Masked Armed Government Worker

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This video shows a man accosted by a heavily armed government worker – who is outfitted with tactical gear, including a bullet proof vest and enough paraphernalia to shame a soldat of the Waffen SS.

The armed government worker is also masked – something hugely illegal for us to be. it is a criminal offense to walk about in public looking like you’re about to rob a bank – especially while armed.

Yet this armed government worker does it with impunity.

The man accosted stands his ground, though – and the pathetic pair of would-be “heroes” eventually slink away into their blacked-out Chevy Suburban, paid for by the taxpayers.


  1. Eric – actually, it’s quite LEGAL to wear a mask in MOST cases…for example, if engaging in a political protest and you wear a “Guy Fawkes” mask, as is commonly done, it’s recognized as being protected by the First Amendment. However, someone wearing a KKK “hoodie” won’t enjoy 1A protection! I guess the INTENT is what matters, but it’s not generally a crime to wear a mask…as you can freely wear a balaclava when it’s bitterly cold, as it gets when I last visited #2 in IOWA between XMas and New Year’s last (try building a block wall in subzero weather!). However, my donning a ski mask today and in current conditions (90 degrees and muggy in Roseville, CA) MIGHT just draw the suspicions of a “copper”.

    Having grown up in Florida in my ‘formative’ years, I can attest that Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale), Flordia never gets anywhere near cold enough to justify donning a mask. I’d have to wonder if there’s a local fire or air quality issue that would make the “hero” concealing his face with a mask justified. Else, I’d bring it to the attention of the Broward County Board of Supervisor, the Broward County Sheriff, and the office of Governor Rick Scott in Tallahassee of this disturbing and unacceptable behavior. Also, I don’t see his badge prominently displayed…is his left hand ‘masking’ it? The notion that LEOs can work anonymously, other than “undercover”, ought to be done away with, forthwith.


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