VT Rep to the Governor Threatens Violence Against People that Don’t Wear Seat Belts

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“Please, if you know anyone who doesn’t wear their seat belt, just beat them up to wear their seat belt.”

Ted Minall has instructed Vermonters to do violence against anyone not wearing a seat belt. I am now threatened every time I get on the highway if I forget to put my seat belt on. He has loaded the gun and pointed it at my and everyone else’s head and is using every Vermont citizen as his weapon.

He needs to be held responsible for his actions like any normal citizen. The governor will not do anything about it, I’ve already contacted his office.

If I did this as a private citizen and say substituted “anyone who doesn’t wear their seat belt” with “wife” and “wear their seat belt” with “obey you,” I’d be going to jail immediately. Heck if I did any variation on this theme against any minority group that would be the result.

Please see the story here:


Figured your readers might like to know about the double standard in Vermont.


  1. Vt has 626,000 residents. And an 85% seat belt subservience rate. That means 93,000 residents have been threatened with violence, which is Assault. Charges need to be brought on this crime, no one is above the law.

    The state of VT has also instructed its traffic enforcers to set up speed traps and catch every motorist driving even 1 mile over the speed limit from now until Labor Day.

    I thought there was a reason for a 4 MPH or greater enforcement threshold. Radar guns and speedometers are not that precise. This seems to be willful incompetence and fraud. This initiative should be cancelled; Ted Minall, Keith Flynn, and Rob Ide need to be terminated immediately.


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