Armed Government Worker’s Tactics Didn’t Work

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Here’s a top drawer video of a man standing up to an armed government worker attempting to intimidate him into complying with an unlawful order:

The man is on a public sidewalk, taking video of an armed government worker “facility,” which always draws out the armed government workers within. Like hornets whose nest has been approached by one not of their own. But while the armed government workers are affronted, what the man is doing isn’t illegal.

The man refuses to back down and in an admirably manful way, taunts the armed government worker – who of course is wearing opaque sunglasses, to enhance his Tough Guy look, another intimidation tactic:

What are you gonna do?

The armed government worker does nothing. Perhaps, mindful of being video’d and that if he did do something, he might actually be held accountable.


The armed government worker eventually gives up and walks away.

This is exactly the kind of thing we can still do – while there is still time to do it. Stand our ground when the law is on our side. Refuse to be intimidated by buzz cuts and tough talk and opaque sunglasses into obeying made-up laws.

Call them on their arrogant, entitled bullshit. Laugh at their precious “authority,” which exists only because of the violence behind it and not because it’s deserving of the slightest respect.

Most of these creatures are toilet leavings; worthless as human beings. They will be our undoing, if we allow it.

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