Reader Question: Governor Coonman?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Ken asks: I heard your visit with Bryan Hyde earlier this week and wasn’t aware of the situation in Virginia being quite so dire. One question I had which would need a VA resident to answer : How is Governor KKKlansman still in office in VA? Or is it Governor Shoe Polish (depending on which costume he’s wearing in the picture in the yearbook picture)? I thought even Democrats called for his resignation?

My reply: Things appear to be very dire indeed. Governor “Coonman” and state Democrats are apparently going to try to pass “sensible” gun control laws that would outlaw/criminalize the sale/possession of practically every gun except for revolvers and single-shot rifles. Worse, there is apparently a law in the works that could be construed as criminalizing target practice or  even self-defense training.

It could go south quickly.

As to why the “Coonman” and his rapist lieutenant governor are still in office – the answer should he obvious.

Both are leftists – and a double standard (a lesser standard) applies to them. It is the same double (and lesser) standard that applies when a journalist calls for the extermination of white people, und so weiter.

The cold war may be about to go white hot.

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  1. One reason why the Dems are in control of the VA legislature is that, in 40 of the 140 VA counties, there was NO opposition candidate; that meant that the Dem was the only choice. You gotta be in it to win it, as the old lottery commercial goes.

    The other reason VA is Dem is because the DC area counties are heavily populated, and they’re predominantly Democrat. Because they have the mass, they control the rest of the state…

  2. Hey Mike,

    “…would love to volunteer to be on a jury now but imagine it’s not allowed due to my ulterior motive”.

    Funny how the State gets to rig the game by disqualifying anyone who doesn’t unquestionably accept the authority of the State, as described by the judge. The voir dire process is a sham, yet people think it’s legitimate. Opposed to the death penalty, can’t be on the jury, believe you have a right to judge the law, can’t be on the jury. If one desired to challenge the State and pursue justice, it would be necessary to lie, or artfully conceal, one’s beliefs. Last year some friends visited, these are very smart and “good” people. They were appalled when I said I would refuse to convict anyone in a non-violent drug case, even more when I said it would not be immoral to lie to get on that jury. They really buy the “rule of law, work within the system fiction”. I argued that one has no obligation to be honest with someone violating the rights of another, even if the “law” gives them that “right”. I argued that to participate in an injustice, due to deference to an unjust law, is immoral. They feared the potential “breakdown of society” and absurd hypotheticals like, lynching will become common again, more than they abhorred the injustice. They conceded that drug laws were immoral and that imprisoning a non violent user/seller would be unjust, but were more concerned about their abstract fear than the particular injustice.


  3. I would like to see people start talking about Jury Nullification! So, a responsible owner gets caught up in this draconian law. GET A JURY TRIAL! Even if the defendant is guilty, all the evidence is against him, there are 500 witnesses, etc., if the jury thinks THE LAW ITSELF is bad or unconstitutional, they vote for acquittal! Hell, even if it’s a hung jury resulting in a mistrial, that’s likely good enough for the defendant.

    Jury Nullification is a great (if not the greates) power that we, the great unwashed (Mundanes: Will Grigg RIP) have! We need to use it!

    • Hi Tom,

      One of the many lies that we’re told is that jurors don’t have a right to nullify the law. Despite ample evidence to the contrary, and numerous court rulings, judges routinely lie to jurors about this right.

      Civilians who attempt to inform people outside of the courtroom are sometimes arrested for jury tampering.

      The main reason why Democracy is so dangerous to liberty is that it is used by the PTB to neuter, or make illegal, more effective means of dissent through civil disobedience (harboring slaves, draft resistance, tax refusal, operating a unlicensed business, jury nullification, etc…) Think it’s unjust to put someone in a cage for smoking a plant, even if he’s guilty, your only accepted course is to convict anyway and vote for legislators to change the law. Fuck that, one should not participate in injustice. Democracy, not religion, is the opiate of the masses.


      BTW, I appreciate every hat tip to the late, great Will Grigg, though I never met him, I wept at news of his death.

      • Jeremy, one of my bucket list items is to be a juror on a case involving a victimless “crime” where I can kick back and screw the persecution by just sticking to my guns and saying “NOT GUILTY”. Don’t know if I’ll ever get the opportunity but I won’t hesitate for a second if so.

        Of course you have to play the dumb, compliant serf during the jury selection process to get into the jury box – if the goons sniff you out you’ll be kicked out of there so fast it’ll make your head spin.

        Lots of info here:

      • Hi Jeremy, I also sadly miss Will Grigg and his insightful writing. I’m too old now for jury duty but when I was last called about 5 years ago I absolutely hoped to get on a trial that would allow me to exercise that right. Sadly I don’t think many others would; I was eyeing the room while the judge was giving the intro speech about our “responsibilities” yada yada yada, and most everyone was just nodding their heads like cattle and checking the time hoping to get out of there ASAP. Was really hoping to get on a trial of a cop using excessive force but those are rare as unicorns since the “Just Us” system never lets it get that far.
        Never did get called that day, would love to volunteer to be on a jury now but imagine it’s not allowed due to my ulterior motive.

        • They weed out people who would use the jury system properly. The last time I had to show up for jury duty I actually got called into the courtroom. First time I ever going further than the waiting room. I was not called up to the jury box but got to witness what came next in cook county illinois courts. The judge asked those in the box if they would apply the law as he told it to them. That question which goes against the purpose of the jury system forces someone like myself to answer ‘no’. Because it is some sort of ‘crime’ not answer it truthfully and and answering ‘no’ means that the judge or one of the lawyers will dismiss the person.

          The only way to practice the purpose of the jury to judge the law is to lie and then lie about why you vote one way or the other. Don’t do that and one will probably spend some time in jail.

          Thus the more people are informed of the purpose of the jury to judge the law the better. Make it more and more difficult to seat a jury.

          • Hi Brent,

            I read awhile ago that prosecutors in California (I think) are dismissing more and more low level drug crimes because they can’t seat a jury due to what you describe. That’s a good sign.


          • Brent,

            The last time I was called for jury duty was the early OOs. I made it all way to the jury box! I was momentarily juror #1 during voir dire. I got tossed soon thereafter, and I spent the rest of the day in the waiting room. I haven’t been called since. I don’t know if I will be called again…

        • Hi Mike,

          “…would love to volunteer to be on a jury now but imagine it’s not allowed due to my ulterior motive.”

          I feel the same, and posit that it is morally acceptable to lie to get on a jury in a case where the law is unjust. The State rigs the game, weeding out anyone who might not adhere to the instructions of the judge, who claims that we, the jury, cannot judge the law. Fuck that! If the jury cannot judge the law, it offers no defense against the abuses of the State.

          I”m tempted to go much farther and say that one would have a moral obligation to lie to get on a jury in such a case. But, the consequences could be dire, and would impose a positive moral obligation on the juror, which is incompatible with natural rights theory. It’s complicated.


      • I wonder if the defendant himself could testify, thereby instructing the jury on nullification thru his testimony. I can see the prosecution objecting, the judge sustaining, and the judge instructing the jury to disregard what they just heard. It really is too bad that all the citizens are just TOO DAMN DUMB to know about this and figure it out. I reallllly goes to show what the “long march thru the institutions” (gov’t schools in particular) and all the “bread and circuses” that is popular culture have done. Really sad, when I think about it…


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