Reader Question: Fear Masking and Boomers, et al?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: In listening to some your radio interviews, you talked about those born after 1990 or so never having lived without the “Safety Cult” and I would agree (I was born in 1970, graduated high school in 1988, and have seen the obsession with a risk-free world grow considerably ever since.)

However, it seems many from our same generation are buying into the Coronaphobia.  I checked Gov. Coonman Northam’s Wikipedia bio and he was born in ‘59, so he should have been around long enough to know better, for example. For Coonman and other governors, mayors, etc., I suspect the virtually unlimited power ceded to them in the name of an “emergency” is enough to motivate them, but what of everyday citizens who embrace this?

Several of my cousins (all born in the ‘60s and ‘70s) post repeatedly on Facebook about “wear a damn mask and stop gathering, selfish people!” and “stay home stay safe” — all the standard Corona propaganda.  I just want to jump through the screen and say, “How did you live this long?” I don’t want to start fights with relatives, but it makes me not even want to read Facebook anymore.  I know you’ve mentioned the difference in people who watch TV a lot vs. people who don’t — do you feel this is the reason those in our age group buy lock, stock and barrel into this when they didn’t grow up with the Safety Cult, or have you noticed other reasons as well?

My reply: Conditioning knows no demographic; I see Fear Maskers of all ages and both sexes in my area. The common denominator appears to be . . . TeeeVeee. Those who watch it are saturated daily with faux gore – the “cases” rising (mortality rate never mentioned) and endless blather about “stopping the spread” (is this applicable to the common cold, too) and so on.

In brief, the country can be cleaved in two – the people (all ages, both sexes) who never developed their critical thinking skills and so are intellectually blind as far as what is going on right now and the rest of us, who can think and so see.

The battle’s outcome will not be determined by these mindless cattle. The outcome will be determined by which minority prevails. Will it be the herders of the cattle? People such as the Coonman? Or will it be people like us, who stand up to the Coonman?

Don’t worry about the mindless cattle. They are helpless, pathetic herd creatures who will defer to the stronger – which will be either us or the Coonmen of this country.

Tally ho!

. . .

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  1. My beautiful wife of 30 years died today at 0215 from brain cancer. I am almost glad that she will not have to see the horrors that are to come. We have been in and out of hospitals since the 3rd of Feb and they have all been deserted. Nothing but fear masked order followers who bask in the unearned “hero” status.
    My sisters buy into the BS completely and will happily turn me in for wrongthink.
    My only solace is that when the world that they call for consumes them, I will give their fat ass a boost into the cattle car.

    May they all rot in Hell.

    • Hi Cameron,

      Very sorry to hear about your wife’s passing. These are terrible times and for you they just became more so. Please accept my sympathies and best wishes.

    • So, so sorry Cameron…..

      Thank you for posting this though. It is comforting to know that others see the realities and are so affected/effected.

      It is to the point where the dead are to be envied. “They” have made this world into a living hell. Even if we manage to evade most of their insanities, we still see it all around us; we know that there is a powerful force of evil conspiring to alter society as we know it; and we see the majority around us, even our friends and relatives, being brainwashed into the BS just as if they were entranced cult members.

      We’re at the end of the road. I want to see the vengeance of God Almighty come upon all who are responsible for this. They are the culmination of evil, even among the annals of evil and scum. And come that vengeance and judgment shall!

  2. One of the “benefits” of the lockdowns, is that many people are sitting around watching TV for many hours a day, and as such, are being riddled with endless mind-control. People of my generation (born early 60’s) and even earlier are falling for the Corona BS hook, line and sinker. Even tough guys…. I mean, I know this guy who was born in ’48- he’s done some pretty crazy things; been in 5 motorcycle crashes; got shot by a hit-man….towed a HUGE sailboat through NYC with a Buick…yada yada…. and even he is cowering in his house moaning about “all the deaths” as I hear CNN (I presume) playing in the background when I speak to him on the phone……

    I’ve never seen anything like it; EVERYONE has bought into it- people of all ages, from all walks of life- this is a first! Why? Because there has been a concerted effort by Uncle’s mouthpiece- the media- to push this propaganda 24/7, on a captive audience which has been delivered to them via the lockdowns- and virtually all of the First World is onboard with it at the same time. This is truly unprecedented.

    And just wait till the “contact tracing” starts….

    • Morning, Nunz –

      We may not have to wait long. Thanks to AGWs, race riots are now erupting all over the country. The goodness that is government never stops bearing fruit.

      • Eric, I just keep thinking to myself: “I didn’t make it out of here. Saw it all coming for decades and have had all the time in the world…..but snoozed and losed[sic]. Maybe if I had been more diligent, I could have done it while my mother was young enough and healthy enough to go.

        Eric? Do me one favor: When you see the US starting to break up (Any doubt that the coming election will be another catalyst?) just remember what I’ve been saying on here about “their” globalist plans to split the US into 10 “superstates”, to fit us into the NWO. It will not be a grassroots movement to cast off the shackles of the tyranny of the federal government, which will likely be how it is portrayed. Don’t fall for it. Betcha within a year, this starts becoming a thing…..

  3. Hi Zane,

    “Wonder what Orange man has planned for these crackpot lilliputians?”

    Answer: nothing.


  4. One of my friends has become an Agoraphobic Bastard over this shit, granted he lives at home and his mom’s 72, but still

    I can’t even wear a mask, I put one on once for 5 mins in the very beginning for shits and giggles and nearly passed out, plus the who says it’s not necessary

    Can’t wait for all this shit to end, I’m gonna be the first to just go back to normal, hell or high water. Wonder what Orange man has planned for these crackpot lilliputians?


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