Coonman & Cognitive Dissonance

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Here’s a rant prompted by the ululations of Virginia Governor “Coonman” Northam demanding guns and gun peripherals (such as “high capacity” magazines) be taken away from the people who didn’t shoot anyone – per usual practice.

“Coonman,” of course, isn’t ululating that guns and gun peripherals be taken away from government workers, who will remain armed to the teeth no matter how many people they shoot. Which is about 1,000 people per year.

The object, then, isn’t guns or even gun crime. It is finding a pretext to control and criminalize people who aren’t need of controlling because they haven’t committed any crimes.

But, tell it to “Coonman.”

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  1. Eric, A week ago any 18 yr old in Texas could buy tobacco. Today they would be arrested and ticketed since to appeal to the Insurance Mafia demanded healthier hosts to suck blood off of, and Gov. Progressive -R made that age 21 yrs old. Texas…

    • Hi Mooeing,

      It amazes me that so few observe the dissonance. Any Republican – however milquetoast – would have been unemployed immediately if it surfaced that he was a “coonman” and wore blackface, even if it was 30 years ago. I personally think its outrageous to crucify anyone over a picture/nickname from 30 years ago. But that’s neither here nor there as regards the double standard.

      Basically, you can say – or even do – almost anything… provided you’re a liberal (i.e., a leftist).

      In my profession, for example: There is a woman who works for the New York Times who Tweeted something to the effect that straight white men ought to be killed off. She is still working for the NYT.

      If I – a straight white male – used the term “niggardly” in an article, it would likely result in my firing, if I worked for the NYT.

      Which is why I work for myself!

      • My mother almost got caught out by that word once at a church small group. It means something like “stingy”, not a dang thing to do with race, but everyone else there apparently needed that explained to them.

      • Hey Eric,

        “If I – a straight white male – used the term “niggardly” in an article, it would likely result in my firing, if I worked for the NYT.”

        Your claim is not hyperbolic. Insert filler here in vain attempt to get past spam filter. Well, that didn’t work. I’ll try removing the link, if interested search for “Controversies about the word ‘niggardly'”


  2. Right on Eric,,, but we all know they HAVE TO DISARM us to gain maximum control. Every time one of these alleged ‘mass shootings’ occur,,, usually on a 6-7 week cycle,,, more gun laws are passed. They know the economy is about to implode and things will get nasty. IMO they will attempt do this and very soon. The SHTF for sure then.

    On a side note,,, I read the New Zealanders are not turning in their weapons like their government thought they would. Maybe push back is in the wind.

  3. What I find interesting is that this whole trend of mass violence didn’t occur until recently (within the past 10 years or so). Now the sheep are so scared that they’re demanding for more government action in order to “protect” everyone.

    Wait a minute! You don’t suppose…🤔


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