Reader Question: Responses to Corona Karens & Diapered Dons?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Linda asks: I am interested in gathering the very best put downs for the Face Mask Karens and wondered if you might be interested in spearheading this as you have a public forum. So far I have, “Where is your flashlight?  I am afraid of the dark and you must protect me!”  “Are you wearing your flea collar? I have a 15-40% chance of dying from a flea bite with Bubonic Plague? Where is your consideration for me?” Thanks.

My reply: I wish I had thought of the flea collar one ; I could have used it the other day when an older guy urged me to “wear your mask, young man.” Instead. I asked him why. He said, “to keep me alive.” Yes, really.

I will use the flea collar line next time – it’s brilliant! Maybe it’ll get some to thinking about the preposterous absurdity of it all. Why not wear a flea collar, after all? Lots of “cases” of flea infestation and a person can be killed by the diseases fleas carry!

I am with you in gathering the put downs! Let’s do so, right here – right now!

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  1. Another one… When confronted by a man, I reply, “Do you really think the biggest threat to your health right now from me is a virus?”

    • Morning, Philo!

      I love that one… and will practice it. I am not a violent guy; I loathe violence – when it is unnecessary. I do my utmost to be civil, respectful and practice live – and let live. But when you’re no longer allowed to live – and not let alone – then it’s time to respond. With words, first. With other things, if it becomes necessary.

      • Good morning Eric,

        I have not had to use that one and I hope I don’t have to. Nobody has said a word to me (at least not to my (undiapered) face. I had an older man stare me down at the grocery store a few weeks ago, but from 20 or more feet away. He held a scowling look for just long enough for me to know it was not my imagination. Nothing came of it though.

        I was in Tulsa (where there is a mandate) last weekend at a major sports chain undiapered and I was standing in line with my son when a lone “man” walked by us and I overheard him mumble “better keep your distance”. I turned around to look at him as he passed, but he was not looking at me. Just a really odd thing. He didn’t have the balls to say it directly to me, or to even look at me when or after he said it.

        Other than those 2 non-incidents, people have been civil, but I see a lot of fear in people’s eyes. It puts me on edge and I dread even venturing out. It’s wearing on me for sure.

        • Morning, Philo!

          I’m headed out shortly to work out Undiapered and then eat Undiapered at an “undisclosed location.” Expect a Diaper Report soon!

  2. The few times I’ve been challenged, I’ve come back forcefully with,” Its a Beast Mark, I won’t take it and neither should you!”

    Unfortunately (or maybe not) I do believe this.

  3. Another one “Why do you hate your children and grandchildren so much?” You’ll never see a Karen foam at the mouth quicker.

  4. Alinsky rule #5 ” Ridicule is mans best weapon…” Unfortunately it does not work on people lacking self awareness or intellect. Face diaper afficianados have neither.
    These pitiable creatures are so thoroughly indoctrinated that no amount of fact or reason will sway them.
    I’ve taken to playing a little game called “Spot the logical fallacy”. Mostly they deal in appeals to authority, red herrings and strawman arguments.

    • Hi Cameron,

      I agree – but the ridicule still works among the sane (the Undiapered). We laugh at them; and that becomes contagious. Never forget that the douchebag dressed up in a Nazi costume today – who is an object of almost universal derision, today – was one time someone you mocked at your peril.

      If we stand fast, the Diapered – and Diapering – will lose their power, too.

  5. I’m waiting for someone to challenge my non- face diaper self so thatI May tell them I don’t give a rat’s ass about them potentially catching the Corona or their Grandma dynasty a result of encountering me in their breathing space. And isn’t it funny how we’ve never heard of this giving someone a sickness before we have any symptoms ourselves until this thing?

    • Hi Anon,

      The “fear of getting sick” thing is psychologically the same as the “fear of speeders” thing and other such things. The common denominator being . . . fear.

      Not actuality.

  6. “When I am afflicted with Severe Appearance Deficit, I too will don a mask, as you have done”.
    “I will consider doing so if you would tell me where you purchased your Jack Palance mask sir“(If it’s a woman).
    ” I identify as masked”.


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