl to get a glimpse into America’s hidden past. And recently I found out that good ole Uncle Scam wasn’t content with rounding up Japs, Krauts and slippery Dagos within the borders of the heimat but reached out and kidnapped them from throughout South and Central America before putting them in concentration camps in Texas and elsewhere within the confines of our glorious imperium. Why? To help fellow theives steal their shit no doubt but I suspect that, deep down, they did it because they could. Talk about a rude awakening when I found that out over on LewRockwell and Gary North…

      • It’s almost as if they program us with insipid idiocy. Helping us embrace unspeakable atrocities as being part of the natural order. Dissuading us from even making an effort to experience reality and develop and live by your own system of individual values.

        The Dance – Garth Brooks

        “Looking back on the memory of
        The dance we shared beneath the stars above
        For a moment all the world was right
        How could I have known you’d ever say goodbye…
        But if I’d only known how the king would fall
        Hey who’s to say you know I might have changed it all
        And now I’m glad I didn’t know
        The way it all would end the way it all would go
        Our lives are better left to chance
        I could have missed the pain
        But I’d of had to miss the dance”

        ###False Programming: Let noble lie=euphemize your love life as dancing with someone rather than place proper emphasis on sexual aspect. Let normal=Glad I made no effort to build a future with my mate. Let normal=Glad I was ignorant. Let Case=Leave your future to random chance. If pain < 1 them no dance: Next pain.

        "Corporate fucking shills…"

        • Ah Tor you bastard! You made me snort protein shake out my nose again!

          I have never, in my life, expected to see a Country song re-written in pseudo-code.

          Masterful. Totally hilarious. I’m going to share it with my workmates…maybe we can start a meme, programmers around the world can deconstruct pop music into C#, Python, or the language of their choice.

          It’ll be bigger than LOLCatz! Well, more funny anyway.

          Thanks Tor. You’re genius.

      • “And recently I found out that good ole Uncle Scam wasn’t content with rounding up Japs, Krauts and slippery Dagos within the borders of the heimat but reached out and kidnapped them from throughout South and Central America” …

        Me too.

        It sure puts the lie to the test for those of that time period who said they rounded up the Japanese in California, “because it was for their own protection from Americans who wanted to harm them”

        Yeesh, I’m really starting to change my perception of what Mass-man thinks it means to be an American.

        mass man

        • Many Italians living and working in the United States had not been naturalized. When Italy aligned with the Axis through the Pact of Steel, they immediately came under suspicion.

          Roosevelt had J. Edgar Hoover assemble a list of names of aliens from Germany, Japan and Italy without regard for anything else but their nationality. Between 1935 and 1939 Congress passed four neutrality acts which began the process of the internments of Italians, as well as Japanese and Germans.

          In 1939 and 1940 prior to any participation of the United States in the European conflict, the Roosevelt administration and Congress passed and invoked legislation which significantly removed the rights of Americans of Italian extraction as well as alien Italians.

          On June 28, 1940 Congress passed the Alien Registration Act. Within 4 months 4 million aliens registered. The Dangerous Cargo Act was also passed in 1940: “Port Security responsibilities were undertaken the Coast Guard was to govern anchorage and movement of all vessels in U.S. waters and to protect vessels, harbors, and inland or coastal waterways of the U.S.

          The following year as the national paranoia increased the government began to act under the provisions of this act which allowed for the arrest of aliens for acts of sedition and conspiracy. Often evidence for such activity was no more than that individuals were Italians.”

          Under the authority of these acts the US Navy and Coast Guard moved against Italian ships: In March 1941, 28 Italian Ships were confiscated by Coast Guard accusing the crews of sabotage and arresting them.

          In December, 1941 at the Panama Canal the Italian Luxury Liner Conte Biancamano was commandeered, converted to a troop ship and commissioned in the United States Navy as the USS Hermitage. 483 Italian crewmen were taken into custody.

          With terribly crowded conditions they are brought to Ellis Island where they were incarcerated with virtually no amenities and stripped of any rights. After enduring these harsh conditions they were transferred by trains with barred small windows to Missoula Montana.
          After three days in the cramped dark train cars not unlike the mode of transportation provided in Germany for the transportation of the Jews to the death camps, they arrived in at Fort Missoula, Montana. Although not charged with any crime they were indefinitely detained.

          On December 7, 1941 conditions became even more severe for Italians. The attack on the Japanese at Pearl Harbor elevated some 600,000 Italian American to be considered enemy aliens.
          Acting on the lists developed a couple of years before, thousands were arrested within 24 hours of the attack.

          For the most part it was the men, the head of the household and support of their families who were arrested. Their assets frozen, sources of support were taken from those who remained inflicting terrible hardship on ten of thousands of innocent remaining family members. On December 9, 1941 FBI took 98 Italian Aliens into custody. Those who were arrested were transported to holding facilities at Fort Lincoln, North Dakota, Crystal City, Texas as well as Missoula Montana, McAlister OK.

          Every immigrant not naturalized was considered a threat. Oppressive restrictions were imposed on those who were not incarcerated. Severe travel restrictions and the confiscation of such items as radios and flashlights completed the insult inflicted on these people, many of whom who had served in the American military for over 20 years.

          Severe travel restrictions were imposed. They were required to turn over items considered potential threats – weapons, radios and flashlight (for potential signaling).

          On February 19, 1942 Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 authorizing the military to limit movements or arrest suspected alien residents. It involved the arrest of 3,200 Italians resulting in the incarceration of 300.

          In California Lt Gen John L. DeWitt, head of Western Defense Command, sought to intern the entire “enemy” population. He imposed a curfew: No travel beyond 5 miles and no night travel effectively eliminating the possibility for many to retain their employment.

          All were also restricted from the coast and from their boats which were confiscated. Among the effects decimated the fishing industry along the California coast. DeWitt pursued actions that effectively destroyed the economic lives of all Italians in the West.

          Joe DiMaggio, the very popular baseball player of the New York Yankees enlisted in the army in 1942; meanwhile, his father who was a fisherman was prohibited from his livelihood. Fisherman’s Wharf was restricted to Italians where the DiMaggios were prevented from overseeing their own restaurant.

          Businesses in “restricted zone” were closed. People lost their jobs and could not find employment because of their enemy alien status. The evacuation of 10,000 Italian Americans in California occurred forcibly and swiftly. There were several suicides.

          Spring and summer of 1942 was the nadir of the anti-Italian prejudice. Many business owners used the occasion to eliminate the businesses of their Italian competition. In one of the most ludicrous acts of the time, the popular opera singer, Ezio Pinza was arrested on March 12, 1942 – He was removed from his home which was then searched and he was briefly imprisoned on Ellis Island.

          In May 1942 California Assemblyman, Jack Tenny targeted Italians for conspiratorial activities. Angelo Rossi mayor of San Francisco was accused of giving a Fascist salute. At that point the insanity of these activities was beginning to become apparent. New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia demanded an end to this process.

          On October 12, Columbus Day, 1942 it was announced at Carnegie Hall that Italians would no longer be classified as enemies. The persecution ended as suddenly as it began. However, the 300 or so who were incarcerated remained so until the end of the war in Europe in 1945.

          Knowledge of the persecution and internment suffered by the Italians during WWII has all but been forgotten. Much of this is because the Italians themselves wanted to quickly put this very difficult experience behind them.

          • Oh, boy. Tor, that scares the shit out of me.

            Because in the 30’s and 40’s, at least in my imagination, the country had a much better grasp on the Bill of Rights.

            Or did they? That was the height of the “progressive” era–the seeds sown for our destruction today.

            But if the populace was complicit in those atrocities–can you imagine how they’ll react when:

            The Federal Mafia creates another twin-tower-like false flag. They’ve already laid the groundwork–libertarians, conservatives, Tea Party, evangelical Christians, military veterans are the new Al-CIAduh.

            Pull another OK City. Round up the dissidents.

            This is how liberty dies; to the sound of thunderous applause.

            They really want a civil war.

            But here’s what’s in our favor: WE have the momentum. The tired old promotions aren’t working anymore; have ya’ll noticed the almost complete apathy to the North Korea war-promotion meme?

            Hey–sick fucks–it’s not working anymore! You’ll have to show your nasty side now…and your serfs won’t like it.

            THIS is what I’m talking about when I keep harping on “not yet, stay non-violent, win hearts and minds”. StormCloudsGathering and Alex Jones et al. are absolutely right–first, delegitimize the State.

            Let them show their brutality and discredit themselves.

            Because as you note Tor–

            At that point the insanity of these activities was beginning to become apparent. New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia demanded an end to this process.

          • There was a better understanding of the BoR for white protestant americans who’s ancestors had arrived in the USA early on. Other than that it was the same old animal level tribal group think.

            Today there isn’t much understanding of it. There are merely those who make the rules and those who have to follow them or else.

      • I haven’t yet had a chance to read Gary’s links to the full story of the WWII kidnapping of Nissei from South America, but I plan to do so as soon as I get some extra free hours. What a DESPICABLE blot on the reputation of an already criminal government!

  3. !No niños o adultos pertenecer a una nación un estado o un credo!
    !En este nuevo mundo, todos somos americanos gratis!

    No kids or adults belong to a nation a state or a creed! In this new world, we are all free Americans!

    ?Que es Americano? ?Cuántos son Americanos?
    Población America = 955,460,000: (América del Norte* 514,246,000 + América del Sur** 399,238,000 + Islas del Caribe*** 41,976,000 )[2013 Mediados de año]

    So what is an American? So how many are American? America Population = 955,460,000 (514,246,000 North America* + 399,238,000 South America** + 41,976,000 Caribbean Islands***) [2013 Mid Year]

    1 United States 316,244,000
    2 Mexico 117,147,000
    3 Canada 35,247,000
    4 Guatemala 15,440,000
    5 Honduras 8,578,000
    6 El Salvador 6,635,000
    7 Nicaragua 6,216,000
    8 Costa Rica 4,667,000
    9 Panama 3,605,000
    10 Belize 340,000
    11 Bermuda (UK) 65,000
    12 Greenland (Denmark) 56,000
    13 Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France) 6,000
    1 Brazil 195,632,000
    2 Colombia 47,130,000
    3 Argentina 41,350,000
    4 Peru 30,476,000
    5 Venezuela 29,760,000
    6 Chile 16,770,000
    7 Ecuador 15,779,000
    8 Bolivia 10,517,000
    9 Paraguay 6,928,000
    10 Uruguay 3,297,000
    11 Guyana 798,000
    12 Suriname 539,000
    13 French Guiana 259,000
    14 Falkland Islands (UK) 3,000
    1 Cuba 11,163,000
    2 Haiti 10,671,000
    3 Dominican Republic 9,745,000
    4 Puerto Rico (US) 3,676,000
    5 Jamaica 2,720,000
    6 Trinidad and Tobago 1,344,000
    7 Guadeloupe (France) 409,000
    8 Martinique (France) 398,000
    9 Bahamas 368,000
    10 Barbados 276,000
    11 Saint Lucia 170,000
    12 Curaçao (Netherlands) 154,000
    13 United States Virgin Islands (US) 106,000
    14 Aruba (Netherlands) 105,000
    15 Grenada 103,000
    16 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 97,000
    17 Antigua and Barbuda 88,000
    18 Dominica 71,000
    19 Cayman Islands (UK) 60,000
    20 Saint Kitts and Nevis 55,000
    21 Sint Maarten (Netherlands) 41,000
    22 Saint Martin (France) 39,000
    23 Turks and Caicos Islands (UK) 33,000
    24 British Virgin Islands (UK) 32,000
    25 Caribbean Netherlands (Netherlands) 23,000
    26 Anguilla (UK) 14,000
    27 Saint Barthélemy (France) 10,000
    28 Montserrat (UK) 5,000

    Todos y cada Americanos que vive tiene un corazón soberano, siempre dispuesto a romper sus muros, y mantenerse libre. Cada individuo es desencadenado, y reina, siente que su corazón late propios golpeando el interior, y no tiene miedo.

    Los Americanos somos de muchas lenguas, pero todas nuestras lenguas se hablan sólo las lenguas de la libertad Americana. Todas nuestras lenguas degustar los sabores únicos de la libertad Americana.

    Los Americanos somos de muchos corazones, pero todo nuestro corazón bombear sólo la vida la donación de sangre de la libertad Americana.

    Si algunos ahora numerado como Americanos sólo se encuentran operando como software programable, en caso de sus lenguas y corazones ser ajeno a nosotros, a no ser vivo, pero sólo se programan en el servicio de una nación sola, estatal o credo, Para que no se contará como uno de los nuestros, hasta el momento en que debe mostrar independencia y respetar el libre albedrío y la libertad de todos los Americanos.

    Each and every living American has a sovereign heart, ever ready to breach its walls, and keep itself free. Each individual is unchained, and reigns supreme, he feels his own heartbeats beating within, and is unafraid.

    We Americans are of many tongues, yet all of our tongues speak only the languages of American freedom. All of our tongues taste only the tastes of American freedom.

    We Americans are of many hearts, yet all of our hearts pump only the life giving blood of American freedom.

    Should some now numbered as Americans be found only to operate as programmable software, should their tongues and hearts be alien to us, to be not alive but only programmed in service of a mere nation, state, or creed, let them not be counted as one of our own, until such time as they should display independence and respect the free will and freedom of all Americans.

  4. I thought these primitive tribal apes died off long ago.
    This fucking collectivist cockroach is basically claiming to own everyone else. Where did it get that idea? University Humanities department?

  5. Thanks Harry–amen to it all.

    I will never, as long as I live, sacrifice my children on the ziggurat of government “education”.

    They’re in private school now…but I am this close to homeschooling them.

    It will be a big hit financially. But why else do we live?

    Ron Paul just release his K-6 home school curriculum. I haven’t looked at it yet, but with things like that, the Khan Academy, and the hundreds of good homeschool curricula out there…it’s a no-brainer if you decide to do it.

    We will probably not leave the country. But I’m sure as hell going to withdraw from Leviathan…and withdraw my support…as much as possible.

    The culture itself is becoming sick. The Chinese proverb “a fish rots from the head down” may not be physically true, but politically it’s accurate as a Barrett. When I see the whorish girls’ fashions, the twisted feminized behavior of the boys; the constant barrage of anti-man, anti-family, anti-father, anti-husband propaganda on television…I’m overwhelmed. I’m literally struck numb by how rapidly they’re rolling out the psy-ops–and I want to protect my family from it all.

    Will all this culminate in a rapid, or slow-motion, dissolution of the USA? Will the States gradually withdraw, or will we go to a hot civil war?

    When I see the disconnect between Washington and even regular Texans–as just one example–I can’t see how the center will hold.

    • It’s all ready been a slow motion dissolution of the idea of “America”. I’m paraphrasing Doug Casey here but America was just an idea, it never truly existed (just as the world has never seen true capitalism except in the “black” market), what we have today is what has been in motion throughout history, tyranny by its true nature (psychopaths forcing their ideas onto others) and tyranny by misguided, uninformed people attempting to do what they think is right only to pave the way for the psychopaths (people who support Obama because hey, he goes on the Daily Show and seems genuinely nice).

      I only “woke up” about a year and a half ago and for what it’s worth, I am extremely pessimistic about the future of us living here. We’ll always have our real patriots just as Afghanistan and Iraq continue to have theirs (farmers just trying to live their lives and not accept a foreign occupier) but at least the Afghanis and Iraqis have some support from the rest of the world. “Our” (USA) foreign policy has turned us from what was the most respected people (true freedom) to the most hated (forcing our will upon anyone who dares disobey). “We” here in America are quite simply, fucked. Stock up on water, food, guns, precious metals, and the good ol’ fashioned “being a genuinely nice person who truly respects others” and hold on to your hat because this is going to be a very bumpy ride.

      • From Wales, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, Chile, there is only one America. Before they grab all our guns, we should breach all their fences and let the “barbarians” inside the gates, this sterile zoo is intolerable.

        Brazil Theme Song
        Watercolor of Brazil, originally written by Ary Barroso, re-recorded in 1984 by Geoff Muldaur and Michael Kamen for Terry Gilliam’s film “Brazil”

        While they have their hands full trying to sort out all their assorted animal farms, we might just enjoy a few years of free range living. Hell, maybe even build an overground ice railroad and bring those Ruskies and Asians in to join the anarcho-celebration.

        – Worth a shot?

    • And I should have said this in the first reply but I think you are doing the right thing and it’s comforting to see that. Keep on with the keepin’ on.

      Also, if you’re going to follow Ron Paul’s homeschooling guide I (as an extremely opinionated person) would like to add that you should keep in mind he raised a son named Rand Paul who is nothing more than a bitch who rides on his daddy’s coat tails in order to secure himself a wealthy political future… please don’t raise kids like that, and if you do, please verbally bad mouth them publicly, something Ron Paul is either too greedy or too scared to do. (I’m a huge Ron Paul fan, but the fact he and Rand have given no public explanation for Rand’s endorsing of Romney when Ron was still in the race disgusts me).


      • Well, Jacob. I think you have to cut Ron Paul some slack on that, what father would do something along the lines of sending ill will to their children in public?

        Who knows what’s been said in private?

        I mean, Rand is an adult now, it’s his choice, not his father’s.

        Also, was Rand homeshcooled? If not, there’s no need to connect the two. IMHO. YMMV I suppose.

        One other thing.
        RE: “Doug Casey… but America was just an idea, it never truly existed”

        It did.

        In small pockets.

        In the minds of certain individuals, and via their actions.

        Elsewise, none of us would be upset or surprised about the trend.

        It’s just our expectations of others that has been shattered. Not metting expectaions leads to disappointment. And aren’t we quite disappointed with our fellow American’ts? We had higher expectations of them. As if they should know better, and be able to see the shit for what it is instead of focusing on puppets on a string. That’s my perspective anyway.

        The rest of your comments were pretty dang good though.

        • I don’t think individuals can necessarily be held responsible for what other individuals do, merely because they are blood relations.

          Sometimes, yes. But not always. It depends on how they raised the child.

          Also, Ron Paul has five children, not just Rand. Depending on how they turned out, one might need to qualify any criticisms of his child rearing.

          Who can really know how anyone will turn out?

          Could the poor mothers of the worst scum in human history know that their cute little babies would grow up to be monsters?

          Any one of us could have a child who turns out to be serial killer or mass murderer, or even, god forbid, an American president.

        • Who knows what’s been said in private?

          BINGO. I, for one, would NEVER air my children’s dirty laundry in public, nor voice my disagreements with them in aby public venue, no matter how errant their behavior. Blood is, after all, thicker than politics (or water, for that matter).

          I think it’s an absolute certainty that Ron has chastised Rand, behind closed doors, in the privacy of a family setting, on more than one occasion since the “Real Rand” made its appearance during the last (s)election cycle. What Ron said to Rand we’ll never know (not that it’s ANY of our damned business), but I’m willing to bet that Ron probably had his “daddy pants” on when he did so, never mind the fact that Rand is now a middle-aged man (my own mother, pushing 80, still sometimes chides me, her son who’s past 50, as if I’m still 13 years old).

          Above all, I’ve GOT to imagine that Rand’s slights of his father have probably wounded Ron more deeply than anything else he’s ever suffered at anyone’s hands. For that alone, Rand deserves to be scourged.

      • Well, Rand may yet redeem himself. I don’t know why he did what he did; he had a ready-made following of tens of millions of highly committed Ron Paul supporters.

        If he’d cast himself in his dad’s shoes, he’d have destroyed the Rethuglican country club.

        But he didn’t.

        Nor did I follow directly in my dad’s steps, either; I had to make my own way…and my own mistakes.

        I’m not going to judge Ron for Rand’s behavior.

        I understand what you’re saying though, Jacob–is his teaching as good as it could be, given the “apostasy” of his son? We’ll see–when I evaluate the materials I’ll post back.

        Meanwhile: America the country of 50 states might be dead, but “America” the apogee of Enlightenment and Renaissance libertarian ideals is NOT. The place where those ideals are most likely to re-form and find expression is right here.

        For all we’ve done wrong, there’s a strong cultural memory of those ideals not present elsewhere.

        Sure, Chile is prosperous and largely free. But do they have a spirit of rebellion, a tradition (and ancestral memory) of fighting for freedom?

        No. We do.

        My ancestors fought the British in the Anglo-Boer war; fighting the same bastards who would have tyrannized America a hundred years earlier…the same bastards (the Anglo-American bankster establishment) who are conquering America again today.

        We’ve beat them before, we’ll beat them again.

        • Chile timeline (per BBC) – includes FDR’s New Deal & CIA’s staging of a leadership coup.

          1535 – Indigenous Araucanian people successfully resist first Spanish invasion of Chile.

          1541 – Valdivia begins Spanish conquest and founds Santiago.

          1553 – Araucanians capture and kill Valdivia.

          1810 – Junta in Santiago proclaims autonomy for Chile following the overthrow of the king of Spain by Napoleon.

          1814 – Spain regains control of Chile.

          1817 – Spanish defeated by Army of the Andes at the battles of Chacabuco and Maipu. Chile becomes independent.

          1823-30 – Civil war between liberal federalists and conservative centralists ends with conservative victory.

          1851-61 – President Montt liberalises constitution and reduces privileges of landowners and church.

          1879-84 – Chile increases its territory by one third after it defeats Peru and Bolivia in War of the Pacific.

          1890 – Pacification of Araucanians paves way for European immigration; large-scale mining of nitrate and copper begins.

          1925 – New constitution increases presidential powers and separates church and state.

          1927 – General Ibanez del Campo seizes power and establishes dictatorship.

          1938-46 – Communists, Socialists and Radicals form Popular Front coalition and introduce economic policies based on US New Deal.

          1948-58 – Communist Party banned.

          1952 – Gen Ibanez elected president with promise to strengthen law and order.

          1964 – Montalva, Christian Democrat, elected president and introduces cautious social reforms, but fails to curb inflation.

          1970 – Allende becomes world’s first democratically elected Marxist president and embarks on an extensive programme of nationalisation and radical social reform.

          1973 – Coup: The presidential palace comes under attack – Gen. Pinochet ousts Allende in CIA -sponsored coup and proceeds to establish a brutal dictatorship.

          1988 – Gen Pinochet loses a referendum on whether he should remain in power.

          1989-90 – Christian Democrat Aylwin wins presidential election; Gen Pinochet steps down in 1990 as head of state but remains commander-in-chief of the army.

          1994-95 – Frei succeeds Aylwin as president and begins to reduce the military’s influence in government.

          1998 – Gen Pinochet retires from the army and is made senator for life but is arrested in the UK at the request of Spain on murder charges.

          2000 – Socialist Lagos is elected president. Chilean courts strip Gen Pinochet of his immunity from prosecution several times, but attempts to make him stand trial for alleged human rights offences fail, with judges usually citing concerns over the general’s health.

          2002 July – Gen Pinochet resigns from his post as a lifelong senator.

          2004 May – President Lagos signs a law giving Chileans the right to divorce, despite opposition from the Roman Catholic Church.

          Contreras, former head of secret police, is jailed for 15 years over the disappearance and death of a journalist in 1974.

          2005 May – 45 young soldiers perish in a blizzard, prompting calls for an end to compulsory military service.

          2006 January – Michelle Bachelet wins the second round of presidential elections to become Chile’s first woman president

          2006 August – Chile and China sign a free-trade deal, Beijing’s first in South America.

          2007 January – President Bachelet signs a decree allowing the morning-after contraceptive pill to be given to girls as young as 14 without their parents’ consent.

          2008 May – Unexpected eruption of Chaiten volcano which has been dormant for 9,000 years. Authorities order complete evacuation of two towns in Patagonian region.

          2008 October – Local elections signal that the political right, long out of office in Chile, may be gaining ground ahead of next year’s presidential poll.

          2009 February – President Bachelet makes the first visit to Cuba by a Chilean leader in almost four decades.

          2010 January – Right-wing candidate Pinera defeats former President Frei in presidential election, ending 20 years of rule by the left-wing Concentracion coalition.

          2010 October – 33 miners trapped deep underground for 69 days are winched to safety, watched by TV audiences around the world.

          2010 December – President Pinera promises penal reform after a fire at an overcrowded Santiago jail claims the lives of 81 prisoners.

      • “(I’m a huge Ron Paul fan, but the fact he and Rand have given no public explanation for Rand’s endorsing of Romney when Ron was still in the race disgusts me). ”

        Well, I’m not a huge fan of Ron Paul. I saw him as the best of a bad lot for awhile, but I mostly ignore him these days. Paul is a career politician, now retired and irrelevant as far as his party is concerned. His son is beginning a career in politics. They’re loyal GOP members, apparently.

        I happen to despise the GOP.

        • Why would you ignore him? Do you despise the ideas he presents?

          Among other worthy ideas, “He is founding a new institution that will especially bug the bad guys.” …

          I have no love for the GOP, either.
          And it seems to me it’s the GOP that’s becoming irrelevant. Right along side the Dems.

          It’s either that, or full throttle totalitarianism.

          • “Why would you ignore him? Do you despise the ideas he presents?”

            I ignore him because he’s a half-stepper. He understates everything he says by at least half because he’s a career politician.

            Hell no, I don’t despise the ideas he expresses (he doesn’t ‘represent’ those ideas, BTW), it’s just that he expresses them at half volume, as though he doesn’t actually embrace them as his own.

            Also, I didn’t say that he’s irrelevant, but that his beloved party views him as irrelevant. Of course the “two” parties are irrelevant, but they hold a death grip on electoral politics.

            I ignore him because he’s a fucking republican politician and will apparently be one until the day he dies.

            I don’t know how old you are, but I was around when he briefly left his office-holding career for the GOP and jumped into the LP’s presidential nominee campaign. He was so obviously a GOP politician among libertarians that I voted for Russell Means instead of for the patently anointed-by-the-party-bosses Ron Paul. Paul ran his LP presidential campaign and, of course, went right back to the GOP. If you were around back then, what did that teach you?

            Believe it or not, the liberty movement was already hundreds of years old when Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell became interested in libertarian ideas. They are the most visible today, maybe, but they aren’t the whole movement, by any means.

            I’m not into the whole reverence for politicians thing, and never have been.

          • Thanks for the reply, Ed.

            All I can add is: a half-stepper is better than a no-stepper, or a backward-stepper. Imho.

            I don’t sign my name to the comments I write (helps to keep the bricks out of my windshield and off my dashboard) does that make me a half-stepper?

          • “I don’t sign my name to the comments I write (helps to keep the bricks out of my windshield and off my dashboard) does that make me a half-stepper?”

            No, not at all. Since you don’t seem to understand the concept, Ron’s half stepping consists of being in a position to speak truth to power and understating his case so as not to get his fellow GOP politicians upset. They still got upset, of course.

            Another case in point is that a huge number of us (who really needed the money we gave him, BTW) made cash donations to his campaign fund. He rewarded us by hiring GOP connected operatives who deliberately screwed up his campaign, and wasted the money we handed over to him.

            His campaign effectively pulled him out of the race, right at the point where it was time to buckle down. Ron didn’t intend to actually go for the nomination. He just wanted his teaching moment before he retired.

            That’s half stepping.

        • I think the world of Ron Paul, and feel he’s accomplished a great deal. Yet my libertarian future is not dependent on him, or any man, or any group. Though a million may say Ron is the way, the truth, and the light, if for you it matters not, that is fine. His work abides.

          There are countless ways to live a better life, there is no leader you need queue behind. No dogma you need to recite. No monolith you need prostrate before, nor temple you need cower or wimper within.

          Consider the lilies of this blog. Most of them neither toil nor do they sow. (Eric’s Paypal statement could be posted here as proof, Analysis shows there are over a hundred thousand lurkers per month.)

          Yet here you have all these beautiful pages of free thought. While most of lurkers and non-payer lilies do not toil or spin, still enough do their work, drawing up sustenance from the net, and drinking in the dew, rain and sunbeams available IRL.

          So that yea, though the hindus speak of karma, as a whole, we are able to do our appointed work or enjoy our chosen leisure.

          As long as enough should give, the rest may receive, while all partake of trusting in the NAP, that this blog may yet nuture and inspire us to follow the path of blessed freedom and glorious emancipation.

        • Dear Ed,

          Complete agreement about Paul is hardly necessary. We are, after all, anarchists.

          But keep this curious fact in mind. Many 20 something market anarchists credit Ron Paul for bringing them to their current market anarchist positions.

          They know Paul himself is not a market anarchist, but they don’t care.

          I think that has interesting implications for anyone wondering about how to win converts to our cause.

          • Harry, some non-halfsteppers, IMO, are Bumper Hornberger, Will Grigg, Vin Suprynowitz, James Bovard, Jon Rappaport, and David Martin.

            In that brief list, there are no politicians,as you may have noticed. Ron Paul is a politician. His decades in Congress tempered his speech, causing him to understate his observations, and avoid speaking bluntly in reference to his fellow politicians.

            I have no animus toward Ron Paul. I just know that there are hundreds of better spokesmen for the cause of liberty. As much as you may admire his tenure in Congress, you’d have to admit that his retirement left no void. Paul retiring from that body of whores left the same kind of hole you leave when you pull your hand out of a bucket of water.

            See, your hand wasn’t part of the water. The only effect it had was that of displacement, it added nothing and subtracted nothing while it was immersed, and the water closed up to its former level when you pulled out the hand. The water wasn’t changed, but your hand got wet.

            Sorry for rambling, but that’s the way I see it.

      • Hi Jacob,

        I share your disgust as far as Rand Paul. But I can’t go as far as you have in criticizing Ron Paul. I agree with others here who have stated that a father can’t be held responsible for the actions of his adult son. And while I would have liked Ron to act as Ben Franklin acted when his son sided with the wrong side (Franklin never spoke to his own son again) that is a lot to expect – much less demand – of man who has already spent decades of his life as an advocate for liberty and, arguably, done more than any other single man during those decades to popularize the core ideas of liberty. For that, he has earned my esteem – as well as my forgiveness for decisions he’s taken in other areas that I might find fault with. As a historical parallel: I am a great admirer of Thomas Jefferson. But Jefferson also did many things I would not have done myself – among them, the Louisiana Purchase, which he undertook on his initiative and in flagrant violation of the Constitution. And of course, he countenanced slavery by practicing it, which was not only a moral outrage at the time but arguably sowed the seeds the destruction of the American republic. Nonetheless, I still greatly admire Jefferson.

        And Ron Paul, too.

      • That’s such a depressing thought, Bevin.

        I thought just that as I typed my comment but I didn’t want to type it out. Or, put it to pen, as they might say in the old days.

        Tor mentioned Chile in the comment block on the right.
        Chile seems nice.
        When I think about that (Chile seems nice) I feel like I’m in a section of the novel, Of Mice and Men.

        Life on Bizzaro World is strange that way.
        Bizzaro World is full of Pod People.
        The Pod People, they’re just like The Borg,… or vampires,… and every other monster that ever was.

        If I had one wish, I’d wish that monsters didn’t exist.

        • Dear DS,

          Bizzaro World indeed.

          FFF dot org just linked to this article:

          Apparently the NY Times is complaining about Mainland China, because it DIDN’T resort to drones to kill a murder suspect in Burma.

          The NY Times’ gripe was that Mainland China THOUGHT ABOUT IT before rejecting it over concern for international law and due process!

          Apparently Barry the Bomber can do it with impunity all day long. But potential strategic rivals can’t even think about it.

          • “to kill a murder suspect”

            Let that sink in.

            Question: How fast can a culture slip down a slope?

            Answer: Depends on who’s leading the way.


            … Or something to that effect.

            Shiver me timbers, it does.

  6. 🙂 All your bases are belong to us . . .

    It seems the world is becoming more bizarre every day.

    If everyone was not forced to pay for all of these “services”, then it could be possible for people to focus on what was truly essential to their family.

    If one was not forcibly forced to hand over 40-60% (or more) of their yearly earnings, then it would be easier to give their money to causes that they believe in supporting. (including educating their children)

    What about people that cannot afford …

    There always were (and will be) people than cannot afford certain things. While one may not be able to get all the bells and whistles, one can still educate their children more economically than what is currently done in some places.

    What about people that do not want to do …

    If you believe in freedom and give that freedom to others.

    Will some people make poor choices?

    Yes. Hopefully they will learn from their poor choices.

    Will these poor choices affect others (that have no say in the choice) in a negative manner?

    Possibly. Hopefully they will learn from their experience and not make similar choices in the future when they can make a choice.

    What if one is unable to educate their children?

    Hopefully they can find someone who can educate them. If not, I suspect that it will be possible for their children to learn something when they get older. The kids may place a higher value of education due to not having it when they were younger.

    Lack of funds should work on many levels. If a government department does not have the necessary funds it should not automatically borrow to spend money that is not available.

    In many respects government is similar to an organism. It will either grow or die. As it grows it consumes more and more resources and it will wither and die without the appropriate resources. It will not voluntarily give up resources since, as with all organisms, it wants to live.

    • ” All your bases are belong to us”

      Ah, another recovering FReeper.

      All your base are belong to us…

      We set them up the bomb….

      I remember that frenzy. Was that in ’00 or in ’99?

      You gave yourself away,mithrandir. I bet you and I would recognize each other’s old FR screen names.


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