Reader Question: Making the Healthy Sick?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom writes: I went to see a new dentist maskless and the help freaked out, I think I can’t go back there.  The doctor said he treated immuno-compromised patients, and one of his staff is on chemotherapy.  I said OK, I’ll do whatever you want me to.  he told me yesterday that I really pissed him off, to call him Monday to resolve this.  I think I’m toast.

Well, after he told me the above,  days later I went to a dermatologist and an eye doctor and I wore a mask, rationalizing I only see them once a year or less.  But the real issue is the prospect of being banned from doctors’ offices.  I’m a bit upset about it, and I question what I will do when I refuse the vaccine.  Will I be banned from all medical treatment, all stores and public places? Very unsettling.

My reply: Very unjust. 

And irrational, too.

Your doctor’s position is premised on you’re being sick. Specifically, on your being contagious, which can be established by outward signs such as sniffling and coughing and runny nose as well as evidence of having a fever, which can be checked for easily enough (as my dentist’s assistant did) and thereby objectively established  – yes or no.

If you’re not contagious, you obviously pose no threat to the person “on chemo” or anyone else. Yet your doctor insists you put on a Diaper, which means he’s insisting you pretend you’re sick – and contagious – which is a sick thing to insist on.

Even more sick – the denial of treatment to the healthy on the presumption of sickness. I can think of few more vicious doctrines than this.

The good news is there’s almost always a way around such doctrines; it may not be convenient – it may even be hard – but how much is it worth it to you to not bend knee to this sickness?

I haven’t – and won’t. I’ve already found a new dentist – on the “down low” – and am betting you can find doctors who aren’t in need of care, too.  It just takes some time and inquiring and – probably – some hassle, too.

I recommend making the effort – and also, taking excellent care of yourself so as to minimize the need for doctoring altogether!

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  1. What amazes me, is how, as if at the sudden flip of switch, everyone is now a hypochondriac, irrationally obsessing that everyone else “may make them sick” without there being any evidence upon which to base their fear, other than a propagaqnda campaign waged by the government and it’s mouthpiece- the Zionist media.

    This happened literally overnight, and it is CHILLING to realize the power that these entities hold over the minds of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people.

    • Morning, Nunz!

      It’s not just hypochondria. If only. It is hypochondria weaponized. Michael Jackson was a hypochondriac; Howie Mandell is one. Neither one – to their credit – ever tried to compel the entire country to accommodate their illness. Of course, they couldn’t, even if they wanted to – because neither man had the Fear Organ on their side. They were just two guys with a problem. Their problem became our problem when the people who control the Fear Organ decided to play the right tune . . . over and over again.

      Consent has been manufactured, as Walter Lippman put it – and as men like Edward Bernays elaborated it. The herd can be turned in any direction by the herders – who are the few that control the organs, the sounds heard and images seen by the cattle, which is exactly how men like Lippman and Bernays regarded the average person.

      And so the tune plays – the cases! the cases! – over and over and over again. The herd hears almost nothing else. It sees posted signs demanding compliance with “ordinances” – and it obeys.

      And gets furious when it sees someone who doesn’t.

  2. My other thought, aside from the dubiousness of the forthcoming vaccine, is the dubiousness of the testing that they are currently thrusting on people (as well as people voluntarily lining up for it!). A positive test result has the ability to destroy your life, at the very least getting you known to the contact tracing mafia as well as violating your rights to privacy and potentially your right to travel freely. Just ask that stupid KY couple that voluntarily got tested only to find out they tested positive, then when they refused to sign a health dept. declaration that they wouldn’t travel, they were subsequently fitted with ankle monitors.

    Try to steer clear of any provider that compels you to get the covid test, especially if you are not sick to begin with. Also keep in mind that this may present further issues down the road, since many medical procedures will require a negative test result before you can submit to performing them. And to think, this is understandably why many folks are steering clear of seeing the doctor even if they are truly sick. IMHO that is the real travesty of all this nonsense.

    • Hi Rich,


      Forced testing is at least as bad as forced vaccinating – and the former leads to the latter. Both will also be imposed by the same method, as you’ve described. Economic, social – and medical – proscription for those who refuse. The groundwork is being laid by the attempt to impose Universal Diapering, which is meant (among other things) to get people to accept the principle it embodies – that of being excluded from life if you don’t submit to total control over your life.


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