Vets Co-Opted

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Our dog needs flea meds – so I went to the vet yesterday to get them. The vet would not sell me the flea meds he used to sell me unless I first brought our dog in for an “exam,” which is akin to the way (in most states) you’re effectively forced to bring in your car for an “exam” – styled “safety inspection” – before the government will continue to allow you to (legally) drive it.

Our dog is fine. He needs an “exam” like our cars need an “inspection.” All being in good working order. What the vet – and the government – need is money.  The “exam” – and “inspection” – being the pretext for coercing us to pay it.

The formal name for this in academic economic parlance is rent seeking.

What’s happened is the interested parties lobbied for laws requiring “exams” and “inspections.” In the case of vets – who are transitioning into mercenary quacks, as doctors already have – for a new law (in my state) that prohibits the dispensing of meds – even flea meds – without a prescription that’s predicated on an “exam.”

So now, instead of buying the flea meds I’ve been buying for decades over-the-counter I am obliged to haul our 100 pound dog to the vet for an “exam” he does not need in order to be allowed to buy the flea meds he does need.

The “exam” – like the “inspection” isn’t free. Which tells you a lot about why they claim such things are necessary. No conflict of interest there. Never mind the money being made on these “exams” – and “inspections.”

Veterinary care was probably the last vestige of free medical care – not in the sense that it was free. Meaning, you were (rightly) expected to pay for services rendered. The difference – vs. mercenary medicine for humans – was you paid for what you needed; not for what they told you was required. Since when is it necessary to “examine” a dog or car before giving them flea meds? It never was before.

And now – just like that – it is.

I’d willingly bring our dog in for an exam – if it were in fact necessary. But he’s barely two years old and had an exam less than a year ago (when he was neutered). Like most animals that go outside, he needs flea meds annually. Now they demand I bring him to them annually – for an “exam” he doesn’t need to get the meds he does.

Because it makes the vet more money.

This has made the vet mercenary – and in a nearly literal sense. A mercenary is a kind of enforcer-for-money. And so is the vet. The dog needs the flea meds and so the vet has leverage. Government-backed leverage.

These latest members of the Guild of Mercenaries also like to push “vaccines” when you bring your dog or cat in for an “exam.” Some of these “vaccines” – as for rabies – are required by the government, which also requires the registering of pets with the government – which also serves as pretext to relieve you of money.

When you stop to think about how “safe and effective” the “vaccines” they push on us have proved to be, it makes you think twice about allowing them to inject your pet with the drugs they’re pushing.

One more reason to not take your dog or cat in for an “exam.” For that matter, very good reason to never take your pet to the vet again. Just the same as its probably the sound thing to stay clear of doctors – who have become the employees of malicious and mercenary “health care” cartels as well as obedient servants of the government.

In a way, this is a healthy thing. It prompts us to take better care of ourselves – and our pets. So as to not need these mercenary white-coats, who have established that what they care about most is not us (or our pets) but how much money they can make off of us.

It is why they are itching to make it illegal to buy supplements without a prescription, too. Their quackery is equalled only by their cupidity.

And – by the way – there are ways to get around all of this. Naturally, it’s “illegal.” In tyrannical societies, freedom generally is.

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  1. They don’t want you to have a dog, or a car, a house, or a life. Jewbankers want y’all dead. Death by a thousand cuts till they can chop off your Christian head in a FEMA camp under noahide law.

  2. My calico “Moggy” will be 18 this June. She hasn’t seen a vet since I brought her home from the shelter. She goes outside for about 6 months of the year with a fabric collar that has a blend of essential oils against fleas, ticks, biting insects, etc. She has never had fleas or ticks. She once seemed to be having a urinary problem whereupon I gave her a dose of homeopathic Staphysagria. Five mintes later she was fine.

    My sister-in-law’s Dalmatian was exhiting rabies vaccinosis (chronic, sub-acute symptoms of aggression, biting, the “thousand yard stare” fixating on someone, fearfulness, etc.) after repeated annual vaccinations. I gave him homeopathic Lyssin (rabies) 1M potency, three doses over a three week period. He was a changed dog after – calm, content, happy, playful with all aggressive symptoms gone.

    • Hu Gwyneth,

      Thank you for these tips! Both will be helpful to us. I’ve decided to “home care” the animals – because I refuse to be gypped by vets or have our animals harmed by them.

      • As I said elsewhere, I haven’t had either of my cats to the vet in over a year. It was because I simply can’t always get them into the carrier to take them, but I’ve also been feeling gypped as well. I mean, it’s pretty sad when I feel relieved to spend less than $100 for a visit! After the concerns David Knight raised about vet care and pet vaccines, I’ve had questions about whether or not I should take them to the vet regularly. My cats are both healthy and normal; as long as they don’t show signs of I’ll health, I’m not inclined to go to the vet any time soon.

    • This……

      “My sister-in-law’s Dalmatian was exhibting rabies vaccinosis (chronic, sub-acute symptoms of aggression, biting, the “thousand yard stare” fixating on someone, fearfulness, etc.) after repeated annual vaccinations.”

      Plus this…….

      observations were made about the hyena dog, which was in 1989 threatened with extinction. Scientists vaccinated individual animals to protect them against rabies but more than a dozen packs then died within a year – of rabies.

      This happened even in areas where rabies had never been seen before. When researchers tried using a non-infectious form of the pathogen (to prevent the deaths of the remaining animals) all members of seven packs of dogs disappeared. And yet the rabies vaccine is now compulsory in many parts of the world.

      Is it not possible that it is the vaccine which is keeping this disease alive?

      Very scary….

      Watch out for dog owners with their growling, hostile, angry dogs……a lot probably vaccine injured….

      Nobody will ever talk about this…there is zero awareness about this….

      There is far too much money being made off these injections by allopathic medicine’s big pharma…including their vets…..

    • Allopathic medicine…includes the vets….was created by a satanist…Paracelsus…..using poisons as so called cures…..

      Who would subject a poor animal to this torture?….or children who have 72 mandated injections?….

      My sister-in-law’s Dalmatian was exhibiting rabies vaccinosis (chronic, sub-acute symptoms of aggression, biting, the “thousand yard stare” fixating on someone, fearfulness, etc.) after repeated annual vaccinations.

      In the new movie Dogman….

      they say….dogs have all the best qualities that people have, but none of the bad qualities….their only flaw is they trust people…

      • In the movie the Dogman….he lives with about 100 dogs….you do not screw with this guy…screw with him and his dogs attack, rip you apart and eat you…the ultimate protection….lol

  3. Someone said….from when a dog is a pup, till when it dies, can cost it’s owner up to $100,000…sounds high…but….it can be expensive…why?…Vet’s bills……

  4. I haven’t had my cats to the vet in over a year. In part it’s because my one rescue cat, who came from a hoarding situation as a kitten, is still skittish at times. She’s a REAL PITA when it comes to catching her, let alone getting her in the carrier! My other cat, a former street cat from Peru, is a bit of pain to get into the carrier too. If I don’t catch them the first time, I won’t see them for hours. I’ve had to reschedule a few appointments because they were difficult.

    Then I heard David Knight say something about not wanting to vax his dog, Scout, if he could avoid it. I started wondering if I needed to get all these shots for my cats too. I also wondered if, as with human vaccines, if the pet vaccine makers are indemnified too? The vet practice that I’ve gone to always brings up how my cats need this shot, that shot, and so on. I was like WTF? Why is all that necessary?

    I’ve been wondering the same thing; I’ve been wondering if all this stuff is really necessary. I mean, I feel good if I spend less than $150 at the vet! It’s always an annual exam and annual shots. I haven’t been to the vet in well over a year. Since my cats are healthy enough to be difficult, I’ll just let ’em be.

    Anyway, both of my cats are fine. They do zoomies at all hours of the day and night; they do 10 PM zoomies and they do 3 AM zoomies. Then, they sleep their asses off after doing said zoomies. They vigorously attack the scratching posts when so inclined. They eat normally. If I don’t serve them breakfast quickly enough, they let me HEAR about it! And, when I can open the windows, they’re happy campers who enjoy supervising the outside world. AFAIAC, they’re healthy and fine; there’s no need to bring ’em to the vet.

  5. I dig my vet. We had to put down our two old dogs in 22 and 23. Neither time did she suggest some hail Mary treatment to eke out a few more months. Quite pragmatic, actually. And with our puppy she was completely cool with me doing the absolute minimum on vaxes and waiting until after a heat or two to do the spay.

    I got lucky. I don’t think there are many left like her.

  6. Hey guys, My wife and I learned this the hard way. Dogs eat meat, not kibble. When a dog lives on it’s natural diet it will no longer need flea or tick meds.
    Save yourself a Fortune on vet bills and save your dog from suffering. Put your best friend on a BARF diet.
    Biologically Accurate Raw Food.

    • RE: “When a dog lives on it’s natural diet it will no longer need flea or tick meds.”

      Now that’s some claim. I find that very hard to believe.
      I mean, OFFGRID Doug and Stacy in the link I put below certainly feed their dog a natural diet (not totally BARF though) yet they still use ACV spray to keep the fleas & ticks off.
      …So, color me skeptical. [Coyotes don’t have fleas & ticks?]

      I suppose it may depend upon what you mean by, “meds”.

      I think more in terms of, ‘discourager’ or something like that.

      • Hi helot, Have you taken the time to research, hear testimony from owners and breeders who use the B.A.R.F. diet?
        Other than research we learned first hand when our dog completely recovered from illnesses and never required another med for anything. Your results may vary. Nelly naysayers abound. It is good to question everything.

        • Nope, didn’t research it. Just asking questions.
          Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

          …The coyotes. I wonder.

          [Where I live, I’m surrounded by long grassy tick heaven. …I got experience. Others, their mileage may vary? I don’t know.]

          But, like I said, I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

    • One vet said a dog should only be fed raw meat…period…and will be very healthy…like a wolf….

      Other vets won’t tell you that…they make big $$$$ selling crappy pet food to their customers….

      For humans….eating cooked meat only, plus dairy products….(seafood is good too..if not contaminated)… will solve a lot of health problems…but adding fruit is a better choice for most people…start with just meat…then add other foods to find out what disagrees with you….

  7. The behind the neck “flea poison” is killing dogs and cats and doesn’t really work anyways. The poison causes cancer and seizures. Two words to bypass this poison and keep your pet healthy:

    flea comb

    • My old car used to have a mild seizure when i put that behind the neck stuff on him. So I stopped. He lived to ne 20. Nowadays the flea medicine for dogs is a gummy. I a. Sure its not good for them.

      • I can’t seem to be able to type out a reply to this typeO without coming across as cold, “My old car used to have a mild seizure when i put that behind the neck stuff on him.”

        …Was funny, while at the same time, not.

    • ‘They’ say, spiders avoid mint. Sooo, there might be something to that. … I may give that a try, bath time is coming up & it doesn’t seem like it could hurt.

      …Where’d you learn that, worker72a?

    • All mint species have a square stem.

      Wrigley’s spearmint gum sells pretty much everywhere.

      Feed your dog spearmint gum and they won’t have fleas! lol

    • I asked Doug & Stacy tonight on their University web page about that mint remedy & they said the mint bath works!

      …Also said it’s quite refreshing for people.

      …Can you imagine?

  8. Yes, a lot of these “exam” requirements are a grift. In fairness to the veterinarians, though, they are probably to some extent a hedge against lawsuits as well.

    A LOT of people (particularly women, but not exclusively) obsess and fuss over their pets and treat them better than humans. If the vet misses some incipient condition, or prescribes something without an exam and the animal has a reaction, they’ll sue his ass off.

    I’m sure there are a lot of rolled eyes and bitten tongues in veterinary offices when grandma gets hysterical over little Fifi…

    • Many states value pets only as property so non-economic emotional damages are generally not recoverable for “pet malpractice.” The only real risk to a vet would be messing up an economically valuable breeding pet producing marketable offspring. Otherwise vets and mutt-owners are unlikely to wind up in court.

    • “A LOT of people (particularly women, but not exclusively) obsess and fuss over their pets and treat them better than humans.”

      Their pets are far more important then people….these dogs, etc…live in million dollar houses, sleep with their owners and eat roast beef and steak…..

      War Vets are homeless…and in one G7 country….25% of the people over 65 make less the $25,000/year and 20% are homeless….

      but…the dogs are more important….

    • My dog is a member of my family and is treated as such. As such, he is subject to my care and protection and is expected to protect me,hunt with me and be loyal to the end.Shoot my dog and I will respond as if you shot a member of my family. War vets, g7 country people… They are not in my pack and I take care of my people first

    • I found the Mexican system where the pharmacist will write you a scrip on the spot to be much more rational and free than the time and money wasting system of mandated doctor paying in the Estados. Many of us do value the specialist input that provides.

    • In Peru, you can walk into any pharmacy and just buy whatever you need. If you know what you want and have the money, they’ll sell it to you.

  9. Ironically or not, vets will be the ones “complaining” when many more dogs have fleas, because certain people (you know who) don’t bother due to the annoyance and expense. Most people are lazy and just make something just a bit harder and they won’t bother. So the result, more dogs running around with fleas. Only spreading them more.

    Maybe it’s a feature not a bug (literally). They will get more business from so called “responsible” people whose pets get fleas they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten had these things hadn’t been taken from the marketplace.

  10. “the people who used to be the so called experts…aren’t anymore.”

    So true. I wonder if they ever were “experts”? Perhaps it was always a situation of fake it until you make it and COVID has simply opened our eyes?

    My sister is a vet. Was always book smart. Real life skills and mental stability . . . No so much.

    • Book “smarts” and common sense are rarely present in the same person. Had a roommate in college who is book smart. Thought getting high grades would be a big plus for a future career. Told him over and over, nope, the minute we graduate, the value of your grades is zero to an employer. Only in higher ed is that a thing. Didn’t believe me. He would bring it up in interviews etc, and was mortified when nobody really cared that he had those grades.

      I can think of only one time in the 27 years since graduation that I had a potential employer ask about my college grades (a book publisher). At that point I knew I wasn’t a fit for that firm.

  11. Are vets killing your pets?

    They say…… dogs have the same carbon footprint as an SUV…so is there a secret cull going on?…..

    The slaves favorite thing was their cars…next was their pets…..the cars will be taken away…the pets too?…..

    Big farma is killing slaves with health destroying GMO, chemical filled, processed foods….pets…the same thing…so the slaves and pets are getting sick…

    • we have had vets tell us to put an animal to sleep because the vet had no more way to help them. we didn’t do it. not out of cruelty. but because we wanted to give them their life…the animals decides not us. vets and some people are eager to kill them. take their last days from them. always encouraging people to put an animal to sleep. it is easier then helping them through the worst part of their life. it is hard. hard to watch them die. harder to have a vet take their last days from them.

      my horse that my vet told me to put down. live another 6 years. and lived well with herbal medicines i gave her. my dog that had terminal cancer lived another year. she enjoyed going out and having a walk in their fields. going swimming in the pond. yes she had some pain from the cancer. but she had more good days then bad!! my vet at least gave us a type of hospice care. pain killers. that slowly sapped her life. her last day. she walked all over the house looking for something or looking at everything. she then curled up at my feet next to my chair and took her last breath. i would not have taken her last days from her for anything.

      i honestly think that taking the last days from them is for us, not them. easier. so we don’t have to help them those days. and watch them deteriorate. i would never leave one to suffer if i knew they were for sure suffering of course but also i am not big on pushing them over the edge quicker. there are vets that if you force them to will give you the medicine to keep them comfortable without euthanizing them. they give out death like a candy dish. when they can no longer milk the animal for all the dimes they can. their next answer is dishing out death!

      Rupert Sheldrake had a video that is really awesome on that point. you take something from them when a vet encourages them to be killed quicker. an experience. a chance to say ”good-bye” to us and their world.

      this is a link for Rupert Sheldrake video i think really has it spot on.

      • I get where you are coming from, but I’ve had dogs for more than 50 years and never once had a vet suggest it to me. It may be hard to quantify when the time is right, but I’ve had a couple dogs die in extreme distress and I will never do that again if I can help it.

        • Dogs, or any other animal, are not capable of making that decision. It’s up to their master to determine if their life is still worth living or not. I, like Yeti, have had dogs all my life, and I’m fairly certain when that moment has arrived. A dog that loved to run, and chase things is not having any fun when they can no longer do so. My clue on my last dog was when she stopped bringing me the tennis ball, because I probably would throw it, and she would have to chase it, and it was agony for her to do so.

  12. There used to be an excellent hospital here that was locally owned by a couple of nuns. A few years ago they sold to, literally, the mafia in New Jersey. I would not step foot inside that place after what it has become.

    All of their remodel and additions used to be handled locally by local architects and contractors. No more. They are all out of state big city “connected” architects now.

  13. Our vet sold us “revolution plus” tea and flick treatment at $80/3. I googled the active ingredients and found “stronghold plus” with the same ingredients, same dose, made by the same company, in the same packaging, with the same picture of the same damn cat on the box — at half the price!

    Of course, it has to be shipped from Singapore via a company headquartered in England and takes three weeks to get here, but the shipping is free. As to whether it’s legal or not, who’s asking?

    Mum’s the word.

  14. I have a 16+ year old Bichon who has bad arthritis in his hips because he’s fucking ancient. Called the vet the other day to refill his pills and they told me that was the last refill and he would need to be brought in for an exam the next time he needs the meds. He’s fucking old as shit and in pain so what could the vet possibly do by “examining” him? Tell me he’s old? That he’s in pain? I already know this so why the hell would I bring him in, fucking awful people. Problem is this vet is probably the best one in my area, took my bichon to a different vet a couple of years ago and they, in order to prescribe him anti-inflammatory pills, told me he would need a blood panel that would cost me over 500 bucks. The whole vet industry is grotesque, truly think it’s by design as they don’t want people to have pets so they’re making it way too fucking expensive to keep them healthy.

    • “way too fucking expensive”

      One vet said a dog should only be fed raw meat…period…and will be very healthy…like a wolf….

      Other vets won’t tell you that…they make big $$$$ selling crappy pet food to their customers….

      way too expensive….most people can’t afford feeding their dog raw meat only….

  15. [Their quackery is equalled only by their cupidity.]

    Their quackery is equalled only by their arrogance. – corrected

    In the hospital for ‘afib’ (possible atril fibrillation and a stroke) for 2 days. Worse two days of my life.
    When asking the HCA lead Hospital Doctor in Pensacola questions I was told quote “I don’t like to be interrupted” Think about that when you hear “Consult your doctor” on commercials. Today’s ‘doctors are coddled little Hitler’s that don’t want to hear anything from us little people except “Yes SIR!,,, three bags full”. Haven’t received the bill yet but I can imagine the fraud that will be. What better way to keep you paying the insurance cult. The stroke was more fun.

    Hospitals are right up there with gun shops. Another place I have been belittled, gas lighted and treated almost like a criminal when offering them thousands of dollars for their wares. Filling out corpgovs forms,,, the store forgot my name, my address, the weapon I purchased, and the price.
    Felt more like a interrogation…… and it was absolutely gun registration. NOT simply a background check. The Gestapo picks them up or photo copies on a regular bases. Illegal….

    • Ken,

      I absolutely agree, especially with gun shops. I always feel the same way, like I’m doing something suspicious by even looking at their firearms. How the hell is that a way to run a business? And the “background check”, which is to me a most loathsome term, used by authoritarian everywhere… Never again. I will build my firearms or purchase from private parties.

      Regarding doctors: My doctor is still a good and righteous healer. She’ll listen to all of your thoughts and concerns and prescribe what is necessary (natural and dietary recommendations before anything else).

      But you’re right about most. They will talk right over you and spend as little time as possible to deliver their spiel, almost always ending with a pharmaceutical prescription, before moving on to the next victim.

    • >Haven’t received the bill yet but I can imagine the fraud that will be.
      Oh, yeah.
      HCA is a known criminal organization. They paid a $2,000,000,000 fine to the FedGov for defrauding Medicare, which was just an ordinary cost of business for those crooks. Rick Scott, their CEO at the time, got a $300,000,000 bonus for doing such a good job, and later went on to become Governor of Florida, when in fact he should be rotting in federal prison.

      Lesson: when you own your very own U.S. Senator, many things become possible.

      The HCA money catheter pump ran at ~$98/minute back in 2014. I am guessing it is likely double that by now. Best of luck.

  16. I’m going to suggest that you have normalcy via regarding state safety inspections.

    Time to get out of VA.

    There are only 15 states that require state safety inspections. This is not “most” or even a plurality.

    There are about 34 states that have emissions inspections / certification but in many states this is only in major metropolitan areas and doesn’t apply to the bulk of the state.

    You are being misled into thinking safety and emissions testing is “normal” when in fact it’s just highly prevalent on the coasts.

  17. in our area there are no vets or rather. none you would trust. you have to be your own vet, your own doctor, your own hair cut specialist unless you want to drive 60 miles to the nearest town. not worth it. plus the people who used to be the so called experts…aren’t anymore.

    before we moved here our vet used to sell us medicine by the phone. we would call him and tell him what was up with our animals and he would say…the meds will be at the counter come get them. he was also the one who advised us NOT to spay and neuter early as all the vets recommend. it causes damage to the bone structure of the growing animal and messes up their hormones. they don’t get replacement hormones for what was taken from them.
    he recommended we wait 2 years for males and as long for females if we can keep them from being bred by stray dogs. at the very least 8 month for females before spayed.

    on injections our old country vet told us they last for a lifetime. the puppies get their first few shots and at 1 year when they get their final. it is all they need. period. all the shots sold after that are not needed and are damaging to the health of the animal causing all sorts of health problems, skin, kidneys, liver damage you name it. vets today couldn’t care less.

    our dogs never had hip dysplasia even being big dogs. their bones and hips were not destroyed from early spaying and over vaccinating. they lived to a ripe old age. and died at home in their sleep not by the hand of a vet.

    who profits from destructive health care? the vets. the doctors. those in lab coats. do no harm has changed to do as much harm as you can to create a lifetime customer!

    living in an area without services we had to learn to do for ourselves and once you learn how easy it is you never look back! and it is liberating to say NO! to tyrants in lab coats and others who make a profit from doing harm. that is part of being free.

    free the mind first….then you can free the body! learn to say NO!

    • Slightly off topic, but as far as doing for oneself, the lockdown hysteria that plagued the world caused me to do a lot of things for myself out of necessity. The one I never thought I could do is cut my own hair. However, I got the “no mask, no haircut,” to which I said “Fuck you, I’ll never be back.”). So I bought a cordless trimmer, a decent pair of scissors and a hand mirror (which in total cost the equivalent of less than 2 haircuts).

      Ok, the first couple of haircuts were difficult and maybe not so great. This was due mainly to getting my brain used to moving the scissors the opposite way it appeared in the handheld mirror’s image of me in the wall mirror. But once I got used to that I’ve been able to give myself better haircuts than those hacks at Supercuts, et al. I save an enormous amount of time not having to drive to and from and waiting, and I can now cut my hair every couple of weeks (it takes 15-20 minutes). I also save money to boot. Better quality, saves time and cheaper. Win, win, win!

      • Same here, Mr. Liberty, though I began in 2019. Not dealing with diapered and overpriced haircuts the next year was a bonus. Also, like you, I found I do a better job than most of those bozos ever did.

        • well said. we started cutting our hair 22 years ago. and like the mister liberty said. first few…wouldn’t want to leave the house!! lol….but after it is like any other skill…learn it and you will never go back.

          make our shoes too. they actually fit! perfectly designed. got tired of shoes that are too big, too small, to tight and pinch in places even thought they are supposed to be the right side and they aren’t. process our own leather with our own beef hides. deer hides the processor gives us for free. make our soap, shampoo, toothpaste, hair cuts, vet care, farrier service for the horses…we try and do it all and do a lot better job then the hacks. and make my own medicines from things found on my farm. have to. had to. couldn’t get basic over the counter anymore and what was available doesn’t work. not really hard to do actually and better for you!

          good service seems to have gone the way of the bird. instinct. killed the tv set 30 years ago and don’t miss it. spend the time learning or relearning skills. don’t like being dependent on anyone these days. if we can help it. lots of work to do yet in that area but hoping one day to be completely self sufficient and free.

          in a way…the powers that should never be, have done us a favor by destroying business i no longer need. taught us to be even more self sufficient then ever before.

          lots left to learn but one thing at a time. never be afraid to try!! you might be surprised at how easy it is to make things for yourself.

          • Highlander,

            Absolutely righteous. If you have any resources you’d like to share, especially on the making of shoes, please do so.

            • i started with a pair of cowboy boots that i couldn’t have repaired. the leather tore and there was no one left who fixed boots in our area. so i bought a leather sewing kit from tandy leather. bought some leather pieces as well. and repaired the tear with a new piece of leather! lasted several more years.

              when we started with our own beef i try not to waste any. i get the hide back every year and process it. lots of youtubes on that process. as many techniques as there are people. everyone different. the first few were like a bad hair cut…tore holes in it by mistake ect. i bought books on how to do it. i actually prefer books. then i found a small beef processing place that provides me with all the hides i want. they help by salting them and freezing them.

              i stole the pattern from a pair of old boots. made my own pattern from the pieces. and adjusted to fit better! took my handy dandy sewing kit and sewed it together and added an old bottom of a boot that still had good leather. i keep those parts on the ones that are still good.

              reverse engineered you could say. also made mocassins. soft slippers. ect. first few are difficult but the results are well worth it. start with a pencil and a drawing of your foot. and then add 1/4 inch for sewing. again a lot of youtubes and books on that part.

              finding small meat processors and buying or getting for free hides. so you can afford to waste them. you can make gloves that fit as well from the same material. belts. all wallets. all kinds of things. tandy has books and videos on it as well just the basics. once you have the basics…keep going!! don’t stop and use your own ingenuity! don’t be afraid to try and experiment. and keep those old bottoms of shoes. even tennis shoes if they are not worn out. take apart the tennis shoe and engineer a new one to fit!

              copyright violation right….they sold me the shoe by goodness i have a right to keep it going! and don’t ask permission. just do it and don’t say anything!

              make the first pattern out of cloth. hand sew it. and make sure of your fit. that is the biggest thing i did that and it saved me lots of time and leather!

              if it fits right and isn’t a mess as in crooked ect. then i turn the pattern into leather. deer hide is softest. you can buy those on ebay as well. but they don’t wear well for outside use. they are not as resilient as beef hide.

              ebay has people that process their own and sell the hides already to be cut. and softened so you don’t have to do that part yourself. for long wear i use cow leather or buffalo leather. depends on what your making it for…work…day to day use.

              it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. start with a pair of mocassins if you want a quick pair. there are a lot of free patterns on line too. learn to do the basics and then take apart those old shoes and boots you can’t wear anymore. make the pattern bigger or smaller to fit you. and sew them or glue them onto the old bottoms. i don’t like glue. it doesn’t hold well.and water makes it disintegrate so i take a sewing awl and makes holes in the rubber pieces and sew the leather right to it.

              you can use any oil and wax combination to weather proof them. i rub it into the newly cut leather pieces before i sew them so they are weather proofed right away. bees wax and oil heated to blend it. and then rub it on the leather. it darkens the leather a bit but not enough to worry about.

              hope this helps you to try!! a very valuable and tradeable skill ! once you do your own your friends and family will beg you for the same thing!! make me one!! lol….especially the slippers. i line mine with rabbit fur. soft and warm.

              tandy leather has all the tools, hides, supplies, videos and patterns. ect. not always the best prices and there are other places that sell the same equipment. it doesn’t much to do it by hand. couple of hundred dollars is all. and if you buy leather already made that increases the cost but i find it is well worth it. . you would be surprised how easy it really is. at first it seems difficult but after a time or two it gets so easy it is 2nd nature. your feet will thank you!

              • Thanks for all the valuable information, Highlander!
                I’m definitely going to put shoe-making on my list. There are plenty of ranchers and cattle out here, too, and I’ll bet they’d give me a hide if I asked.

              • KICK ASS COMMENT, Highlander.

                Tonight, I’m may have dreams of ultra-durable leather footwear with sewn in Lamilite insulation.

        • 75 cents for a haircut back in 1964. A US minted coin, a quarter, is now worth about $7.00 in fiat currency, 21 dollars for a haircut in 2024.

          Everybody needs a haircut, it’s a growing business.

          War is a growing business that is in need of a serious haircut.

          As long as it pays, it will not stop, ever.

          Every barber will agree.

          War goes from plaid to hypertrichosis, to infinity and beyond.

          Kill at all costs, your fault and you pay through the nose because it is all your fault.

          War needs to stop, shear it bald.

          Lamb, ram, mutton or sheep, who knows what it is?

        • Man, you guys talking about haircut prices is getting me to thinking about how I view the cost of cable/satellite TeeVee.
          Not the monthly cost.
          Not the yearly cost.
          Rather, the cost per decade.
          I’ve saved around $35,000 by not having cable/satellite TeeVee.
          I can only wonder how much I would have saved by not paying a pretty chick to cut my hair all these years.

  18. 30 years ago, more or less, one could buy rabies vaccine over the counter. Vets got together and put a halt to that. How dare these pet owners save some money by injecting their pets without going through the veterinarian paywall! I felt that pinch particularly hard, as I had 4 or 5 dogs at the time. Quadrupling the cost, and time, needed to keep them vaccinated for rabies. The last dog I owned got old the same time I did. She could no longer jump up into the truck, nor could I lift her 125 pounds into it. And so, her veterinarian care ended. Including her euthanasia when her life became to painful for me to endure. 13 years is a long life for such a big dog.

  19. They say….a dog has the same carbon footprint as an SUV….maybe one day they will go after the pets as well as you…the cull….

    like the chickens they want registered…they want an inventory…where to find them….

  20. A lot of these vets have been bought out by the big corporations…these corporations are owned by Blackrock, Vanguard, etc., which are owned by the billionaire slave owners….

  21. ‘There are ways to get around all of this. Naturally, it’s “illegal.”’ — eric

    When the law is corrupt, a moral man dedicates himself to a life of crime. I know I have.

    In the mid Nineties, optometrists got the US fedgov to pass a ‘law’ requiring an annual eye exam — otherwise, no new glasses (or contact lenses) for you. I got busy forging my last lens prescription with a later date and faxing it in. This kept my contact lens fulfillments going for years until, as is so often the case, ‘compliance’ began to slip. It became clear that the US fedgov had no contact lens cops to show up at my mailbox with guns drawn when the little box was delivered.

    When it comes to glasses, these can be ordered dirt cheap from China. No prescription needed — fill in your own lens specs. Which is exactly what I do … long distance; medium distance; readers; magnifiers to bring nips into sharp focus while motorboating. I am my own optician, waving my upraised middle finger at the rent seekers.

    A satisfying variety of human prescription meds is shipped in from India and China. No doubt pet meds are available online too, whether from overseas or the rare ‘free state’ inside the USSA. We need not even go into the dark web here. Find a source, order it, and send your rent-seeking vet a copy — no sale, chump! Find some other sucker to chisel.

    I ain’t no sucker, I ain’t no fool
    Talking about the automatic blues, yeah

    — The Cult, Automatic Blues

    • Jim, any suggestion on a source for the Chinese glasses? My eyes have deteriorated markedly in the last couple years, mostly due to eye strain from the thrice damned LED bulbs foisted on us by government.

      Don’t need to see the nips while motorboating, braille works satisfyingly for that.

        • Vielen dank. Very impressive, they seem to do every variety. My last pair were an odd progressive prescription and between the exam, the frames, and the lenses it was close to $800. Will have to get a new prescription I fear.

      • Another good source is eyebuydirect dot com, have used them for years and they frequently have buy one/get one free promotions.

    • I hated that eye exam racket so much I finally talked a doc into doing cataract surgery on me – at age 50. I got the corrective lenses which I had to pay for, but insurance covered the rest of it.
      Then, they said I still need to come in for an annual exam. Yeah, I’m good now. I’ll be back if there’s an actual problem.
      I wore contacts from age 16 to 50. Never had a problem. I would’ve been ok enough with going in and saying “yes, all is good, vision is the same, just reup the lenses.” But nope, I got dilated, photographed, scanned and retested every single time. Then they’d try to get me to use different lenses, presumably the ones they carried instead of the ones I liked and worked well for me. Then they had a bunch of new rules to try to avoid “releasing” my prescription after the law was passed that they can’t force you to buy from them. I am extremely grateful to be done with all that.

      • Terrible, Amy –

        I’ve always been wary of the medical apparat – having grown up around it. But now, I am determined to do all I can to avoid ever having to deal with it. The system is beyond corrupt and co-opted. I can’t even find the words to describe it anymore.

        • My mom was an OR nurse and mistrusted doctors more than anyone I’ve ever known. LOL.
          She nearly sliced her thumb off one time and refused to go to the ER, just taped it together with butterfly bandages. And of course, it healed up just fine. There was no such thing as a “well child check” when I was a kid. You went to the doc if you were sick or hurt. I got my baby vaccines and didn’t see a doctor again until I was 17 and wanted the pill. To this day, I see no reason to go see a doctor every year when you’re not sick. Now, the well child check has grown up and they call it a “well woman check.” Same thing: dragging people into the office for no good reason except to nag you to get cancer screenings. For some reason, everyone is deathly afraid of female cancers, like it’s the only ailment that kills us.

  22. Ridiculous. I know those who order their flea meds online w/o an exam. A lot cheaper too.

    The rabies shot is another scam. After a couple few, the animal is immune for life. But now every three years animals need an exam and a shot. I took my putty in for another (which I would not get except that I may have to board him and he’ll need to be up to date on jabs). I asked the vet to just give him the shot, he doesn’t like to be handled. Oh, no sir she replied, we need to make sure he’s well before we give him a shot. So they took his temp and listened to his heart and TRIED to look at his teeth, whereupon he growled. They stopped the exam and gave him the shot. Vets don’t listen. I know whether my cat is sick or not. Plus he’s an animal. I own him. Do what I tell you to do – I have his best interest in mind.

    Rabies shot cost – up 30% in 3 years.

    Interesting that no exam was needed to get the COVID injections.

    I avoid physicians, particularly now that most pushed the jabs. They don’t perform exams anyway – but they charge for one. They don’t want to touch you. They keep their heads buried in the computer and ask you the same questions they’ve asked for years. Then they order expensive labs to see if your numbers are out of range. If they are, they can put you on a statin, or send you to a specialist – for more $$$. Why can’t I order my own blood tests?

    A lot of medicine is just grift. Who’s getting rich?

    • RE: “The rabies shot is another scam.”

      I’ve read some articles which said just that.

      …Couldn’t easily find the URL to post it.
      …It’s almost, like ‘they’ don’t want you to know.

        • animals….


          Evidence that vaccines may do more harm than good is supported by experiences with animals. Between 1968 and 1988 there were considerably more outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in countries where vaccination against foot and mouth disease was compulsory than in countries where there were no such regulations. Epidemics always started in countries where vaccination was compulsory. This experience clearly shows that the alleged advantage to the community of vaccinating individuals simply does not exist.

          Similar observations were made about the hyena dog, which was in 1989 threatened with extinction. Scientists vaccinated individual animals to protect them against rabies but more than a dozen packs then died within a year – of rabies. This happened even in areas where rabies had never been seen before. When researchers tried using a non-infectious form of the pathogen (to prevent the deaths of the remaining animals) all members of seven packs of dogs disappeared. And yet the rabies vaccine is now compulsory in many parts of the world. Is it not possible that it is the vaccine which is keeping this disease alive?

          Horses are regularly and repeatedly vaccinated with a whole range of vaccines. Some vets now believe that these vaccinations damage the immune systems of the animals concerned (though most vets, like most doctors, are frightened to speak out and attack vaccines).

          Similarly, what evidence is there to show that the many vaccines given to family pets are of value – other than to the companies making the vaccines and the vets giving the jabs?

          Those who eat meat should be aware that cattle (and other animals reared for slaughter) are regularly vaccinated. The meat that is taken from those animals may, therefore, contain vaccine residues in addition to hormones, antibiotics and other drugs…..start hunting…..


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