Vallejo cop caught on tape smacking down victim

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This is real police abuse that is condoned by the officer’s department. Leaked internal “cop cam” video that the victim was not aware existed. A big Atta Boy to whoever leaked this.

The ABC7 News I-Team has uncovered a new complaint of excessive force against Vallejo police – the incident, caught on camera. The department is already reeling after a violent year, including six people shot and killed by officers.



  1. I’m usually with you and I’m as libertarian as they get but unfortunately is a terrible example to use to further the cause. This video involves an entitlement worm getting what he deserves. Don’t believe me? Listen carefully to what he says after wasting our tax payer dollars calling the cops for getting his wormy ass kicked by his roommates (no surprise there). But don’t stop there if you need more proof then just watch the TV segment coverage all the way until they interview again months after…says it all! Theres a reason liberal media covered this segment so extensively and its not for the reasons we think they should.

    • What I see is a costumed entitlement worm abusing a mundane entitlement worm. Your issuance of a blank check to the worm with the badge makes you no kind of libertarian whatsoever.

      Rob Peter to pay Paul to beat, cage, or kill Judas? No thanks.

    • @ R Garrison – Entitlement worm? Not sure how you arrived at that moniker. No matter how sissy he is or isn’t, the out of the blue smack-down and knee in the chest is wrong by any standard of law and law enforcement.

  2. Thanks for that vid and sentiment Garysco.

    While I am mercurial about the rocket science of achieving enough delta-V to escape the artificial reality of this world. And of the fierce philosophical gaze needed to look at my true reality from beyond modernity’s distorting gravity well.

    Nevertheless, my resulting anti-demagoguery is not more important than any man, regardless of what he does and how he puts bread on his table.

    You are an Overseer. I am a Slave.

    But in this virtual forum, those distinctions are of lesser consequence. What may be of utmost importance, is what ideas and social improvements we might devise together.

    Voice of America News – 12YaS

    Scarlet & Mammy

    In what ways are we all better off than since Gone With the Wind Times?

    In what ways are we worse off?

    Is your status closer to Mammy’s or Scarlet’s?

    Master & Servant – Depeche Mode


    Neither of us is a Plantation Franchise Owner


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