AGW Says “In This Age of Active Shooters”

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The law takes a back seat.

Well, the armed government worker doesn’t say that, of course. Armed government workers consider themselves to be the law. Whatever they say – submit and obey!

So, this gum-snapping AGW (what is it with AGWs and snapping gum?) accosts a man who hasn’t, as far as can be determined, broken any law but who has apparently made someone “uncomfortable” by carrying guns openly. Which is legal – but who cares about that?

“In this age of active shooters”!

So, he gets the Hut! Hut! Hut! treatment.

Gets thug-scrummed by a whole crew of AGWs… who assert that the man must comply with their orders to “talk to them” and so on. Even though they haven’t cited any law-breaking (not counting, of course, their own) and thus, the man is under no legal obligation to “talk to them.”

Well, no matter. Hut! Hut! Hut! They confiscate the man’s weapons and cuff him. Will they be charged with any crime once it’s clear that the man committed no crime and was the victim of an illegal assault and batter under color of law?

These are the same “Oath Keepers” who will be coming to your door someday.

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  1. Update on the guy who got his window smashed out and tazed for a seatbelt violation in Hammond Indiana (four years ago already). He is still facing charges because of it, the police were “cleared”. His lawsuit against the city is on hold pending his criminal charges. Guessing that’s probably why he is still facing criminal charges, they are hoping to ditch his lawsuit.

  2. Isn’t “in the age of active shooters” one of the major reasons people want to carry to begin with? What a dumb excuse for violating someones rights.


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