AGW Beats Down Baby

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Here’s video out of Northern Va., about an AGW who has been arrested and charged with the brutal beat down of his six-month-old daughter, who suffered irreversible brain damage and subsequently died as a result:

She must have been “resisting” – and posed a “threat” to this porker’s “safety.”

Now, if this creature was capable of doing what he did to his own child – a baby – imagine what he did to the people he “served” for the ten years he was “on duty.”

Hut! Hut! Hut!

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  1. The baby obviously resisted.
    The blue-costumed hero did no wrong. He was likely threatened, and in a state of high stress.
    Let this be a warning to all infants that resisting & crying will not be tolerated. They no better.
    The State must stand by its “public servants” and “first responders”, and for the good of the collective, press forward into the future. Hurrah!

  2. Beat his own baby to death.

    Certainly a hero.

    Wonder how the prosecutor will throw this case.

    At least the grieving father will be hired by another department.

    • Hi Eight,

      I try to imagine what these creeps are thinking… I can’t. Imagine – if you can – beating a six-month old baby…

      Now, I could easily imagine beating this scumbag. Very easily.

      • I’ve got kids, and if you’re a normal human being, you recognize that a six month old baby is completely helpless, harmless and fragile. A baby may cry, or fuss, or be generally annoying, but they’re not rational thinking people yet, so you can’t coerce them to behave in any particular way, all you can do is soothe and comfort.

        This monster, who beat a baby to death, which is the most helpless of people, probably did a lot worse to adults. It shows you that he has the mentality of someone who’s not fit to live in society.

      • Eric, I don’t think it’s anything that can be fixed. I didn’t have kids for reasons I came to question.

        But I’ve always had a way with babies and children, and most any animal.

        My oldest sister had a child at a young age but had no emotional help and my mother was not nice to her so my oldest nephew came into this world with the same malady as me, lactose intolerant. My sister was in the hospital for a while with problems best handled with love. My mother was in the hospital too. I took care of that child after just turning 14 myself.

        We got along famously and I was the go to guy since the females in the house freaked him out. We were our own gang of two.

        My older sister had a brood she eventually couldn’t handle but when she’d leave them with me we had nothing but fun.

        A young friend has a couple young ones and every time I walk in the oldest comes to me and holds her arms up so I’ll pick her up.

        I don’t understand how anyone can hurt a child or a young animal.

        Grown people however are something else. 40 years old and hurting a child is beyond my understanding.

  3. Note, once again, how the headline of the piece is “Former” Fairfax County Police Officer. He wasn’t “former” when he killed the infant, he was a cop, period. A cop killed his own kid, not a “former” cop.
    And, it takes a year to file charges at which point he’s fired and becomes “former” cop.

    Men are being fired moments after the mere allegation of misconduct on the job if a woman says she was “harassed”. This scumbag keeps his job for a YEAR, sucking on the taxpayer’s teat, after being accused of MURDER, for cryin’ out loud. Animal Farm indeed.


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