Reader Question: Fear Masking and Tesla Driving?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Stuart asks: Shouldn’t driving a Tesla in society be equated to not wearing a mask? If not wearing a mask is endangering others shouldn’t driving a Tesla in public be considered endangering others, too?

My reply: Of course! If it weren’t for the sickness of cognitive dissonance. Sufferers are unable to discern the underlying principle that ties together such things. If, indeed, it is “endangering others”to not wear the Fear Mask then logically it is also endangering others to drive a Tesla.

If anything, it is more dangerous to drive the Tesla as the cars are all inherently dangerous while it is not dangerous for a healthy person to go unmasked.

Of course, the sick in the head respond that the healthy person might be sick. True enough. But it’s also true that Jesus might return tomorrow – and only End Times cults base their today on that might.

Meanwhile, a Tesla is dangerous. They have a built-in feature (Autopilot) that makes them so. It is accurate to characterize them all as “asymptomatic carriers.” Not might be.

Actually are.

But it takes being right in the head – and not afflicted by cognitive dissonance – to grok that!

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