Behind the Diaper

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I bought new running shoes the other day – just barely and probably never again. At least, not from the store – Fleet Feet in Roanoke – where I have been buying my running shoes for more than a decade.

Because of the Diaper.

My refusal to put on this latter-day analog of the yellow star – and the store’s insistence I and everyone else do so. Even though some of the store’s employees agree it’s a vile and vicious policy, but – as one of them confessed to me while wearing his Diaper – it’s either go along with it or they get shown the door, too.

I got in the door – barely.


The store had been re-arranged since the last time I was there before the mass hysteria set in. No more personal contact. They used to measure feet, fit shoes. Now they don’t because to be in proximity of a customer – let alone touch one – is dangerous!

The cases! The cases!

Everything is prophylactic now – except without need, on account of the hysteria. Because of the playing along with it – which is what maintains it.

But never mind that.

They now have a desk right by the door – and beside the desk, the box of yellow stars, the degrading and medically useless (but psychologically very effective) piece of cloth they insist people to wear – in order to maintain the mass hysteria and the sense of hopelessness and despair which attends.

This store and others like are perpetuating both of those awful things – and conditioning people to accept much worse things soon to come if this is not stopped –  by making it almost impossible to get in the doors anywhere without wearing the loathsome totem, thereby showing or at least making it appear that you’ve submitted to the hysteria.

Thereby showing they can make everyone submit by locking anyone who doesn’t out.

Well, like Jane’s Addiction, I walked right/through the door . . . walked right through the door.


For the same reason I won’t ever put on a red armband with white circle and you know the rest, either. Not only for my own sake – and principles – but because I understand what it would mean to wear that if others saw me wearing it.

Which is why I will never wear this, either.

I tried to act normal by immediately asking the Diapered person at the table whether they had a new pair of the shoes I was wearing in size 11s. This deferred Diaper Pushing for a moment. But within a few moments, the woman at the desk urged a Diaper on me and of course I refused – not being sick and very tired, like some of you, of being expected to pretend otherwise for the sake of the not-well-in-the head. The people PTSD’d by fear who have managed to shut down not just stores but minds.

Or at least, the speaking of them.

Healthy people are terrified of saying what’s on their minds – and not putting something on their faces – out of fear of jangling the nerves of a Sickness Psychotic. The latter are being treated with a disgusting deference of a piece with the cringing before race hustlers like Al Sharpton, who built a career on accusing anyone who questioned him about anything – most especially his motives – of racism.

Sickness now fills the same role. Don’t you know people are dyyyyyyyyying?

At least half the country has decided it’s better to shut up and Diaper up to keep the Sickness Psychotics quiet than to tell them to bugger off.

Or – as a reader suggested – give it back to them by asking them where’s their flea collar when they ask you about “your” Diaper (the latter in air quotes for a very good and related reason; see here for more about that).

It’s just as possible that they might have fleas as it is that you might be “sick” – and don’t they care about “the community”?

Fleas can transmit something more lethal than the WuFlu, too. Bubonic plague doesn’t have a 99.5 percent recovery rate; children aren’t essentially immune to its ability to kill and  those who get this virus are almost never asymptomatic and when they do get sick, they spread it  . . . unlike two-thirds of the “cases” – the cases! the cases! – of WuFlu.

But never mind.

We are now beyond the reach of reason – because of hysteria. And because of a fog of fear that has enveloped most of the country, which has addled the minds of millions and suppressed the courage of millions more. The latter being the ones who aren’t sick but afraid to pretend otherwise by the pressure of unfounded shaming and the threat of being seen as not going along.

These are the ones willing to participate in the maintenance of the hysteria which is perpetuating the fear . . . not out of fear of sickness but fear of the psychotics who have lost their reason but now control practically everything.

Just do what they say. Someone might get mad. They might complain.

Instead of standing up to these people, people are standing down – and Diapering up. This is no different than accepting guilt for owning the slaves your great-great grandfather never owned and opening your wallet to pay reparations for the harm you never caused to people you never met.

But guilt and fear are fungible. Get people to stand down to Al and they’ve already stood down to Diaper’d Donna.

I bought my new shoes – outside the doors. The Diapered unfortunate brought them out to me, as I stood suppurating. Which I wasn’t, of course – which is why he wasn’t bothered, though he remained Diapered as we talked about the hysteria and the loathsome kabuki both he and I were expected to play and which he had to play – if he wanted to keep his job.

I expressed my sympathy. I understand. But I will not be back. Fleet Feet has lost my business, as I expressed to them in the customer (dis)satisfaction survey screen shotted and posted with this article – because staying sane – and free – is more important  than a new pair of shoes.

Or a job, even.

. . .

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  1. I agree eric, however, I think my point here is in noting that when one is no longer dependent upon government, they can’t lord it over you anymore.

    The problem is that we don’t want to part with our toys. The government regulates just about all aspects of our lives, but there are a lot of things that we see as essential which most third world countries would look at as luxury items.

    When an economy collapses one needs to reevaluate one’s priorities in life, and note that if there’s no money for food, clothing, or that leaky roof, there’s no point in installing that new custom exhaust system that will never make a sound, or going out to engage in symbolic acts of protest. Identity politics has gotten so out of hand, everyone feels compelled to identify themselves, and make sure the powers that be are aware of their identity, which as it turns out is just what the powers that be want to know as well.

    I’m always interested in having as many options as possible. So at this point, there’s no one mandating that I wear a diaper wherever i go. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to just assume this will be the case going forward. I go on walks, and ride the local nature trails, and I’m seeing people wearing masks so I’ve already found alternative routes. I’m on the road less traveled, and I can assure you I will go significantly farther should people ever become hysterical over the undiapered or unvaccinated.

    While I didn’t do this because of the corona virus, the corona virus is yet one more reason to have a garden. Food shortages are another one. I am growing a shrub called a ‘blue spur flower’. It is an awesome looking bush. I paid $12.00 for five seeds a few years ago, and after there was that run on toilet paper, I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about because prior to the advent of toilet paper, this bush was commonly planted around outhouses to supply the users with a minty fresh never ending supply. As it turns out it’s actually superior to the best stuff out there. I’m thinking of using it exclusively from now on. Why pay for an inferior product when I can use this for free?

    I forget the name of it, but there’s a book by Tom Wolfe about the guys who put Silicon valley on the map. A lot of these guys were farmer’s kids from the mid west who got scholarships to universities, and because they were so adept at fabricating whatever they needed, were able to apply this talent to the budding computer era as well. When you’re living out in the sticks you can’t just run down to Home Depot and grab some supplies off the shelf. You have to make it yourself. At that point, diaper mandates are irrelevant.

    My neighbor just repaired and replaced some well pipe. Then he took the old well pipe and we fabricated a primitive tripod with a bolt holding the three pieces at one end and propped it up to yank an outdrive off the back of his boat. Everyone of my neighbors has generators, water pumps, auxiliary water tanks, etc. and enough tools between us to handle whatever job arises. Barring a legitimate pandemic, I can assure you none of us are wearing face diapers and none will ever require them.

    So what am I saying? I’m pointing out that protesting face diapers is a grand plan, but it’s nowhere near enough. There is an art to war that requires more than one approach, and contingencies need to be factored into the equation. Some protest, some hunker down, some escape to a better location, some load ammunition, set booby traps, etc.

    Sitting around clinking beer glasses in celebrating a successful march to Walmart’s entrance announcing that they have just lost ten of their most loyal customers may seem like a good plan, but I think something more than these symbolic gestures is going to be necessary. Perhaps if entrance is denies while wearing BLM or Antifa costumes and shouting down that greeter for supporting institutional racism, bigotry against the disabled, etc.? Post that on Youtube, and watch what happens. Better yet, just send Walmart, the media, etc. a thumb drive or disc of Antifa protesting outside their store.

    I’m all for brainstorming and leveling the playing field. Learning their strategies and using them against them is always a great plan of attack. Fight fake news with fake news. Dress up as doctors with picture of those DSL 4 lab personnel wearing hazmat suits, and point out that we all need to be wearing Hazmat suits to “flatten the curve”, etc. Use the exact same talking points they’ve been using with these idiotic face masks, and point out that a Hazmat suit is the only thing that provides 100% protection against a virus. Show what a 5 micron filter looks like, and point out that is the only thing that will catch a corona virus.

    What are they going to say? That we’re over reacting? I don’t think so. Hazmat suits can be had for under $20.00 a piece. Respirators are a little more expensive, but may be well worth it if it gets people to wake up to the insanity, no?

    There are already videos of people wearing them in stores.

    • sicily and eric, If you look at what I’ve posted, I’m not actually arguing as much as pointing out that it’s a bit late in the game and it doesn’t go nearly far enough. Not waring a diaper doesn’t end the diapering of Amerika. it’s a symbolic act at best. Nobody in my neighborhood wears these diapers, and no one is looking at is as heroic, or patriotic. It’s just common sense not to. Nobody is impressed that you’re not wearing a face diaper, especially if you continue to patronize a business that requires them.

    • Hi Schnarkle,

      This is all well-said; I agree. I, too, am doing everything I can to prepare – including the garden (soon, greenhouse) as well as water and fuel supplies, tools – etc.

  2. There is no chance in hell I’m putting on a mask to go into any grocery store. If it ever comes to fines or jail they’d better bring the proper amount of force. The governor of KY put out a mask mandate two months ago. There is the medical exemption clause of course. Even if there wasn’t I still wouldn’t. I’ll be at a grocery store or home center with hundreds of people inside and maybe see three or four without face maxi-pads on.
    The amount of pushback I’ve gotten is very minimal, usually a simple “no thanks” or medical exemption” shuts them right up. There is no point where it is LESS expensive to resist this stupidity yet these fools are allowing these mind controlled house slaves walk them off a cliff one step at a time.
    I’m curious to see how this whole thing plays out the the next couple of months.

    • the ptb can already see that they have established herd immunity to sanity. They don’t care about 3 or 4 un diapered because they know that the vast majority will comply with whatever idiotic narrative they toss out there. Look at how people are taking matters into their own hands and attacking the un diapered.

      At some point you won’t be able to get away with a simple claim to a medical exemption just like at some point you won’t be able to cross border check points with a simple nod that you’re a citizen. Anyone who doesn’t have an ID that can be scanned is out of luck. What are you going to do then?

      • “What will I do then?” Hence my comment regarding how this will all play out in the next couple of months.

        A majority of people are passive compliant. Not aggressive compliant. Most just going along because they don’t want conflict. At some point the percentages who won’t comply go up. Let’s hope it’s before we’re in an Orwellian/Huxley hellscape. There are always pockets of resistance. In the more rural areas it’s much better. Many stores will have 20% or less with the face-maxi. It’s hit or miss.

        Currently I’m securing as many food sources, not tied to the beast system as possible energy independence, community etc. Looking at solutions, not despair. I can’t cover 100% of my bases but do what you can and piss on what you can’t. The world has seen its share of destruction and tyranny yet, here we all are. Oh me, oh my whatever will I do?
        You sound like some sort of despair merchant who was already decided the outcomes of what the inbred “controllers” want to roll out Before it’s happened. Its all conditional as to how people respond. I’d hate like hell to think somebody with your outlook would have my back in ANY situation.

        Better start drawing lines and sticking to them or we’re done. A spark starts a fire, a fire becomes an uncontrollable inferno. This holds true for both sides of the argument.

        • Hi Sicilian,

          You are my kind of people! To Hell with giving up – or giving in – especially without a fight. That is precisely what the bastards behind all this are counting on. Let’s show them how wrong they are.

          • I’m brand new to the blog. I like what I see (except for the few cucked despair commentors.) Your percentages of positive vs. negative shows me you’ve got a decent subscriber list though, and I like where your head is at.

            I may add this to my list of followed creators.

            The enforcement of this crap is going to have to be bottom up. There aren’t enough enforcers to withstand even a push back of 10% of the population. Mind controlled hall monitors at retailers will need to be shamed and feared into house slave status to keep it going. Police are spread too thin as it is with actual crimes.

            What if you and ten of your friends went to the grocery store and 30 seconds apart entered and refused to mask up? That would be overwhelming to your average door man! Most people just really aren’t set up for that type of conflict at all.

            There are solutions, we need to work together to find out what works.

        • You’re a bit behind the curve sicily, I didn’t start out looking for secure sources of food in case I was blocked from entering a grocery store. I was already growing my own food because what I was getting in the grocery store wasn’t supplying me with what a body needs to remain healthy.

          Keep looking for alternative sources, but that’s not doing anything different than what I’ve already done.

          Again, you’re more than welcome to your opinion, but it isn’t worth much when they’re not seeing any significant drop in their profit margin. The question was rhetorical. I’m already well on my way to opting out of the globalist’s scam as are others on this site. I never participated in this diapering nonsense, nor have I ever sheltered in place. This isn’t saying much given that there didn’t seem to be much of any enforcement from the government or anywhere else up until just a week or so ago, masks weren’t required anywhere.

          I got tired of driving around town looking for things, and decided to start calling ahead first as well as looking online. Lo and behold, it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for and not only skip going into the store front, but have them either bring it out to you, or have it delivered often for free.

          This is their plan, and you’re not doing anything that’s going to have any effect, short of pocketing all of your money. Good luck with that.

          • Great… we have smart boy who somehow has infinite insight on how every action, interaction I have has no effect on any situation, individual or circumstance, and how late to the party I may or may not be etc.

            Online delivery and curbside? Who’d a thunk it?

            All to say nothing changes” bucuz the plan.”

            I can only control what I do, what others do is up to them. I’ll continue to follow my personal convictions regardless of what these mind controlled farm animals do. My ultimate aim is not to win over the masses, or internet keyboard peckers. I’m simply refusing to be forced to comply with stupidity. At least within the realms of my ability.

            It’s anybody guess what the future will look like. It’s all contingent on how people respond. Right now people still think they have a lot to lose. As that diminishes so does their ability to care about the consequences of saying piss on the control freaks and their codes/statutes.

            • Nowhere was I displaying any overblown sense of intellectual superiority sicily. I simply pointed out that telling off the high school drop out, or the retired pensioner working part time making minimum wage that you’re not going to wear a face diaper as you turn on your heals and leave, or simply opt for their curbside pickup, isn’t likely to make it’s way up to the board of directors of Walmart. Not saying you shouldn’t try whatever you think might work, just that it doesn’t take a genius to figure some of this stuff out.

              Whatever. It’s a free country. Get as triggered as you please if you think it will make a difference.

              • Hi Schnarkle,

                Let’s not argue among ourselves but rather focus on the common enemy – the fear-peddlers and tyrants using the fear to enhance their power to tyrannize.

  3. “Our republic has become a phobiocracy – ruled by fear. No virus is worse than an out-of-control government!” (Fr. Nolan, FSSP)

  4. When I learned the identity of Joe Biden’s immediate successor the other day, I was reminded of another minor and far less harmful celebrity of similar name.

    I was saddened to learn of the August 9th passing of James Arthur Harris, who wrestled in the 1980’s in the politically incorrect guise of “Kamala, the Ugandan Giant”.

    Mr Harris was 70 years old, morbidly obese, and had lost both legs to diabetes. Need I state what the obituary listed as his cause of death?

  5. I spoke to a lady the other day. She is a “Health Ambassador” (mask police) for Wal-Mart. According to the rules if you state you are medically exempt the store authorities may not ask what your medical condition is.

    I see a lot of pedestrians wearing masks when there is no one on the sidewalk or the side of the road for miles.

    It’s a fad. A fashion statement. But once it gets established who will have the courage to declare it over? No politician I’m aware of. Some groups such as the local Renaissance Festival and gun show promoters are pushing their schedules to later in the year in the hopes that conditions will be less frightening to the politicos and paranoids in late September and October than they were in July. It will also be a lot easier waiting in line (ha! ha!) than when temperatures are in the 90’s. I approached a store the other day where the proprietors were restricting entry until someone else exited. Some Hispanics were waiting in line. I shouted something in Spanish to the effect that I’d be back when this insanity is over. Reckon this is going to be a long wait.

    A younger family member turned down a trip to Wal-Mart with his grandmother, who was going to buy him a birthday gift. He was afraid he’d catch the virus and give it to his parents. Sad, that a 15 year old is buying into this crap.

    Let’s see how many people get sick from Sturgis. I haven’t been tested, though I have at least two risk factors. Someone told me what the test involved and it sounded to repellant that I would never stand in line for it. It would probably put me in the hospital, were I not already there.

    Quick-Trip is posting signs at the door that the store can be fined for letting someone in without a mask. That takes the burden off individual employees who, I am sure, are exhausted from trying to breathe 8 hours a day with a gag over their respiratory system.

    I look forward to a day when Americans will act like the Britons at the end of “V for Vendetta”.

  6. Thanks Eric for your tales of at the scene events. As I have not watched the TV news in years or visit any major social site for news, I am kind of in the dark. I like it that way. If you read several of the other authors writing on LRC, you get a sense that this entire Covid thing is a complete fake out. An entire group of doctors (about 500) from Germany are saying the same thing. You can find articles around on the net that provide some very convincing evidence refuting this entire pandemic. I am really getting tired of stressing out over this stupid non-flu. I am not worried (age 70) at all about contracting the fake flu. I am more concerned about my younger family and grandkids and the crap they have to live with.

    As I am trying to make connections on a few dating sites, looking for a relationship, many women are of a liberal mindset, bent out of shape or downright scared of their own shadows. Are there any women (near age 70) out there that can still think for themselves? Even on many dating sites, the first thing women want to know is if you are a Trump supporter. Standard inquiry from a liberal, I guess.

    Anywho, I am buying less or buying online and picking things up outside the store. This crap so much looks like Germany a few years before WW2 where the government had near complete control of the population through the use of massive non-stop propaganda. Sadly, most people just accepted the crap they were fed. By the time they tried to resist, it was too late and the point of a gun was stuck in your face if you didn’t comply. We may be nearing that point within the next year. Guess I’ll just go barefoot for the next few years and MASKLESS as well.

  7. Grand article Eric. The diaper is becoming both burdensome and highly annoying. The only time I wear one is when I have to go into a store – and I take care of my business as quick as possible. During WW II Jews were only a segment of the population. They had to wear the yellow star for ID purposes. Now we are all Jews- emphasis on ALL as opposed to a singled out section of society. More like branded cattle (that will be enforced as well in the very near future) than Jews with a yellow star. If one questions the narrative and throws some fun facts concerning the Wu Flu, sometimes the conversation switches to Donald Trump and what an evil man he is. Donald Trump and his upcoming re-election is just the excuse for the implementation of barbarian totalitarianism. This is an agenda that has been in the works for a very long time.

    • Thanks, Dave – sanity is contagious, too. I think many people have been shellshocked into quiescence by all of what’s going on but also remain reachable, which is what I’m trying to do my part to do. Thanks for posting!

    • With all due respect, the only way to stop the face diaper thing is to #StopWearingMasks. Don’t buy or go into a store if they make you wear a mask. Leave the store and make other arrangements. Dashing into a store and wearing a mask because you don’t want to risk confrontation or you think you really need the item is FEEDING INTO THE FALSE NARRATIVE. Y’all are part of the problem. #SayNoToMasks or it WILL get worse. For help in how to do this, go to Peggy Hall’s The Healthy American website or FB page. Stop bitchin’ and moanin’ and start doing. #MasksKill #BreatheOxygen

      • There are ways one can procure the necessities of life, or “victuals”, as old-timers in Eric’s neck of the woods might term it, without having to enter a “brick and mortar” establishment. Amazon had a LOT of things that can be delivered, and at competitive prices too. Many “Big Box” retailers offer curbside pickup under the pretense of “no contact”, and deliver as well. Of course, it’s getting late in the season, but if you’re in a very southerly clime, you can still plant a GARDEN which, with gyms closed, may be as much “exercise” as you’re going to get! Hmm…maybe there was a reason that dingbat Governess of the Wolverine State (MI) forbad the sale of SEEDS and/or gardening implements? (I.E., the PTB instructed her to issue that “Fatwa” so forestall food independence in Michigan). And, if it would compromise your principles to put on the face diaper, then just DO WITHOUT. Over that “Kneeling” crap and their misguided support of BLM, I’ve sworn off my previously-beloved San Francisco Giants and MLB in general, and since they’d lost 65% of the season anyway, during the “shutdown” I was broken of my “boys of summer” habit. Same goes for Footy-Ball, which had already degraded like the NFL into “Negro-Ball” anyway. I wasn’t that big on NASCAR or the NHL, but their also going “woke” didn’t convince me to give them a look!

        I have mine own little wild-assed theory that this COVID thing may have been generated DELIBERATELY by the ChiComs and their willing domestic accomplices (re:
        “Traitors”) that do their bidding here. Although I’m not necessarily THAT enthused about President Trump, the timing of this damned thing is, well, rather suspicious, as are the craven motives of those pushing the “narrative” that we’re going to be hit by this latter-day “Zombie Apocalypse” and all fucking die. It would not surprise me IF indeed there were operatives that deliberately introduced this thing into nursing home, senior “assisted living” facilities, and hospices, knowing it’d kill the patients off easily, despite months of “lockdown” which supposedly protected them. I find it utterly disheartening and ironic that old folks, cut off from their families and thereby suffering from LONELINESS, are getting COVID-19 and dying ANYWAY. Either the nursing homes et al. know not what the fuck they’re doing (which is quite possible), or, we’ve got a systematic campaign of MURDER on the old, sick, and vulnerable being waged to keep this climate of fear and uncertainly going. It may not matter that like Trump will win re-election (the situation being analogous to having a ten-point lead with about five minutes left in the 3rd quarter, while you’re “good”, you must neither be reckless or go into “prevent” defense, but stick to the game plan), indeed, as we get closer to Election Day the hysteria will increase exponentially. Me, out her in Cali(porn)ia, I may just do what I did in 2016, vote for the Libertarian nominee, Jo Jorgensen, as there’s nothing I can do for Trump even w/o all the blatant voting fraud in the once “Golden” State.

  8. I’m mystified that you bought shoes after being hassled like that. Writing some corporate flunkies afterward to threaten not to buy shoes again is pointless after you tug the forelock and buy shoes on the day you were assaulted with their nonsense. Watch and see how the store changes after your letter.

  9. This madness, like all previous madnesses, will continue until we take the late Nancy Reagan’s suggestion to JUST SAY NO, even though off point.

    • Once land of the free, home of the brave, it would seem that our nation’s morphed into “land of limp-wrists, home of the neurotics and pill poppers.”

      Well, we lasted longer more than most other republics and at least still have our second amendment rights (in some states). I believe our nation will soon break up into a series of independent nations, some becoming dictatorships like NY, MA, and parts of CA, and some being relatively free states, mostly in the Far West wherein they still hang horse-thieves, bless ’em.

    • Hi Lex,

      This is a typical hysterical, ad hominem and sadistic response. If you’d like to discuss the matter intelligently and reasonably, I’m certainly open to it. Otherwise, please go away.

      Besides which, your abuse isn’t even clever or original.

    • What a sad little lamb…keep wearing that mask oh delusional one and one day you too will be a full fledged sheep marching off the cliff.

      • Hi Eric,

        It is deeply disturbing that so many people have been brainwashed into believing that theoretical lives saved by the lockdown hysteria are infinitely more valuable than actual lives lost due to the draconian measures imposed on us. Those of us concerned about the enormous harm caused by these unprecedented polices, which include increased suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, leading to many more overdose deaths, the destruction of the life work of small business owners, family break-ups, psychological damage, the loss of social trust and the breakdown of civil society and the plight of the elderly, many dying alone and confused, denied the company of loved ones, are deemed selfish, while misinformed hysterics like Lex, who wish harm on anyone who disagrees with his ignorant fear, are considered caring and virtuous. It’s pathological.

        At the beginning of this, the supposed benefits of lockdown policies were speculative and extremely uncertain, while the harm caused by such measures was well known and documented in the economics and psychological literature. That those in power chose to pursue a path well know to cause extreme harm, to actual people, in exchange for an uncertain, theoretical benefit, is a crime of massive proportions. Of course, those who unleashed this attack on society, and the useful idiots who promulgated the fear, will congratulate themselves by insisting that “it would have been much worse not for our bold action”.

        It is far from clear that these measures prevented a single Covid death, it’s even possible that they added to the Covid death toll by delaying herd immunity, disparaging and preventing promising Hydroxychloroquine treatments (by pushing junk science and ignoring actual science and the direct experience of doctors) and by forcing the elderly, at risk population, into more vulnerable situations.

        This article,

        links to numerous studies and articles on the effectiveness of lockdowns, both pro and con. I find the con studies more credible, but I recognize that I am biased in that direction.

        Those pushing the hysteria seem remarkably ill informed, parroting the bloviations of mediocre hacks like Fauci, Birx and Ferguson, and their paid propagandists in the mainstream media. Those of us challenging the narrative have done a lot of independent research; we’ve read, or listened to, John Ioannidis, Knutt Wittowski, David M Katz, Michael Levitt, and the dozens of other experts, far more credible and qualified than Fauci, et al. But, the hysteria pushers are noble, selfless and good, committed to “the science”, while we are ignorant, selfish cranks who deny “the science”.


    • Your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance. You know nothing of history, past or present. I myself have severe sinisitus with a cyst in my left maxillary. I am lucky if I can sleep 3 hours at night without mucus blocking my left nostril. Have you ever tried breathing through concrete? Masks do not prevent the virus even the CDC admits this. Moreover it is dangerous to keep breathing your recycled C02. Your lungs need oxygen you fool. I am sick to death of people like you who will leap at the opportunity to tell others what they should do. I control my body, not YOU. What words, Yoda, do you not understand????

      Thanks to deranged people like you, I can’t get in to shop for food without your stupid diaper, which I immediately remove upon entry BECAUSE I CAN’T BREATHE RECYCLED C02 when even the village idiot could figure out the human respiratory system needs oxygen to maintain LIFE.

      My apologies to Eric and his other readers but I no longer feel like being nice to these assists.

        • Hooray for you Lyn. I bought some masks at Rite Aid and on the box it says not intended for medical use. I imagine most of the masks people are wearing are very similar. That’s makes these typical masks useless unless you might want to strap one on your butt too filter your passage of gas. Hope you feel better, eventually.

          • What other kind of use could be made of anything purchased in a pharmacy than medical?
            It has been in the news that there is a disclaimer on the box for N95 filters that specifically states that they cannot protect from COVID. Is that what is being referred to?

    • Lex,

      I’ve not put a Diaper on even once and have been purposely going out – and about – since this whole “crisis” began. I’ve not only not needed to be intubated, I’ve not so much as had the sniffles. If the WuFlu is so dangerous and so contagious, how is it that I haven’t gotten it? How is it that not one person in my very large circle of friends and acquaintances has had it? Are we all Supermen?

      Well, we aren’t innumerate.

      Let’s consider Virginia, since this is where I live. The state has about 8.5 million people living in it and over the course of the past eight months, it is asserted by the Gesundheitsfuhrers that appx. 1,600 people have died from the WuFlu. Now, without even touching upon the questionable nature of these numbers, what is the math here?

      What are the typical person’s chances of dying from this? Not projections or assertions – enough of that, please. Let’s deal with facts, the numbers just mentioned.

      Can you not see that this is about mass hysteria and not mass death or even mass sickness?

      • Hi Eric,

        It’s remarkable that so many of the fear addled consider themselves reasonable and dispassionate followers of “the science”, while displaying their obvious ignorance of the actual science and the opinions of experts, far more qualified and credible than Fauci and his merry band of marauders. Have they even heard of John Ioannidis, let alone read, or listened to, any of his work on the subject? In a sane world, that someone as distinguished as him is challenging and refuting the incoherent, contradictory and self serving fear porn pushed on us by the likes of Fauci, would give pause to a man who implies that he is “ruled by reason”. We are accused of ignoring the science and disregarding the experts, yet it is they who do so. The same observations apply to Michael Levitt (and many more).

        Let’s see, Ioannidis is “physician-scientist, writer and Stanford University professor who has made contributions to evidence-based medicine, epidemiology, and clinical research. Ioannidis studies scientific research itself, meta-research primarily in clinical medicine and the social sciences. Ioannidis’ paper on “Why Most Published Research Findings are False” has been the most-accessed article in the history of Public Library of Science (>2.5 million hits)”. He studies science, methodology and the validity of epidemiological studies, and is uniquely qualified to challenge the numerous hysterical assertions, based on flawed, misleading or non existent data, that have dominated the narrative in our compliant and quivering culture. In March, he tried “to organize a meeting at the White House where he and colleagues would caution President Donald Trump against “shutting down the country for [a] very long time and jeopardizing so many lives in doing this…” Trump, in a major fail, ignored the request.

        Or Michael Levitt, “an American-British-Israeli-South African biophysicist and a professor of structural biology at Stanford University, a position he has held since 1987. Levitt received the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, together with Martin Karplus and Arieh Warshel, for “the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems”. Again, he is far more qualified and credible to “guide” us than the hacks spewing fear porn in the mainstream media and the political class.

        There are many more, but I wanted to highlight these two because it is impossible, for a sane person, to believe that they are not credible or qualified. But, in the “new normal” world we live in, career bureaucrats, lacking any significant scientific accomplishments, must be believed and obeyed in all things Covid, while genuine experts like Ioannidis and Levitt, must be ignored or dismissed as cranks.


    • Maskies are violent and evil. Always wishing harm on non maskies and blaming non maskies for things thay didnt do. It reminds me of witch trials.

      Maskism is a cult. Its forced a religion and they have infringed upon christian practice of religion. The goveners and politicians should be sued and also heald criminally liable for the many illegal things they are doing.

      Its actually the insane restrictions that killed everyone. Isolating hospital and nursing home patients from their family means no one can see or advocate for them. Paying hospitals$40k to ventilate covid patients means that diabetics are vented to death for profit, and not cause they need vents. Spraying discenfectants everywhere ireitates the lungs and makes them more succeptible to infection.

      Stress & fear hormones weaken the immune system. Depression makes you weak, boredom makes you hungry. People need excercise and sunshine.

      They shut down parks, trails, car washes, tanning salons, gyms, resturants and more. Salad bars went bankrupt while fast food has a mile long line all day. Masks only work for a few minutes before becoming saturated with moisture and then they breed germs. The covid 19 outbreaks at food plants were pneumonia from inhailing sweat and condensation plus whatever splashes on your mask all day. I worked in such a place, got mild pneumonia as soon as they forced the masks.

      We have a duty to man and God. do not be decieved, resist evil.

      • Hi Anon,

        Well-said, all of it.

        Also: As has been noted by many, if the Diapers protect from “the virus,” then why are the Diapered worried about the Diaperless? Of course, that is an argument which depends on logic and a thinking brain, which the Diapered lack.

    • #Baaaaaaaah! Btw, I’ve noticed many mean comments for those who don’t wholly believe in the mainstream false narrative. Really, they’re saying, “I hope you get sick and die,” at least that’s what it amounts to within the true believers’ belief systems. It’s not very nice, though, and indicates the trance that most people are in right now. My family and I have not been wearing masks since this whole thing began. We’ve been to peaceful freedom protests and driven across the country. We’re all fine, and no, we haven’t killed anyone’s theoretical grandma, either.

      • Hi Trish,

        Lex is far from “reasonable” – and I believe he may have been among those who cast me out of the Donk – the coffee shop I used to regularly visit – by complaining I wasn’t playing Sickness Kabuki.

  10. As the pld saying goes
    “All it takes for evil to thrive is for good man to do nothing”
    Eric,when reds take over as they surly will,you will become that political prisoner from USSR,or any other communist country.
    They were probably just like us that don’t wear masks.Message is comply or die.
    Pray,pray a lot and buy lots of amo.Here in Canada we are screwed.No second amendment.

  11. I have started to see “face diaper” on many other sane sites. So you are communicating, Eric!

    Used diapers are disgusting, and these filthy things are germ concentrators, so the term “face diaper” is appropriate. But I do not think it is strong enough.

    I wrote “germ concentrator” on the one I use very rarely when the law is violated (legally I am exempt from wearing the diaper because they threaten my breathing). That says the mask is being worn by duress and that the filthy things are dangerous. They cause hypercapnia ( a must-learn word today–look it up) and hypoxia (too little oxygen) and cause you to re-breathe COVID (the least-dangerous germ) AND whatever else of the hundreds of pathogens are in your environment. That makes higher infectivity and a worse case.
    They block sunshine, the best disinfectant–and the source of vitamin D. There is almost NO risk from Covid at any age if you have adequate vitamin D.

    Anti-social distancing, staying at home also wreck the immune system. The strongest predictor of survival of aged is a social life–how have the gullibillies done on that one?

    There is indeed going to be a “second wave” starting this Fall that will kill millions. The propagandists will say it’s us noncompliers, and the demoralized sheeple will believe it. PREPARE for that. And not by compliance–that will kill you.

    Mattacks above had a very interesting insight that demoralized people can no longer reason, and that is why facts roll off them like water off a duck’s back. It is possible to REmoralize yourself by honorable living. This is the classic Judeo-Christian ethics–and so classic that most of it was also Greco-Roman, Egyptian, etc. pagan ethics.

    Only remoralization can save this country–and it WILL happen eventually if we do not nuke our whole world out of existence, or use other weapons that are worse. “It is never too late and it is never soon enough to defend Liberty”–John Perna

  12. The director of the nursing program at one of our state’s college campuses was relieved of her position not long ago because she had written, in a memo, something to the effect of “all life matters.” Jonathan Turley highlighted it on his blog. This former nursing director isn’t the only one to be canceled though, of course, in academia, you never know the real reasons.

    Going along with the crowd forces us to look in the mirror and acknowledge the limits of our courage. I put the diaper on when I go food shopping. Phoning orders in is for those who are sick or elderly. But I’m not trying to kid myself that I’m brave.

    The one way aisles are still marked but more and more shoppers aren’t paying attention to them, and no store personnel are trying to enforce them. And things are easing up at the register lines although the other day, a diaperless guy in the parking was getting a scolding. What’s sad is to see the little kids running around and even riding their bikes (!) with their masks on.

  13. Good article, but you are focusing on the symptom, not the cause of wearing the diaper. And yes, of course, the mask is the metaphorical six-point, yellow star !
    I believe that our two-party political system is a reflection of the Battle of the Sexes. Like so much else, it reflects the divergent reality of male and female. If you cannot ID which party is which sex, stop reading.
    For slightly more than a century we have been treated to the inversion of the male-female hierarchy. Between voting and carrying their own cigarettes, women have taken seats at the table. They now demand to see the menu. Men acquiesce, and the whole meal is now meatless.
    While we provide, we no longer know how to say “NO”.
    Our behavior, our reality is framed by women. Fear and feelings über alles. Hysteria over freedom, Biden-Harris-AOC over POTUS.

    MAN UP !

    • Hi Jack,

      There is no question that politics has become effeminate – but that applies to both sexes. A male – technically – told me to “wear your (Diaper) young man,” the other day while I was visiting my local store. When I asked why, he said “to keep me alive.” Then there is Kristi Noem, a female – who has more sense (and balls) than that and many other men.

      “Man up” applies to both sexes.

  14. The problem, Eric, is that so many people are willing to go along with the rules even if they don’t like them. It doesn’t matter if everyone in Amerika is like the comrade delivering your shoes – they know the rules are nonsense but to do otherwise they might lose their job. The only people actually protesting are those who un-diaper. Complainers are losers who aren’t brave enough to actually risk losing anything.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Indeed. We are living history now. The history of early Soviet Russia – and the other place, of course. People cowed by fear – just trying to keep their heads down and not get into trouble. This comes of dependence and acquiescence, both of which have been increasing markedly over the past 50 years. Many examples of this but among the most relevant are the bowing of businesses (and the people) to this idea that one should need a license – i.e., government permission – to be in business. Which permission can be revoked and the mere threat of which is sufficient to get most businesses to do as ordered by the government. This is outrageous. If you think that a free country is a good idea, at any rate. Then there is debt. Many forms of this but personal indebtedness – the result, often, of living beyond one’s means – makes a person beholden to their job and their job is often at a business that is beholden to the government…

  15. The stores have really cracked down on non-diaperers, so I’ve been doing online shopping for clothes and shoes. Everything fits, but I’m thin and can wear just about anything! The shoes are always a crapshoot, though. I try to stick with the same brands.

    • Amazon is working behind the scenes to promote riots and masking so that everyone says screw the stores, ill buy everything online. And of course the warehouse workers have to work under totalitarian rules, and they face certain destruction if they lose their job, being they have no savings or assets.

      • I think all the big stores want to migrate to online full time. I think they’re all going to go to curbside or online delivery to compete with Amazon.

        • Hi Shnarkle,

          You may be right about online/curbside – it is another means by which people will be isolated and held in thrall to electronic money and megacorps, which have become much more of a threat to liberty than the government because corps are not bound materially or psychologically by the Constitution or rule of law. They are “private” entities, etc.

          • In a corporatocracy the government is nothing more than the thugs paid for by private enterprise to shake down their debt serfs.

            Go over to China and look at the government censorship. Now tell me what effective difference there is when it is Google, youtube, facebook, twitter who is doing the censoring verses the government? The government simply enforces the right of their corporate overlords to provide their propaganda.

    • It’s not, but evidently at two of of them were protesting and refused to leave, so the store manager locked them in the store until the cops arrived. Still an act of false imprisonment for which I hope the store, aptly named “Mother’s” Market, gets sued to the GILLS.

      • False imprisonnment is right or kidnapping. If they were there without permission then they are guilty of trespassing but the idiot cant unilaterally detain tthem, I hope the dumbass goes to jail

  16. Went for a ride today. I am sad to report that 99%- 100% were diapered. We crossed into Alabama and it was worse. We decided to take a break at a outside mall. It was packed,,, I soon found out why. The stores were limiting to 10 people inside. The morons were outside standing in line on little X’s 6 feet apart waiting for someone to exit so they could enter. The place is called Tanger Outlet stores in Foley Alabama. There are about 30-50 outlet stores and each had a line outside with about 10 people actually waiting to get in. We were there about 30 minutes. Only seen one person get into a store. All were dutifully diapered including very young children.
    It was sunny and 93 degrees. We were thirsty so the wife walked to an outside coke machine as we had no masks with us. The machines only took debit/credit cards. We don’t use these cards for 75 cent drinks so no drinks for us. Spent another hour and a half getting back home. Man,,,They have ruined it all.

    If anyone went to the link I gave in a previous post and listened to the woman explaining the difference of individual liberty and Socialism, she had a story about many men being locked up in a building overnight waiting for their deaths. Only 2 guards outside. Some were planning to escape but most of the sheep threatened to out them if they tried. The next morning they were marched to their grave. Some broke the wire tying their wrists and escaped but the majority went without any fight. Some actually jumped into the pit before being shot.
    This is what we liberty minded people are up against. The majority of Americans will jump into their grave pit spaced 6 feet apart and masked. We’re really screwed.

    • Exactly! 6 feet apart even when we’re 6 feet under! lol Wonder if our SOULS will have to practice antisocial distancing as well? It never ends!

    • Hi Ken,

      I always thought us Southerners were less susceptible to government control and obedience.

      Boy, was I wrong. 🙁

      • I discovered that early in life. When I was in my 20’s I was astonished that people in the South at the time drove slower than in the Northeast during the awful years of the 55 mph speed limit. It was true. It drove my dad nuts when he moved to Texas… What is with all of this law abiding, he said. We agreed it was a bunch of shit

  17. Eric,

    It’s not just governments that are compelling businesses to require face diapers; it’s their insurance companies and/or legal departments. If a business doesn’t have a mask policy in place and later gets sued by someone who claims they got COVID, then their insurance company won’t protect them. If the business has either a legal department or lawyers advising it, the lawyers, being risk averse as they are, tell the business they’d better mask up. It’s not just the gov’t putting pressure on businesses.

    When I went to the race track last night, everyone wore a face covering of some sort to enter; it’s required. I had my trusty respirator from an old job. That said, soon as folks got in and took their seats, 75% of ’em took the masks off! There wasn’t a lot of “social distancing going on, either. Even the track announcer who greets and interviews the winners in Victory Lane subtly mocks the whole sickness kabuki business. He was to watch it though, because there are only a handful of race tracks left in NJ, and along with that, employment opportunities for him. There is resistance out there, but much of it is covert, such as at the race track.

    Oh, and the race track didn’t stop selling tickets, even though they were probably over capacity last night! Between the obscene property taxes, the town wanting the track gone (for greater tax revenue), having to pay out purses, pay staff, pay bills, and doing it all on a reduced schedule, the track, in the spirit of racers everywhere, bent the rules just a tad… 😉

    • “It’s not just governments that are compelling businesses to require face diapers; it’s their insurance companies and/or legal departments. If a business doesn’t have a mask policy in place and later gets sued by someone who claims they got COVID, then their insurance company won’t protect them.”

      I just can’t buy that. The MSM tells us that Wu Flu is EVERYWHERE. So how is any plaintiff going to be able to prove exactly where they contracted the virus? They can’t.

      • Same way an African-American “proves” that someone was being “racist”. No proof is necessary when a lawsuit (or even a simple complaint) benefits an agenda.

      • These businesses are getting bad legal advice from people, sadly, like my brother who has a law license. I wouldn’t have him defend a parking ticket. He would give me a million reasons why I was wrong instead of using the legal system to defend my rights. That requires too much thinking.

      • They will use the proven tested and trusted witch hunt.

        You went shopping unmasked, shopper x got sick, you done it. Its premeditated murder.

        • Hi Anon,

          They will certainly try – and stand a good chance, I think, of succeeding. America is Soviet Russia now, in mentality as well as almost actuality. An American Vyshinsky will surely be able to “prove” the case – and sentence accordingly.

  18. Hi Eric,
    Do I understand this right…..they Made You Wait OUTSIDE….but you still purchased something from them???!
    Based upon your previous positions on this subject, that is Very Shocking.

    • Hi Mike,

      It was a partial. I walked in – and just inside the door is this table and not much else anymore – the place having removed the previous places to sit and get fitted. I began speaking with the two people at the table, a man and a woman. About shoes. They responded – about the shoes. The guy went to get what I needed. This was when the woman brought up the Diaper – but not belligerently. I told her I won’t wear one. She asked whether I would wait outside the door while they rang up the shoes. As this was going on the guy came back from the back, with the shoes – and we both went outside, where we talked for a solid 5 minutes about the absurdity of it all.

      Maybe I should have cancelled the purchase. But I was thrown off by their being nice and bringing up the Diaper almost after-the-fact and by the male clerk’s obvious – because he said so – contempt for the Diaper.

      • You can’t do it completely purist all of the time. I get that for sure. It is contemptible. I don’t want to go to any place that has a stated diapering policy. I try and shop other places, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

        • Hi Swamp,

          I won’t – ever. I’m serious. No got-damned Diaper for me. It is my line in the sand. I am not condemning anyone who reluctantly puts one on – or even those who feel the need to put one on. I am just stating that I will not put one on.


          • Great article. With you all the way, Eric. We left our home state for a state less stupid and totalitarian when the a-hole-in-charge “ordered” the muzzles. I. Will. Not. Wear. A. Muzzle. Ever.


          • eric,

            I’m not buying into this narrative that giving some business a good tongue lashing after giving them your money is going to be anything more than symbolic.

            Drawing a line at wearing a diaper is not where the line needs to be drawn. It needs to drawn where it will have an effect, and that is by refusing to patronize these businesses in the first place, not after you’ve given them your money.

            Complaining about it and refusing to wear a diaper is not going to stop businesses from their mandates. Patronizing their store as you claim you’re not going to patronize their store is just as useless as mandating face diapers.

            I don’t know how the internet works exactly, but presumably the more traffic you get coming here the better even if they’re all a bunch of clovers, no? If you get some sort of financial benefit from having throngs of people reading your articles, and/or posting their comments as well, then even if they are all “protesting”, you really couldn’t care less if it only bumps your profits higher, right? Thanks for your opinion, and your refusal to patronize my website by continuing to protest. I honestly don’t see how any business is going to give two shits about people complaining, or protesting who are continuing to patronize their stores.

            Furthermore, the mask is not equivalent to the six pointed star, but to the tassles on the prayer shawl worn by all righteous Pharisees. Anyone familiar with the New Testament should see the parallels between Jesus’ condemnation of the hypocritical virtue signaling going on by those who wore these things for no other reason than to show off their self righteousness. That’s the symbolism. The effect is what you’re referring to as it is the means by which to not only accelerate infection, but to mark those willing participants in their own demise.

            There are an overwhelming number of justifications for wearing the mask, or patronizing establishments that mandate them, but only one for refusing to participate. If you fork out your money, you’ve ignored the only good reason not to.

      • I had to do the same thing at Toyota when I went to pick up my car. The lady handling the paperwork and payment brought them to me outside. The guy who drove my car around immediately removed his mask and we spent a good 15 minutes talking about the covid hoax, the federal reserve, government corruption and the spread of what we both see as totalitarianism, s pecifically revolutionary marxism/leninism. And he gets grief from his 16 year old kids because he doesn’t go along to get along. It really scares the check out of me to see so misbehaving as useful idiots for their own enslavement.

  19. There are many ways we got here starting with the start of the fed in 1913. Fast forward to 2008 when all the too big to fail bisnesses and banks should have failed. And here we are today. Trumps too dumb to realize any of this but hes not outright evil I suppose like Bidens puppet masters. The damage is profound – likely lose 50% of restaurants. Travel shut down. Business districts and retail destroyed. And people are too stupid to rebel. I asked my bartender yesterday how many people are in the United States? She said I dont know. I said a billion. She said oh ok.

    • This country ran off the rails way before the Fed, Markie, though that was certainly a major landmark. We are essentially living in Alexander Hamilton’s vision for America. The die was cast with the counter-revolution that took place when the Articles of Confederation were overthrown in favor of the Constitution which provided the path forward for total centralized power and control while giving the appearance of a structure for “limited” government. (Early on the Whiskey Rebellion should have been a loud and clear warning of what was to come.) Then of course there’s “Honest” Abe, another major pre-Fed disaster along the way. This has been coming for a long, long time.

      • I mean the response is on point. Such a small small percentage of the dolts know any of this. And thats why we’re here. Its frightening

      • Jason I do believe you’re getting it! Hamilton was certainly power-hungry, and Aaron Burr was reviled for killed him in that infamous duel. The more I read about the guy on the sawbuck, the more respect I have for Mr. Burr, and I’ll find a way to properly pronounce his name with a mouthful of a PB&J…

        • Hi Douglas,

          Gore Vidal – yes, a liberal but a very bright one who wrote magnificently – authored a book about Burr, a “history” of his life written as a novel. It’s excellent and I think you’d enjoy it, if you haven’t already read it.

          Burr was a cynic but in my reading a much more genuine person than Hamilton – a person even his political allies despised.

        • I always thought that Aaron Burr did the country a great service by offing that snake Hamilton. Unfortunately it was a few years too late.

    • Trump is a genus. He out maneuvers the liberal left before they are aware of his move. He is like the car thief that has the car he is about to steel sold before he steels it. Stay tuned my friend.

  20. I went to wal mart in our small town yesterday and only saw one other sane person a 30 something gal and of course we had a chat about how screwed we all are.The really sad part is the small children made to do this insanity. Most folks are brainwashed by theteevee. They think I am crazy!

  21. They don’t care Eric. With the trillions of counterfeit freshly conjured digital dollars they’re receiving, profits no longer matter,,, “for now”. And another 2-3 trillion counterfeit dollars is in the works. And each one of these counterfeit dollars steal a portion of your present dollars buying power. The real dollar you WORKED for. Soon we will all be Zimbabwe billionaires!

    Over the last 30-40 years most Americans have become dumbed down, lazy commie socialists, wanting everything free. And now with $400 per week from Corpgov along with their ??? UI benefits, forgiven rent, mortgage and auto / personal loan responsibilities pathetic American chattel could care less how this will destroy the nation. Living is now FREE! In trade they are willing to sacrifice everything, including pride if any, to keep their free shit flowing as long as possible.

    The diapered fools are just another socialist group contrived to eliminate pesky freedom loving individuals. The diaper is simply a symbol. You’re in the group or you’re not. If you’re not in the group you are likely a individual and thus worthless. Notice all competing groups wear the mask. You’re life is nothing to them. A free individual is anathema to them. Imprisoning or killing you to save the group is the highest priority.
    This is socialism,,, this is why they are destroying small business, making jobless many of those that are not in the correct group(s). Individuals do not count as human thus they can be eliminated in the most expedient manner. There is no fun, or joy in life, you only exist to serve the State. Everyone OBEYS the RULES.

    Want to know what’s going on?,,, got 40 minutes of spare time? First, I am not pushing Christianity,,, the woman is just explaining the difference between Old school Christian Individualism and Communist Socialist group think. From Romania she probably has a better take on Communism then we do. Like she says,,, If this crap is not stopped now, November or any election won’t matter. She is more American than 99% of Americans.

    The Red Devil and his Playbook

    • “…they are willing to sacrifice everything, including pride if any…”

      This is the most succinct description of 2020 that I’ve read to-date.

    • You’re a piece of work. 71 yrs old and no animus towards young people, huh? Who are you aiming your comments at? Those younger than you, raised and educated by your boomer demographic? The same demographic that thinks the Fed bailing out their retirement account or pension = capitalism but thinks a younger person whose job or business got stolen getting a few devalued dollars for food or to keep the lights in = socialism? These people didn’t make any kind of “trade”. Get real. The politics and results of the last 30-40 yrs belong to the boomers. Especially now the sickness psychosis and fear of death. I’m “at risk” cries the masked, overweight, diabetic boomer. I’ve got 10-20 more good years! I had my freedom and fun, now sacrifice the youth and their futures for me, I vote!

      • Sorry, you lost me….
        “71 yrs old and no animus towards young people, huh? ”
        Where in my post did you find that!

        I think it’s obvious by my post I do not like the Federal Reserve. I don’t agree with the Fed or Corpgov bailing out anyone,,, including me.
        As for the devalued dollars,,, soon they won’t cover food or the lights…. then what?
        The politicians locked this place down,,, caused the job loss,,, now they’re destroying the money. How’s that going to help the younger gens?
        I am a boomer but not fat, nor diabetic and don’t wear a mask (yet) what ever all that means.
        Sorry,,, The politics in the last 20 years has been the Millennials and Gen X. Boomers are no longer the main demographic. Most are dying off. That should brighten you up some.

        Sacrificing the youth!? Sorry,,,, I can’t see how being on the gov dole with the counterfeit money being debased is a future.

        Socialism is group think…. and pitting groups against each other, like Millennials against Boomers, Blacks against Whites, Women against Men,,, etc in an effort to eliminate the individual and assume control.

        Best I can do with your post.

      • My generation, Gen X, should take part of the responsibility for being a bunch of apathetic dumb asses. We did not understand the core issues of trade, civil liberties and freedom. We gave a lot of it away in the name of an increasingly difficult to obtain house with a 30 year note and an increasingly complicated over teched car. Gen X, Boomers, Silent and Millenials, the vast majority of each, have no clue how we got here and can’t agree on anything. What I don’t understand and something I am sick to death of is the intensity of the left-wing millenials who run around screaming about civil rights and all of the other nonsense. They are worried about their civil rights. What about my civil rights, that’s what I wanna know. You can hear them coming, you can see them coming, you can smell them coming. Everyone wearing a mask shouldn’t say a damned word. I’m sick of all of them.

        • Hi Swamp,

          I’m Gen X but never felt at home among my cohort. I never bought into the various fads we grew up with and was always an outlier. I am not sure why. Perhaps I am just naturally weird and contumacious. In any event, I did weird things like not get credit cards until I was in my mid-20s; never bought a car I couldn’t pay cash for and bought (when I was able) a fixer-upper old house that I sold for a house that cost me less than the one I had – which is the one I now live in.

          I’ve been an instinctive Libertarian since I was in my early 20s – my conversion from conservatism occurring after a “bust” (man) for growing pot – which brought home the viciousness of the state on a personal level.

          Some millennials do get it, by the way. I know several, both men and women.

          All hope is not lost.

        • Speaking as a boomer, it’s because the educational system had not yet been destroyed by Marxism. We still have the ability to think critically, it wasn’t “educated” out of us. I feel sorry for the later generations as they will never know or really understand the feeling of being free. They always look to their trainers for guidance (Google, Facicstbook, Twatter). No true thoughts, just following the crowd hoping for a like or a thumbs up, always in need of their trophy. I’ve never had any type of social media account, I think that has been a huge plus for still being able to see through the haze.

          • Hi Anon,

            I’m a Gen Xer but agree with you regarding the destruction of people’s ability to think critically. However, there is a kind of common denominator that transcends all demographics and it is whether the person received a government or private/home-schooled education. If the latter, the the person can usually think and use logic; if the former, the person usually cannot.

    • That’s exactly what it is. A full Marxist coup. I was born in communist Czechoslovakia, and the historical parallels with 1948 there are insane. I wish my grandfather who was a political prisoner for 13 years was still alive, so I could ask him more about that time. It’s not just the US either. It’s most of the so-called “global” economy. Look at the Belarus. The globalists are trying to overthrow one of the few leaders that refused to go along with this idiocy. Yuri Bezmenov tried to warn us in the 80s, and we failed to head his warning. He mentioned the four steps that they use. Demoralization, destabilization, crisis, normalization. We’re currently in the crisis stage.
      “A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him [a] concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he [receives] a kick in his fan-bottom. When a military boot crashes his balls then he will understand. But not before that. That’s the [tragedy] of the situation of demoralization.”
      Does this remind you of anyone?

      • Yes, I saw the video with Yuri. He laid it straight out but few understood. Now we are in the last stages. Unless a miracle happens,,, we’re burnt toast.

  22. A thing most don’t realize. The economic destruction brought on by this psyop is just beginning. When, not if, it reaches the point of difficulty feeding ourselves, it’s quite possible, even likely, that concern over WuFlu will disappear. No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand………….


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