Cognitive Dissonance and “Speeding”

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Here’s video of an armed government worker in Florida – Trooper Bryan Zegers – who crosses a median and doubles back at speeds over 140 MPH – weaving through traffic and driving on the shoulder – and then parks his now very hot car over very dry grass, causing it (and his car) to catch fire.

Guess who got a ticket?

The “speeder” the AGW was after.

But he was only doing about 20 over the posted limit of 70. The AGW is seen on video traveling more than twice as fast as the legal limit and doing other things that would have put any of us behind bars.

A psychiatrist is necessary here – to deconstruct the cognitive dissonance/doublethink or whatever the pathology is, properly speaking.

We (that’s us, everyone who isn’t an armed government worker) are advised – warned – that to drive even a single MPH faster than any posted speed limit is by definition not only illegal “speeding” but also unsafe. It is both things but chiefly the latter thing – “unsafe” – which justifies the enforcement of these speed limits – meaning the imposition of fines and more serious sanctions, escalating as the degree of “speeding” increases. 

In every state in this country, a person caught driving 140-plus MPH (even if he did so safely, on an empty road, without traffic around and without weaving all over the road, as the AGW in this video did) would be arrested and taken to jail, probably dragged out of his vehicle at gunpoint. It would be a hullabaloo.

Certainly, the offender would be pilloried by the media – and the court. There would be no defending the offender’s actions.

This AGW’s sanction?

Standartenfuhrer (“Colonel”) of the Florida Highway Patrol Gene Spaulding issued the following statement:

“The Florida Highway Patrol is committed to public safety and troopers must balance the need to quickly intercept unsafe drivers while using due care to conduct traffic enforcement activities. In this instance, FHP immediately reviewed the incident and assigned additional training to the responding trooper [Bryan Zegers] on May 1, 2018, to improve overall public safety.”

Note the “colonel’s” birds…

Italics added.

Where to begin?

First, this “colonel” (and “general” and “captain”) business. When did the Florida Highway Patrol – or any cop shop – become a division of the Marines? AGWs are civilians – just as we are. They have no more business awarding themselves badges of rank than we have.

The German Sturmabteilung – the infamous SA – also awarded itself ranks. Hence “standartenfuhrer” – the SA (and later SS) “rank” equivalent to an actually commissioned colonel in the  actual German military.

The SA (and SS) also considered itself an elite caste – not subject to the same standards as the folks the late great Will Grigg called “mere mundanes.”

The same thing, auf Deutsch…

Them being us.

The ranks and uniforms and badges – the “high and tight” shaved heads – along with the “training” given to these AGWs – induces a kind of psychosis in them, or attracts the already psychotic and provides for them a special, insulated reality in which they can pretend they really are commissioned officers fighting some kind of war.

Which in truth they are. It is a war against us.

The “hero” stuff that’s been going on since the reign of The Chimp has acted like a hypergolic fuel spill – confirming their delusional (and very dangerous) Breed Apart mindset, at least in their own minds.

Consider the “colonel’s” mind.

He states that it is “unsafe driving” for a civilian to do 90 or so (according to the reports) on a highway with a posted speed limit of 70. But it isn’t unsafe for a government worker (Herr Zegers) to do 140-plus in order to “quickly intercept” him.

Apparently, AGWs are enveloped by a special aura of safety – which immunizes innocent bystanders from their speeding.

“I got Glock ammunition everywhere!

They must actually believe that. Have to believe that (enter cognitive dissonance/doublethink) else they might pop a rivet.

Zegers has a momentary recovery of reason during the “pursuit” (AGWs love tough talk, especially when it has a military-ish flavor). He can be heard on camera sheepishly admitting that what he’s doing is ” . . .not very safe to do, but I only do it every once in a while.”

Do you suppose Trooper Zegers would accept that as an excuse from a “civilian” he pulled over for driving 140-plus  – or even 20 over?

. . .

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  1. Solution: keep all the speed limit signs, but raise the legal speed limit for highways to ~100 mph, and make it easier for anyone to complain against a wreckless driver — require the plaintiff to have dashcam video and fill out a complaint form, and not even have to go to court, just do it over the internet.

  2. Un-fuckin’-real.

    I…. I just can’t even begin to fathom the stupidity and the arrogance. In EVERY state a mere peon like one of us would be charged with misdemeanor reckless driving, and probably felony reckless endangerment. In my state the mere accusation of even a misdemeanor crime results in the seizure of ALL your firearms… even BEFORE you’ve been found guilty in court.

    But this “I’m a cop, I’m better than you” is COMMONPLACE. What to cops do to catch a speeder? They speed. What to they do when they write you a seatbelt ticket or a cell phone ticket? They drive without seatbelts while talking on cell phones. What to they have on their hip when they arrest you for a high-capacity magazine? A high-capacity magazine. Where do cops always park? In a no-parking zone.

    Cops become cops because they get their rocks off on being able to do stuff that they arrest other people for. it’s a sickness, frankly.

    …And we are indeed living in a police state…

    • Amen, X…

      I love it when they trot out the “training” defense; that it’s ok for them to drive twice the speed limit because they are “trained.”

      Well, I am trained also. Probably better-trained than 99 percent of AGWs as far as driving goes. I’ve taken the same course the FBI/DEA guys take; done the SCCA qualification with Bondurant. I have lots of track time in all types of cars – and have driven literally thousands of different kinds of cars, in all conditions. No accidents or claims filed against me. Spotless record.

      Does it get me out of a ticket for even 10 over?

      Forget about it.

      Because I haven’t got a badge.

      • Right. Same goes for firearms. The “training” justification is a transparent lie. Cops might have more training than people who have never touched a gun, but that doesn’t mean that they’re experts or deserve the exemptions they get.

        I have more experience and more skill with firearms than 95% of the cops — and probably 95% of the military, too. (And it ain’t braggin’ if it’s TRUE.)

        Yet the restrictions in my state on my ability to own and carry guns are so stringent that the Second Amendment amounts to nothing more than a bad joke. But the cops are exempt from practically everything.

        They don’t get these exemptions and privileges because they’re trained — they get them because they are willing to do violence on behalf of the government and I am not.

        • Well-said, X . . . exactly so. And when you point it out to them, they’re usually baffled. They are so inured to their privilege they don’t even see it anymore.

        • So they can’t drive and they can’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside when they shoot, yet they are “trained” to do both………………..I’m glad I only have minimal formal training in those activities. I’ve never had an accident and I hit what I shoot at.

  3. Cop stupidity,violence,attacks with their dogs,you name it.It goes on endlessly.Im burned out even reading about it.Its the norm now.No need to beat a dead horse any further.
    Its fact.Fait accompli.Done deal.
    And as always,we wont see the clock turned back.

    • Ah Will Grigg 🙁 – a clear voice screaming in the darkness about so many horrors “our” government wages on us.

  4. Passing on the right at 135 isn’t dangerous nor running 140 in traffic hall that speed. And the aholes justify their speed enforcement as keeping the public safe, what a joke

    I’ve seen countless vehicles burn and it’s not unusual for the smoke to create more wrecks at the scene.

    This prick was oblivious to the danger his idiocy was causing “civilians”, those meatsacks he has only disdain for.

    He was really stupid to not leave the ditch once he finally saw his vehicle was a fire hazard.

    He was so self-absorbed he wasnt even concerned about the dangers the smoke presents to everyone else on the road.

    Well, it makes sense I guess after the 135 mph pass on the shoulder.

    And this all done under the guise of the Department of Public Safety…..shit!

  5. Yet when a real crime is committed, the cops are too busy with something else to do anything about it. Reminded of this Yet Again just yesterday.

    Folks, you are absolutely on your own. It is up to you to protect your own life and property, even if it means lost sleep and sitting in the cold.

  6. Sound like a bunch of chimps fornicating a basketball… the cop was worried about his wallet and keys and computer, why didn’t he get them out when the fire was small and he could have safely retrieved his personal possessions, he got the shotgun out. I bet the responders themselves were doing 100+ to save him.

  7. Combat military veterans are given special status over non-combat vets, for obvious reasons.
    This too has carried over to the militarization of the police. Those who have shot and killed in the line of duty are more respected than those who have not. Hence, their desire to shoot and kill someone for anything.

  8. lol this video what an idiot. he’s passing people on the right with his sirens blazing which naturally tends to make people move to the right. My guess he did nothing to protect people’s property that day. Maybe he even seized property illegally via civil asset forfeiture!

  9. This “trooper”…..that would be the one wearing the campaign hat….is accurately portrayed in the character John Smith in The Man in the High Castle.

  10. “All my stuff is in there.” Hilarious. The guy sees his car in on fire, but he doesn’t get the ammo out, or the computer, or even his wallet and car keys. What an idiot. Maybe there is justice in the universe.

  11. This only reenforces the fact that Uncle’s driving testing and certifications are woefully inadequate for modern automobiles. But because the “free” roads have crowded out any alternative transportation, a driver’s license is a requirement in today’s world. At least outside New York or Boston. So instead of requiring true training, such as what the AGW featured will/might receive, a simple dumbed down test is given that anyone with an 80 IQ could pass. The rest of us are handicapped, Harrison Bergeron style.

    BTW, because the I-70 corridor has become congested with traffic, especially on weekends, Uncle Colorado has been trying some very visible gingerbread solutions. Friday I was on the way to Denver and was passed by the “Bustang” a big purple bus that shuttles between Grand Junction and Denver International. Of course the Greyhound that takes the same basic root came along later, but that’s apparently not an acceptable solution. Bustang gets a lot of press coverage, prominent signage on the berm of I-70 and generous taxpayer subsidy. Greyhound gets none of that, and is probably discouraged or possibly forbidden from shuttling people to the airport.

    Meanwhile the overhead information signs have constant warnings about wearing seatbelts because there were 550 or so deaths in vehicle accidents this year. Seems to me if you make driver’s testing a little more realistic you might solve more than a few problems at once. Get bad drivers off the road, put them in other transportation, which would encourage the free market to provide a transportation solution. As the competence of the drivers increases and the volume of vehicles decreases go ahead open up the speed limits. Now the system gets more efficient because professional drivers are able to move people further in less time, leading to more competition and lower costs for transportation (since the driver compensation is a major expense in commercial traffic). And it fits well into the whole self-driving vehicle concept because a professional driver will be properly trained on the limitations of an autopilot instead of assuming the magical box will do all the work for them. The people who hate driving will be served. The incompetent will have options. The people who love driving will enjoy it more, and have the choice of driving or not. And just maybe we’ll all have a little more freedom.

    Of course none of that dreamland would serve Uncle, so no way we’ll ever see it.

  12. I guess that grass-cutting budget-cut really paid off, right? This dumbass should have been charged with endangering the public, before, during, and after the “chase”. and for what? Highway-Robbery Revenue. They probably charged the “speeder” with all the expenses and damage as well….what do you wanna bet?

  13. So much injustice all captured in one video. Oaf’s got a total hard on for putting civilians in their place, couldn’t believe my eyes when the POS passed on the right doing 130mph when other drivers would normally be expected to pull into that same shoulder to clear the way, in this case would’ve been dead. At first I’d wonder who he must’ve tearfully fellated to keep his job but I know there weren’t any conflicted feelings had by his scumbag superiors..


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