A “Rational” Debate

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An outstanding video showcasing the small minded fear present in the “gun control” debate.

gun control isn't about guns

It is sad to say that people like Bray Cary are a dime a dozen. Pay close attention around the 5:30 mark when this idiot disregards the fact the Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that LEO’s are there to enforce the law, not protect the citizenry. His physical discomfort when he learns Keith Morgan is armed is priceless.

People need to be able to defend themselves how they see fit and anyone who opposes that is a supporter of tyranny.


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  1. I am glad that Keith was well spoken, well informed, and respectful during this interview/discussion.

    It is good that Keith did not let any misrepresentations go unchallenged. I thought Keith did well to clarify the discussion as much as he could.

    Too bad they ran out of time. I would have liked to see how much more squirming the host would have done if the discussion continued.

    This clip is definitely one worth saving. Thanks for posting harry p.


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